by Felix Quigley

May 31, 2008.

In relation to Israeland how it can stop the Palestine State being formed to destroy Israel the election in the US is of no concern to Jewish people because all candidates for the position of President agree totally on creating a Palestine Jihadist state. I throw down a challenge to Israpundit website on exactly this.

The Jewish website under the direction of its editor Ted Belmancontinue on a political line which is leading the Jewish people of Israel, and the Jews in the Diaspora as well, into a terrible trap. No matter what we say on this site it is proving impossible to pull Belman and Israpundit out of a path which will lead Jews to disaster.

I refer readers to the latest post on Israpundit and this statement by Belman:

[begin quote here]

Comment by Ted Belman

McCain gets it. He said, the conflict is not “an open sore” as Obama described it, “I don’t think the conflict is a sore. I think it’s a national security challenge.” When asked if the Palestinian cause was just, he begged the issue. He emphasized Sderot when most politicians stay away from it. He was profoundly influenced by Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning” (who wasn’t) and Wouk’s “War and Remembrence”.

Choosing between McCain and Obama, is a no-brainer.”

[end quote here]


The method here used by Belman is very dishonest. He is taking an interview between McCain and a reporter and is choosing what serves his purpose, the purpose of McCain, and disregarding other vital things in the interview which it is in the interests of Jewish people to know about.

The rot within Israpundit obviously goes very deep because almost all of the regular commentators there reinforce Belman in this support for McCain.

As is well known by now we on 4international refuse to differentiate in the slightest between McCain, Obama and Clinton. All represent the interests of US Imperialism, not Israel and the Jewish people. All in this regard are for the creation of a Palestine Jihadist state.

To show this these are a few of the comments.


JM: Hatred. I don’t try to divine people’s motives. I look at their actions and what they say. I don’t pretend to be an expert on the state of their emotions. I do know what their nation’s stated purpose is, I do know they continue in the development of nuclear weapons, and I know that they continue to support terrorists who are bent on the destruction of the state of Israel. You’ll have to ask someone who engages in this psycho stuff to talk about their emotions.

He is reluctant to say what we all know to be true, that Iran is motivated by koranicteachings. Islam is the motivation behind Iran’s desire to annihilate Israel with nuclear weapons. Other than that I am generally pleased with McCain’s responses.

Bill Narvey:

Davidstill, yours is an emotive comment and thus we are left to only guess at why you think little of McCain and Bush and put your faith in Obama.

It would be helpful to understand your point of view if would you lay off the accusations and snide remarks and put together your reasoned and hopefully cogent arguments based on facts, on why you believe Obama is the right person at this time to be President of the U.S.


Peskin your low opinion of the masses is only eclipsed by the high opinion of yourself. I agree with your low opinion of the masses at least of those who choose to place their fortunes, their lives and whatever honor is left to them when they choose potential leaders such as an Obama; on the strength solely on image and a word repeated in a classic Goebbels manner. CHANGE , CHANGE , CHANGE ! without explicit definition and explanation. The Masses are Asses!

David Ben Ariel:

Barack Obama is what that was supposed to be.

Let’s BO takes Jeremiah Wright with him to wherever he goes in Africa.

Now in case anybody accuses me of giving a false impression of what McCain said in the interview with Goldberg I will produce a sizeable section of the interview which surrounds thequestions on the issue of the Palestine State:

[begin quote here]

Jeffrey Goldberg: Is the Zionist cause just, and has it succeeded?

John McCain: I think so. I’m a student of history and anybody who is familiar with the history of the Jewish people and with the Zionist idea can’t help but admire those who established the Jewish homeland. I think it’s remarkable that Zionism has been in the middle of wars and great trials and it has held fast to the ideals of democracy and social justice and human rights. I think that the State of Israel remains under significant threat from terrorist organizations as well as the continued advocacy of the Iranians to wipe Israel off the map.

JG: Do you think the Palestinian cause is just?

JM: In respect to people like Mahmoud Abbas, who want to havea peaceful settlement with the government of Israel, to settle their differences in a peaceful and amicable fashion. If you are talking about Hamasor Hezbollah, which are dedicated to the extinction of the state of Israel, then no. It depends on who you’re talking about.

JG: Senator Obama told me that the Arab-Israeli dispute is a “constant sore” that infects our foreign policy. Do you think this is true, and do you think that the Arab-Israeli dispute is central to our challenges in the Middle East?

JM: Well, I certainly would not describe it the way Senator Obama did –

JG: He wasn’t referring to Israel as an “open sore,” he was referring to the conflict.

JM: I don’t think the conflict is a sore. I think it’s a national security challenge. I think it’s important to achieve peace in the Middle East on a broad variety of fronts and I think that if the Israeli-Palestinian issue were decided tomorrow, we would still face the enormous threat of radical Islamic extremism.

I think it’s very vital, don’t get me wrong. That’s why I’vespent so much time there. The first time I visited Israel was thirty years ago, with Scoop Jackson and other senators, when I was in the Navy. I visited Yad Vashem(Israel’s Holocaust memorial) with Joe Lieberman the last time I was in Israel. So my absolute commitment is to peace between Israel and the Palestinians. But the dangers that we face in the Middle East are incredibly severe, in the form of radical Islamic extremists.

[end quote here]

(extract from Jeffery Goldberg, THE ATLANTIC)

You cannot discount anything which McCain says in the above. Every word and every sentence is loaded. Note, for example, how he draws in his friendship with Lieberman who is known as a Jewish politician in the US. Note how he draws in his visit to the Holocaust Museum. He is creating a certain image of himself for the benefit of Jewish people who take things only at their surface value. But when either McCain or Lieberman talk about the Holocaust then what is drawn into the picture immediately is their role in Yugoslavia in supporting the Islamofascist Izetbegovic. This is because when Hajj Amin el Husseini ended up in the Balkans in the early 1940s as an agent of Hitler and involved in the Holocaust in the Balkans he really did have a bosom buddy, and that bosom buddy was none other than Izetbegovic.

That is a long time ago. How do we know they were closely connected in the Holocaust of Jews, Serbs and Romany in the Balkans. For very obvious reasons actually:

1. Bosnia is a very small place indeed

2. Both of these men were members of the secret organization the Muslim Brotherhood. They knew each other and joined in membership of the Fascist organization.

So it is therefore a very big deal indeed for Jewish people in the election of 2008 in America that McCain was a supporter of Izetbegovic .

I have spent a little time on that McCain support for Izetbegovic and through that to the monster Hajj Amin el Husseini. But that is not all!

In the interview above I draw your attention to this especially:

[start quote here]

JG: Do you think the Palestinian cause is just?

JM: In respect to people like Mahmoud Abbas, who want to havea peaceful settlement with the government of Israel, to settle their differences in a peaceful and amicable fashion. If you are talking about Hamasor Hezbollah, which are dedicated to the extinction of the state of Israel, then no. It depends on who you’re talking about.

{end quote here]

Except that every Jewish person in both the US and in Israelwho has any knowledge of the issue knows very well that Abbas is just as much for the destruction of Israel as is Hamas, Hizbullah or Iran.

And in any event McCain is stating clearly that he is FOR the Palestine state being created.

So, therefore, the challenge which I have just thrown down to Israpundit, to Belman, to Levinson, to Narvey and to Yamit82 (among others)

[begin quote here]

Due to the vital importance of this election in the future of Israel I will throw down a challenge to Ted Belman and to Bill Levinson.

State clearly your own position towards the creation of a Palestine state. Are there any conditions in which you would go along with such a state?

What then is the position of the 3 candadates left in the election towards this Palestine state. Is there any one of these 3 which is not actively supporting the creation of a Palestine state?

And I will leave it at that for the moment.

This applies also to Comment 2 Bill Narvey and 4 Laura

[end quote here]


I await developments on this.

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