by Felix Quigley

July 22, 2008

Our friend and colleague Neil Craig has just posted the following excellent article concerning the arrest by Quisling Serbs of the Serb patriotic leader Radovan Karadzic on his excellent website A Place to Stand. In this article Craig refers to issues such as the vital importance of DNA testing which can prove our contention that the Serbs on taking Srebrenica did not murder one single Muslim or even Islamofascist. It is a strange paradox but the thing which the Imperialists and racists, such as you find on Harry’s Place, have been clamouring for, the arrest of Radovan Karadzic, can be their very undoing. That entails, however, not seeing this as purely a propaganda matter. it is essentially a struggle for power, a struggle for socialist revolution against Imperialism and its lackeys, and the building of revolutionary socialist leadership. This is a great article by Neil Craig! Do not miss it because we intend to follow up serious aspects therein!

[begin quote here of article by Neil Craig]

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It was announced that Radovan Karadzic was arrested last night. Unlike Nasir Oric the perpetrator of the only undisputed mass racial murder of civilians in Srebrenica, who was let off, Mr Karadzic will undoubtedly face a show trial.

Nonetheless, as Milosevic proved even a show trial is difficult to manage when there is no evidence. This is why, after 4 1/2 years of “trial” his captors, clearly knowing the judge’s reluctance to convict on zero evidence but also having been told they would decide not to allow him medical treatment in Russia, poisoned him. This would have been unprovable had he not had a blood test showing the presence of Rifampicine.

Karadzic has been subject to 18 years of a racist propaganda campaign by virtually the entire western media.

He was accused of starting the Bosnian war though this was a lie. In fact it was the openly genocidal (ex-)Nazi Moslem leader Izetbegovic who first broke the law by seizing government buildings when the rotating Presidency of B&H turned to Karadzic. It was also the Moslems who fired the first shot by shooting up an Orthodox wedding outside Sarajevo. Neither of these were considered war crimes by the NATO funded hirelings of the ICTY.

He was accused by our media of holding 90,000 women in “rape camps”. In fact the only such place that can be dignified with such a description was in the Moslem controlled area of Sarajevo. It was not considered a war crime by the corrupt Nazis of the ICTY.

Our media accused him of being responsible for the war continuing. In fact he repeatedly, when winning, agreed to cease fires & peace talks with the Moslem Nazi forces. These talks were equally repeatedly broken by Izetbegovic as soon as he had been resupplied with weapons by NATO & soldiers provided by our al Quaeda allies & flown in by NATO, in deliberate breach of NATO sponsored mandatory UN sanctions. This was a war crime but was not treated as such by judges bought & paid for by NATO.

Our media accused him of the genocide of 7,000/7,500/9,000/11,000/15,0000 Moslem soldiers in the capture of Srebrenica. In fact the only genocide which happened there was that of at least 3,800 identified Serb civilians in surrounding villages murdered by Nasir Oric, the Moslem Nazi commander of the town who subsequently showed videos of him beheading women & children to reporters. Only the Toronto Star & Washington Post made minor reports of this. Despite the fact that there is no dispute about this & even General Morrilon the NATO commander in B&H at the time testified to it in the Milosevic “trial”. Obviously this genocide wasn’t considered a war crime by NATO’s lickspittles on the ICTY, indeed they didn’t even consider such genocide of “Untermensch” worth mentioning.

Our media have lied continuously & deliberately about what may be called the ever changing but “official” massacre story. The story was started by Izetbegovic who has said that he had been guaranteed US support if he could come up with a story of a massacre of at least 5,000. He immediately did so claiming that none of the Srebrenica garrison of 7,500 had reached safety. The Red cross subsequently confirmed that at least 7,000 of them had, usually being instantly transferred to the Tuzla front & prevented from writing even to their families. The US then produced before & after satellite photos of “mass graves” said to be taken 24 hours apart. In one it was pointed out that an entire house had also been built in the intervening 24 hours. Shortly before the Dayton agreement allowed NATO to go looking for bodies they started backpedalling on finding them & indeed the official “mass graves” contained none. However NATO did find bodies near the villages where Nasir had carried out his genocide & they were announced to be Moslem soldiers, even the 500 bodies of children. Obviously bodies classified by NATO as Serb have never been found. DNA measuring has advanced so much in the last 13 years that it is now possible to determine ethnicity. The hired Nazis of the ICTY has refused to engage in such testing or allow others to.

There is no factual doubt that the case against Karadic, for war crimes, is far weaker not only than that against almost all NATO politicians & journalists, who are certainly guilty but against the tea ladies in Labour, Lib Dem & Tory HQs & the canteens of the BBC, ITN & most of the press since they are all thus involved in the “joint criminal conspiracy” (to use a term beloved by NATO’s paid “judges”) of war crimes, ethnic cleansing, child sex enslavement, genocide & the dissection of living people to sell their organs which NATO & our media assisted in.

In the last few hours we have seen the media telling the same old lies over again & they will doubtless continue in the same vein. I can say from experience that almost the entire western press will not allow even a single truthful letter to apear on their pages. However the internet is much freer & very much more omnipresent than in the 1990s. Open debates on the net, such as the one done by Jurist some years ago, have almost all resulted in an overwhelming conclusion that the MSM have lied to us to support genocide for 18 years.

[end article here by Neil Craig]
{thanks from 4international to Mick Tanzeer also}


  1. Felix,


    I thought you might find this article below by Ben Yehudah interesting. I don’t agree with the author’s condemnation of Milosevic as having deserved what he got for betraying the Bosnian and Kosovon Serbs, but here is his article anyway:

    Of Lexuses and Olive Trees
    July 22, 2008 by benyehudah08

    Today is a sad day indeed. Today is the day one of the greatest defenders of Western Civilization has been betrayed by a self-hating elite, surrendered in exchange for piles of euros and heaps of empty promises, abandoned by those who should have protected him and stabbed in the back by those whom he saved. Today is the day Radovan Karadzic, the man whose only crime is the desperate defense of his people and his country against Moslem psychopaths bent on mass murder and enslavement, has been arrested by Serbia’s spineless government. He will, no doubt, be handed over to the kangaroo court at the Hague, there to face trumped-up charges of “genocide” and “crimes against humanity”. Indeed, the West’s murderous dismemberment of Yugoslavia is an excellent lesson for those who would judge the sincerity of Browns, Sarcozys and Bushes when these pledge to defend the Jewish People in the Holy Land from the encroachment of jihad.

    Those who would rely on the goodwill, public opinion and guarantees of the so-called international community would do well to remember how easily the West’s so-called free press turned truth upside-down in Bosnia. How Alijah Izebetovic, the man whose first acts after pledging to restore Shariah over the entire territory of Bosnia were to re-form the SS Hanjar Division complete with Nazi regalia and to invite to Bosnia a horde of international mujahideen, was turned into a “moderate”, “peace-loving”, “multicultural” darling of the West. How the murderous savagery of the Bosniac Moslems, these genocidal killers par excellence, was turned into bunny-rabbit cutesy innocence of “suffering” when their own aggression turned against them and the courageous men of Serbia threw the Islamic jihadist scum all the way back to Sarajevo. How fake “massacres” and “genocide” charges were invented against the victims of massacre and genocide. How “concentration camp” pictures were faked by placing ITN cameras inside a barbed-wire chicken coop in the middle of an unfenced refugee camp full of Moslem moderates who fled from Izebetovic, his Arab jihadi bandits and his Hanjar SS mass murderers. Those who rely on Western “public opinion” would do well to remember how easily the addled blockhead on the street is swayed by those who form his opinions for him, these “objective” correspondents who always take the side of the enemies of the civilized world and who revel in the murder of innocents, as long as said innocents are white, or capitalist, or, best of all, Jewish.

    They would do well also to remember how the cowardly Slobodan Milosevic refused to commit the third-largest army in Europe to the defense of the Serb people. They would do well to remember how this foolish Communist functionary refused to take the battle to the NATO aggressors in their camps in Italy and Greece and, instead, chose the strategy of passive defense in the hopes of swaying Western “public opinion”. He did it in exchange for empty promises and out of personal spite, throwing Radovan Karadzic and Radko Mladic under the bus in the hopes of avoiding international war crimes charges and in the vain hope for some kind of recognition of Serb rights. The reward for Milosevic’s betrayal of his own people, for his decision to spare the blood of NATO aggressors, was predictable and, in part, well-deserved. Milosevic deserved a trip to the Hague, hoist on his own petard. Anyone who believes American and European promises deserves THAT, if only because fools should always be made an object lesson to others. But the people of Serbia were not only robbed of sovereignty in Bosnia. Their very heartland, the root of all that is Serb, the birthplace of Serbia itself was stripped from them and given to Islamic invaders. Imagine it, a Moslem Kosovo! Kosovo Polje, hallowed ground wet with the blood of thousands of Serb warriors who stood upon that field against the armies of jihad without hope of victory or rescue, declared to be Moslem property! Why, we might as well declare Toledo to be Moslem! Yet this is what the policy of cowardice wrought for Milosevic.

    So why do the elites do these things? Why do they choose cowardice over struggle, slavery over freedom, empty promises and meaningless pseudo-values over the security and honor of their own people? Thomas Friedman, that apostle of mindless globalism, mass assimilation and multicultural tripe, writes of the choice between the Lexus and the olive tree. We must choose, he says, in this new multicultural world, between the olive tree of tradition planted by our forefathers and the shiny Lexus of “universal”, “multicultural” values. What will it be? Should we choose the gnarled and obsolescent shoot yielding a paltry handful of bitter, inedible fruit, ancient leaves and branches whispering quietly in the breeze? Or should we choose the shiny new machine, all roaring engine and leather and chrome and mirror black paint and shiny new tires? The new or the old? Tradition or globalist “multiculturalism”?

    Indeed, the comparison is apt. For the olive tree is a living, breathing thing. It was planted by our forefathers to give us shade and fruit. From it come oils to prepare our food, medicines to cure our ills, pressings to feed our livestock. It gave life to our ancestors. It gives life to us. It will give life to our children and their children and their children after them, for from this single tree can come a myriad of seeds and from each seed a new tree, unique but yet related to the old, still a hardy desert plant giving oil and fruit and shade from now to eternity.

    And what of the Lexus? It is a dead, worthless toy. It gulps down borrowed money we can’t afford to repay and spews out choking fumes. It enfeebles our bodies with useless luxury and rots our minds with a torrent of trash from its radio. In five years, it is obsolete. In ten years it is junk. In forty years, when the new-planted olive tree we pass on to our sons alongside the ones planted by our fathers and their fathers before them just begins to yield fruit, the shiny once-new Lexus is nothing more than a decaying pile of rust. It is empty, ephemeral, meaningless, useless vanity. It is a mirage, an illusion of beauty which, when touched, dissolves into nothing.

    Indeed, the Lexus is an apt stand-in for the empty hedonist “multiculturalism” of the West. The elite will always choose the Lexus. The elite wishes to be accepted by other elites, to fit in, to be toasted at parties and welcomed at receptions. The elite wishes to be modern, shiny, new. The elite lives for the now and cares not an iota about the future. And so they choose the Lexus. Some choose it because they are blind or naïve. Most choose it because they simply do not care about their own people, because they trust in the promises of fellow elitists. After all, catastrophes affect small people. The great and the good, well…. For them there are always boats and transport planes and Swiss bank accounts. But, somehow, when they outlive their usefulness to the Lexus-peddlers, the elitists discover that there will be no boat, the transport plane will never come and the Swiss bank account is useless. At the last moment, when they are shoved into the cattle cars alongside the “primitive” hoi-polloi whose attachment to “meaningless superstition and ignorance” they so despised, a few of them even discover the true meaning of the Lexus. But by then it is too late.

    For us Jews, the Lexus is not new. It has been with us before. We can find it in many guises. It was the Rolls-Royce of Chaplin’s Hollywood. It was the steamboat of the new “modern age” of Mendelssohn and his “reformists”. It was the gymnasium of Greece. It was the glory of Rome. And, yes, it was also there in the shiny promises of Communism and Western democracy and secular Zionism. And it was always as empty, as vain, as poisonous and ephemeral as it is today. Whatever guise it comes in, the feeble-minded elitists always flock to it like moths to a flame. And in their quest to possess the shiny new toy of the moment, the mindless elitist moths always betray us and lead us to slaughter.

    Today the mindless elitist moths have embarked upon their flight of murder and betrayal yet again, showering us with their Osloite processes and their roadmaps and their “peace” agreements. Their flight shall surely lead to slaughter and disaster on an unprecedented scale, unless we, the few who hold firmly to the Tree of Life, swat the empty-headed moths in mid-flight and crush them beneath our boots once and for all. Unless we ensure that there are never again moths among us, that the poison of “multiculturalism” is wiped out from our midst with fire and sword once and for all. Unless we ensure that the only elite among us is a Jewish elite, steeped in our values, obedient to our tradition and beholden to our people because only among fellow Jews like ourselves do its members find peers to whom they can relate; because they have been raised to hold firmly to the olive tree of our Tradition; because they find the roaring Lexus of alien values to be abhorrent. And because if they show even a tiny momentary flicker of longing for the shiny new toy, the merciless hand of the clear-thinking Jew will swat them down and the merciless jackboot will crush them and grind them into dust alongside their moth-like predecessors.

    The battle lines have been drawn. It is the Lexus against the olive tree. It is Death against Life. Let us choose Life. Let us choose the olive tree.

    At the gates of Vienna
    19 Tammuz 5768

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