by Felix Quigley

May 23, 2008

The Stalinists of the Soviet Union nearly did for Israel by supplying arms to Egypt so prompting the Nasser Jihadist War of 1967. But with the Stalinists overthrown the situation for Israel is far wors. Now Russia is all powerful and will equip the antisemites of Israel and Iran simply for profit.

It is emerging in the news that Syria has sent a delegation to Russia, the purpose being to acquire the most modern weaponry which will pose an immediate and direct threat to Israel. We are talking about billions of dollars which is granted to Syria by Iran which is becoming very wealthy due to the increase in the price of oil. I think that there is no doubt that Russia will supply; it has already done so many times in the past.

The Stalinists of the Soviet Union also supplied mass armaments to the Arab League states for use against Israel, which was one of the reasons for the 67 War launched against the Jewish state. The Stalinist regime in the Soviet Union were spewing out the worst antisemitic propaganda non stop throughout the 60s.

This now is different and is even more lethal because Russia is now much more powerful and rich, it has also grown immensely rich with the sale of oil and gas. It is now a capitalist country, an efficient capitalist country, and it will do enormous damage, because the ethos is now profit.

In 1917 the first breach in the capitalist system of rule was made with the Russian Workers Revolution. It was the aim of Imperialism to turn that back from the first minutes. The growth of Stalinism was really a creation of Imperialism and its pressure on the Workers State.

When Reagan backed Bin Laden in Afghanistan against the Soviets Imperialism had finished the job. Now there is an untrammelled capitalism in Russia. Profit knows no morals. So the Russians, follwoing ther old British, German and American philosophy of following the profit, will sell anywhere.

But this throws Israel into huge crisis.

How is it possible to defend Israel in this world environment. It is a paradox. As Russia follows the US Model of profit, leaders among US Jews react to this by seeking some comfort from…yes you guessed it..US Imperialism.

In the last article we wrote:

[start quote here]

It is necessary to build a new leadership which will fight for revolutionary socialist perspectives of which the above is only a part, but a key part.

As we learn today that Olmert is prepared to hand the Golan over to Syria only weeks after Israel was forced to destroy the North Korean Nuclear bomb in the desert of Syria, and as new details about the negotiations to create a Palestine State emerge then we can be sure that the Israeli ruling capitalist class of Olmert and Livni along with Labourists Barak and Peres will certainly destroy Israel.

We on 4international realizing that time is short call for a United Front to be organized to develop the discussion as to how to stop the Jihadist Palestine state and to save Israel.”

[end quote here]

What we have learned just today re this Syrian buying trip to Russia simply affirms what we said above.

There are many threats to Israel which are piling up on top of each other.

1. The threat from Iran and as the analysis of Francisco Gil White proves totally the Iraq War has opened up a direct route of attack, through Iraq, to the very borders of Israel

So once again we see the horrific danger to Israel from the most Fascist elements in US Imperialism, especially the NeoCon tendency which lies behind both McCain and Obama

2. The traitorous role of the Israeli ruling capitalist class which fears its own masses, including the religious youth inside Israel more than it fears the Jihadist and antisemitic enemy without. This Israeli ruling class is totally reactionary and will not break from US Imperialism and the Neocons, something which is strongly reflected in all of the American and Canadian Jewish leaders and their pro NeoCon propaganda.

The whole ruling class body politic inside Israel is now like a rabbit caught in the headlights and is doomed. The only way forward is the build a Trotskyist revolutionary party inside Israel and a central step forward by all Jewish and Israeli patriots must be taken by creating a United Front against the Creation of a Palestine State. Inside this United Front the discussion must be free and open so that the Israeli masses can see the different leadership positions and can judge for themselves.

The following writer, Arlene Kustner,  is one such who is caught in the headlights, in the total crisis, and can offer no way forward. But she does a service in that she describes some of what is happening:

[begin quote here]

The responses to/analysis of Olmert’s bid to negotiate with Syria. Touching briefly on what’s happening:

— Olmert attempted to give a talk at a Jewish Agency ceremony last night and was booed down by protesters carrying “The people are with the Golan” signs.

— While comments by Bush have been circumspect , a report today cited a US official as calling Olmert’s overtures to Syria as a “slap in the face” to the US. Bush has let it be known that he has no intention of softening his stand against Syria (which, quite likely, is what Assad is after).

— I wrote yesterday about Livni’s spelling out of what would be expected of Syria for a peace deal. Well, the Syrians responded with anger. They say they thought Israel was going into this talk without preconditions.

Seems Livni’s detailing of expectations may have been an attempt to soften the blow to the US: “See, we won’t deal while they are still part of the Axis of Evil.” This helps explain why these expectations weren’t spelled out specifically before any agreement to negotiate took place, as, of course, they should have been. All of this merely highlights the ludicrousness of the situation. (The damage done to attempts to isolate Syria by Olmert’s willingness to confer legitimacy on Assad must be taken seriously.)

— MK Binyamin Netanyahu (Likud head) has declared that Likud would not abide by any agreement made with Syria by Olmert.

— Word is that the indirect talks in Turkey will be continued in a week to ten days.

Shai Bazak of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzlyia has written an opinion piece on Syrian negotiations that concurs in the opinion that there will be no deal because what is wanted is only the process. His take involves analysis of Assad’s precarious position as a member of the ethnic minority Alawite.,7340,L-3546206,00.html


[end quote here]

You see what I mean. The writer merely describes, but offers no way forward. For that is needed a revolutionary socialist party in Israel, a Trotskyist party.

Of note in what Arlene describes is the booing down of Olmert in his meeting address. We on 4international emphasise that the situation in Israel is becoming revolutionary.

There are NO lengths that the Israeli ruling class will not go to in order to appease US and EU Imperialism, and to avoid a fight with Islamofascism. So there is no limit to the Israeli rulers and how far they will go to uproot hundreds of thousands of Jews from Judea and Samaria. Arlene above is totally wrong on the Golan and Syria and hold completely wrong opinions on US Imperialism, which is in league not only with Syria but also with Iran. US Imperialism will not bomb the Iranian Nuclear Bomb but will use it to denude Israel of its Nuclear bomb defence.

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