By Felix Quigley

June 3, 2008

Let us look at the speech of McCain to AIPAC, let us look at the response of Ted Belman of Israpundit to that speech, and let us look at both in response to the main danger facing Israel, which is the creation of a Palestine state.

Belman has painted the speech by McCain to AIPAC in a light which is favourable to McCain and is also a distortion of what McCain actually said to AIPAC.

McCain is quite simply a liar. When you examine what he has said to AIPAC, and then when you examine as well the position of Obama towards Islamofascism, then it becomes clear that both of these leaders are Imperialist and are big dangers to Israel, and no American Jew or American Serb should vote for any of these (Three including Clinton)

Actually, the speech by McCain to AIPAC tells a lot about how McCain is going to betray the Jews and is very comparable to the language of Bush Snr, Clinton and Bush Jnr

The key paragraph is this:

[begin quote here]

“In all of this, we will not only be defending our own safety and welfare, but also the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people. They are a great and civilized people, with little sympathy for the terrorists their leaders finance, and no wish to threaten other nations with nuclear weapons. Iran’s rulers would be very different if the people themselves had a choice in the matter, and American policy should always reflect their hopes for a freer and more just society. The same holds true for the Palestinian people, most of whom ask only for a better life in a less violent world.

They are badly served by the terrorist-led group in charge of Gaza. This is a group that still refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist, refuses to denounce violence, and refuses to acknowledge prior peace commitments. They deliberately target Israeli civilians, in an attempt to terrorize the Jewish population. They spread violence and hatred, and with every new bombing they set back the cause of their own people.”

[end quote here]

In essence, there is really little difference, if any between McCain and Obama. True they come from different angles or directions, but they meet right at the essence.

As well as meeting together there, at the essence, at the creation of a Palestine Jihadist state…Both are very dishonest and evasive politicians.

In the above two paragraphs there is a frightful sleight of hand by McCain:

He draws a parallel between the people of Iran and the (wait for it) the people of Palestine

Let me emphasise what he says on this by repeating his words so there is no ambiguity. It is these words which nail both Belman and Levinson who write on Israpundit:

The same holds true for the Palestinian people, most of whom ask only for a better life in a less violent world.

This is part of the Big Lie, which has been broadcast by every world reactionary since 1948.

It is a gross insult to the Iranian people who did make a progressive revolution against the Shah, but who then had an Islamist Junta imposed above their heads by US and Brit Imperialism, and who today suffer terribly because of that…TO COMPARE THE IRANIAN PEOPLE WITH THE ARABS OF PALESTINE IS ONE PART OF THE BIG LIE.

That is what McCain does and the obviously myopic Belman does not see it.

Palestinianism was created by Hajj Amin el Huseini – the Butcher in the Holocaust. And McCain supports this monstrosity. And Belman supports McCain in this election!

The other sleight of hand that McCain pulls is this:

Hamas bad bad bad

Abbas good good good


That is the ground to fight on.

It is the ground of opposing the Palestine State on which by its support of McCain for President Israpundit has lost its way completely.

Every Jew and every Serb who lives in America must not vote in this election. As a friend of mine told me THEY ARE VERMIN!

In response to Ted Belman of Israpundit I made the following comment:

[start quote here]

“I am trying to think of the support of Israpundit for McCain in some sort of historical context.

It could be Joseph Stalin who was in such fear of the Hitler led Nazi Party that he refused to accept the warnings and direct information that the Nazis were planning an attack, even to the extent of predicting the exact day.

Or it could be back at the time of the US Brit invasion of Iraq to depose Saddam. This was argued obliquely as helping Israel on Israpundit, something which Levinson certainly believes in still. Yet the Israeli leaders, even Sharon, did not think so. The Iraq invasion has been a particular disaster for Israel.

See Islamist Sharia in Iraq…Made in the USA
by Francisco Gil White
Historical and Investigative Research – 18 May 2006
by Francisco Gil-White

This is now being repeated in the American election, in the support for McCain and Lieberman, the past and present creators of Islamist states in Europe (Bosnia and Kosovo) and is a similar type of trap as set in the above two occasions, that of Stalin re Hitler Invasion, that of Iraqi Invasion.

[end quote here]

(comment 6)

Anybody who ventures into politics, especially politics concerning the Serbs or the Jews, is in a leadership position. Sites such as Israpundit are in a leadership position. They are leading people to believe this or that, to take this or that action.

What Israpundit is doing is exposing the reactionary politics of Obama, which is good and needs doing, but at the same time is consciously HIDING the reactionary politics of McCain and Lieberman. That is false, a false thing to do and is a trap for the Jewish people in America and will do untold harm to the Jewish people of Israel.

There is an alternative and that is only put forward by us on 4international. We must create a great United Front of all those opposed to the creation of the Palestine State. All must be judged on that basis. Both Obama and McCain work for the creation of the Islamofascist Palestine State on the borders of Israel and even on Israeli land. The position is…do not vote for any of these enemies of Israel full stop!


  1. Whta do you expect from Ted ,an athiest whose only hope is in the failed,corrupt,devious,lying political process.
    He is one of the many,many the blind who lead the blind into a deep dark pit.
    Jeremiah 17:5

  2. Obama and McCain. What a (non) choice! Both candidates are terrible and would be a disaster for Israel.

    Israpundit’s Ted Belman and Bill Levinson believe in the “lesser of Two Evils” approach. What happens when both candidates are EQUALLY terrible?

    Obama belonged to a racist anti-white, antisemitic church for 20 years and has refused to unequivocally distance himself, condemn and repudiate his pastor’s racist remarks.

    McCain has for many years taken money from the Iranian and al Qaeda connected Islamist genocidal terrorist KLA’s representatives in the US: the Albanian American Civic League and the National Albanian American Council.

    McCain also pushed heavily for harsher bombing of Serbian civilians in 1999 and sponsored a US Senate resolution calling for the arming of the Serb & Jew hating Albanian KLA Islamist terrorist thugs who ethnically cleansed the Kosovo “capital”, Pristina, of its entire Jewish poulation, not to mention the mass murders of over 6,000 Serbs and Gypsies by beheading, skull crushing, stabbing, burning, drowning, strangulation etc.

    Obama’s foreign policy adviser is Zbigniew Brzezinski: the imperialist warmonger who called for the mass bombing of Serbs back in 1998 and who is the originator/creator of al Qaeda back in the late 1970’s under Jimmy Carter when Brzezinski pushed Carter to fund and arm the so called Mujaheddin “rebels” in Afghanistan led by one Osama bin Laden.

    Who is worse? McCain or Obama?

    Bill Levinson goes on and on how Obama has been funded by George Soros, but fails to tell us that McCain has been a Soros funded stooge since 2001!

    Here is a quote from Julia Gorin’s blog:

    “Then again, conservatives easily forgot that the Soros-funded John McCain has acted as a traitor to the pro-American Republican Party from the moment he didn’t get the nomination in 2000, and have now allowed him to become the favored presidential nominee. Incidentally, this candidate was paid with Albanian money to be an early and chief architect of the Soros-financed, Clinton-era and now State Department-led policy in Kosovo. Good going, Republicans.”

    Also, have these pro-McCain pro-Republican idiots over at Israpundit forgotten that McCain advocates the shrinking of Israel to the pre-1967 borders (the so called “suicide borders) and that he said he would like to have notorious Jew hater, James Baker, as his point-man for US foreign policy towards Israel?!

    McCain believes in completely opening up US borders so that the over 20 Million illegal aliens already present should be granted citizenship along with their families (the so called McCain-Kennedy Immigration Bill) which means that the 20 Million illegals would in a few years become 40 Million, 60 Million, then 100 Million…

    Israpundit’s Levinson puts up gawdy, kitschy McCain for President in ’08 Bumper Stickers even before MCain had won the Republican nomination.Levinson then has the nerve to tell us he is NOT advocating for McCain!

    The degeneration and decay of this once great pro-Israel site called Israpundit into a thinly veiled US Republican party platform and worse still, “McCain for President in ’08” campaign advocacy site is a great loss for all sincere Jewish people and Gentile Israel supporters (eg the righteous Serbs).

  3. Mick

    People can be sincere etc but they can be gripped in the ideology of the enemy, in this case (Belman) in the ideology of the US and British ruling class.

    There is now an alliance to stop the crimes of McCain and Lieberman being known by the US and Israeli people. These are blood thirsty Imperialists with the blood of many ordinary Serb people on their hands. The alliance now goes from Israpundit right across to the anti Jewish Harrys Place in London.

    The Jewish people are a great and a revolutionary national people. But this greatness is not represented by Israpundit in its present line of support for McCain.

    It boils down to this: This conspiracy of lies has to be somehow broken.

    Even today Caroline Glick on JP is theorizing about how Iraq can be a great ally of Israel. The very opposite is the case. The Islamist Govt of Maliki is in league with Ahmadinejad and opens the route up across Iraq for the invasion of Israel by Iran.

    It is all part of a system of lies. Often these lies are lies by Jews of self deception. They see no other way forward.

    There is needed very badly a Trotskyist cadre amont the youth.

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