Harry’s Place betrays Jews

By Felix Quigley

The utterly reactionary British website called Harry’s Place which was behind the Imperialist destruction of the Federation of Yugoslavia…well the latest wheeze of these brit Imperialists is to support Olmert in handing the Golan over to the Islamofascist and Antisemitic Syria.

And they are also totally for the creation of a Palestine Jihadist State, a major danger to the very existence of Israel.

And it is of all people a Jew who is putting this forward, a guy called “Gene”.

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Perhaps. But there is the fact that official Iranian media have not referred to the talks, suggesting some element of surprise. And why would Iran give its OK to the talks, which undercut virtually every word out of Ahmadinejad’s mouth over the past couple of years? Let’s not get too byzantine here.

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Oh, by the way, who is Gene?

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Gene Zitver (aka “Gene”), David T, and more recently, Adam LeBor, Brett Lock, Brian Meredith and others. Marcus is an old friend and political comrade of Harry’s. Marcus attended the February 15 2003 anti-war protest in London, and came away with the opinion that “I don’t know if I can consider myself left-wing anymore if this is the left”. Marcus wrote about his views on the politics behind the February 15 demonstration, and soon became a regular contributor.[16] Gene is a resident of the United States and from a socialist and trade union background, and had spent several years living in Israel. Harry came across Gene’s posts on a George Orwell discussion list, and invited him to start posting on his blog.[16] Gene is a strong supporter of the opposition to President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, whom he accuses of being authoritarian

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Now I just bet if I scroll back over Harry’s Place you will find Gene supporting Sharon in pulling out of Gaza, one of the greatest crimes of Jewish leaders ever.

This is costing the lives every day of so many ordinary JEWISH PEOPLE. What has Jewish man Gene got to say about his past!!!

Gene is very selective on Harry’s Place. He does not cover this, for example;

[begin quote here]

IsraelNN.com) IDF soldiers uncovered missiles and anti-tank rocket launchers in a Gaza schoolyard in late Thursday. The anti-tank missile launcher and a stack of missiles were found at a school in Sajaiya, in northern Gaza, during routine counter-terrorism operations.

Soldiers display some of the anti-tank missiles and launcher.
(Israel News Photo: IDF)
Soldiers near the school’s basketball court examine the rocket launcher during the operation.
(Israel News Photo: IDF)
Closeup of anti-tank rockets
(Israel News Photo: IDF)

The Israel Air Force reports hitting two members of a terror cell carrying anti-tank weapons in southern Gaza, after an IDF soldier was moderately wounded in a firefight with terrorists in the area early Friday morning. The soldier was struck down when terrorists fired anti-tank shells at the troops. He was airlifted to Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva.

Soldiers from the elite Givati Brigade, tank corps and engineering units have been carrying out counterterrorism operations throughout Gaza since Thursday, when Islamic Jihad operatives attacked the Erez Crossing.

The crater at Erez crossing following Thursday’s 4-ton truck bomb attack.
(Israel News Photo: IDF)

Suicide bombers detonated a truck bomb on the Gaza side of the terminal. No IDF soldiers were wounded in the blast.  A short time later, IAF pilots tracked down a vehicle carrying Islamic Jihad operatives fleeing the scene and confirmed killing at least two of the terrorists.

[end quote here]


It is necessary now to create a great United Front against Fascist reaction and the centre of this is to unite all of those who are opposed to the creation of a Palestine State.

Naturally the Golan Heights must always remain in the hands of Israel because the Syrian regime is a fascist antisemitic entity.

I am not Jewish but I am so different to Gene Zitver. I will always oppose a Palestine Arab Fascist Jew hating state and Golan must remain Jewish FOREVER.

Finally…Thanks to wonderful INN (Israel National News) for superb coverage of the truth.

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