by Felix Quigley

June 12, 2008

John McCain, helped by fellow criminal against the Serbs Joseph Lieberman, is running for the Presidency of the US. McCain is fully supported by Ted Belman of Israpundit who for a time pretended to be the friend of the Serbs. But in supporting McCain what has Belman been actually supporting. The Islamists in Kosovo are making this very clear to Belman if he wishes to read.

The great crime that US Imperialism and EU Imperialism has played on the Serbs in the Balkans has just become even clearer as this report from an Islamist website makes very clear. We print and analyse the report.

[start quote here]

PRISTINA — Two weeks before the new constitution of their newly-independent state comes into effect, many Kosovars still have a problem swallowing the secular charter which ignores their identity and Albanian ethnicity.  

“The Constitution ignores the Islamic identity and Albanian ethnicity of Kosovo,” Fuad Ramiqi, the chief of the NGO Forumi Mysliman, told

Fashioned on the so-called package of UN envoy Marti Ahtisaari, the constitution states that Kosovo is a multi-faith, multi-ethnic state.

The charter, adopted by parliament last month and coming into effect on June 15, also calls for guaranteeing the rights of homosexuals.

“Muslim Albanians won’t give up their Islamic identity nor Albanian ethnicity,” said Ramiqi.

Muslim Albanians make up more than 95 percent of Kosovo’s two million population.

“While it mentions the Serbian church, the constitution makes no reference to Islam or the Islamic identity of Kosovo as if there are no Muslims in this country,” the Islamic Sheikhdom of Kosovo fumed.

“The charter ignores the rights of the Albanian majority, Muslims and Christians, for the interest of the Serbian minority,” it said in a statement on its website.

[end quote here]

There then follows a direct lie, an Islamist lie surely, but a lie no different than any which have been peddled by almost all of the Western Imperialist Media over 20 years. Be prepared for it and just remember that Kosovo is now at least 95 percent Muslim, which is the result of consistent ethnic cleansing by them. But in true Orwellian speak the Big Lie simply turns the verifiable reality on its head.

[continue quote here] 

Kosovo, which was run by the UN since a 1999 NATO campaign ended ethnic cleansing by Serbian troops, declared independence on February 17.

The move won the endorsement of the US and several heavyweight European countries, including Britain, France, Germany and Italy.

“The growing Islamic awareness in Kosovo will be the best guarantee to protect the state’s Islamic identity,” believes MP Ajni Sinani.

Influential Minority

Others complain that the constitution gives non-Albanians substantial powers and tremendous influence in areas where they are in the majority.

“It turns Serbian-majority areas in Kosovo into self-ruled regions,” Mehmet Kalisi, editor-in-chief of an Islamic website, told IOL.

The charter requires the support of two-thirds of MPs representing minorities for enacting laws dealing with the state’s system or the rights of minorities.

“No minority in the world has ever enjoyed this right,” said former MP Ferid Agani.

“It refutes Serbia’s allegations that the Serbian minority in Kosovo is at risk.”

[end quote here]

Now this is more of the arrogance and cynicism of Islam backed by US and EU Imperialism. The Serbs are now after that Islamist cum NATO ethnic cleansing of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies at the level of 5 per cent of the population, decreasing rapidly as you would expect since they live under such pressure (would YOU be prepared to live in such a situation). Yet this Islamist complains, yes complains, that the cards are stacked against the 95 per cent Muslims.

However as the next part of their report makes terribly clear (terribly if you are a Serb) the Consitution is just one more double cross by the US and EU Imperialists. Whose spiel to the Islamists possibly went something like this

“OK, now if you guys just play along here you will have in no time at all your full Islamist Sharia Constitution. After all you are 95 per cent in the majority, thanks to all of your ethnic cleansing of Jews, Serbs and Gypsies. Don´t fret lads. In no time at all that 95 will be 98. Then you and the Albanian Islamists Stalinists of the KLA will be in total control, there will be no UN and no EU here. You then can enact your Sharia!”

[continue quote here]

Some believe the government had to bow to western pressures on the constitution in exchange for international recognition of the newborn state.

“The constitution is the West’s second ‘gift’ for Kosovars,” a high-profile official told IOL, requesting anonymity.

“As we welcomed the independence, we had to swallow the constitution.”

Milazim Krasniqi, the head of the Press Department at Pristina University, sees Ahtisaari’s package as a realistic plan dictated by difficult developments in Kosovo.

“[But] the plan is an interim phase on the path for complete independence within years.”

[end quote here]

And it is fitting it should end with an Islamist “academic” reactionary in Pristina University. He makes it clear that our analysis is correct. The Constitution is just the present stage, an “interim” stage and in no time at all it will be full blown Sharia law in “Kosova”, as they misname this historical part of Serbia.

Talk about daylight robbery. The actions of US and EU Imperialism (McCain was at the centre of this skullduggery) against the Serbs and their nationality gives an entirely new meaning to that term.


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