by Felix Quigley

27 June, 2008

This very Friday morning more rockets were fired onto Israel by Arab fascist Antisemites. This is the report from IsraelNationalNews:

[begin quote here]

Gaza terrorists fired two mortar shells at Israel Friday morning. The shells exploded in unpopulated sites within the Shaar HaNegev region. They caused no casualties or damage.

This is the fifth time that the Arabs have fired at Israel in breach of the “understandings” reached by Hamas and Israel last Thursday, regarding a period of “calm” in which both sides were to cease firing at each other.

[end quote here]

In other words all forms of truce with the enemy are completely self destructive. Hamas can pretend to be for the truce, yet at the same time it says it will take no action against any other group which fires rockets into Israel.

That provides Hamas with an immediate victory. Hamas can concentrate on re-stocking and getting ready for a more advanced stage in the battle. Israel is being showed to be weak and can do nothing to stop the rockets. meanwhile the traitorous Israeli leaders of Livni, Barak and Olmert get ready to trade murderers of Jews who are in Israeli prisons for 3 Israeli soldiers, which will be another humiliation for Israel, and set the stage for more and more kidnappings.

However, the important thing that we do here is to register the Arabs as having broken the “truce” 5 times in the last 8 days.


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