By felix Quigley

May 24, 2008

The central issue in the American election for Jewish people in America and in Israel should be total opposition to the Palestine Jihadist and Fascist state. But the Jews are being betrayed by Jewish leaders who do not tell the truth. Both McCain and Obama are supporters of the Palestine State and of Iran.

We on 4international are totally opposed to the creation of a Palestine state.

From the very beginning in 1948 Palestinianiasm emerged as a means to destroy Israel, to wipe it off the map.

Later this was taken up by a collection of Stalinists and renegades such as Mandel and Tony Cliff, all renegades, who pushed the idea of the Arabs being an oppressed people, while hiding the antisemitism which existed within Islam and within the Arab states.

Endless propaganda about the Palestine state idea took a hold. Propaganda over a very wide number of sources, especially all of the Western Media such as the BBC. That was aided by antisemitism from Stalinist 60s Russia

At the same time these very same sources launched a campaign which ended in total destruction of the Federation of Yugoslavia.

What is left out of the election in America is precisely this kind of understanding. We on 4international ask the question why this should be left out?

And in addition…Who was it that pushed in America for Bush to be elected? The American Jewish leaders did.

Who in America is now pushing for McCain to be elected President? The American Jewish leaders again.

But in fact McCain is very much for and is pushing the Palestine Jihadist state. Obama is doing the same and there is nothing that we can see that separates them.

In fact I believe that the Jewish people of Israel are being betrayed by Jewish leaders in America and Canada in this election.


The election must be used as a vehicle to reach the American mass movement, including the American Christian Evangelical movement, with some simple but true messages.

1. Bush was elected BOTH TIMES by the help of Jewish leaders and he betrayed on the specific issue of a Palestine state.

2. McCain is doing and will do the same.

3. Obama is exactly the same. There is nothing to choose and those who say either are better for Jews is a traitor and is lying.

4. Up to now McCain and Lieberman have the worst record, they created TWO Islamofascist states in Bosnia and Kosovo and we know they worked hand in hand with Iran and Islamic Arab states such as Saudi Arabia in repressing the Serbs.

5. Jewish leaders also supported Sharon. But Sharon gave Gaza to the Fascist Islamists and now Israeli lives are in great danger because of that Jewish Leaders support for Sharon.

It is past time that ordinary Jews in America and in Israel began to check closely on these bourgeois Jewish leaders and see the great damage they are doing to the Jewish cause.

The horrific nature of this damage was seen in the murder of 8 young religious students as they studied and prayed a few months ago. Day by day Antisemitic fascist “Palestinian” Arabs try their very best to murder Israeli Jews.

As seen in this latest report from IsraelNationalNews, to whom 4international are forever grateful for wonderful coverage, and for telling us outside of Israel the truth.

[begin quote here]

Suicide bombers detonated a truck bomb on the Gaza side of the terminal. No IDF soldiers were wounded in the blast.  A short time later, IAF pilots tracked down a vehicle carrying Islamic Jihad operatives fleeing the scene and confirmed killing at least two of the terrorists.

Terrorists also attacked soldiers at the Sufa and Karni crossings on Thursday, two more conduits through which humanitarian supplies, including food, medicine, medical equipment and other essential supplies are delivered to Gaza each week. One terrorist was killed and several others were wounded.

In another attack, terrorists fired mortar shells Thursday at the Nahal Oz fueldepot, the terminal through which cooking gas and other fuel supplies are pumped into Gaza. The Nahal Oz fuel depot has been attacked by terrorists numerous timesthis year. In one instance, Hamas terrorists robbed 60,000 liters of gasoline from their own Palestinian Authority Gaza Power Authority, earmarked for local use.

Earlier this week Egyptian mediators claimed that Israel had agreed to a halt in counterterrorist operations, to coincide with a cessation in Arab terrorist attacks on Israel. Thursday’s attempted suicide attack involved a truck loaded with four tons of explosives, which would have caused heavy casualties if alert soldiers had not fired on the vehicle before it reached the Israeli side of the crossing.

The bomb belt worn by the would-be suicide bomber who arrived at the Shechem-area Hawara Checkpoint. He was shot as he attempted to detonate the bomb by alert IDF soldiers.
(Israel News Photo: IDF)
[end of quote]
The nature of this Arab Antisemitic Fascism is something to behold.
They truly follow in the footsteps of the Nazi Hajj Amin el Husseini, the Arab from Palestine who played such a huge role in the Nazi Holocaust.
As seen in the above report the Fascists are attacking the crossings into Gaza. And as the following shows are raising propaganda about opening the crossings totally at the same time. As far as cynical manipulation goes these Arab Fascists have nothing to learn!
[begin quote here]
Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the Hamas terrorist organization that currently controls Gaza, said Thursday night that the group would not agree to a temporary ceasefire, or “tahadiyeh”, unless Israel agrees to open all the crossings. He also threatened to withdraw from negotiationsif the group continued to be “humiliated” by Israel.
[end quote here]
Websites such as Israpundit while giving good coverage and wishing subjectively to support the Jews have nevertheless betrayed the Jews in this American election.
They have wasted much time in choosing McCain, they have hidden the records of McCain and Lieberman in Yugoslavia, their support there for Islam and Iran. They have said that McCain is better than Obama but to do this they have had to hide the truth about McCain in Yugoslavia.
This is really deceit, is there another word,  and is unworthy of the great Jewish people.
We agree with exposing Obama. But not in order to elect McCain. You must expose McCain at the same time otherwise you are deceiving Jews and deceiving ordinary Americans.


  1. Good blog. I posted on israpundit a few days ago, you chimed in, and I agree w/you. All of these presidential candidates are vermin.

    Keep up the good work. I just discovered it, but will check back. I already used a link from here to battle some anti Israel zealots on a web forum I visit.

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