by Felix Quigley

June 26, 2008

The truce which Olmert has made with the Arabs, the latter being represented by enemy of Israel Egypt, has been broken by the Arabs. It is most important to get this straight and to study the response of the Israeli leaders to this. This can be very instructional. I will take two good reports of what is happening on this matter of the truce

report 1 by DEBKAfile

June 24, 2008, 5:28 PM

DEBKAfile’s military sources report powerful explosions rocked Sderot Tuesday, June 24, for the first time in the six days since the Israel-Hamas truce went into effect last Thursday. One injured civilian and three shock victims were treated. At least one missile landed in the backyard of a Sderot house causing heavy damage, a second outside Kibbutz Shear Hanegev.

They were claimed by the Iran-backed Jihad Islami, which vowed to avenge the deaths of two of its operatives, one a senior operations planner, in the West Bank town of Nablus earlier in the day. They were killed by troops of the crack Duvdevan unit troops while resisting arrest.

Israeli PM Olmert condemned the attack as serious breach of the ceasefire, while Hamas claimed it was still bound by the deal.

Our sources report that both the Jihad Islami and Hamas have taken violent action to demonstrate that the Gaza truce does not tie their hands on the West Bank.

Hamas’ military wing claimed the shooting attack on five Israel hikers in a wadi north of Ramallah last Friday, June 20, in which three were injured. Monday after midnight, a mortar shell was fired from Gaza at the Karni goods crossing. (my emphasis…FQ)

Our counter-terror sources also interpret the surge of Palestinian attacks cutting short an agreed ceasefire after less than a week as a signal to Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert and Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak – who held talks in Sharm al-Sheik Tuesday – that they are not the ones calling the shots on the ground for the Hamas-ruled the Gaza Strip.


(In the above you can see cleasrly the pattern which has done so much damage to Israeli morale ever since the state of Israel was formed. The Arabs initiate a truce. The Israelis do want some peace and quiet and hope for the best. But the Arabs immediately break the truce and spit in the faces of the Jews)

Report 2 by IsraelNationalNews

For the third time in a week, Palestinian Authority terrorists violated the Egyptian-brokered ceasefire with Israel early Thursday afternoon.

A Kassam rocket was fired toward the direction of the western Negev city of Sderot shortly after 1:00 p.m. Eventually it was determined that the city had escaped the attack — this time. 

Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council Head: ‘It’s Very Sad’
The landing site of the rocket was subsequently identified as the Sha’ar HaNegev Industrial Park.  No one was injured, and no property damage was reported.

(and continuing this INN report I read the following)

Prime Minister Ehud Omert’s spokesman Mark Regev told Israel National News that no decisions had yet been made on a response to the attack. “We’ll wait and see. Obviously we’ll be having discussions,” he said.

Israel limited its retaliation to the previous attacks by closing the Gaza crossings for two days, which had been opened in accordance with the agreement. 

Islamic Jihad terrorists announced that they would consider Israel has having violated the tahadiyeh, or temporary truce, if the Gaza crossings remained closed. IDF soldiers spotted the terrorists cell that had launched the attack, immediately following the barrage of three Kassam rockets fired at Sderot on Tuesday, but did not open fire.

Two Israeli civilians suffered shrapnel wounds and a number of others were treated for severe emotional shock, included several children.


Yes, you did indeed read that and in case you missed it let me repeat it for you:

“IDF soldiers spotted the terrorists cell that had launched the attack, immediately following the barrage of three Kassam rockets fired at Sderot on Tuesday, but did not open fire.”

This really is the crisis in the leadership of Israel and of the Jewish people. This fact, that Israeli soldiers stood by, watched Fascist antisemites launch a rocket against Jewish ordinary people, and did nothing but watch, and that this rocket then went on its merry way to injure Jews, and that the Antisemitic killers laughed at the Jews and the IDF…THAT IS IN EFFECT THE CRISIS WHICH IS IN THE LEADERSHIP OF THE JEWS.

And it is a deep crisis which can not be straightened out easily.


Consider the American election which is now underway between Obama and McCain. Both of the candidates are enemies of the Jewish people. Obama is linked in with the Palestine movement directly. But just for a moment consider McCain.

A big section of the Jewish leaders in America and Canada are supporting McCain. People like Ted Belman, editor of Israpundit, support McCain as the lesser of two evils, but that is a cover because the support of Belman for McCain on his website is total.

However, in supporting McCain Belman is taking a very specific position on the Nazi Holocaust of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies in the Balkans in the 1940s. Why is this then? Because there is actually a connection between McCain and the Holocaust, just as there was between the Bushes and the Clintons.

Belman cannot help taking this position because no matter how he squirms this position exists in real historical fact and in the real materiality of the Holocaust.

McCain, you see, has a history, and that history leads him via the Nazi Islamist Izetbegovic into the Nazi Holocaust in Bosnia and Croatia in the 1940s. in fact into the very beginnings of the Holocaust. because Izetbegovic WAS involved.

Olmert is a traitor but I do not think there is anything as sharply traitorous as this support for Izetbegovic through McCain and Joseph Lieberman.

You see there is a materiality about history. These events really did happen and they were carried out by specific real people.

The point I am making in this article is that the crisis inside the leadership of the Jews is not just about Olmert, Barak and Livni, the crisis of leadership is a deep going affair.

It is necessary to take a very sharp look at what is happening in the American election and to weigh up what exactly the support for either Obama or McCain by Jews in America actually means for the Jewish and Serbian people.

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