by Felix Quiigley

July 20, 2008

A blogger called “Fabian from Israel” on Harry’s Place who lives in Israel wrote the following on the Harry’s Place website:

“19 July 2008, 8:19 am

“The question is, how much more crazy are the Iranians than the Bolsheviks?”

No. If that is the question, the difference between the answers is the difference between our anihilation and our survival. The risk is too big for us to just wait.

Is like saying, that guy with a knife who is standing in front of my open door, looking at my daughter with a maniacal face, is just my neighbor with which I have a terrible argument all these years, but whom I thought he won’t ever do us any harm, or is he the same neighbor, about which I am not so sure? Should I just go back to my room, or should I confront him?”

This is a very accurate summary of the position.

But an anti Israel blogger called The Irie could not accept this. What he wrote in answer is very revealing of how the Fascist, Islam supporting “Left” has moved into reaction.

[begin quote from Irie here]

19 July 2008, 10:03 am

Benny Morris considers every possible outcome, except a negotiate peace deal, such as might actually happening this weekend in Geneva. A war between Israel and Iran would be completely catastrophic for the people of both countries. It may well bring about WW3. It is completely unnecessary. Both sides are making threats. On the Iranian side, Ahmedinejad says stuff about wiping out Israel, but don’t forget, even if this wasn’t cynical rhetoric aimed at trying to get support from the Arab world, where Iran is seeking further influence (which it is), Ahmedinejad doesn’t have any power in the Iranian system to do anything foreign policy wise. All the power is with Ali Hosseini-Khamenei, the head of state (if you don’t believe me, look at the US Dept of State website). Israel makes practise runs for an attack, which it then broadcasts to the worlds media. The threats of an attack on Iran from Israel and certain people in the US, like John McCain, are open and explicit, as in Benny Morris article above. This is just crazy. These idiots are likely to drag us all into a massive destructive war for NO GOOD REASON. And if and when that happens, its the people of Israel, who they claim to be trying to protect, that will be the first to suffer the consequences.

[end quote from The Irie here]


The reference of The Irie to McCain above is not accurate. In the latest statement that we have read McCain is talking about the EU diplomacy doing the job.

That aside it is clear that The Irie is taking up a position which is not all that much different to the positions taken up by the BBC and all of the Media. Which is that when we speak of Iran and of Israel, and the Nuclear Bomb threat, that there is an equivalence between the two countries.

The Irie in the lengthy discussion was not really challenged on this.

This also sharply separates our website 4international representing Trotskyism from those people like The Irie.

We stand totally alongside the Jewish people of Israel to have a Homeland and to have this Homeland made free from antisemitism. We also stand along side these Jews of Israel to be able to practice their ancient religion and keep up their ancient traditions without any molestation from world antisemitism of which the Islamofascism of the Arabs and Iranians is part.

We ourselves are not religious, we are fighters for dialectical materialism. But our differences on that in relation to the Jews are secondary. What is primary is our unconditional defence of the Jews against world antisemitism.

The Irie is confused on something else. He considers that the US is fighting against Iran. He is out of touch as all of our recent articles show.

Moreover we saw in Yugoslavia that US, German and most of all American Imperialism lined up alongside of Islamofascism, alongside the Islamofascist Izetbegovic, and alongside Bin laden who was being welcomed in Bosnia by Izetbegovic.

So we are certain that US imperialism is not the enemy of Iranian Fascist rulers at all even though at times they produce a kind of theatre which suggests to the gullible that they are.

So we can see how reactionary this guy The Irie really is when he says

“These idiots are likely to drag us all into a massive destructive war for NO GOOD REASON”

But the drive to war does not come at all from Israel. There is not one intelligence agency in the world which believes that Iran is not developing at great speed the Nuclear Bomb.

And as another comment said correctly that a country has never in history done this while previously having threatened to wipe out an enemy.

Why does The Irie who poses as socialist take this line?

We submit here on 4international that this has got nothing whatsoever to do with the Marxist tradition. It is closer to that of Chamberlain in the 30s.

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