by Felix Quigley

June 26, 2008

The problem which Israel has is not lack of arms, lack of physical strength, but rather a question of leadership. The leaders of Israel whether Olmert, Livni or Barak have proved unable to defeat a Fascist enemy, in this case Hamas and Hizbullah.

This is shown in the latest development of the “truce” which Olmert has signed with Hamas. Hamas knows that it has nothing to fear from Olmert and this is shown in the latest in their Nazi demands:

[start quote here]

An Arabic language newspaper reported Tuesday that Hamas is demanding a share in tax revenues if and when the Rafiah crossing at the Egyptian border is re-opened, a move that jeopardizes progress towards the release of kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.

Israel must give security clearance for European Union (EU) monitors and Palestinian Authority (PA) workers in order for the crossing to open. The Al Quds newspaper quoted Hamas sources as saying that Hamas accepts the EU and PA personnel “but under the condition that Hamas plays a role in running the passageway and that Israel doesn’t intervene in the work of the EU monitors.”

[end quote here]

When the soldier Shalit was kidnapped by Hamas and groups linked to Abbas (which the US is funding) then that was a declaration of war. In fact Hamas, Hizbullah, Abbas and Ahmadinejad have declared war unceasingly on Israel.

But when Shalit was kidnapped Israel went immediately into defensive mode.

The answer which israel should have taken was immediate war on Hamas, the emptying of Gaza of all antisemites and haters of Israel.

That meant total war with no holds whatsoever barred. But that is a language that the present leaders of Israel do not understand. The obvious conclusion is that the leadership is faulty and the leadership issue must be resolved.

Essentially the leadership issue involves the creation of revolutionary socialist leadership to lead the Jewish masses. That is Trotskyist leadership represented only by the political line of 4international. In other words our website.


In a recent article called “Prepare for War and do not fall for the Hamas trap” we wrote and it is worth repeating:


[start quote here]



So the struggle in the coming election (still on the cards) must be about political programme.


  1. Kick Barak and Olmert, Labour and Kadima, into the dustbin of history.
  2. Elect leaders who oppose a Palestine state of any shape or form
  3. Strike to destroy the Iranian Nuclear Bomb making ability
  4. Make it clear that Israel will strike at all such in Arab League countries, especially in Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia
  5. Oppose the US programme in Iraqwhere an Islamist state has been formed in alliance with Iran
  6. Only Arabs who support Israel can remain in Israel proper.
  7. The exact same applies to these areas: Gaza, Judea, Samaria, the Golan


What all of this means is war. War is inevitable because the Arabs are not a stupid people and will not accept bribes to go away or to close down their anti-Semitism. The Arabs are a people who in general are indoctrinated with Jew hatred. So what to do?


This is the purpose of a general discussion inside the Israeli masses. The only vehicle for this is the United Front in which all those opposed to a Palestine state can offer an opinion. Such a great discussion can enter into the very soul of the ordinary Israelis.


At the centre of this is the reason for the existence of Israel. The Jews represent the greatest and most spirited revolutionary national liberation movement in the world.


But the world must be made to face up to the reality of Antisemitism in the world as a whole. Leaving aside for a moment the religious Jewish factor, one big reason for the existence of Israel (why Israelmust exist) is as a safeguard to Jews from anti-Semitism, to create a space where Jews can worship or not worship as they see fit, but in any case be free to carry out their ancient religious customs and traditions, unmolested.


Jews must have total power in their hands in their state. That is why hostile nationalities such as Arab “Palestinians” must be sent to Jordan without any ceremony whatsoever. The same applies to “Jews” who are hostile to Israel and the IDF, often members of “Peace” groups, really groups financed from abroad whose aim is war, war on Israel. They must definitely be expelled. But Arabs must be welcome who will fight in the Israeli Army, will defend Israel verbally to the Foreign Media, and who will not wish to vote in the Jewish parliament. That latter right belongs only to the Jewish people. Only in that way can Israel be safeguarded as a refuge from anti-Semitism.


We on 4international line up with all Jews in a great United Front in order to defend Israel. In doing so we never for an instant surrender our political programme as revolutionary socialists. But socialist revolution is not posed in the situation in which Israel faces today. However the defence of Israel as a Jewish state and as a refuge from Antisemitism certainly is. That is why we join in unity with our Jewish fellow fighters against Imperialism.


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