by Felix Quigley

July 4, 2008

It is now emerging that the reason that the Antisemitic, Jew hating Arab who drove the bulldozer was not gunned down at the start is due to a sickness in Israeli society, and is connected to a  story we covered on 4international where two Jewish brothers were jailed by the traitors in the present Jewish state and court system. They were called the Halamish Brothers. Why this murdering Fascist Arab was not stopped nearly at once is covered here.


Back to the Halamish Brothers:

[start quote here]

June 19, 2008


Two Jewish men who are citizens of Israel are at this very moment languishing in jail, in an Israeli Jail. Their names are Itzik and Danny halamish.

These 2 men have been arrested and sentenced by other Jewish men and women of the present Israeli state.

The reason being that they were defending their village and homes from Arabs who are hostile to Israel and hostile to Jews. Or more precisely…from antisemitic Arabs.

Other issues involved: the very right of Jews to live in Judea (Got that! JUDEA…Jew) and in Samaria as part of Israel

Raised also the right of Jews to organize defence against an Arab, Islamic and antisemitic enemy.

And if all that is not enough, as we shall see, in the background is the Gaza betrayal of Sharon and the great danger to Israel from Olmert, Livni and Barak. This situation that the Halamish Brothers now find themselves in is but a microcosm of the horrible betrayal of Gaza by Sharon and his ilk.

[end quote here]


Almost every single thing that happens now to Jews and to Israel poses enormous issues of life and death. This is definitely not forgetting the existential threat from Ahmadinejad to destroy Israel with nuclear bombing.

What is posed is how Israel can defend itself, what it must do in relation to an Israeli ruling class represented by Kadima and Labour.?What is the next step?

The rotten nature of this ruling class, the way that this ruling class led by Olmert, Livni and Barak is oppressing Jewish patriots, is explained extremely well in th following report by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East Analyst & Commentator

[start quote from Winstone here]

By now you would have likely seen TV coverage of a scene in Jerusalem at noon July 2nd on Jaffa Street right outside the CNN studios – showing an enormous large rubber-tired Caterpillar bulldozer smashing through and crushing cars, flipping over one bus and crashing another. (1)

Eyewitness: Woman Died Because Cops Didn’t Shoot

As recorded by Dr. Yitzak Noy, Israel Radio Reshet Bet at 12:20 pm: “[..]. Police there did NOT fire.

Building security guard who had an UZI who did NOT fire. The one who killed the Terrorist took the gun from the Police Officer who was NOT shooting and shot. This person (an off duty security officer) was a relative of the person who shot the Terrorist at Mercaz HaRav in March. Live on Israel Radio 12:20 PM by Dr. Yitzak Noy.”

Terror Attack Hero was Anti-Disengagement Activist

(IsraelNN.com) Moshe Plesser, the soldier who shot and killed the tractor terrorist in Jerusalem Wednesday, was among the youths who protested the Disengagement and faced criminal charges for his actions.

“Plesser was beaten unconscious by policemen [during the Disengagement], was arrested and even had to fight to enlist in a combat unit,” Yesha Civil Rights Organization Chairman Orit Struck told Israel National News. “Today he saved the lives of many and these days, when there is talk of pardoning the anti-Disengagement activists, this should be taken into account,” she added.

The terrorist was 30-year old Hosam Dwayyat, father of two, a Palestinian from Tsur Bachar, one of the Arab villages of Jerusalem, who served a 2 year sentence for rape and assault. In today’s attack,4 Israelis were murdered and 70 injured by a Muslim Arab Palestinian Terrorist who could have possibly been stopped by and alert and willing civilians with their legal guns. The Police finally arrived and shot the driver but that was of no help to the dead and injured. A mother, killed in the car crushed by the bulldozer, had to throw her 6 month old baby out of the window to save its life. (2)

There are several significant stories inherent in this incident.

One is that it has been reported that people on this crowded street who were legally armed and trained, chose NOT to shoot the driver of the bulldozer.

On Wednesday again, Jerusalem’s vulnerability to an attack from ‘within’ – by a perpetrator with the residency rights to move freely around the city – was murderously demonstrated. (3)

Most Israelis know that this is the result of a Leftist Supreme Court which has harassed and jailed Jews who found it necessary to use firearms to protect their lives. Many of them have been on their community’s Defense Response team. Even shooting into the air can bring a stiff sentence of jail time.

For example, the Halamish brothers, Danny, 35 and Itzik, 28 live in Ma’aleh Rechavam in eastern Gush Etzion. They are their community’s official Fast-Response Security team. In February 2004 they were confronted with an Arab mob of 20 who attacked and surrounded them, threatening them with large rocks and poles. They didn’t even shoot, but the security officer shot at the mob’s feet. The Halamish brothers were arrested; their legally permitted guns confiscated but ballistics not checked for having been shot that day. However, the Police shot them off, neutralizing the evidence that they were not shot by the brothers.

Despite lack of evidence and the probation officer’s recommendation that their sentence be only community service, Judge Amnon Cohen and 2 other judges of the Jerusalem Magistrates Court ruled that they believed the Arabs and sentenced the brothers to prison. Since May 20th they are serving 7 and 8 months respectively before their final appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court. Danny Halamish said: “…the justice system simply doesn’t know how to deal with Arab aggression….the easiest targets for their frustration are those on the frontlines – like us and the settlers (Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria). The judges said they wanted to put them in jail to “serve as a lesson to others.” (4)

The Courts have done the same and worse to young teenage girls, arrested and held them in a maximum security jail for refusing to allow the courts to have jurisdiction over them. Some were even strip-searched in front of men. Several 13 and 14 year old girls were released from jail after months under harsh conditions. But, 29 year old Rivka Meirchik (as of June 3, 2008) was still in jail, undergoing hearings in handcuffs and leg-irons, in Neve Tirza prison in solitary confinement, denied visitation and phone privileges with her parents – that even Arab Terrorists receive. She is very allergic and has lost much weight. (5)

Even soldiers who use their weapons defensively must think twice (a potentially deadly error) to avoid being arrested for self-defense and defending Israelis.

The Israeli Supreme Court first under Chief Justice Aharon Barak (a Leftist pacifist – seemingly pro-Arab/Muslim) and now Dorit Beinish molded the Court to protect hostile Muslim Arabs, even at the cost of Israeli lives. The Olmert government has similarly instructed the Police to brutally arrest Jews while ignoring Arab Muslim Palestinian hostiles.

The Supreme Court of Israel has long ago been identified as a politically Leftist institution which insists that Jews must remain vulnerable to Terrorists as a “gesture” to a pro-Arab Muslim Palestinian doctrine.

The Israeli public has been brain-washed to allow their lives to be forfeited rather than face the Israeli Leftist Court system. While faced with danger, they hesitate those crucial few seconds and might lose their lives or their loved ones because they do not respond fast enough.

Even soldiers will either refuse to shoot when necessary or shoot into the air, risking their own lives and others whom they should be defending, rather than repel advancing Arab Muslim attackers.

The Israeli Courts have long been a reflection of the Government’s current doctrine of appeasement and surrender. Israeli Police (and the special Yatam squads trained to assault Jews) are under instructions to harass Jews who have defended themselves when attacked by Arab Muslim mobs.

Along many roads in Israel, Arabs throw stones large enough to smash windshields, heads or take out an eye. Should the driver fire at his attackers, he will be arrested; his weapon impounded and he will probably be forced into repeated and expensive Court actions.

This is the new Israel – compared to those who once fought so bravely and were allowed to win! – until she came under the control of the Leftist Governments and Courts. The Muslim Arab Terrorists have not missed seeing this enforced weakness (to them cowardice) and have grown bolder under the leniency of the Israeli Defeatist Court.

Many towns in Israel have made the collective decision NOT to allow Muslim Arab Palestinians into their area – to work or deliver. This was the result of hundreds of bitter lessons where Arab workers have attacked residents; sabotaged the work; stabbed their bosses.

We have seen Arab Muslim bus drivers steer their buses into crowds. One Arab Muslim bus driver drove his bus off the Jerusalem/Tel Aviv road and cliff opposite Tel Stone on July 1989, killing 16. (6)

Recall the Muslim Arab bus driver who worked for the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva at the entrance to Jerusalem right across from the new bridge? March 6, 2008 Alaa Abu Dheim, a resident of Jubal Mukaber in East Jerusalem assassinated 8 Yeshiva teenager boys. (7)

I recall a bumper sticker labeled “No Arabs; No Terror” which was ruled illegal by the Supreme Court.

In point of fact, one never knows which Arab will plan his attack or which Arab will spontaneously attempt to kill Jews on the spur of the moment. Will it be an Arab truck driver, a street worker, a gardener, part of a crew laying tile in your house, or – as today – part of a crew building the new light railroad into Jerusalem?

There is just no way to know. But, there is a way to strengthen the Jewish people to be strong, to be perceived as strong and to prevent these horrific attacks.

Israel desperately needs a completely new Government that believes Israel is a sovereign nation, not to be harnessed to the interests of other nations.

Israel must retrain her Police Force, her Intelligence Agencies to no longer harass Jews who believe in their Land and their rights to be there.

As for the Courts, they too must be de-programmed and retrained or replaced. They have become an embarrassment to the nation.

One more thing: Israel’s Media has long ago adopted the role of a covert political party, linked to the Labor Left. As a ‘political party’, they must be constrained by the laws of all political parties and NOT operate under the pretense that their editors and reporters are un-biased and objective while reporting about Jews who believe in the Land of Israel for the People of Israel.

[end quote from Winstone here


We on 4international agree with Winstone in almost all of the above. However he is wrong in how he depicts Olmert and Labour as in this paragraph:

[start quote here]

This is the new Israel – compared to those who once fought so bravely and were allowed to win! – until she came under the control of the Leftist Governments and Courts. The Muslim Arab Terrorists have not missed seeing this enforced weakness (to them cowardice) and have grown bolder under the leniency of the Israeli Defeatist Court.

[end quote here]

{My emphasis above. }

The Labourites in Israel and others such as the Stalinists, the Peace Movement and Kadima, are not Left of centre in any way. They have nothing to do with the revolutionary socialism of Leon Trotsky who supported the creation of Israel as a Jewish state.

Winstone is so completely wrong (in referring to Labour as “Left” when you consider that these are traitors to Israel, and they are also traitors to the whole principles of socialism and revolutionary communism, as represented by Leon Trotsky in his continual struggle against precisely this political trend, that is the political trend of Labour social democracy, reformism, and of Stalinism.

Also. we cannot help noticing, Winstone does not provide any answer or way forward in how this traitorous enemy inside the ranks of Jews and of Israel can be defeated. He is extremely weak and vague on this.

He says elect a new government. We definitely agree. It is vital without a moment’s delay to force Olmert from power and kick this whole traitorous class of Olmert, Livni, Barak et al into the dustbin of history.

But where is the political programme! Winstone like Caroline Glick (who also does a terrific job of exposing Olmert and Livni) does not have a political programme, and is separated from the mass movement.

Even worse there are very strange leaders inside the Jewish movement as a whole! One of these we have noticed is the opportunist Ted Belman who is editor of Israpundit who believe it or not is calling for the election of McCain as the answer to the Jews’ problems. McCain is one of the most notorious Imperialists on the block, and it may interest Belman to know that our site likes to refer to McCain as the “Butcher of the Serbs”. He has a record of lining up with the Islamofascists and Fascists (Nazis) in the Balkans against the Serb people, even though the Serbs and Jews died together in the Balkan Holocaust. Belman is thus a traitor of the very worst kind when he calls for Jews in America to support this monster, even working to hide the history of this monster from the Jews who read his blog!

So, from Winstone, as always many good points. But he does not, and can not, deal with the crisis of leadership which now faces the Jews, as it faces us all.

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