By Felix Quigley

June 17, 2008

Time and time again the great revolutionary Leon Trotsky emphasised the issue of time in the affairs of political issues. I think this applies very much to the situation that Israel is in today.

If you consider a few things:

1. The pressure being exerted ont he bankrupt ruling class of Israel by the Big Powerful Friend is intense. Rice keeps touring in and out and her latest is to attack settlements. She wants Judea and Samaria Judenfrei. Bush the same. McCain the same. Obama without doubt the same. That is the reality.2. As we speak there is much talk that Olmert has reached a deal with Syria. In return for “Peace” (which is an Arab promise) Olmert will make the Golan Judenfrei. The US pretends it is against this, then it appears to agree. Listen! The US in Yugoslavia was pretending this and that all of the time. The US Government is based on lies!

3. Meanwhile inside Israel there is allowed to exist a whole layer in society of absolute traitors. There are Jewish traitors like B’tselem who are taking money from the antiosemitic Ford Foundation and the Antisemitic ISM groups and are using this to buy video recorders which they donate to Arabs to create el Durra incidents.

The position of Israel is now critical because of the role of all of these Israeli leaders. There is not one leader, religious or secular, which can put forward a programme which can lead to a victory. Not one!

The situation of Israel was put like this by a good poster on Israpundit called samuel Fistel:

[begin quote here]

Bush mixed in with some Rice:

As the Bush administration limps lamely to an end (and the Republicans come ever closer to permanent minority status), the rats are looking to leave the sinking ship and line up their next job.

It’s a given in modern American politics that you make a good living while in office as you promote certain positions, and immediately afterwards are rewarded handsomely by some combination of book deals, being given positions on corporate boards, think tanks, speaking engagements, etc. As a result, all high ranking officials rapidly become multi-millionaires soon after leaving office.

Miss Rice seems to be positioning herself to be rewarded by Jew-haters. She compares Israelis to Jim Crow (and by inference the Ku Klux Klan). She forbids Jews to build in Jewish neighborhoods, but Arabs can build anywhere. And she totally ignores Hamas (the 800 pound gorilla in Palestine) while ordering Israel to continue its surrender to the Arab savages.

The situation has become so crazy that she, the Republican, says Israel must yield east Jerusalem to the Arabs, bringing the terrorists right up to the Western Wall, while Obama, the ultra-liberal Democrat, says the Jews can keep it.

She knows, and everybody knows, that the Palis cannot and will not make a single concession, while their non-negotiable demands of expelling 200,000 Jews, flooding Israel with millions of Pali “refugees”, and connecting Hamas in Gaza to the West Bank and Jerusalem are a laughable non-starter for even the most leftist, self-loathing, suicidal Israeli (well, maybe not for them).

Comment by Samuel Fistel — June 16, 2008

see comment 3 on Jewish blog Israpundit


But our readers will see immediately that Fistel falls into the usual trap. He refers to Olmert as a “Leftist”. And this is either silly, stupid or dishonest in the extreme. There is nothing whatsoever of the Left about any of these Israeli leaders. Barak for example belongs to the pro Islamofascist and pro Imperialist (ie capitalist) programme of the Labour Parties world wide, of whom Blair is one, Zapatero is another.

Fistel, why not rouse yourself to read what a real socialist (Leon Trotsky) wrote about Ramsay McDonald. Then you may advance a little. As it is you are pushing a lie when you claim that Olmert is “Left”.

Yamit82 pointed out that Bergin was the biggest traitor ever to Israel. He said: “No Israeli was ever a bigger appeaser than Begin! He set the standard for all who came after and he also set the precedent that all the World readily accepts. Begin that loud mouth demagogue was the worst of the worst.

And on this general question I made this remark:

[start quote here]

We are talking here about a whole Israeli ruling class which is totally bankrupt. Begin had a history of fighting against the British Imperialists in order to create a state. That is a history which is most positive.

Then this man when he came under the pressure of the world media ion fact caved in even more than Milosevic at one point did.

This must give cause for reflection.

The reason being is that it happens time and time again. It has been well documented by Jared Israel and by Gil White.

But the only conclusion drawn by Gil White if I remember correctly is that Israel must elect “Patriots”.

But that is the whole point and contradiction in Gil White. Begin WAS a patriot. Michael Collins style he hid in a cupboard while the British army savages searched for him within yards of his hiding place.

Nobody at all has ever come up with a solution to this. I mean Gil White is intelligent but his solution (to elect “patriots”) I call lame.

This is the central issue. Israel is now being put on the wrack by Bush, Rice, McCain, Obama, Blair et al.

My solution. I feel the issue is truly revolutionary. Also my solution. We absolutely need the revolutionary policies and practice of revolutionaries, and the best guide here is Leon Trotsky.

You either fight in this period or you die. And if you do not fight you deserve to die.

Comment by Felix Quigley — June 17, 2008

[end quote here]



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