Several years later and when the journal Living Marxism, or LM, began to publicise the fact that the ITN had carried out a fraud, the ITN issued a libel writ against the small magazine. It really was David against Goliath as these statements and advert for a meeting in London makes clear. LM was up against some very powerful enemies.



16:00 Tuesday 4 February 1997

Press Release LM vows to fight as ITN issues libel writ

LM magazine has pledged to fight ITN’s attempts to gag the truth contained in the article ‘The Picture that Fooled the World’ published in its February issue. LM editor, Mick Hume, last week refused to comply with ITN’s demands that he pulp every copy of the magazine, apologise to their journalists and pay damages. Today he declares that ITN’s latest tactic of issuing a libel writ against LM will be fought all the way.

Mick Hume, LM editor says,

‘This unprecedented threat to press freedom from a multi-million pound news organisation will be treated by LM with the contempt it deserves. LM stands 100 per cent behind Thomas Deichmann’s article and will resist all of the tactics employed by ITN to prevent the truth from becoming public knowledge. We fully intend to fight all of the libel writs and gagging orders they throw at us.’

See LM press statements one and two and latest press statement and feature from the February issue of LM for the full story.

‘We stand 100% behind Thomas Deichmann’s article. There is one simple way to resolve this issue. ITN should show the full, unedited footage which its team filmed at Trnopolje on the 5 August 1992. Then everybody will know the truth.’


The following advert makes clear that LM is gamely trying to fight back against the ITN horrific machine


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London, March 6 — First Public Showing of ITN’s Unedited Film

 The OFF THE FENCE fund LAUNCH EVENT  FIRST PUBLIC SHOWING OF THE UNEDITED ITN FILM AND A DISCUSSION ON THE ATTEMPT BY ITN TO GAG THE PRESS  Thursday 6 March 7.30pm Main Assembly Hall, Church House, Great Smith Street, Westminster, SW1 Followed by reception in the Harvey Goodwin Suite.  Tickets 12.50 – waged 7.50 – concessions 5 – School / FE students

ITN is using the libel laws to try to gag LM magazine. This is an unprecedented attack on press freedom by a media giant. The controversy centres on Thomas Deichmann’s article ‘The Picture that Fooled the World’, published in February’s LM, which raises serious questions about I`TN’s award-winning pictures of Trnopotje camp in Bosnia, first broadcast in 1992.

First ITN tried to have every copy of February’s LM pulped. When LM refused to comply with this gagging order, ITN issued libel writs. They have since deployed their lawyers and influence to scare the media off the story.

Libel is a censorship law that the rich can hire to silence their critics. This is an attempt by a multi-million pound corporation to buy immunity from criticism through the courts. But LM refuses to be gagged. This event will present the public with the opportunity to view the evidence and hear the story that ITN does not want you to hear.

MICK HUME – Editor of LM magazine who is being sued for libel by ITN, will argue for a defence of the truth and a free press.

THOMAS DEICHMANN – author of the ‘offending’ article in LM, will come to London from Germany to reveal the whole truth behind the British news team’s pictures that “fooled the world”. Deichmann will give the first public showing of the unedited rushes of ITN’s film and invite the audience to judge for themselves.

GEORGE KENNEY – ex-United States Department of State (European Bureau in charge of Yugoslav affairs) – is flying over from America to join the debate. Kenney resigned from the State Department in 1992 in protest against US policy toward the Yugoslav crisis.

 For further details contact: Ann Price tel (0171) 278 9908 e-mail or write to BM Off the Fence, London, WC1N 3XX. Make cheques payable to: Off the Fence Fund.

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