by Felix Quigley

July 9, 2008

The notorious pro US Imperialist called Marko Attila Hoare,  who had a close connection with the Slaughter branch of the WRP, now defunct, once tried to make fun of Neil Clark due to soemthing that Michael Palin said about the Serbs. Well Palin is a very good comedian and a bad politician. And Hoare is a very poor specimen in both directions.

Hoare wrote on that occasion:

[start quote here]

To maintain either of these positions requires conflating the moderate Bosnian Muslims led by Izetbegović with the
genuine Islamofascists of al-Qa’ida – a difficult trick to pull off.

[end quote here]

Actually, it is very easy indeed to draw connections between Izetbegovic and Bin Laden. And many people have already done so. It is far from an isolated position. See our article “Bin Laden Again Seen in Bosnia” in which respected journalists from Britain and Germany reported on seeing Bin Laden being very active on the side of Izetbegovic through the 1990s. Not all British journalists were liars. Nearly all but not totally all!

As I said Hoare is not good at politics and his jokes do always backfire badly! Poor guy! Hoare was trying to make some joke at our expense about Monty Python (Palin WAS very funny in that)

But the evidence builds up that what US and British Imperialism was supporting in the Balkans, and specifically in Bosnia-Herzegovina, was an Islamofascist organization and movement, which had deep historical roots in Islam in the Balkans. The following was sent by an avid reader of 4international Nathan Pearlstein:

Here is documented proof that Izetbegovic wanted an Islamist Fundamentalist Religious-Fascist State all along!! Izetbegovic’s newly-elected minister in 1996 in the Bosnian parliament and head of the Islamofascist SDA party in Tuzla, Adnan Jahic, says so in this article he wrote for a Bosnian newspaper in September, 1993 (re-published in 1996)!


It is Hoare and Kamm who both belong in a Monty Python sketch!!


Felix, perhaps you can name your next post:


Izetbegovic, Marko Attila Hoare, Oliver Kamm & Monty Python Re-visited !! “






“The territory controlled by the Bosnian Army after the war will be a Muslim state

This is a desire of the Muslim people and, after all, our leaders: secular leader Alija Izetbegovic and religious leader Mustafa Ceric (the latter one in a private conversation with me confirmed that the old dream of Alija Izetbegovic, member of the organization Young Muslims, has been and remains the establishment of the Muslim state in Bosnia-Hercegovina; finally, his dream is close to realization and “he is not terribly upset because of that”).


Virtuous Muslim State: vision of the future Bosnian state

by Adnan Jahic, head of SDA [Izetbegovic’s party] for Tuzla region and a

member of the newly elected Bosnian Parliament. This article originally appeared in Zmaj od Bosne, a pro-SDA paper, in 1993 and was reprinted during the election campaign [of 1996].


Front Slobode supported the opposition in the election campaign. 8/23/96


Virtuous Muslim State

by Adnan Jahic


Front Slobode, Tuzla, Bosnia-Hercegovina, August 23, 1996


Quite often in contacts with my acquaintances and friends people ask whether I think that war will end soon. Since I am not a fortune-teller, nor I have extra-sensory powers, I always respond that I don’t know. At first glance, it might seem that this is an ordinary daily political question. Is that so? Let us ask ourselves why an average Tuzlak [inhabitant of Tuzla, city in north-eastern Bosnia] asks this question.


Maybe because of his concern and sympathy for our victimized and hungry brothers in Mostar, Maglaj, Srebrenica, Gorazde and Sarajevo, or because of his worry that he will go hungry tomorrow, or that the price of cigarettes will again jump to DM 15 per pack, or because of daily problems with water and electricity and supplies.


Of course the latter is behind his question. (The genius of Karl Marx and that generation of materialists made it clear that if sentient creatures do not eat and have a roof over their heads then there is not much room for anything else. It seems commonplace enough but it is amazing how this man is forced to confront and oppose this piece of Marxian common sense…Felix Quigley) Hence, I never fail to add a short appendix to this two sentence verbal exchange: the essential question for a Tuzlak today is not when the war will end, but how will we, Bosnian Muslims, act in the political and moral sense after the war, when we are left alone in our own state. Besides, compared with the inhabitants of Sarajevo, Mostar, Srebrenica and Maglaj, Tuzlak doesn’t even have the right to ask when the war will end; we never had a war, in its classic destructive and murderous dimensions, in this region.


Therefore, if we are a nation and if we intend to demonstrate satisfactory degree of national solidarity and concern, let us come to our senses and recognize that it is extremely base and morbid, while our brothers and compatriots in mud and on the hills are defending our peace and well being, to think about ourselves, our material position, to whine and point our finger at the fictive problems of internal nationalism, fundamentalism, strengthening of “anti-alcoholic”, “anti-debauchery” and other anti tendencies, to lament about the alleged de-urbanization of the city etc., and all that as a substitute for our own passivity and national inactivity.


It is clear that in this war participation in history, the Truth and Justice belong only to those who fight for the survival and long term goals of the Muslim people; everything else, all supranational, quasi-liberal and pseudo- civilized ephemeral phenomena, from the Bloch’s point of view, are simply the surrogates of the history, uncaring quasi-creatures, unavoidable observers of the human reality and nothing else.


However, from the political point of view, the aforementioned “forces” have been significant since the beginning of the war against Bosnia and its bosnian muslim people only in their opposition to the total and consistent nationalization of Muslims and the establishment of the bosnian muslim state territory based on the true Islamic ethical and civilizational values.


Ever since the possibility that Muslims could after the war obtain their own nation state has begun to be mentioned in the public, the supporters of those forces have had only one ghoulish thought in their heads: that in that state someone could in the future force them into a mosque, forbid debauchery and lewdness, ban alcohol, lock up pornography etc.


In their consistent support of this stomach-libidinous philosophy all secular minds are loudly proclaiming that they do not want to live in dictatorship, together with “green-minded fascist regime” (as if they themselves were not servile poltroons and the objects deprived of any human dignity in the former “red-minded” regime), that they want freedom, Europe, prosperity etc., etc.


Putting aside the fact that their liberal-pro-Europe propaganda, even a small child understands that, is only a disguised substitute for their philosophy of unrestrained and unsatiable satisfaction of their urges and appetites, only a make up with which they hide their shame because they are Muslims, there is something much more important and dangerous for us, highly aware Bosnian Muslims. They are trying to convince us that there is a state without an ideology, which does not posses a list of state-national and social priorities and values.


I will try to express the essence of this article through the following points:


The territory controlled by the Bosnian Army after the war will be a Muslim state


This is a desire of the Muslim people and, after all, our leaders: secular leader Alija Izetbegovic and religious leader Mustafa Ceric (the latter one in a private conversation with me confirmed that the old dream of Alija Izetbegovic, member of the organization Young Muslims, has been and remains the establishment of the Muslim state in Bosnia-Hercegovina; finally, his dream is close to realization and “he is not terribly upset because of that”).

The Muslim state will be the national state of Bosniaks, or Muslims, while all other ethnic groups will have all civic rights which belong to ethnic minorities according to international conventions.


The Muslim state will have a Muslim ideology, based on Islam, Islamic religious, legal, ethical and social principles, but also on the contents of Western origin which do not contradict Islamic principles.


The Muslim ideology will be the basis for the complete state and legal system of the future Muslim state, from the state and national symbols, over the ruling national policy, to educational system, social and economic institutions, and of course, the Muslim family as the unit on which the whole state is based.


All citizens will be guaranteed equality before the law, while the level of personal prosperity, besides personal initiative, will especially depend on the degree to which the individual accepts and applies the principles and spirit of the Muslim ideology


Every state since the ancient times has supported and promoted those individuals, structures and organizations which fully accepted and applied ideas and values which that state officially promoted as its own. No state has ever assisted its opposition, nor has it deliberately offered the possibility for the promotion of the opposing ideas and political interests. Muslims in Bosnia-Hercegovina had a chance to observe that during both Yugoslavias. The future Muslim state must not be different in this respect. People who prove to be true Muslims, aware nationalists and good believers, will naturally have higher social privilege than those who persist in their opposition and promotion of leftist policy. Good Muslims and nationalists will be promoted to presidents and directors and be given preferential access to education (scholarships etc. ).


None of the principles of Muslim ideology will be imposed on anyone, as Koran prescribes, but the spirit of the ideology will be systematically promoted and infuse the society in all possible ways.


Prime time programs on radio, TV, movie theaters and cultural manifestations will have morally educational and nationally useful content; non-Muslim material will be on the margins of production and broadcasting.


Muslim ideology will aim to gradually abolish the duality between sacred and secular, religious and political, which has been imposed on us by the secularized Christian Europe against our will, via secular reforms of Kemal Pasha Ataturk, Lenin’s Bolshevik Russia and, finally, Socialist Federal Yugoslavia.


In its nature, Islam does not recognize the difference of religious and social. After all, Islam is not a “religion” but a religious-political ideology, an all encompassing approach to living. Islamic principles never remain on the surface of individual consciousness and individual religious experience. True Islam always aims to encompass the society in which it exists, and with it its political and state structures.


Formal result of the application of the Muslim ideology will be based on the lessons of Plato’s political trilogy: “State”, “Statesmen”, and “Law”. “Law” will be especially taken into consideration as the book which promotes firm control of the society, law and order in a state, the book which affirms human virtues, religion and morality, and also advocates certain overseeing and political organizations in order to strengthen these values.


Political supremacy of the wisest men, if possible philosophers-politicians as advocated by Plato, will be ensured in the state; all advancement of morally degraded, uneducated and unprofessional people will be banned by law. Basic knowledge of philosophy, theology, civilisation and history will be required from all holders of high offices.


The state policy, during the first few decades, should take the middle of the road course, and strictly insist on the implementation and respect of all enacted laws, so that the state could as soon as possible get on its own feet and begin to respect Muslim ideology. Wider decentralisation and democratisation of the state could occur only after that.

P.S. The above listed observations are not only the opinion of this author. I have heard similar thoughts from a lot of individuals, and even some of men who are influential in the social and political life of Bosnia-Hercegovina. The presented version is only an attempt to finally face these complex, controversial, and for us Muslims vitally important issues and to put them in a preliminary, discussion ready frame.


Reprinted from Zmaj od Bosne [pro-SDA weekly paper published in Tuzla], issue number 51, September 17, 1993. The author is the president of SDA [Party of Democratic Action, ruling Bosnian-Muslim party] for Tuzla and the newly elected member of the Union of Bosnia-Hercegovina parliament.


Translated on 9/23/96

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