By Felix Quigley

June 2, 2008

Things are very far advanced along the road of the betrayal of Israel to Antisemitic Fascist Arabs as the following report makes clear.

[begin quote here]

Israel and Palestinian Authority negotiating teams, headed by Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Ahmed Qurei (Abu Ala), respectively, have been meeting for months with the goal of formulating a final status peace agreement, or at least the principles of such.  Their goal is the creation of a Palestinian state on most or all of Judea and Samaria, which is currently populated by hundreds of thousands of Jews.  Intermittent reports of various levels of progress have been reported, but without details. 

Olmert has reportedly agreed to hand over more than 90% of Judea and Samaria, but the PA continues to insist on at least 98.5%. 

Minister Ramon said that in order that the great amount of work invested by the sides not be wasted, the details of the negotiations – especially on the sensitive issues of borders, Arab refugees, and Jerusalem – should be publicized.  If these details are made public, they are liable to obligate future Israeli governments.

Olmert and PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas are set to meet privately this Monday, in keeping with their mutual commitment to meet frequently.  No substantial progress is expected, however, given Olmert’s precarious political situation

[end quote here]

This report from INN spells out:

1. The absolutely reactionary nature of all sections of the Israeli ruling capitalist class. Note that Minister Ramon in calling for these negotiations be made public does so for the very worst of reasons, he wants to make sure the negotiations are not wasted!

2. The rot inside wide sections of this Israeli ruling class runs very deep indeed. It appears that almost all sections of this ruling class are behind the creation of a Palestine Jihadist state, even though the aim of this state is to destroy Israel.

A number of things flow from this.

The issue in a new election has little to do with Olmert and his shady dealings with businessmen.

Rather it is that the Jewish people were led by false and corrupt leaders in pulling out of Gaza and that that mistake has led to the murder by Fascists of many Jewish people. And the very latest result we can say is of a young Thai farmworker losing his arm from a Fascist Rocket fired from Gaza.

And Ramon makes clear that after an election he Ramon would carry on, and proceed to evict HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Jews from Judea and samaria.

This is why the issues in Israel, and the issues facing Israeli Jews, are not just another and an ordinary election. The issues actually involve very big issues indeed, among them are dictatorship of freedom for the Jewish people of Israel.

We need pretty well immediate action:

All those who really do oppose this Palestine state must urgently be organized together in a great United Front. One of the big demands of the situation is to find the way in which the Palestine state idea can be destroyed. That requires a great discussion of strategy and tactics in front of the whole Israeli people. Please write to this site if you agree with this.



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