By Felix Quigley

June 14, 2008




How can Jews save Israel, the dream of their lives, the dream of 2000 years of waiting during a cruel exile?

In a recent article 4international calls for the immediate removal of the Olmert Kadima Government from power. That is now happening and an election is mooted for November. That is still not satisfactory for a number of reasons. The first is time. Can Israel wait until November to have an election. That means waiting through:


June, July August September and October.


Which is at least 5 full months. The speed of events is such that anything can happen inside those 5 months. Time is a factor that Jews do not control.


The second factor is that this election was mooted by Livni. But Livni and Barak no less than Olmert are the problem. Certainly Olmert is corrupt but I am sure no more so than hundreds of others in the Israeli ruling class. The real issue is that the Israeli ruling class, big sections of it in Kadima and Labour, are seeking to betray Israeli land to form a Palestinestate. This is where the real pressure is coming from, not from a law case against Olmert; it is coming from the broad Israeli masses of ordinary people who show in poll after poll that they have learned from Gaza and therefore do not trust the Arabs in a Palestine state situated in strategic areas which will overlook Israel But you see, Livni wants to control events in Israel, wants to prevent the Israeli people discussing HER betrayal, wants to prevent the Israeli mass movement moving forward and discussing these issues fully.


And thirdly this is a very strange election and electioneering situation. Israel is being attacked by Fascists from Gaza every single day. So in this election we are not talking about just electing to the Knesset, but about the preparation of the country for war on many fronts.


Fourthly and lastly there is the issue of US Imperialism, where all of its governments since 1948 seem to believe that they have a God given right to badger and to control Israeli leadership. So what is implied in all of that ghastly experience at the hands of US and British Imperialism is for Israel to break free ideologically, politically and organizationally in order to create a great unity between the Israeli ordinary people and the American ordinary people.


All of these issues are implicit in this coming election. They may not be voiced as such. In fact the Israeli professional ruling class will do all that it can to deal in trivia and prevent ordinary people discussing and learning.


The central issue is opposition to the planned Palestine state. Urgently there must be created a great United Front organization, a formal organization, which will unite all of the various forces who oppose a Palestine state and who are at present separated from each other. This will create a discussion which will be protected inside and in front of the mass movement in Israel and in America.

Inside this great United Front the voice of revolutionary socialism, that is Trotskyism, which we on 4international must be heard, heard for the very first time by the Jewish people and the Jewish masses in struggle.


The Jewish people are a truly revolutionary force but they need a revolutionary leadership at their head. Groups like Israpundit and individuals like Ted Belman, Editor of Israpundit, are totally politically bankrupt. This is shown above all in the political position of Belman and his henchmen Levinson, Gordon and Narvey in the USPresidential election. Here Belman is following Levinson especially in tail ending the insufferable anti Serb bigot John McCain, and along with the equally insufferable Knish who is waging what is dangerously close to a racist campaign against Obama.


The political line of Israpundit of course should be as a Jewish organization a pox on both their houses. Neither Obama because of his close connections with Antisemites and Anti Serbs like Samantha Power, and above all McCain because he is the direct agent of NATO aggression against the Serbs, are in any way friends of Israel, no matter what they say.


As Steve Klein, the good Jewish blogger on Israpundit, makes clear, the Republican Party of Bush and McCain is the worst of all for the Jewish people, because they promise so strongly to be the friends of Israel, and so they then can betray so comprehensively all Jews.


That is exactly what happened with Bush. Bush was it should be remembered fully supported by Belman and by Narvey at election times. But in no time at all after being elected Bush was campaigning on behalf of those “poor” and “oppressed” Palestinians that they must have their own spanking new Islamist state. Moreover, Bush carried on exactly that programme of creating Palestine state set under way by the Democrat Clinton, which was supported fully by Lieberman and which McCain supported as a Republican.


So it has been proven by history that Belman, Levinson and Israpundit have led Jews into the serious mistake of electing Bush who has advanced the cause of the Palestine Statemore than any other leader in the whole world, on a par with the odious Labourist from Britain, Tony Blair! Now Belman and Levinson are sleep-walking the myopic idiots who compose the punditry of Israpundit into a repeat with McCain.


How to resolve this situation? There must be created a revolutionary cadre inside the Jewish mass movement which will fight for the correct political line. The correct political line has now become the policies and programme of 4international, this very precise site.


All those people who read this material need to act to create a new leadership. Revolutionary politics which is what the Jewish people now need so drastically is not just about saying the right things against people like Narvey, it is to create a leadership which can intervene inside the mass movement in Israel, and especially inside the youth, and religious Jewish youth, of Israel. In the opposition to Stasi Butcher Sharon in the withdrawal from Gazait was the religious youth who came to the fore and fought the Stasi police of Sharon. It will be so again. That is why the orientation of Trotskyism must not be towards the “establishment” of groups like Israpundit which litter the Jewish leaders in America, but must be towards the revolutionary masses in each country, and especially towards the revolutionary religious youth in Israel. They are the forces of the revolution and the big change in leadership which alone can save Israel and save the Jews.

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