by Felix Quigley

June 22, 2008

The main headlines on today’s IsraelNationalNews show the enormous crisis inside Israeli society and the urgent need to force Olmert, Livni and Barak from power, and in their place a government opposed to a Palestine state.

There is huge anger among many Israelis at the attack on the hikers in Samaria which we reported on yesterday. This is a direct result of the politics of the Olmert Government, and we can also see the hand of Bush and Rice, because they have been arguing for Israel to stop patrols over the fascist and antisemitic “Palestinians”.

One report on the site is the opposition to Olmert from two Civil Rights groups. But these are not the groups which we usually hear from, connected with the pro Arab and antisemitic Peace Movement in Israel. This and these new groups is the beginnings of a mass movement in Israel against Olmert.

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Almagor Victims of Terror Group: Open Roadblocks to Blame
Meir Indor, head of the Almagor Victims of Terror group, blamed the attack on the lack of security on newly-opened roads available to terrorists in Judea and Samaria due to security concessions to the Palestinian Authority by the Israeli government.

“The opening of the routes and the removal of the roadblocks, despite all warnings about areas that in the past were sites in which Israelis were murdered in a series of terrorist attacks, is a scandalous problem that resulted in this attack,” said Indor. “The hikers who were seriously injured have paid the price for this scandalous decision, one that was made just to be able to present a series of gestures to the [PA].”

The IDF Spokesperson’s Office issued a statement Saturday informing the media that more roadblocks had been removed in the area the same week.

“Ten roadblocks were removed in the area of Ramallah this week,” read the statement. “One hundred roadblocks were removed so far in the region of Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley as part of the relief plan authorized by the Minister of Defense and the IDF Chief of Staff which has been implemented in recent months.

“In accordance with political echelon directives and in light of security assessments, the IDF and Civil Administration are implementing a series of relief measures for Palestinian [Authority Arabs] in Judea and Samaria,” it added.

Land of Israel Legal Forum: Stop Giving Them Guns
Nachi Eyal, head of the Land of Israel Legal Forum, called on the government to end the transfer of weapons and other military equipment to PA security forces.

“The forum calls upon the government to halt the transfer of weapons and tanks to the Palestinian Authority following Friday’s terrorist attack in the Binyamin region. The source of the weapons that were used in that attack must be investigated,” warned Eyal. “Attorneys for the Forum are currently investigating the legality of prosecuting those who handed over weapons to our PA Arab neighbors since [our] leaders can no longer claim that the PLO and its supporters do not use their weapons to harm Israeli citizens.”

For almost two years, Israel has been approving the transfer of brand-new weapons, ammunition, armored vehicles and other material to PA forces, as well as special advanced military training for the troops in Jericho and Jordan under the supervision of US General Keith Dayton.

One year ago, Hamas terrorists acquired most of the new weaponry when they ousted PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah forces from Gaza. The Fatah security forces left their weapons behind when they fled Gaza. Those that remained surrendered their new guns and ammunition to Hamas terrorists, who now control Gaza.

Moreover, in the past year, several American-trained PA Fatah security officers have carried out terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians, and have murdered a number of people, including teenagers.

IDF Informed of the Route Prior to Hike
Contrary to initial IDF reports, the young men who were attacked near the community of Halamish Friday afternoon had notified authorities of their trip, and the route they were taking. The hikers included four students from the yeshiva at Itamar, north of Beit El and Ofra, and one former yeshiva student who is an IDF soldier.

The group notified Itamar’s security officer of the trip, and he informed the area’s Nahal army unit. The Arab terrorists shot at the group when most of them were in a spring of water. The soldier also was in the water, and he eventually retrieved his revolver and returned fire, but he did not manage to hit the attackers, both of whom fled the scene.

Although the spring is in a well-known and popular hiking area, it is also in a spot that is located in difficult terrain with limited vehicle access.

The IDF force that arrived searched the area for the attackers, and medics from the Israel Air Force 669 aerial medical rescue unit treated the wounded on site before airlifting them by military helicopter to Tel HaShomer Hospital in Tel Aviv.

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The second headline today from INN states that Olmert intends to fire Labour

 “that he intends to fire them if they vote on Wednesday to dissolve the Knesset and bring about new elections”

This is’ of course, an attempt at total dictatorship by this puny Israeli politician. He gets off with this because of the complete bankruptcy of the opposition to Olmert, and the inability of the patriotic jews to mobilise the masses against Olmert.

More on this story:

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However, when the Labor ministers received notes from Olmert stating that he intends to fire them, the Labor ministers quickly left the Cabinet meeting to consult once again with Barak about their next steps. Such a development would leave them out of the government during the crucial months preceding new elections.

Second Thoughts in Labor
Education Minister Yuli Tamir of Labor says that her party must “stop waving around threats” to topple the government.  “If we want to leave the government,” she said, “we must convene our Central Committee and make a clear decision. If not, we should allow Kadima to conduct its primaries.” Barak originally demanded that Kadima replace Olmert at the helm, but implied that it must be done quickly.

An internal Kadima committee recommended last week that the party hold primaries – but these are not likely to be held before two months from now. 

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Labour is really a very reactionary force in Israeli politics, on a par with Olmert and Kadima. They are following the exact same political programme as is Olmert in relation to the truce with Hamas, which Caroline Glick has condemned so eloquently, and in which condemnation she has pointed out the huge dangers from Hamas, the PLO, Hizbullah and Iran, and we add here Iraq and the whole of the Arab League.

This must be understood along with the policy of US Imperialism to destroy Israel, and to create a Palestine Islamist state based on the leadership of Hamas. It must lead to the destruction of Israel, just as its policies in creating Kosovo must lead to the destruction of Serbia and world war with Russia and China.

In short…Because it is the raging crisis in the world Imperialist system which calls the tune and drives this forward.

Every political tendency is now being severely tested in this cauldron of events.

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