by Felix Quigley

June 12, 2008

Capitalism (or Imperialism) is a system which is in its death agony, or death agonies perhaps is more accurate. Nothing shows this better than the whole of the action by Imperialism to break up Yugoslavia and to destroy the proud Serb nationalism and nation state.

First of all, bring a country to its knees through economic blockade. Have your paid hacks in a pliant Media controlled by a few big capitalists like Soros or Murdoch go into action, get your little pro Imperialist midgets like Kamm, Hoare or Cohen doing overtime, churn out lie after lie, employ Islamist killers from Arabia and Iran to roam your countryside beheading simple Serb peasant folk, then Kosovo! It would take many books!

And so now after the Serbian mass movement has been totally betrayed by a section of the Serbian bourgeois class we have the following, shown in this interesting report from Serbianna, based on a AP line:

[start quote here]

June 12, 2008 4:58 AM

BELGRADE, Serbia, A man arrested by Serbian police as a war crimes suspect says he is the victim of mistaken identity, his lawyer and court officials said Thursday.

Serbian authorities said Wednesday they had detained Stojan Zupljanin, a former Bosnian Serb police chief sought on war crimes charges by the UN court in The Hague, Netherlands.

They said that, after nine years on the run, Zupljanin, 57, was apprehended in a flat in Pancevo, a town about 20 kilometres from the capital, Belgrade. Police said that Zupljanin did not resist arrest.

Court officials, who questioned Zupljanin upon arrest, said he told them that he was Branislav Vukadin from the town of Backa Palanka in northern Serbia.

Ivana Ramic, spokeswoman for the Serbian war crimes court, said fingerprints and DNA are being checked to confirm his identity.

The man’s lawyer, Igor Pantelic, said results of the analysis are expected later Thursday.

Zupljanin was initially indicted for genocide in 1999, but that indictment was later amended to war crimes and crimes against humanity. The UN tribunal accuses him of overseeing Serb-run prison camps.

UN court officials, as well as EU and U.S. officials, have hailed Zupljanin’s arrest as a step toward bringing those responsible for atrocities of the Balkan wars to justice.

But two key fugitives from those wars still remain at large. They are the former Bosnian Serb wartime leader Radovan Karadzic and his military commander Gen. Ratko Mladic, both sought on genocide charges.

The arrest of the remaining fugitives is the key condition that Serbia must fulfil if it wants to move closer to European Union membership.

Last week, UN chief prosecutor Serge Brammertz criticized Serbia at the UN Security Council, alleging the suspects were “within reach’ of the Belgrade authorities.

Zupljanin’s arrest also comes at a politically sensitive time for Serbia, where a pro-EU coalition is on the verge of creating a government following parliamentary elections last month.

The Socialist party of Serbia, once led by Slobodan Milosevic, is poised to join the coalition, giving the pro-Western bloc of parties a majority in the new parliament.

But the Socialists have been opposed to the arrests of Serb war crimes suspects because their leader, Milosevic, died in 2006 while on a trial for genocide at the UN tribunal in The Hague.

[end quote here]

So, breifly, this is what is happening. US and EU Imperialism set out to destroy Yugoslavia and to pulverize Serb opposition to Islam and to Imperialism.

Note I said opposition to “Islam AND Imperialism”. That is not an accident on my part.

Islam is an Imperialist system of rule in its own right, a very backward and evil ideology indeed. US and EU Imperialism spiral daily into crisis. It is in its death agony and as such it will grasp at an alliance with Islam in order to make world war against Russia.

Please remember that US and British Imperialism for much of the 1930s was very supportive of the German Nazis led by Hitler, in their plans to destroy Communist Russia. This did not die after the war but intensified along with their other ally, the Vatican, which orchestrated a huge and reactionary anti-communism based on the Fatima Cult.

Now US Imperialism, along with the EU Antisemites, are once again in alliance with Islam. Of course Bush will NOT attack Iran’s bomb. Why on earth would you attack an ally?

Against all of these forces it is clear that the Serbian nationalists, based as they are on bourgeois ideology and methods, cannot answer. This explains the horrific betrayal of the Socialist Party described above.

We on 4international are alone in calling for the complete destruction by the masses led by revolutionary Trotskyistleadership to destroy completely every single International Court in existence. This applies especially to this Court in the Hague which murdered Socialist Party leader Milosevic, and which still has Vojislav Seselj under guard in the Hague. We call for the immediate release of all its political prisoners and for the arrest and trial of all who are involved in this criminal court.

This issue of Yugoslavia has been deliberately kept out of the election in America. This is most interesting because McCain and his friend Lieberman were heavily involved in these crimes against the Serbs. Even Jewish leaders like Ted Belman of Israpundit are heavily involved in hiding this vital information about McCain in the US election coverage. Talk about creating a stick to beat your own back!

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