by Felix Quigley

July 19, 2008

It is becoming clearer and clearer that the US Imperialist Government of Bush in its last days is drawing very close to Iranian fascist Islam inspired Imperialism, and Antisemitism, AGAINST Israel

This is the main truth about all of the present events on the world stage. And this truth is being systematically hidden by Jewish leaders, certainly by the Canadian website Israpundit which I know best.

Day after day, week after week, Israpundit is launching articles which effectively are in support of McCain and Bush, nominally are opposing Obama.

Now Obama is an enemy of Israel without any question. But he is one branch of American Imperialism and it is American Imperialism as a whole which is the main danger to Israel. The whole present line of Israpundit is that there are some American Imperialists who can be the friends of Israel. We totally reject that.

We on 4international have provided all the evidence needed to show the serious genocidal intent that Iran has towards the 6 million Jews of Israel in its determination to create Nuclear bombs. yet it is now Bush who is leading the way in allowing Iran to do just that, NOT OBAMA, BECAUSE OBAMA IS NOT IN POWER.

To hide that is a crime of the first order. It is to put partisan US party politics before the existence of Israel.

For example a few days ago we quoted this from DEBKAfile

[start quote here]

The announcement that US Under Secretary of State William Burns will join the meeting the European Union’s Javier Solana holds with Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili in Geneva this week makes official the secret diplomatic track afoot between Washington and Tehran, which was first disclosed by DEBKA-Net-Weekly on June 27.

Our US sources confirm that this step distances the Bush administration still further from Israel’s policy position, which calls for the curtailment of Iran’s drive for a nuclear bomb by all means, including military action. It leaves Jerusalem alone in the arena against Iran on the nuclear and other security issues, such as Hizballah, Syria and the radicalized Lebanese government.

The Washington announcement came a day after Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama reiterated he was willing to engage Iran’s leaders in direct talks.

In its June 27 issue, DEBKA-Net-Weekly 354 reported (Secret US-Iran Talks: Bush Pulls Iran Diplomacy Carpet from under Obama) that President George W. Bush had hijacked Obama’s opening to Iran to fashion a diplomatic legacy for his successor and help John McCain get elected.

This secret dialogue had yielded deals on pricing oil up to a $150 ceiling and a helping hand from Tehran in Iraq.

Revolutionary Guards intelligence officers serving under cover in Iraq were instructed to hold back radical Shiite militias from attacking US forces and to share intelligence with the American military.

{end quote here]

Every article written by Bill Levinson on Israpundit supporting McCain and hosted by editor Ted Belman is a dagger being stuck into Israel.

Meanwhile a guy called Yamit82 who projects himself as some kind of Rambo Othodox Jew on Israpundit is calling for Olmert Livni and Barak to remain in power, and opens up continually in slander against the best friends who Israel has got in the world, the 60 million strong American Evangelical movement led by CUFI.

You really could not make this scenario up which prompts me to ask even though I know editor Ted Belman is a well meaning Jewish man…what is going on on this site and on other Jewish sites which do not expose Bush abd his relations with Iran . Or are they just so stupid that they are falling under the influence of US world imperialist objectives because they are guided by US imperialist ideology.

In any case they have to be fought, day after day, week after week.

Olmert Barak Livni the leaders who Yamit82 without any oppositiion from anybody on Israpundit wanted to keep in power has just created an incredible scene where two dead Israeli soldiers were exchanged for murderers, so inviting every terrorist to kidnap Jews and simply kill them.

For that alone the Israeli people should immediately get rid of these present leaders and banish them from politics forever. That is what Olmert has done. That is who Yamit82 aided by Israpundit want to keep in power.

Meanwhile Yamit82 on the pages of Israpundit and without any criticism from its writers, in other words they agree, launched into a scurrilous attack on the record of Leon Trotsky. Imagine such political pygmies as Yamit82 attacking such a  political giant.

The real issue is that Israel is now very much in the middle of war on all fronts but with leaders kept in power by the likes of Yamit, Ted Belman, Israpundit as a whole, and by a whole plethora of Jewish organizations in the US.

I say Israpundit as a whole because they did not challenge Yamit82 on this.

The fact of this war was shown in reports from DEBKAfile which does tell the truth:

[begin quote here]

New Hizballah tactic: Missile ambushes for Israel aircraft and ships

Hizballah has marked the conclusion of the prisoner exchange with Israel by launching new tactics consisting of anti-air missile ambushes against Israeli Air Force flights over Lebanon and anti-ship missiles against Israel naval craft cruising off its shores.

The next day, the Lebanese army said Israeli warplanes violated Lebanese airspace in the south, Beirut, Jounieh and Dahr al-Baidar on Wednesday and early Thursday.

Israeli warships were deployed in Lebanese territorial waters from Naqoura to Tyre.

DEBKAfile’s military sources report that Hizballah has taken charge of the missile campaign while handing the Lebanese national army the task of attacking Israeli outposts at the Shaaba Farms enclave and the Mt. Dov slopes of the Hermon range.

It was clear Wednesday, July 16, that Hizballah was now calling the shots in Beirut when the president and government were forced to honor the spectacular heroes’ welcome the Shiite group organized for the five imprisoned terrorists released by Israel.

President Michel Sleiman, former chief of staff, obediently repeated his demand of the day before for Israel to evacuate its troops from the two outposts. If diplomatic efforts failed to remove them, he said, then the Lebanese army must go into action.

Our military sources add that anti-air missiles and radar equipment have been installed on the Mt. Sannine peak in central Lebanon in the last few days, as DEBKAfile first revealed (in a report picked up by the world media).

From that strategic height, Hizballah is preparing to shoot down encroaching Israel flights after taking instruction from Iranian intelligence and air defense officers in tactics on how to lay missile ambushes for aerial targets.

With the help of Iranian and Syrian military experts, Hizballah has ranged the length of the Lebanese coast a dense line of 1,000 Iranian C-802 anti-ship missiles, which have a range of 120 km. Skimming 6-7 meters above the water’s surface, these missiles have certain cruise features and are extremely hard to target.

The coastal missile deployment has been boosted by new radar stations and light reconnaissance planes and helicopters for tracking the naval craft cruising opposite the Lebanese coast. The thousands of Hizballah militiamen manning the system were trained in Iran and Syria.

[end quote here]

This is the reality of what has happened to Israel through its connection with the American Imperialists. The American Imperialists are all total antisemites and are the bitterest enemies of Israel. They carry out these betrayals of Israel even though they know that Israel has the support of hundreds of millions of ordinary American common people. What would these Imperialists not do if that support was not there!

But they are also helped enormously by these kinds of leaders as exists on Israpundit. Every article written by Israpundit’s Bill Levinson advocating for McCain is part of this help given to the American Imperialists and to the proxies of American Imperialism, Hamas, Fatah, Hizbullah and the Iranian Fascists.

Do not forget that the American Imperialists including, not just Clinton and Bush Snr, but also McCain and Lieberman were joined at the hip together with the Iranian Fascists in the destruction of Yugoslavia.

Just today, Saturday July 19, 2008 one of these Hizbullah proxies of US Imperialism gave his assessment of this prisoner exchange, as shown in this following DEBKAfile report:

[start quote here]

Hizballah’s No. 2: War with Israel not over, more Israeli soldiers may be abducted

Sheikh Naim Kassem, deputy secretary-general of Hizballah, said Saturday, July 19, that abductions of more Israeli soldiers may not be ruled out “in order to achieve the organization’s goals.” He declared that his pro-Iranian Shiite group remained at war with Israel.

His statement to the Qatari Al-Arab paper was at variance with the tenor of the speech his boss, Hassan Nasrallah, made in Beirut three days ago, after completing a bodies-for-prisoner exchange with Israel.

The war would go on as long Israel “occupies the Shaba Farms, the village of Ghajar and the Kfar Shuba hills [Mt. Dov on the Hermon],” said Kassem.

Regarding future kidnaps of Israeli soldiers, he said “I won’t speak about this issue because it has to do with military activity in the struggle with Israel and with the question of whether this confrontation will demand such an action. These are details which will become known in the future.”

Hizballah had yet to exact revenge for the assassination of military commander Imad Mughnyieh in February, he said.

The tenor of Hassan Nassrallah’s speech in Beirut, after trading the remains of two kidnapped Israeli soldiers Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser for five Hizballah prisoners, was different. He stressed the importance of inter-factional dialogue in Lebanon as his organization’s first priority.

This reflected Tehran’s current strategy of diplomatic engagement with Washington, whereas his deputy Kassem spoke on Saturday in bellicose terms of continuing the war with Israel, more in keeping with the Hizballah’s war preparations.

On July 13, DEBKAfile’s military sources disclosed that Hizballah had commandeered the strategic Mt. Sannine peak in central Lebanon. Under the command of Iranian officers, it installed there anti-air and radar equipment for shooting down Israeli jets, as well as C-802 shore-to-sea missiles along the coast for attacking Israeli warships.

[end quote here]

It is proving more and more the case that the traditional Jewish Israeli leaders are totally bankrupt. Every article written by Levinson slamming Obama but in support of American Imperialism in the form of Bush and McCain is a job done in support of US Imperialism and Islamofascism and against Israel.

And time is passing quickly. With this kind of leadership in place Israel and the Jews are in great danger.




  1. You’re right about Bush, Condi Rice, Robert Gates an da large chunk of the US state department.Gates and COndi are not so much anti-Israel as pro-Saudi, which amounts to almost the same thing

    You’re wrong about McCain. His record of suport for Israel is unblemished, and unlike Bush, he has courage. He wasn’t my first choice for president,(Giuliani or Hunter were my preferences fo rth eWar On Jihad) but he’s probably one of the better as far as Israel and the War on Jihad goes.

    Given that I have to viote for McCain or Obama, the choice is pretty clear.

  2. It bothers me greatly that the government has turned against Israel. However, I do think and pray that Senator McCain will be the better choice for the safety of Israel.
    We have few choices, and Senator Obama isn’t one of them.

  3. McCain will be the only American presidential candidate that will do everything he can to protect Israel. As an American Jew I am astonished that a piece like this would be written. Obama has lied over and over again to both Israel and Abbas.

    I, my family and my friends have not even considered Obama as a viable candidate. Though some of my family will not vote for a republican so they are planing to stay home.

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