by Felix Quigley

July 30, 2008

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I am going to change the format a little in order to meet the new situation, caused by dangers to Israel, and in defence of Karaditz and the Serbs


Also I plan to get going meetings in different places to defend karaditz, and to make the meetings more graphic and professional I am launching a fund to raise 1000 pounds or euros, a little more euros, to acquire a DVD projector, book rooms, etc etc. And acquire DVDs as well.


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by Felix Quigley



July 30, 2008



The Serb Government and Serb Secret Service has arrested Karadzic and has driven him at 3 in the morning when nobody was looking to the Hague Kangaroo Court set up by NATO to destroy the total patriotic Serb leadership. The NATO forces did this under the cover of manufactured “massacres” and a total support for the Islamist Jihad in ex Yugoslavia against the Serbs and their Orthodox religion.


Those Serbs who expected support from their Russian brothers have been left high and dry, the Russian capitalist class carrying on the betrayals of Stalinism have done nothing to defend Karaditz.


There is a direct link all of the time to what is happening to the Serbs and to what is happening to the Jews of Israel. Nevertheless despite this obvious and very urgent link the now totally discredited editor of Israpundit has decided to turn his face against the Serbs, to isolate the Serbs, to leave the Serb patriots to absorb the hammer blows from NATO, Us Imperialism, British Imperialism, German Imperialism, etc etc.


Why is this? Why would Belman with his great influence among many, many Jews and Jewish leaders decide to turn his face from the Serbs as they are once more under the cosh of Imperialist Power. There are many reasons for this:


  1. Is the welcoming onto Israpundit of reactionary fanatical Jews who go by the names of Shy Guy and Yamit82. These two idiots and fools shoot the Jewish movement in the foot by attacking rather than uniting with the 60 million strong Christian Evangelicals in America. These traitors have the run of the once great Israpundit site. Their method of argument is to quote large blads of scripture at you which all goes without the slightest demur from Belman and friends.
  2. Belman has an image of what he wants HIS Israpundit to be. He does not in any way want Israpundit to present a face of being in any way “extreme”. So as everybody in the world, all of the Media, are spreading lies about Karaditz and the Serbs Belman will not say any different. This is cowardice of a low order.
  3. So when Serbs march in their thousands and when youthful Serbs take on and throw stones at the hated black clad Serb Stasi police Belman says to friend “Hey, we must be respectable. We must not touch those youth with a barge pole”
  4. In other words Belman wants Israpundit to be respectful. Especially respectful in the eyes of the US Imperialists, to which Belman is particularly close
  5. Despite having shafted Israel every chance he got Belman still considers Bush a friend of Israel


This is betrayal of Jews of a low order indeed.


Belman has directed Levinson on his site to carry on a horrific campaign against Black candidate Obama and to support totally the arch Imperialist McCain.


This has gone on now for a good year. Having totally destroyed Israpundit by this gambit Belman has now turned on a sixpence and tells everybody (yesterday) that whether Obama or McCain it will be all equally bad for Israel.


The damage is done though. Belman has destroyed a good Jewish site. He has by that line allowed onto his site some of the lowest political types on the American continent. I am afraid you just could not make this up. Belman has proved to be just one huge liability to the Jewish people.


Since we launched we have written hundreds of articles spelling out in clear political terms the issues facing Israel. In that time Belman mentioned one article.


In particular over the past 3 weeks we have plotted in detail by studying reports on DEBKAfile that the Bush regime was operating a close alliance with the Islamofascist Iranian and Syrian regime, promoting the Mullahs in Iran, promoting Hisbullah, so that the latter due to these machinations by Bush has now gained total control of Lebanese political scene. All of these articles were of supreme importance for the Israeli people. Just as he did with the other hundreds of articles Belman ignored them. These articles though are an embarrassment to the political line of Belman and his support for Bush and McCain.


See as just one example




So you have a political line which is not starting from the needs facing Israel, but the needs facing the reactionary dirty little politics of Belman, Yamit82 and Levinson.


Belman just does not get it! In the field of revolutionary politics he does not get anything!


What is happening now in Serbia mirrors Israeli political scene. The bought traitors of Serbian politics and their Stasi police are working with the NATO Kangaroo and Racist Court. These political traitors have been bought a 100 times over by the likes of George Soros and by the money of the EU monstrous dictatorship over Europe shown most clearly in their contempt for the vote of the unwashed Irish. So a class of traitors is bought and paid for by US and EU power and money.


And that is exactly the same in Israeli politics. A corrupt Labour anti socialist clique is joined by a reactionary Media to hammer Israelis and to paralyse the IDF against the Iranian Bomb. This traitorous class similar to the Serb traitors are intent on giving away Judea and Samaria with the Golan and uprooting Jews from there to make these areas once again Judenfrei. Meanwhile the Rabbi class of defunct traitors like Yamit82 are so far up their own back side that they cannot produce ONE practical initiative to challenge the traitors. Thus Olmert or Livni continue as long as they wish. Judaism has in fact totally paralysed Israeli opposition to Olmert.


Look at this Rambo Jew Yamit82 who Belman offers such hospitality to on his now weird little website. Yambo Yamit is opposed to the removal of Olmert by mass action of Jews and states it without any opposition from anybody on Israpundit a sure sign that Israpundit is now moribund.


And as he spews forth his vile and reactionary filth against the good Christian community in America who wish to defend Israel nobody at Israpundit, much less Belman, considers it worth asking Rambo Jew Yamit what is he doing on Israpundit and what is he doing in his home base in Israel. Obvious sweet fanny Adams nothing because he cannot but be spending ALL of his time on Israpundit.


I have not seen ONE march or demo organized in Israel by the Jewish religious section against this betrayal of Olmert. And Yamit Rambos on meanwhile on the defunct Israpundit. So we say to Yamit82 why not organize some opposition to this betrayal of Olmert.


He should ponder. At least the Serbian Radicals got out on the streets and the Serbian youth took on the heavily armed Stasi with their bare hands and a few stones. Unlike the Jews of Israel and big mouths like Rambo Yamit the Serbs are at least prepared to fight to stop their nation being destroyed by traitors and Imperialism.


So if Belman was to at least write about the Serbs he might give the Jews of Israel and Rambo Yamit some ideas and inspiration


But hush, hush, that would upset Belman’s friend Bolton and you would have lawyerish statuette Bill Narvey tut tutting from the wings.


But in politics there is no such thing as silence. The fact that Belman is silent on the murder of Milosevic by NATO and the new possible murder of Karaditz also by NATO means in fact that Belman supports same. There is no such thing as silence on these issues.


Really under Belman a dead website! Israpundit will continue on and in our United Front campaign we will defend Israpundit and all Jewish sites against anti-Semitism and imperialism. But as far as giving clear leasership to Jews it is finished.



In the second part dealing with the Adam le Bor interview on Spanish radio station REM we start by going back to the de Bor definitive statement on Srebrenica and Maurice Baland response to same:


Adam le Bor


Srebrenica is a town in Eastern Bosnia. It is a UN declared safe haven. There were Dutch peace keeping troops there. Serbs attacked it because its population were mostly Muslims. The Dutch peacekeepers just basically rolled over. The Serbs take the men away, they took away up to 8000 men and boys, some of them still teenagers and over the next few days lined them up and shot them. And it was exactly as you say like something out of the Second World War, like the Einsat group that used to operate on the Eastern Front massacring Jews, the parallel is really quite precise.


Maurice Boland


It was. I mean harmless old men, women babies are all systematically slaughtered. There were a few survivors and because of those survivors we could get the stories. I read of 9 men who committed suicide because they could not live with the memories of it, that how horrible it is


This was how the programme on REM radio in Spain began Adam le Bor talks about the Srebrenica Massacre as if it is a proven fact. Yet there is nothing in his description which stands up to scrutiny. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

July 25, 2008

Adam le Bor is part of the gang who hang out around sites like Harry’s Place. They on Harry’s Place, with a few exceptions but not those who run that site, are the biggest liars on G-ds earth because they promote continually that the Serbs carried out a massacre of 8000 Muslims in Srebrenica. This is a massive lie, a blatant lie, part of the Orwellian Big Lie syndrome. They know it too which makes it not a lie by mistake but a lie by intent.

We have answered fully and carefully in the most succinct and unmistakable form this horrific Big Lie that has been perpetrated against the wonderful and historical people of Serbia.

See for example:

[begin quote here]

There was never a shred of forensic evidence ever presented to prove that even ONE Muslim was executed by the VRS (Republic of Srpska – Bosnian Serb army).

Yes, you read that correctly: NATO’s ICTY kangaroo court in the Hague failed to produce even a shred of evidence to support the charge that even ONE Bosnian Muslim was executed!!

Not one eye-witness was EVER presented during July 1995 who said that they saw with their own eyes a SINGLE atrocity by VRS forces take place.

This was even reported in the British press at the time!! (July, 1995)

Hubert Wieland, personal representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, told the [UK] Daily Telegraph (July 24, 1995, electronic edition):

“we have not found anyone who saw with their own eyes an atrocity taking place.”

[end quote here]

And much more! Please study the whole article very carefully!

First let me repeat from the above quote for effect and to concentrate the mind:

Not one eye-witness was EVER presented during July 1995 who said that they saw with their own eyes a SINGLE atrocity by VRS forces take place. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

26 July, 2008


Making a charge that one ethnic group massacres another is a very serious charge. It is serious business! It must be done with great care! it must be done only if clear evidence is produced along with the charge. Evidence is the bottom line!

In this vital article we place what we call the Srebrenica Hoax in the context of many other similar hoaxes in our recent living memory. And this should surely make people pause when they hear this story of Srebrenica.

We never ask people to take OUR word that Srebrenica is a Hoax charge, that Srebrenica Massacre is a hoax. But we do ask people to examine evidence very, very carefully indeed.



The Big Lie technique has been used in these cases which are in my own personal recent observation, as opposed to something I have read about, as in the War or Holocaust


These come to mind very strongly


  1. Jenin. That very weekend members of left wing and republican groups (connected with the ISM) and centred around Anthony McIntyre (who had been a republican Provisional IRA prisoner in Long Kesh) stood in the middle of the Falls Road, Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

July 25, 2008

(in association with some very valuable Jewish and Serb friends)


I have my own special angle on what has become known as THE Srebrenica Massacre. The more threadbare is the position of your political enemy, then the more outlandish needs to be the Big Lie in response to that weak and threadbare position.

And believe me the people who have promoted the claim that the Serb Army carried out a massacre of Muslims in the town of Srebrenica in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the year of 1995 have really got a very weak case. No, please correct that, they have got no case whatsoever.

You have heard of lies! This case is about lies. You have heard of the Big Lie! This case is the perfect example of same. When people in the future history of mankind think of the name Srebrenica they will not think that a massacre happened there by Serbs on Muslim civilians, but that a Big Lie was enacted there.

It is with great, great pleasure that I reproduce this article which first appeared on the famous JTF Jewish website:

[begin to read this great and succinct study of the Big Lie of the Srebrenica Massacre here]

The Massive Hitler style “Big Lie” spread by the US and NATO Imperialist Globalists -and their paid media prostitutes – about what happened in Srebrenica from 1992 to 1995.

Shalom & Greetings to all the wonderful people at JTF.

There have been some comments here by certain well meaning people on JTF trying to defend the Bosnian Serbs by saying that the Serbs only “massacred” such and such number of Bosnian Muslims.This is a very dangerous – and ultimately self-defeating – way of attempting to defend true history -and with it, the heroic Serbs.

For example, one very well meaning and intelligent person here by the name of George wrote the following:

“…even UN Investigation cannot prove that no more than 2,200 muslims were massacred.”

This is not correct. Those 2,200 bodies are not even identified by DNA analysis as conclusively proven to be Bosnian Muslims.  Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

July 24, 2008

{article 1}

“Our goal: the Islamization of Muslims. Our methods: to believe and to struggle.”—Alija Izetbegovic, “Islamic Declaration,” 1970

“O’ Alija, O’ honored! You drive America crazy!” –Line from Arabic poetry sung by foreign mujahideen during Bosnian war “

As seen in the url this is from the Young Muslims in Canada.  The Young Muslims of Canada are motivated by the ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood. Why then should the above lines praising Izetbegovic be appearing on the website of the Muslim Brothers in Canada? Was Elija Izetbegovic not an apostle of democracy, American and Western type democracy to be precise? He was certainly sold like this in every newspaper in Europe and in America. Izetbegovic was a particular favourite of a certain Mr Oliver Kamm, just promoted to being a Lead Writer for the venerable Times of London!

Let us continue with the musings of the Muslim Brothers aka Young Muslims of Canada a little further, the writer a certain member of the Muslim Brotherhood called Ismail Royer.

[begin quote here]

“Do we want the Muslim people to leave their going-around-in-circles, their dependence, backwardness, and poverty?” Izetbegovic once wrote, “Then we show clearly which path will take us to that goal: establishing Islam in every field in the personal life of the individual, in family and society…and the establishment of a unique Islamic community from Morocco to Indonesia.” Continue reading