By Felix Quigley

June 14, 2008

If Olmert directs the IDF to go into Gazain order to defeat Hamas this may only intensify the dangers facing Israel. This seems paradoxical so let us explore the issues.


Olmert represents that section of the Israeli ruling class in Kadima and Labour, with connections to the “Peace Movement” and to the anti Israelantisemites in the Media and Academia. He is convinced along with Livni and Barak that if the areas of Judea and Samariaare made Judenfrei and if a Palestine state is erected there then the troubles of the Jews are over.


In gratitude they reckon that the Arab Palestinians will settle down and live in peace with a truncated Israeli state. But after Gaza (these leaders like Livni are not stupid) they know very well that this will be far from the case. They KNOW that a Palestine state will become a spur to the Islamic Jihad to rid the Middle East of Jews and that the Palestinian Arabs will never accept Israel. But still they persevere on this line because of the serious split in Israeli society.


So the IDF will lose many young Israeli soldiers in the fight. And to what end! In order that Olmert and his traitorous crew can do a deal with a strengthened Abbas, create a Fascist Palestine state, urged on by leaders in the US like Bush, Rice, McCain, Obama and Lieberman.


That has always been on the cards given the present set-up in Israeli politics and this has been well known in the Israeli political patriotic class which is religious in outlook (Notice I refrained from using the wrong term “The Right”)


So what can be done? What is the correct leadership for Trotskyism to give to the Israeli people, the Israeli working class and the Israeli youth, especially the valiant religious Jewish youth in the settlement areas of Judea and Samaria.


I reckon that Ted Belman of Israpundit is at least quarter right when he opines that the best course is do not launch an attack on Gaza, in the nature of either going in to defeat Hamas and withdrawing; or going in, defeating them and staying put. But intensify the blockade on the Gaza is the path chosen by Belman.


In any case the first step that Israel must make is to take possession and control of the whole of the border of Gaza with Egypt. Information should be published and campaigned on widely in America and Europe, and indeed wider throughout the whole world, everywhere that there is a cadre to campaign, that this step is vital because x amount of rocketry enters Gaza through there. If Egypt says a word in opposition point out that they are breaking the peace treaty because they are not policing their border and their actions are a clear danger to Israeli lives in Sderot.


Since Jordan has a peace treaty with Israel then it must play its part. Israel, ever mindful of the public opinion issues, must make a big fuss over the following. Having controlled the Sinai crossing (between Gaza and Sinai) a clear offer must be made to Arabs in Gaza that they will be offered safe passage across and into Jordan. If Jordanrefuses or opposes if necessary the IDF must control that border so that this is a practical and a going affair. It is no use offering safe passage if the Jordan Israel haters will not play ball. So take it out of their hands if necessary and use this for propaganda effect “Look, these Jordan Arabs do not care about 1. Israeli lives 2. Arab Palestinian lives.


Having made the offer, waited a short time, and whatever happens if civilians from Gaza leave or not…in future every rocket attack from Gaza onto Israeli civilians will be met by rocket attack from Israel onto Gaza, not onto civilians, but onto all centres of production in the widest sense. The difference of approach between Fascist Gaza and moral Israel must also be played upon and played up.


All of this must be done pretty much immediately. But how?


I feel personally that Iranis now desperate to complete its Iranian bomb. Iran is in a working alliance with the US Imperialists in Iranand it knows very well that it faces no danger from either the US or the EU. Quite the opposite I would say.


So Iran knows that he only power which will stop it having a Nuclear Bomb is Israel. Just as it was with the Saddam Nuclear bomb. And what better for Iranthan for Hamas to provoke a war with Israel.


Some people think that Trotskyism is all about “revolutionary” attack. But in my reading of the Trotsky leadership in the Civil War Trotsky was not like that at all. Number 1 he left strategy to his generals and did not interfere in the slightest. Secondly it was the political preparation or war that he was so good at. Thirdly there were many periods when his Generals retreated and evaded battles. But once chosen then the battle was decisive.


The priority now is to give the IDF the space to destroy the Iranian Nuclear Bomb.


And at the same time prepare the country for the inevitable war to smash Hamas and Hisbullah. This means that a new leadership must be created in Israel and in the Diaspora.

The fact is we are now in a revolutionary type of election campaign where all of these issues are going to be discussed widely. The great thing about bourgeois elections is never the end result but that discussion takes place. These are conditions where a great United Front of all those who wish to save Israelmust be formed. The centre of this is to defeat the US Imperialist launch of the Jihadist Islamist state of Palestine.


At the very core of this campaign, therefore, is the role and actions of US and EU Imperialism in launching the first truly Islamofascist state in Europe. That is, of course, Kosovo.


But raising Kosovo brings people right into the centre of the USelection because it has been the US Governments, both Democratic and Republican, which has created the Jihadists of Kosovo. As we on 4international have always said Kosovo is not separate from Israel and the present dangers to Israel from the US determination to create Palestine, but part of it.


In order to confront the enormous dangers which face Israel there must be an involvement of the mass movement, a huge discussion inside the Israeli ordinary people especially the youth, and there must be a new revolutionary leadership created.


Let us look for a moment at present leaderships in Israel and in the wider movement of Jews in the world as a whole.


First thing is that Olmert’s Kadima and Barak’s Labour are traitors to the Jews, without the merest shadow of a doubt. One only has to refer to Olmert and Sharon uprooting Jews from their homes in Gaza. Or to Barak’s betrayal at Camp David where he offered all of Judea and Samaria, also Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and even Sinai to Arafat and the Arabs. What was left! They must be defeated but how?


Because the Israeli religious Judaic wing is also totally politically bankrupt. This is expressed in a thousand differing ways. It was brought home to us in recent days when a religious Jew called Yamit82 who writes on Israpundit called for support for Olmert because the rest were as bad or worse. He was simply parroting the bankrupt “Samson Blinded” website.


Also the bankruptcy of this wing is demonstrated by Israpundit being turned into a mouthpiece for McCain and Lieberman, the very people who worked strenuously to create the Jihadist Islamist state in Kosovo. Israpundit has worked to hide the role of McCain in creating an Islamist Kosovo in the heart of Europe. To hide that is one of the greatest betrayals that has ever been administered to the Jewish people.


So the struggle in the coming election must be about political programme.


  1. Kick Barak and Olmert, Labour and Kadima, into the dustbin of history.
  2. Elect leaders who oppose a Palestine state of any shape or form
  3. Strike to destroy the Iranian Nuclear Bomb making ability
  4. Make it clear that Israel will strike at all such in Arab League countries, especially in Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia
  5. Oppose the US programme in Iraqwhere an Islamist state has been formed in alliance with Iran
  6. Only Arabs who support Israel can remain in Israel proper.
  7. The exact same applies to these areas: Gaza, Judea, Samaria, the Golan


What all of this means is war. War is inevitable because the Arabs are not a stupid people and will not accept bribes to go away or to close down their anti-Semitism. The Arabs are a people who in general are indoctrinated with Jew hatred. So what to do?


This is the purpose of a general discussion inside the Israeli masses. The only vehicle for this is the United Front in which all those opposed to a Palestine state can offer an opinion. Such a great discussion can enter into the very soul of the ordinary Israelis.


At the centre of this is the reason for the existence of Israel. The Jews represent the greatest and most spirited revolutionary national liberation movement in the world.


But the world must be made to face up to the reality of Antisemitism in the world as a whole. Leaving aside for a moment the religious Jewish factor, one big reason for the existence of Israel (why Israelmust exist) is as a safeguard to Jews from anti-Semitism, to create a space where Jews can worship or not worship as they see fit, but in any case be free to carry out their ancient religious customs and traditions, unmolested.


Jews must have total power in their hands in their state. That is why hostile nationalities such as Arab “Palestinians” must be sent to Jordan without any ceremony whatsoever. The same applies to “Jews” who are hostile to Israel and the IDF, often members of “Peace” groups, really groups financed from abroad whose aim is war, war on Israel. They must definitely be expelled. But Arabs must be welcome who will fight in the Israeli Army, will defend Israel verbally to the Foreign Media, and who will not wish to vote in the Jewish parliament. That latter right belongs only to the Jewish people. Only in that way can Israel be safeguarded as a refuge from anti-Semitism.


We on 4international line up with all Jews in a great United Front in order to defend Israel. In doing so we never for an instant surrender our political programme as revolutionary socialists. But socialist revolution is not posed in the situation in which Israel faces today. However the defence of Israel as a Jewish state and as a refuge from Antisemitism certainly is. That is why we join in unity with our Jewish fellow fighters against Imperialism.

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