by Felix Quigley

July 13, 2008

The following series of  lies and our attempt to rebut these lies is of interest I feel. In recent days there has been an attack on our site and on 4international by Israpundit commenter Yamit82. The centre of the attack is on Trotsky and this person pulls all the dirty tricks out of hte bag to slander Leon Trotsky. His attacks on Trotsky brings to mind the very worst attacks by Stalinism on the Trotskyist movement in the late 20s and 30s. His language is crude and vile. Yet this is a person who claims to be Jewish. I firmly believe that this Yamit82 does not represent in the slightest the great traditions of the Jewish people and their great intellectual heritage. Not one person on Israpundit including its editor Ted Belman made any defence of Trotsky. The following was said by Yamit82 (another bone of contention I do not have his real name)

Trotsky was a lousy Jew, a lousy revolutionary, and couldn’t in the end even defend himself from an axe splitting his head open from a Stalinist Assassin. Funny though if he had used his Jewish rights to return to his Jewish Homeland he might probably have survived Stalin and then who knows what his contribution might have been. One could make a case for his murder, was that he had turned his back on Jews in favor of a secular religion which was antithetical to Judaism. “

“One could make a case for the murder of Trotsky”, says this guy claiming to be Jewish, why, because Trotsky was a dialectical materialist.

That is the severe and deep crisis that Israpundit has ended up in and it mirrors the general crisis which is in the whole Jewisn Nation as it faces annihilation if Iran is able to complete its preparation of the Nuclear bomb.

First Attack on 4international by Yamit82 on Israpundit



Charles there is a time in which to act and that time is now. ISRAEL MUST MAKE WAR ON THE IRANIAN MULLAHS, MUST DESTROY THEIR REGIME BY FORCE, WHATEVER FORCE IT TAKES. IT MUST AT THE SAME TIME MAKE A DIRECT APPEAL TO ALL IRANIAN WORKERS, TRADE UNIONISTS, YOUTH, OPPRESSED WOMEN, AND OPPRESSED HOMOSEXUALS. The fight is not with them, the fight against the Mullahs is on behalf of them. And on behalf of all freedom loving people in all of the world.

Felix you are sooo militant. with somebody else’s blood! Why don’t you come on over join the IDF so you can be part of the butchery. Whose armies have you been part of Trotsky’s? he is long dead along with his ideas except for those crazy’s, more anarchists than Trotskyites who go from city to place where a world economic forum is set to happen. Show me a practicing Trotskyite and I will show you a virulent antisemitic Commie!

Why aren’t you advocating openly that Russia, China, India, France, England all nuke powers and all potentially targets of a future Iranian attack be the ones to take on Iran instead or all of them together, we can make it a party. That you advocate Israel attacking Iran a sovereign nation run by nuts ( maybe not as nutty as some )and none else as if we are the little Dutch Boy with his finger in the dike, belies some possible hidden agenda in back of your tirades.

Who is going to have to cope with the 80 thousand missiles and rockets aimed at our cities in the aftermath of such an attack, you? I do have a suspicion that as much or more than any of the mullahs that you would be not very sad to see several tens of thousands of Jews here bite it so we can protect your commie ass in Spain, is it?

Comment by yamit82 — July 11, 2008 @ 11:34 am

Reply of 4international to above attack by Yamit82


You seem very secure in belshing out your demented hatred of Leon Trotsky under cover of a pseudonym.

The quote above is from the site which can be reached on

and which contains this in the first  paragraphs:

Israel must now act to destroy the Iranian Nuclear Bomb making without any delay. This means that Israel must without any hesitation whatsoever declare war on the Iranian Islamofascist regime and must strike and strike hard at these bomb making facilities which the Mullahs are running.

At the same time Israel must break decisively from American Imperialism which in every statement and in every action that it takes now, shows that it is a friend of Iran, and not a friend of Israel.

Every single thing that we have learned about the US Imperialists in the destruction of Yugoslavia shows that the US is in league with Islam and Islamofascism on a world scale. We know that the US supported the Fascist Tudjman in the murder and ethnic cleansing of the Krajina of half a million of Serbs. We know that the US was fully behind the Islamofascist Izetbegovic. We know that the US in Bosnia joined with Bin Laden, Saudi Arabia and Iran in using Islamist killers to crush the Serbs. We know that the US along with the party of Izetbegovic planned and created the hoax “massacre” in Srebrenica in otrder to crush the Serbs.

So we know that it is not a surprise now that the US is telling Israel not to bomb and attack Iran, and it is not a surprize that Israel is being isolated by the US Imperialists.

And by Imperialists I mean the present Bush regime, and the next regime whether led by Obama or McCain.

OK Yamit82.

That is our position.

What is your position then? For Israel to do nothing?

That would square with your other call of a few weeks ago, mouthing the reactionary drivel of your friend Samson which is to keep Olmert in power because he is not such a bad guy after all.

A more damning expression of political bankruptcy would be hard to find.

Yamit82 you may be a damned good religious Jew, but you are one damned bad politician.

Why not stick to your prayers Yamit82 and leave the real political work to the Jewish youth of Israel.

Finally I can do much more to help Israel from my work in Europe than I ever could in Israel. Oops forgot Yamit82 just hates any other nationality helping Israel! What a total pain in the ass!

Comment by Felix Quigley — July 12, 2008 @ 7:12 am

Additional reply by 4international

On reflection after time to cool down all the conclusion I have come to is that this is one of the more disturbing comments that I have read.

It is a long time since on Israpundit a good Jewish man called BobW, before Yamit82 appeared on the scene, answered a similar attack by pointing out that anybody who defends Israel whether in or outside of Israel is not immune from danger. He was right.

So this anonymous Yamit82 “Felix you are sooo militant. with somebody else’s blood!” he should go and have a talk with BobW.

Any person who takes up a struggle to defend Israel and the Jewish right to have a Homeland, and to live in peace from the dangers of antisemitism, does not do so to have a quiet life.

Does Yamit82 not understand the climate of opinion in places like Ireland, England, Spain and the struggle that we have to take up to defend Israel against Antisemitism.

As BobW pointed out the struggle against Islamofascism is now universal.

On the issue of the Israeli need to stop the Iranian bomb creation this is something that is unavoidable.

But in that context when Israel does strike against the Revolutionary Guards in their bunkers, even as they are creating these antisemitic weapons of genocide, then Israel needs every single friend that it can have in the world, and above all these must be organized to fight against the incessant propaganda put about by the organizations like the ISM, and by the moral equivalence of the BBC and the French TV etc.

I find these remarks of Yamit82 against my political positions of such seriousness that I am going to write to Ted Belman and ask him to identify publicly who is yamit82, what does he do, who does he work for, and why in hell he is being given the freedom of Israpundit to puke this hate filled reaction out against people like myself who are the true friends of Israel. Belman knows very well that I am despite the most serious political, tactical and strategic differences of policy between us.

Comment by Felix Quigley — July 12, 2008 @ 8:26 am

Reply by Yamit82 on Israpundit

Felix, thanks for your reply: Trotsky was a lousy Jew, a lousy revolutionary, and couldn’t in the end even defend himself from an axe splitting his head open from a Stalinist Assassin. Funny though if he had used his Jewish rights to return to his Jewish Homeland he might probably have survived Stalin and then who knows what his contribution might have been. One could make a case for his murder, was that he had turned his back on Jews in favor of a secular religion which was antithetical to Judaism. He had choices and made the wrong ones and paid for them.

I love Judaism, I love Torah, I love Jews, I love Israel and I can tell you Felix that there are many Arabs today in the Paradise enjoying their 72 virgins brides because of me. I am not today a ritually practicing Jew, I do respect those who do if they are here in Israel , the rest? I do not respect them much.

In the end Israel might take the initiative and try to do what all the militant supporters of Israel seem to be pressing us on. maybe we will do something and maybe not but My question to you and others not living here in the line of fire, why you are not pressing Ireland, Spain your countries of record to do or decease doing what they are currently doing aiding Iran? Iran can or will be able to hit Spain as easily as Israel and have less fear of retaliation or devastating retaliation as Iran would from an attack against Israel?

regardless of all conspiracy theories that America your imperialist Bogey Man, they have the strength and the where with all to do the job best. NATO has vast resources. none except Israel have 80,000 missiles and rockets aimed at all our populated cities and towns. Some with chemical and possibly Bio war heads. So you see the problem is just not Iran and her Nuke ambitions, but if we miscue the results could be a second holocaust for us so nobody here Relishes the proposition. Once you begin such an event you cannot predict scenarios that were not foreseen and here lyes part of our dilemma. It doesn’t matter who sits in the PM chair they will not do the bombing or the fighting and all are equal or not eaqual to the task about the same.A change in leadership by itself will not be our salvation and cure all for all our problems present and future.

Israel with allies is weak, as we will need to consider the opinions and interests of those allies. We will be more hesitant and restrained because of our belief and even faith in our allies especially if the primary among our allies is the #1 superpower in the world. An Israel alone will look inward and discount the interests of others in favor of doing what has to be done in order to ensure our ultimate survival. Like in 67 and even 73.

An attack on Iran is more likely to unite Iranian around their Mullahs and national fervor will destroy any opposition. Why don’t you pressure the Russian, Germans, Chinese, English etc. to stop supplying Iran the Means for achieving their goals?

Comment by yamit82 — July 12, 2008 @ 9:08 am

More rubbish from Yamit82

Another piece of twisting from Yamit82

Again pulling a quote from our site and articles (italics)


Israel must break from US Imperialism but it must seek allies in the American people, among the wonderful Christian Evangelicals led by John Hagee, among the ordinary American working class people who have been steadfast in support of Israel and the rights of the Jews to a Homeland.

Every Jew in America must refuse to vote for either Obama or Hagee and must use their influence to talk to their Congress person, so that this discussion of how to save Israel from Islamofascism is taken into Congress.

No faith in either Obama or McCain.

Belman as editor of Israpundit has now got a lot to answer for. he deliberately stopped my posts and encouraged the posts on Israpundit of out and out Republican NeoCon American Imperialists like the totally stupid Bill Levinson.

The campaign of Levinson against Obama has been filled with Republican Imperialist hatred and many suspect that there is a strong racist tinge to it.

Is Levinson actually Jewish? If he is then I have no hesitation in saying that the great Jewish people should be thoroughly ashamed of what Levinson has been getting up to on Israpundit over recent months.

Belman himself has had a post which I read (I apologise if I read it wrongly)where Belman was questioning the birth certificate of Obama. A Jew questioning the birth certificate of a black man in America! Belman just does not get it because he is speaking not as a Jewish man, essentially no matter how you cut it a Jewish refugee, but as a dyed in the wool American Imperialist and an enemy of socialism.

You have a hodgepodge of things here most I don’t see very related. I will skip The Israel/ Iranian things as I replies to that already but it seems to me that you are the one who should be called on Who are you to Question whether Levinson is Jewish or not?

What does questioning if by reference to Obamas birth certificate he is found to be ineligible to run for President? what does his being Black have to do with anything? The Man is running for President for christs sake all is fair game in politics! It isn’t racism it is politics and what we and you believes he stands for. You are off the table here. I always thought that Ted was a Canadian Imperialist?

Felix there are many more NEOCON Republican American Imperialists than followers of Trotsky or Communism, that said numbers do not prove they are any more correct than you but you infer that being a Republican or a supporter of Neo Cons philosophy is a minority aberration which I find funny coming from someone with your beliefs.

Felix as to who I am , what I do etc. I will make a deal with you you show me yours I will show you mine!

Comment by yamit82 — July 12, 2008 @ 9:41 am

Final reply from us on 4international to this Yamit82 character


You do not write under your name. That is my point. You could be anybody.

I have never used a pseudonym. You have my name. Every single website that I ever wrote on has my name. I have never used other than the name that my parents in Ireland gave me.

I am opposed to pseudonyms in any case. it is a bad practice.

If any person writes on my blog and I think it is a false name I will cut their entries, ie not allow it.

You could be anybody writing under yamit82.

As regardsd Leon Trotsky it matters little what you think of Trotsky or communism.

But I does matter that you stand for keeping Olmert in power, along with Livni and Barak. That is your stated position and that of Samson Blinded. Stated. In black and white.You are a total phoney.

On the other substantive point re policy. I say that Israel must not waste a single day and must hit the Iranian bomb making asap.

You oppose that position.

You must think we are all stupid. You think we are unaware of the dangers.

The dangers of waiting however will cost many lives. That is YOUR position.

And your confused and confusing other rubbish above if anybody takes time to analyse it you are supporting US Imperialism at the very moment that US is tightening the garrotte around the throat of Israel.

As I said you are a phoney. Always thought that, still do.

Comment by Felix Quigley — July 13, 2008 @ 8:39 am

And finally there was this by Yamit82 in which he advocates a WAIT AND SEE in relation to the Iranian Bomb, how the Iranian Fascists must love the influence of Yamit82. Meanwhile not ONE WORD from Belman or any other commenter on Israpundit to refute this nonsence!!!

Felix, to tell you the truth, how do I know your name is really Felix Quigley, and even if it is you real name and not an alias should it mean anything to me or anyone else? Now correct me if I have gotten something wrong. The beauty of commenting on blogs over the net or on the net is that we all seem to have a lot of freedom to say exactly whats on our minds without fears of retribution. maintaining anonymity suits the temperament and paranoia of many people and allows for free flow of ideas. I have given out my E mail address and have corresponded and even spoken with several people from Israpundit and once I even posted a reply on your blog with my e mail and received no reply so I don’t necessarily accept this criticism although I can understand your feelings here.

I don’t stand for much of anything or to be exact anyone in politics anymore as I see one as bad as another and for the most part cannot see where any change will bring a sea change needed to put our ship of state and society in what I believe is the right direction. Today change for changes sake does not cut it. Olmert will leave one way or another but when his time has come . I am not excited at all with the alternatives and from here it looks like more of the same if BB get in.

My gut feeling would be also to take Iran at their word and unleash hell on them but since I and not you is in the direct line of fire my brain tells me to hold off and see how things progress. I fear those 80,000 misssiles more than I fear a nuke or two. If one were to add Egypt’s and Saudi arsenals to the mix it would be a very black day for Israel. I got kids and grandchildren to think about here unlike yourself and I live only a few miles from our nuke reactor which is already zoned in by everybody so don’t tell me about imperialism and all that bullshit. When you have half the world zoning you in with a lot of lethal weaponry you sort of down play bravado for a bit of realism and reasoned common sense. No Muslim country fanatically hates Zionism more than Pakistan and they have 50 Nukes and are protecting Ben Laden. ow if we can live with 50 Muslim nuke Bombs, maybe we could also live with a couple of Iranian Nukes, but then again maybe not its not my decision but I am an interested party and thusly I reserve final opinion awaiting further input of data before accepting blindly your propositions that we preempt.

Now where is the Bullshit here Felix? I will say this though, were we to attack Iran successfully you will then see Capitalism ascend worldwide in all its glitzy glory.

Comment by yamit82 — July 13, 2008 @ 3:55 pm

all from

Yamit82 expresses the paralysis of the Israeli bourgeois (capitalist) and petty bourgeois class in the face of the threats from Imperialism, from Islamofasscism and in general from world antisemitism.

There is another quality to yamit82, and that is a fuundamentalist arrogance in which he thinks and claims to have some answewrs, where as in fact he is totally bankrupt. If he could only admit to being bankrupt that would not be nearly so dangerous.

But even as this crisis facing Israel intensifies by the day, another on Israpundit called Sultan Knish opens up with an article attacking Darwin and Evolution, and they all wade in. You could not really make this up.

There are so many lies above from Yamit82. Let me clarify at least a few things:

1. Action against the Iranian Islamofascists is now forced upon Israel. It is not of Israel’s choosing but it is reality.

2. Antisemitism is now most blatant in Islam

3. But it is mirrored as an offshoot in the degeneration of the Left and its support for Islam

4. Mixed in with this is the historical crisis of Imperialism and its dependence on oil

5. That dependence on oil is a by product of the inability of capitalism as a system to bring the development of the productive power of mankind forward.

6. In this situation of the need to defeat Imperialism we oppose the crude anti Americanism of the “Left” mentioned above,  which dopes not distinguish between the American people and the small cabal who control America from the top of both the Democrats and Republicans election machinery.


All of this is so far from Yamit82 a fact which expresses also the historical crisis in Judaism and Zionism, which has been inherent right from the time of Herzl.

And specifically we say

· To call on keeping Olmert Livni and Barak in power is a gross betrayal of Jews

· To call for Israel to “wait and see” and for Israpundit not to challenge this with great energy is a gross betrayal of the Jews.


  1. Felix,

    why are you wasting your time and energy arguing your point with a bunch of pro-Imperialist Capitalist bourgeois Reactionaries?

    Yamit82 represents the “I know it better than you do because I am Jewish, I have made aliyah (or was born in Yeretz Israel) I live here and YOU DO NOT, so shut the f**k up you bloody Communist” (Yamit82 is sort of like a non-retarded intellectual version of former Israpundit regular and noted Serbo-phobe/anti-Christian loony “Yoram Haddad” aka “Daniel Israel” aka “Tsun Zar”)

    Bill Levinson, Bill Narvey and “Sultan Knish” (man with a name like that he sounds like a 15th Century Ottoman Muslim Turk – you’re right you couldn’t make this stuff up, Felix!) – all of the preceding Israpundit regulars represent the pro-US pro-Imperialist pro-Republican right-wing Capitalists whom believe that the US government can do no wrong (interestingly in the case of the Serbs -that applies to Democrat administrations as well!).

    Debating with these people -and expecting to convince them of the validity of your views based on masses of documented evidence – is kind of like pounding your head against a reinforced concrete wall.

    Israpundit has degenerated into a Monty Python/Fawlty Towers style parody of its (former) self.

    Next thing you know Israpundit will have Marko Attila Hoare, David Taub, “Venichka”, “Graham” and Oliver Kamm lecturing their US and Canadian readership on the purported “evils of Slobodan Milosevic and his planned Holocaust against the innocent Croat Ustashe, Albanian KLA/UCK Skanderbeg/Balli Kombetar and Bosnian Muslim Handzar SS victims in Krajina, Srebrenica and Kosova”….LOL, LMAO! 🙂

  2. Felix,

    Some of yamit82’s comments have to be seen to be believed.Why Ted Belman allows this wacko nutjob to post his reactionary, anti-Christian, racist, supremacist like drivel is a total mystery to me.

    In the following comment on Israpundit, yamit82 berates Bill Levinson’s pro-Christian stance with his defense of Christion missionaries in Israel.

    Yamit82 instead advocates the DECAPITATION of Christian evangelical missionaries in Israel and suggests that this Muslim practice of head chopping should be copied by Israeli Jews so as to discourage Christian evangelical missionary work in Israel:

    [start quote here by yamit82]

    “The real problem is Bill levinson and those who think like him. Personally I think the Muslims have the right idea chop their heads off, you do one or two and I guarantee we will never experience missionary problems in Israel…”

    [end quote here by yamit82]

    Inn the following comment on Israpundit Yamit82 advocates the BURNING of Christian churches in Israel and to punish Christian evangelical missionaries by putting them in prison celss with the worst terrorist murderers:

    [start quote here by yamit82]

    “I believe any Christian that is here and trying to subvert our people away from their faith should be put in prison with our worst Arab terrorists and let them try to convert them. I would give them 1 year for ea. offense if they live that long. I would love to see Jewish Law imposed , then we could destroy every Church and Mosque in the Land. I would start with the Obamination on Mt. Moriah first…”

    [end quote here by yamit82]

    This guy yamit82 is a really sick, wacko, shizoid nutjob as proved by his own words.


    Now you can understand why Israpundit has degenerated so much over the last 12 months with this kook’s racist ramblings all over Israpundit’s pages.

  3. Mick

    Absolutely right on everything you say. This is a huge degeneration on Israpundit. But I am the only person in the whole blogosphere who has said this and continued to say this.

    A big part of building a new leadership is exposing this continual betrayal on mcCain that has been taking place.

    You cannot sit in your ivory chair and ignore it.

    No you got one aspect wrong I am not in the least trying to convert any of these guys, I am trying to expose them.

    Yet Israpundit is a small fish. There is a huge crisis of leadership in the Jewish Zionist world. We are on the side of Zionism and it is up to us to resolve this crisis.

    Frankly I do not have time to write on Israpundit now. If I do as in this Evolution debate it is to sharpen up the differences, make them state their position.

    A new generation of youth can learn from these debates and this is part of our knowledge for the future. I learn too.

    On the general theme…Ted should have hit this scripture quoting on the head hard, but he let it go and then it is impossible to stop. He has been too soft. He is too nice to these bloody leeches.

    Anyways we have our site and a damned good one it is too


  4. Mick

    If you look at the whole history of Lenin in the building of the Bolshevik Party it was a continual conflict taking up the position of other groups etc on every issue.

    You have to carry this out day after day because although we can see the betrayal that does not mean every body can.

    Also Trotsky in the years of the 20s and 30s it was continual struggle, in print, in every conceivable forum he could reach.

    What is important is our analysis.

    Again I think the work done on this The Exodus Conspiracy is very interesting. The Jews of Israel are changing. Like this creature “Lucy” they will be forced now to change rapidly and a conscious leadership will be critical.

    The big lesson of Yugoslavia, nothing was built! We must learn from that. Take what was positive from Jared and Francisco but build a party leadership, a Trotskyist party.

  5. Felix,

    Quite the contrary, I fully agree with what you are trying to do. It is essential for us to expose these idiots like yamit82. I just felt that you were wasting your time and talent debating with yamit82 ON THE PAGES OF ISRAPUNDIT.

    Notice how neither Ted nor anybody else takes yamit82’s insane ramblings to task – it seems they are all too afraid of angering that fruitcake.

    I know all about the evil John McCain thanks to you, JTF (Jewish Task Force) Nathan Pearlstein and Peter Robert North. I can also understand why Nathan, Shlomo, Josh, Max and Peter abandoned Israpundit long ago.

    I agree we must build a new revolutionary leadership of working class people because the massive crash in the Capitalist economies is going to occur in the not too distant future.

    I think we need to explain to our readers why Capitalism always leads to Imperialism which inevitably leads to war and betrayal of its ostensible “allies”.

    Capitalism (or “Globalism”) is always rapaciously in search of taking over new “markets” and creating vassal client states using the tyranny of Islamofascism and Nazism as a battering ram and scaring the Western populace with external and internal threats of terrorism against civilians – terrorism created and sponsored by Capitalism in the first place.

    Capitalism (or Imperialism) is using Islamist Fascism as a battering ram against its own populations which explains why such a backward ideology has grown so powerful in the world today: the Western Capitalist “democracies” are behind the sponsorship of Islamist terror and the backing of its state sponsors.

    This is why the US and EU are supporting the creation of new Islamist countries(states) all over Europe, the Middle East and former Soviet Central Asia.

    This is the lesson of Capitalism’s destruction of Yugoslavia and its massive betrayal of Israel.

    The United States MUST BETRAY ISRAEL and MUST SUPPORT ISLAM as the very nature of the CAPITALIST IMPERIALIST system demands that Capitalism must grow globally – create new markets – otherwise it will collapse.

    The US -as a sovereign independent state – will and MUST also fall victim to Capitalism (or “Globalism”) as the very nature of the system demands no borders and no impediment whatsoever to the domination and free flow of Global Capital.

    Israpundit’s Ted Belman cannot see the proverbial forest for the trees.

    Yamit82 needs to be exposed on 4International again and again for the reactionary religious wacko nutjob that he is.

    Israpundit needs to be exposed again and again for its massive betrayal of the Jews and Serbs for its shameless cover-up and support of John McCain – the butcher of the Serbs.

  6. Mick

    Ted needs to take certain measures urgently.

    Ted means well. He is a very good Jewish person with a most interesting family history which is of great interest to we Trotskyists and he is thus typical of many Jews with a fascinating history.

    This is his problem as I see it. His fathers family in Poland were out of that generation which was electrified by the Russian Revolution. Ted does not quite understand that history. He sees that as a process of them being Jews and looking for a solution through the R Rev.

    That is partly right of course but if you only see the part you get a false picture.

    People today find it hard to visualize the effect which the R Rev had on the psychology of the time. It is down there int he history annals but of course obscured by the bourgeoisie.

    The R Rev was like a thunderbolt in the world consciousness and it hit into the lives of peoples’ thoughts in every part of the world. The workers were with the Bolsheviks to a man and woman. That was everywhere even in little republican Sinn fein influenced Ireland. Ted does not quite understand that.

    So his fathers family were seriously influenced by this, simply as workers or as youth at the time. Of course as Jews but he tends to remove the former aspect. You have to take the whole.

    Next problem is this. Marx left a legacy on this and it was not good. Hess was far closer to the mark.

    The issue is that since the Roman expulsions the Jews have been a nation (and long before of course also) but a nation on the run and a nation scattered. they were at the mercy of the host country.

    The French Revolution promised a lot in liberty etc, but the bourgeoisie on taking power soon began to insist on THEIR nationalism. They did not accept any other, and so frowned on Jewish nationalism. The Jews tried to adapt in France and reach a compromise but of course could not.

    Hess was right. Marx was wrong, dead wrong. Marx should have said these people are a nation in whatever country they are in.They are a Jewish nation. Nobody has the right to ask Jews to give up on that. It is really their choice and Marx should have fought on that basis.

    He took a different tack. He in the conflict with Bruno Bauer (who was an antisemite) said that Jews in Austria must have full political rights without giving up on their religion, and be just like say protestants in America, ie Marx was for separation of church and state in Austruia with Jews being given full rights to participate in the state as religious Jews.

    But it ignored the NATIONAL question.

    So as Jews the relatives of Ted ran eventually up against this as well in Bolshevik Russia. Lenin et al were well meaning to the Jews but there was this false theoretical trail laid down by Marx. As I said Hess was closer to a correct perspective but of course was dwarfed by Marx on other things.

    So let’s try to bring this into the present.

    Let us take Jews in America. There are two extremes and I think both are complementary.

    1. There is these Meirshammer and Walt characters. These are antisemites and they are saying that Jews in America because they are a nation are traitors to the American nation.

    2. There is this Yamit82 guy and he is saying that Jews in America by staying in America are traitors to what he thinks of as Judaism.

    I think this is the root of all of Yamit82’s reactionary interventions on Israpundit and of course he represents a definite trend within the Jews. I think it (the above 2 positions) is equally reactionary, they are 2 sides of the same coin.

    There was a debate on Israpundit 2 years ago and some truths were reached. It showed that Trotsky was coming to a new position which was getting much closer to the Hess position. This is why he was able to call for the Jews to get out of Europe to save themselves and to set up their Jewish state in Palestine.

    Yamit is on a different track completely. He is saying that any Jew who remains in America is betraying the cause.

    You see he is the other side of the coin.

    What is necessary and I think and hope will be our position is that a number of principles have to be fought for in the American movement of workers, youth, evangelical christians and Jews.

    1. The Jews in America are a nation. they are part of the nation of Jews. The antisemitism of M and W has to be fought precisely ion that.

    2. How Jews see themselves in relation to American politics is a matter entirely for them. But Trotskyists will defend them as part of the Jewish nation whatever they decide.

    By calling on them all to leave Yamit82 wants to evade that great struggle

    yamit82n simply writes off everybody in the world who is not a Jew. It is an extreme form of insular nationalism.

    many of these othodox often bemoan the reality that the ghetto was ended. So they continue to try to live in the ghetto. But this time it is a ghetto that they are building inside their own head.

    That is why on the issue of evolution Knish comes across totally as a subjective idealist.

    But these people are not any more than a tiny sect in the Jews. The great movement of the Jews is far more glorious. That is why this new film I am dying to see, (Exodus Conspiracy) which from what I have heard has meant Jewish people making an objective search for their past. That is the same method used by Jared and Fran re Yugoslavia, the same also that Darwin used, and the same that Marx used in relation to Capital.

    A new type of Jew is going to emerge. As a subjective idealist that drives Knish and yamit into a real fury.

    Israpundit can have a future. I can see certain strengths in Ted. He generally has his finger on the Jewish pulse.

    he can make Israpundit a place where real info is imparted re this Jewish movement in all its many and complex forms.

    But he should change totally the commenting policy.

    it should be what we do here. Every comment must be examined carefully That would remove 99 per cent from Israpundit.

    levinson is on a tangent and a reactionary one. His tangent is the relublicans of which he seems to be a very partisan member.

    The unity with the evangelicals muist be guarded very closely because int he US situation that is very precious. A moderator of a blog has real responsibilities.

    Thanks for pointing out those horific attacks by Yamit on Christians…I had missed those because with 99 per cent of those comments on Israpundit my eyes just glaze over.

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