by Felix Quigley

July 22, 2008

The BBC in its hourly reports today on the arrest by Serb Quislings of the Bosnian Serb patriotic leader Radovan Karadzic stated, without blushing, that the Serb army entered Srebrenica, murdered 7000 men and boys, and buried them in one mass grave.

As we on 4international have shown in many articles this is a Big Lie, part of the Orwellian Big Lie technique. I personally have looked high and low for evidence that the Serbs carried out even ONE single murder on retaking Srebrenica and the evidence simply is not there.

But remember we live in the period of the Mohammed El Durra France 2 affair, of Jenin and of Qana. All these were supposed to be “massacres” of Palestinian Arabs by Israel but on investigation proved to be hoax.

Srebrenica is different only in so far as the Big Lie has been more thoroughly maintained by the Media. I expect that this is the result of a number of factors. Srebrenica was promoted as central in throwing the full force of American Imperialism against the Serb nation and its leader Milosevic. Then also there are very many jouirnalists like Oliver Kamm and Maggie O’Kane who made their name by reporting this fictitious massacre. Plus there is a strong Quisling element in Serbia itself.

Now they will try to pin this Big Lie fictitious “massacre” on Karadzic

But he had better be careful. If he defends himself too strenuously and too efficiently he is in great danger of being simply killed by the Hague, just as Slobodan Milosevic was murdered in his prison cell. The defence of this patriotic Serb thus has becomer a revolutionary matter of the first importance.

We have already dealt with the background to the Big Lie technique as expressed by the admission by none other than Eliah Izetbegovic himself on his deathbed:

[begin quote here]

The late Islamofascist Bosnian leader, Alija Izetbegovic, former illegitimate “president” of Bosnia Herzegovina, illegal ursuper of power in 1990 from the duly elected Bosnian muslim leader, Mr.Fikret Abdic, is the one behind the Bosnian “death camp” fraud.

Izetbegovic admitted it to former UNMIK head Bernard Kouchner on his death bed in 2003. He told Bernard Kouchner that he lied about Trnopolje and Omarska being “death camps” in the hope of provoking NATO bombing against the Bosnian Serbs. This monstrous media hoax was used in order to demonize the Serbs as the “new Nazis”of Europe, to trivialize the horrors of the Holocaust,  to turn the world – and especially Jewish people – against the Serbs, and to enable the US & NATO/EU Imperialist governments to further dismember Yugoslavia into a series of politically weak NATO/EU-run protectorates.

The Joseph Goebbels Nazi style “Big Lie”was spread world-wide with the mainstream media-connected resources of a multi-million dollar funded American “public relations”& lobbying firm called ‘Ruder Finn’ – whom also worked as a lobbying group in Washington on behalf of the Islamist Nazi terrorist KLA and Tudjman’s HDZ Fascist neo-Ustasha Nazi racist government responsible for the ethnic cleansing of over 550,000 Krajina province Serbs from 1990 to 1995 and for the murder of at least 20,000 Serbs during the same period.

Izetbegovic, the man described by ITN,BBC,CNN,the Guardian et al, as a:

“secular muslim and moderate democrat committed to a multi-ethnic Western style liberal democracy”was in fact committed to genocide of all non-muslims (i.e., mainly Serbs).

Well before the outbreak of war in 1992, Izetbegovic PUBLICLY announced his commitment to genocide by having his Islamist version of Hitler’s Mein Kampf (his 1970 manifesto, “The Islamic Declaration” – which was a call for Jihad and the extermination of non-Muslims – re-published in 1990 as part of his Bosnian election campaign).

[end quote here]


The ITN/Guardian Trnopolje & Omarska ”Death Camp”Hoax: The Lies of the British Guardian & ITN Exposed

By 4International writers: Joshua Rosenberg, Nathan Pearlstein, Max Rosenthal & Peter Robert North

In fact the arrest of Karadzic and his imminent handing over to the NATO financed and run Hague Kangaroo Court ushers in a new and revolutionary phase in the Serb struggle to defend their national rights and integrity.

In order to now go forward the Serbs need to create a revolutionary socialist party, which necessarily must be based on the principles embodied in this site, inspired by the great revolutionary Leon Trotsky.

To defend Karadzic it is necessary to actually build the socialist leadership opposed to the remnants of Stalinism and revisionism, not simply talk and engage in endless propaganda.

It is not accidental that Karadzic is betrayed by Quisling Serbs just as the Jews are in danger of being betrayed by similar Quisling agents of US Imperialism.

What this event ushers in is the need to create a mass United Front of Trotskyists and revolutionary Nationalists, whether they be Serb or Jewish, and this itself means the building of the Trotskyist party, based on the principles on this website.

We pledge our undying support and defence of Karadzic and all Serb political prisoners in the Hague, and the release of all those sentenced by the Hague NATO run court. A new revolutionary leadership will place the real criminals of British, German and US Imperialism and their proxies on trial for the crimes they have committed against the ordinary peoples of the Balkans.


  1. Felix,

    found these excellent posts taken from your wonderful site and reposted on the “Jewish Task Force” discussion forum (unlike Israpundit, they can’t stand John McCain over there)

    The Massive Hitler style “Big Lie” spread by the US and NATO Imperialist Globalists -and their paid media prostitutes – about what happened in Srebrenica from 1992 to 1995.Srebrenica was a Muslim Nazi HOAX.

    Srebrenica was a massive Muslim Nazi Hoax sponsored by Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright – Part 2 (More Detailed)

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