by Felix Quigley

June 16, 2008

The reactionary and pro Islamofascist and so-called civil rights group in Israel called B’Tselem has gathered together a considerable sum of money from antisemites in the ISM in countries like Ireland and England, used this money to buy video recorders, which they give to Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” of late; these recorders are being used as bait for staged scams which show the Israeli Jews in Judea and Samaria in the worst light possible.

All that is clear. This group B’Tselem is made up of extreme Israel haters. The interesting thing that most are living as Jews in Israel. Please do not call them “Left”. Theyu are left in no discernible way. The correct title is traitors, and actually we have in Ireland these kinds of traitors to Irish nationalism also, lots of them.

So then what about a Jewish man called David Taub living in England? What role does he play in all of this and why do I mention his name.

Taub writes in the Serb hating website called Harry’s Place under the name DavidT

Taub is Jewish but is a real enemy of Jews in israel. Believe it or not DavidT (Taub) opened up a report on this incident with a title called “SCUM”

Taub and Harry’s Place are calling the Jewish families who are living in Judea and Samaria SCUM and is taking the side of the reactionaries who are now going to use these video cameras to stage scams such as Qana and El Durra.

Taub thus lines up with all of that treachery. But it must be remembered that such scams and lies were all part of the war on the Serbs and the whole effort to destroy Yugoslavia by US and British Imperialism.

Taub, a well off lawyer living in London with his lawyer wife, lends his site to these Jew Haters in B’Tselem in their plans to stage scams to promote antisemitism against the Jews of Israel and the whole world.

You doubt me! Well look at the comments that Taub and his SCUM word provoked on Harry’s Place. Here are a few:

Pride of place goes to taub, editor of Harry’s Place


agreed David,

attacking a poor old Shepherd and his wife, unbelievable, how hideous

B’Tselem need to be congratulated for giving out those video cameras


baffling contrarian    
  13 June 2008, 1:11 am

reason #5467 to abolish the Jewish settlements


  13 June 2008, 6:49 am

These people are a disgrace to the Israeli and Jewish people. They are doing direct harm to the Palestinians they harrass, and indirect harm to their own country.
Only point of light in this story is that the Israeli media openly reports and exposes these incidents.


  13 June 2008, 9:11 am

Well done for posting this, but this isn’t news. It isn’t “unbelievable”. Anyone who takes any interest in the reality of the Palestinian’s must surely know this is happening everyday, often under the noses of the IDF soliders, who do nothing to stop it. They won’t be punished. Nothing will happen. It will continue to be ignored, with a few honourable exceptions.

Here’s a clip of IDF soliders shooting a Nobel Prize winner.


Alec Macpherson    
  13 June 2008, 9:41 am

Absolute disgrace. It should be condemned as brutal, thuggist and obscene. It’s possible this was faked, but knowing of the behaviour of head-banger Settlers, I am perfectly prepared to believe it.


sackcloth and ashes    
  13 June 2008, 9:57 am

I saw this last night. I can’t think of any polite way to describe the settlers. They’re just cunts.

[end of quotes from Harry’s Place]

Perhaps that is enough to give our true Jewish friends an idea of the horror that is the anti Israel site Harry’s Place.

But what is really interesting about this site and these people is that they were the very ones, along with Hoare, Kamm, Cohen and O’Kane who led in the lying propaganda against the Serbs.

And if anything should awaken Jews and Serbs to unite together it is these kinds of traitors as you find, like Taub, on Harrys Place.

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