In the second part dealing with the Adam le Bor interview on Spanish radio station REM we start by going back to the de Bor definitive statement on Srebrenica and Maurice Baland response to same:


Adam le Bor


Srebrenica is a town in Eastern Bosnia. It is a UN declared safe haven. There were Dutch peace keeping troops there. Serbs attacked it because its population were mostly Muslims. The Dutch peacekeepers just basically rolled over. The Serbs take the men away, they took away up to 8000 men and boys, some of them still teenagers and over the next few days lined them up and shot them. And it was exactly as you say like something out of the Second World War, like the Einsat group that used to operate on the Eastern Front massacring Jews, the parallel is really quite precise.


Maurice Boland


It was. I mean harmless old men, women babies are all systematically slaughtered. There were a few survivors and because of those survivors we could get the stories. I read of 9 men who committed suicide because they could not live with the memories of it, that how horrible it is


This was how the programme on REM radio in Spain began Adam le Bor talks about the Srebrenica Massacre as if it is a proven fact. Yet there is nothing in his description which stands up to scrutiny.


Do not overlook either the political position of the presenter Maurice Boland. On the basis of perhaps glancing over a few synopses on the day of the broadcast what does Boland know? Almost nothing! He is a complete open vessel into which lies can be poured.


Boland has not learned to treat the Media critically because he is part of the Media. But you would expect better since he is Jewish, and one would have thought he would be aware of the Media having seen the lies the Media told about Israel over many years.


But apparently not. He takes the lies and embellishes the lies, is the only way you can describe the above.


Srebrenica was supposed to be a safe area. But it was never that because


  1. The UN failed to disarm the Muslim Army who operated under cover of that UN protectorate
  2. Naser Oric commanded Muslim killers who were part of the Muslim Army of Izetbegovic. During the years 1992 to 1995 these killers would exit at night and murder Serb women, children and old men mostly, since the young men were at war.
  3. This has been called by Serbs The Real Srebrenica Massacre. There is no disputing that it happened. Naser Oric boasted about his exploits to a journalist from Canada.
  4. The Serbs did a big job on documenting exactly these murders by Naser Oric. The dead were carefully identified and a report was sent to the UN. The Media were not interested.


This was one of the reasons that the Serbs attacked Srebrenica, to put an end to this ongoing massacre, but there is more to this story than just that, although that is a serious reason.


Srebrenica is a town in Eastern Bosnia. The main leadership of the Muslims was in the city of Sarajevo. Naturally the Muslims of Srebrenica and of Sarajevo were friendly, all part of the exteme Islamist tendency which Izetbegovic put together based on his infamous Islamic Declaration.


But there was a breach when Srebrenica was taken by the Serbs in 1995. The Muslims in Srebrenica felt betrayed by their leaders in Sarajevo and the reasons are important to grasp.


An attack was launched by the Muslim Army from Sarajevo on the Serb lines near Srebrenica. It was for no logical reason except to say, come and get us. An invitation to invade. This was under the control of the Sarajevo, not the local, leaders,


Then Naser Oric and the main leaders of the MuslimArmy were pulled out of Srebrenica leaving the garrison without leadership. There was an argument among Muslims and killing took place. I said garrison, meaning armed garrison, the Muslim Army remained fully armed in the Srebrenica safe area.


The Serbs attacked Srebrenica with a small number of soldiers. But found they had little opposition.


These Muslims in Srebrenica were suspicious and disgusted because defending Srebrenica to them was a matter of pride. These Srebrenica Muslims then remembered a conversation they had had previously with their leader Izetbegovic. This was  to the effect that Bill Clinton had asked Izetbegovic that they, the US, would need a massacre of at least 5000 Muslims if the US were to intervene.


This appears to be fact. Obviously a very strange thing to say. Not something they would make up for what reason would there be for doing so.


So the feint attack, army pulled back, no leadership. Those are the conditions and background never alluded to.Then the exposed column flight through dangerous mountain trails. Was Izetbegovic creating a killing scene and out of this scenario they hoped to create enough ambiguity to claim a massacre of significant numbers.


What did the Izetbegovic have to gain…US bombing of Bosnian Serbs.


What did Clinton have to gain…to appear a decisive leader, not a sexual moron, as the 1996 election loomed. His enemy Bob Dole was heavily involved in the Balkans too and fully backed and backing the Islamofascists.


What did the local Muslims leaders in Srebrenica have to gain. Nothing only shame. Hence their suspicion and recall of that Izetbegovic chat together as (then) friends.


Note that Adam le Bor says not one word of these details.


Read again his statement at the top. There is no detail whatsoever. Just that the Serbs murdered 8000. This is deliberate. He and others like Kamm know that if they go into detail the whole Hoax becomes apparent.


He does not deal with the nature of the safe area. Even David Owen criticised these safe areas.


He does not deal with the Izetbegovic Clinton conversation


He does not deal either with everything pointing to the Muslims inviting an attack. Or why the Muslim leaders were pulled out. Why they did not fight against a Serb force which was small in numbers and tired and overstretched?


It looks like the scene was being set for the claim of a massacre. The oldest trick in the book. A crafty bit of psyops against the Serbs.


Why is this so difficult to grasp? At the very least it should be a hypothesis and be on the table!


In his conversation le Bor admits to the Muslim army escaping from Srebrenica and beating it to Tuzla. He states clearly they were caught and shot. Is le Bor lying or is he just deficient on the information side?


We have pictures of that column in action. We have evidence that they fought battles along the way, they were well armed, and that many reached Tuzla.


If we can do that then we can say that le Bor, for whatever reason, is misleading his viewers. So how many reached Tuzla. And then this figure must be subtracted from that 8000 if logic is to mean anything.


And then having entertained this misinformation to REM listeners Boland must act to put it straight or he too is implicated.


Women and children were bussed to Tuzla. So where is the claim about children being murdered. The Media has film of the buses leaving for Tuzla. Willingly. They wished out. Their side had not defended Srebrenica. And Naser Oric had murdered 3800 Serbs from 1992 to 95, the previous 3 years, in the outlying areas. In other words, their side, those who they supported and still do, had murdered 3800 from 1992 to 1995


The Serbs took prisoners of males. How many? What became of them? Were the Red Cross able to visit these prisoners. These are questions to answer re a massacre.


What is the proof that these Serb prisoners were murdered by Serbs.


Then on to bodies. If 8000 were murdered there must be 8000 bodies with holes in the back of the skull.


So does the body evidence prove that the Serbs murdered 8000


Can somebody please find out the truth about these bodies. How many have they found? How many have they identified? Have they identified one single body that was murdered in the “Srebrenica Massacre”.


So they dig up a body from a mass grave. By the way what do they define as a mass grave? How many make a mass in this case?


Then the body has to be identified. The problems only begin here. Who is going to do the identifying? Is it impartial? Is it identified by Muslims? Were Serbs invited to identify bodies?


The whole process was in the hands of the ICFY which is not an uninterested body. It is a very partisan body, the most partisan possible actually.


So some Muslims claim the body is that of their missing relative. So! Is that definitive evidence!


Or DNA proves it? Have they been using DNA on these remains? Or have they relied on Muslims identification?

The whole process raises many questions which I have not seen answered.


But the biggest query concerns the Serb bodies. In the Srebrenica area and in that whole East Bosnian area there were many fallen Serb soldiers. They also were buried sometimes in “mass” graves.


Something never even alluded to by the Fascists of Harry’s Place. This is common practice in times of war battles. Both sides will bury hurriedly, vital especially in hot summer weather to prevent disease. It is an accepted practice. Later these bodies can be reburied properly with relatives involvement etc.


So the whole approach to this digging up by this partisan Court apparatus is very dubious indeed. It became a total propaganda exercise against the Serbs who were kept well away!


But Serbs had fallen also in battle. And then there were those 3800 murder by Naser Oric.


Yet as far as I am aware NO Serb remains have been identified.


It gets worse on that score. Naser Oric the Muslim madman who operated out of the Srebrenica safe area under the noses of the UN carried out that murder of 3,800 Serbs. They were mostly peasants in isolated farmhouses and mostly at night. Now the thing is, these murders were carefully documented by the Serbs, and passed to the UN who had the resources to double check.


But the ICTY grave diggers somehow did not find a single Serb and did not identify a single Serb.


So how can you believe anything about this body count business to pin a massacre on the Serbs.


Still it gets even worse!


To see how worse, we need to turn to the work of a remarkable Scotsman named Neil Craig. And I will let Neil take up his side of the story. It concerns these Serb peasants who were murdered and what became of their bodies.


And please now can we go back once more to Adam le Bor and how confident he was in describing this Serb massacre to Radio REM in Spain. With Maurice Boland cooing in the background backing up every claim by le Bor, Boland based on as he admits himself hardly any knowledge!


In the radio broadcast I had rung the station during the interview with le Bor and I had stated to Maurice Boland and le Bor that I claimed that the Srebrenica Massacre was a Media Hoax.


FQ…No unbiased evidence whatsoever was offered to prove the Serbs massacred a single Muslim. The evidence offered was all from biased sources


Maurice…You are not offering any evidence here


(At every point Maurice was so quick to jump in such was his obvious bias against Karaditz and the Serbs. Maurice did not know much but he knew enough to be biased)


So I had to excuse and ignore that stupid Boland remark and forge on


FQ…The women were bussed to Tuzla. If it was a planned massacre why did they release the women and children and old men. Another point why did they attack from the south and allow a way out from the north? There were 3,500 Muslim soldiers made their way to Tuzla.


Adam le Bor…That is true. That is true. This was a war zone and there were Muslim soldiers there. They escaped and tried to find their way to safety. When they were captured they were shot.


FQ…But they reached Tuzla


On this little exchange it shows that le Bor has to paint this all in black and white terms. To carry through the massacre hoax every Muslim male has to be simply shot by the Serbs.


But le Bor is giving out false information here. The Muslim side themselves boasted that this fleeing column reached Tuzla. Where they joined up with the Muslim women and kids who were BUSSED by the Serbs to Tuzla.


Read again what I have placed in heavy Italic to show how le Bor aided by Boland is disinforming REM listeners.


There then follows the claim that I make that Elija Izetbegovic was a member of the Nazi Muslim Brotherhood all his life, but also during the critical 1939 to 45 period when the Balkan Holocaust happened. He had an associate, a fellow member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the notorious assassin Hajj Amin el Husseini, Mufti of Jerusalem.


It was then that le Bor made  his most notorious claim to REM radio. He stated and I quote verbatim:


FQ…and he (Izetbegovic) was an associate of Hajj Amin el Husseini who butchered hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews, Gypsies and Homosexuals in the Balkans


Adam le Bor…Hajj Amin el Husseini was the Mufti of Jerusalem who spent the war years in Berlin and didn’t butcher anybody. It is true that he was a raging anti-Semite but that is not the point.


FQ…Are you saying


Adam le Bor… What is this got to do with Srebrenica 1995 (twice)


FQ…Can I ask you a question. Are you saying that Hajj Amin el Husseini was not organizing the Holocaust in the Balkans!


Adam le Bor…Hajj Amin el Husseini was in Berlin…I don’t know the full details


FQ…Oh you know very well. You have written books on the subject. You know very well that he was the leading architect of the Holocaust in the Balkans


Adam de Bor…I stated clearly that he was an associate of Hitler and he was a raging anti-Semite.


FQ…He was an associate of Izetbegovic in the Balkans



The rest of the interview with le Bor when I left dealt with Srebrenica having nothing to do with the Holocaust in the Balkans. le Bor kept repeating 60 years ago.


It is worth thinking about this 60 years business a moment because de Bor kept repeating it.


But in 1995 it was 50 years ago.


In 1980 when this Balkan situation flared up in earnest it was 35 years ago. De Bor seems to treat the Balkan Holocaust like it was a little tiff, and he forgets the leader of the Muslims in the Holocaust was Izetbegovic, and the leader of the Muslims in the 90s was Izetbegovic.


You can see above that le Bor first of all stated confidently to Boland and REM that Hajj Amin el Husseini stayed in Germany during the Holocaust years. But then he is not confident and says he does not know. Why the switch? It is a strange change of gear.


I can only speculate. He came across as a sophisticated performer. I think he saw the drift and saw the connection (proved) between Izetbegovic and el Husseini, and therefore to the Holocaust.


But Izetbegovic is the leader of the Islamist faction whom le Bor and Harry’s Place, as well as the EU, UN and US, were supporting to the hilt.


In other words le Bor wanted that image of Izetbegovic to remain in the minds of people, kindly,moderate etc, and not the image of a Nazi (as member of the Nazi Muslim Brotherhood) with connections to the Holocaust)


Because he came across as polished and well read I think it was the latter. He was covering up.


I can only ever go on evidence as presented before my eyes and ears and that is how this appeared tome.


But there again perhaps Adam le Bor is a simpleton, is gullible, is just passing on wrong information fed to him, and has a woeful lack of knowledge about Balkan Holocaust history.


And why on earth is this man Izetbegovic important? Because he was the Nazi leader whom the Serbs in Bosnia were fighting, and were very afraid of indeed.


So were the orthodox Bosnian Serbs fighting against a Nazi, and fighting a very specific form of Islamofascist Jihad. Which explains Bin Laden and Al Qaida presence in the Bosnian theatre, guest of Izetbegovic and co!


If that is the case then the Fascists on Harry’s place are on the side of Jihad!


That these Fascists will not allow people to think, thus their extreme Fascist verbal violence towards anybody who exposes these issues on their site. I wonder how long they can hold this line!


The more threadbare their argument the more violent in language they become. This explains also why on the REM radio station le Bor kept repeating to me, not answering my questions, “lunatic, lunatic”. That is the Harry’s Place way too, the way of Fascists always!







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