by Felix Quigley

June 16, 2008

A good starting point for anybody who wants Israel to survive and to prosper is to understand that all sections of the Israeli ruling class is bankrupt. This has been brought home with a vengeance by very popular writer on Jerusalem Post Caroline Glick who states that Iraq is going to be an ally of Israel. What a total idiot Glick is!

Glick claims that as Turkey was an ally of Israel so now Iraq is going to be the new ally in the region.

If Turkey was an ally well then that was because there was a national and a philosophical revolution in Turkey under the great national liberationist leader Ataturk (Mustafa Kemal Ataturk or Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasa). Nothing like that has happened in Iraq. In fact something closer to the very opposite has happened. The invasion of the US has actually strengthened Sharia and Sharia prospects in Iraq. That is the whole point of the Invasion. The US is in the business of creating Islamist states in the world, ensuring that Islam grows, that Sharia grows, all as a counter against revolution and communism. The CIA knows exactly what side its bread is buttered on! But Glick just does not have a clue!

[begin quote here]

But what is clear enough is that today Iraq shares vital interests with Israel. It has common enemies. It has common challenges as a democracy. And it doesn’t hurt that Palestinians are nearly universally reviled by Iraqis who view them as Saddam Hussein’s most stalwart henchmen.

An Israeli-Iraqi alliance would help secure Jordan. It would frighten Syria and perhaps force Damascus to reconsider its alliance with Teheran. It would provide Israel with a new source of natural gas and so end its dependence on fickle Egypt. It would mitigate Israel’s political isolation in the region. It would provide Iraq with a safe port in the Mediterranean for its oil exports in the event that the Shaat al-Arab is closed by Iran in a future war. Iraqi Shi’ite leaders could help draw Lebanese Shi’ites away from Iran’s Lebanese proxy Hizbullah. Indeed, the potential of an Israeli-Iraqi alliance is seemingly endless.

A basic political fact of life stands at the heart of this theoretical Iraqi-Israeli alliance. Peace is possible for the first time between Israel and Iraq because, for the first time, Iraq perceives its interests as aligned with Israel. That is, peace is possible because at a very basic level, Iraqis today – whether they admit or not – are Israel’s friends. And they know it.

And this raises the larger point that should inform the next Israeli government. Specifically, unlike what Israel’s Left has been preaching for the past 20 years, peace is made with friends and not with enemies. It is impossible to make peace with enemies because enemies perceive their interests as being in competition with one another. And since peace agreements are nothing more than codifications of the modalities for acting on perceived shared interests, no peace treaty with an enemy is worth the paper it’s written on.

It is hard today to find an Iraqi leader who overtly states his desire for peace with Israel. Mithal Alousi is the one heroic exception. But that is not important. By signing a peace treaty with the US and confronting Iran head-on, the Iraqis are making it abundantly clear where they believe their interests lie.

By way of comparison, of course, there are Iran’s Palestinian and Syrian allies and proxies who claim that they are desirous of peace with Israel at the same time as their actions – and indeed their other statements – make clear that they perceive their interests as antithetical to Israel’s. As a result, no matter how hard Israel tries, it will be unable to make peace with them – unless the Palestinian and Syrian perception of their interests changes.

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I was most interested to see the comments, and lack of comments, of this issue on Israpundit.

Take a guy called Soren, who has been vocal in opposition to the Israpundit betrayal to McCain, summed it up well:

[start quote here]

You are exactly right h peskin, Maliki himself having lived in exile in Iran, but more than that, they still get along swimmingly, and historically, the very founding of Shia Islam was in Iraq, the most holy Shia sites as well as centers of theology are in Iraq, and beyond that with the ouster of the secular government of Iraq, we now have instead Islam enshrined in the Iraqi Constitution, no law can be passed that contradicts Islam, so ask yourself, what does Islam teach about the Jews and about Jerusalem, and about the presence of infidels in any land formerly ruled by Muslims? Finally, unless there is a political solution between the parties in Iraq (and there’s no sign of that) then all the military successes are nothing but temporary window dressing. And if anyone thinks a Sunni Iraq would be any better, they’re really dreaming! I, too, laughed at Glick.

[end quote here]

Soren is laughing at Glick, but certainly not Belman the editor or especially Levinson, regular poster who promotes McCain on Israpundit.

Why, you may ask, are they not laughing at the stupid and by now comical figure of Glick, who has really entered in lalala land! Well the reason they are not laughing is that Glick in her way is merely echoing the strong US and EU ideology, that Iran can be prevented from having the Nuclear bomb through negotiations. So the reasoning goes that a pro Israel Iraq will enfeeble Iran. So therefore military action by only Israel is not needed.

Behind all of this lie definite facts. US is in league with Iran. The US will never strike against Iran, under anyu conditions. (Why strike your ally! That makes no sense!

Therefore the only way for Israel to continue to exist (literally) is for Israel to understand that it is alone, the the US is in league with Iran, and that Israel must destroy the Iranian bomb making facilities at once.

That really is what lies behind this betrayal by Glick.

But the McCainites on Israpundit are supporting Glick by their silence.

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