by Felix Quigley

Elections in Israel are now on the cards and the vital issue is leadership, and time. How can Israel defend itself from enemies in the Arab and Iranian ruling class, from US and EU Imperialism? The crisis in Kadima increases enormously with the legal action against Olmert for taking money from an American businessman. But that is just the surface. The crisis goes much deeper.

But what is behind this crisis is the moves to create a Palestine Jihadist state in Judea and Samaria, tearing Israel apart, ripping from the Jews the city of Jerusalem. This is causing great fear and consternation in almost all Jews in Israel and they are right to be very afraid.

The most recent poll shows the great changes that are happening in the Israeli masses and shows a big move away from Olmert and kadima and a strengthening of the more Jewish movement Likud.

But it shows also no enthusiasm for Netanyahu because Israelis are disgusted with the reports also about the visit of Netanyahu to London during the Lebanon War.

On the poll this is an extract from IsraelNationalNews:

[begin quote here] A new poll shows Likud with a commanding lead, as the political arena is headed with increasing certainty towards elections. The Haaretz-Dialogue poll asked voters which party they would vote for if elections were held today. It shows Likud with 35 Knesset seats, compared with 29 in an April poll and 12 in the current Knesset. However, pollster Prof. Camille Fuchs noted that the Likud had reached 35 seats in previous polls, and that its relatively low April figure was the result of news reports about Binyamin Netanyahu’s less-than-frugal accommodations and entertainment spending on a trip to London during the Second Lebanon War

[end quote here]

On the visit to London this is an extract from Haaretz:

[begin quote here]

The petition to launch a criminal probe into Netanyahu’s spending came Channel Ten television news reported he and his wife had run up a NIS 131,000 bill at London’s Connaught hotel while on a diplomatic mission to explain Israel’s activities in Lebanon during the Second Lebanon War.

The report said the bill included NIS 11,000 worth of theater tickets as well as tens of thousands of shekels on meals, hair styling and laundry.

Netanyahu denied the allegations and after receiving legal advice, filed a defamation suit against Channel Ten.

[end quote here]

Whether this was black propaganda or not against Netanyahu by anti Jewish Media types I do not know. But it had an effect on the Israeli electorate.

We on 4international believe that to make Olmert resign is important, but he must not be replaced by any of the present Government, Barak, Livni or anybody else.

An election is a step forward because it will allow the Israeli ordinary people to have a say. But there is no party among the present Israeli ruling class which will not betray or which can lead the Jewish people to victory.

It is necessary to have a programme which

1. Must pull out of all talks with the Arab enemy

2. Must publicly break from Bush, Rice, McCain, Clinton and Obama and their plans to push through a Palestine Jihadist State

3. Israel needs to have a state which can be defended and that must include the Golan Heights, the Heights of Judea and samaria, the Jordan Valley etc

4. Israel must defeat totally the PLO, the PA, Fatah and Hamas

5. Israel must destroy by whatever means the Iranian Nuclear bomb making just as it destroyed the North Korean nuclear bomb plans of Syria 2 months ago

6. Israel must make clear to the world that it will never allow the Jew Hating regimes of the Arab League to have a Nuclear bomb

7. Israel must appeal to the ordinary people of every country to join with it and to help it because it is in their own interest to oppose antisemitism

Only we on 4international have such a programme. Please join us or help us to create this website as a rallying point for this programme.

We call on centres such as Israpundit, and on individuals such as Jared Israel, Pamela of Atlas Shrugs, Francisco Gil White, Joseph Alexander Norland to create urgently a United Front organization. We on 4international will take part in that United Front and we are confident that our policies will win the day with the Israeli Jewish masses (the ordinary people of Israel and also the people of Arabia and Iran who are also oppressed by their Islamofascist rulers)

The central purpose of the United Front is to develop a discussion, to protect the discussion on how Israel must go forward and how to oppose the Palestine Jihadist state


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