By Felix Quigley

August 31, 2008

Deceiving the World with Pictures

This photo was first published by the Reuters as an image of a “dead woman being carried by the Georgian soldiers from the town of Gori”. But this “dead woman”, incredibly, is clutching the nurse’s arm.

This man exhibiting rage and grief happens to sit in the exact same place where the earlier picture was taken: the same pile of garbage is behind his back and scraps of metal from the picture of a “dead” woman being ‘rescued’ are lying around like in the earlier photo — plus some, additional, unidentified scraps of metal. What are these supposed to represent
Since when did a dead person when being carried hold on to the carrier!!!???
Now that is a mystery which only Reuters can tell us about.
I have looked extremely closely at these two photographs, and especially at the piece of scrap metal marked 1.
This scrap metal is precisely the same piece of scrap metal and it appears in both pictures. I have even looked at the serrated underside edge and you can see that this is precisely the same piece of metal.
So therefore what you have here are actors in operation and the scene brought to my mind so many things we have experienced over recent years. Here are some:
1. The El Dhurra France 2 image of the man and boy behind the barrel and the fakery of the boy Mohammed el Dhurra being killed by the Israelis. That was a fake, fake journalism and fake photography.
2. The Qana issue.
EUReferendum commented on this piece of Media skullduggery:  I have called this post, “the director’s cut”, as that is what it is. The narrative here is of how the combination of Hezbollah’s media management and modern photo-journalism has turned the recording of a tragic event into theatre, in the best tradition of Michael Moore.
In the use of staged photography this whole thing took the proverbial biscuit. Starring roles in pinning a massacre on the Israelis were take by Mr White tee shirt man and Mr Green Helmet man, here also sporting the orange glow jacket. These were actors who in the ruined building of Qana appeared here, there and everywhere. These actors were under the direction of Hizbullah and Palestinian and Arab photographers were performing on behalf of the Western Media outlets.
If you think we are not serious then check out the best pictures on this on
Best described in this Wikipedia entry which in this case is factual
Palestinian sources described the events as “the Jenin massacre,” and international media and human rights organizations expressed concerns that a massacre had taken place.Subsequent Israeli investigations found no evidence to substantiate these charges; these were later substantiated by international human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch. The Palestinian death toll was estimated at 52 in early May 2002, while 23 Israeli soldiers were killed, and it was determined that a massacre had not occurred. Palestinian officials counted 56 deaths.[10]

Despite new findings following the battle, including a decrease in the official death toll, most Palestinians and most Arabs continue to call the events of April 2002 a massacre.[11]

(The antisemitic Arabs had been claiming thousands murdered. The figures above tell all about Media lies…FQ)

(The following is from BBC News of two days ago, August 29…FQ)


Pictures ‘show Georgia torching’


One of the satellite images (Courtesy of Human Rights Watch)

Satellite images have confirmed that ethnic Georgian villages inside South Ossetia have been deliberately burned, US-based Human Rights Watch says.

It said analysis by UN experts showed the damage “was caused by intentional burning and not armed combat”.

HRW researchers had “personally witnessed Ossetian militias looting and burning down ethnic Georgian villages”.

The group said this was evidence of war crimes and urged Russia to prosecute those responsible.


And so it goes on. This reminds one of Madeleine Albright who claimed that the Serbs had committed a massacre in Srebrenica and showed satellite pictures of a mass grave. The pictures showed nothing of the kind and the US never allowed those pictures be examined by an independent authority much less than by those she was accusing of atrocity, the Serbs.

In this business of spreading lies he who gets in the first shot, of lying that is, is on the winning ticket.

Following the jest by Mark Twain

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

And so it is with this propaganda put about by this extremely dubious outfit, funded by millionaire Mr George Soros, Human Rights Watch.


They do continue:

10 August, Human Rights Watch said.

“The images strongly indicate that the majority of the destruction in five of the villages – Tamarasheni, Kekhvi, Kvemo Achabeti, Zemo Achabeti, and Kurta – was caused by intentional burning.

“The high-resolution images of these villages show no impact craters from incoming shelling or rocket fire, or aerial bombardment.”

All of this adds up to compelling evidence of war crimes
Rachel Denber
HRW deputy director, Europe and Central Asia

The images were analysed by UN experts in Geneva, Human Rights Watch said.

“The expert analysis indicates clear patterns of destruction that are consistent with the evidence gathered by Human Rights Watch researchers working in the region,” the human rights group said.

The researchers had spoken to several members of the Ossetian militias who “openly admitted that the houses were being burned by their associates, explaining that the objective was to ensure that ethnic Georgians would not have the houses to return to,” it said.

“All of this adds up to compelling evidence of war crimes and grave human rights abuses,” said Rachel Denber, deputy director of the Europe and Central Asia division of Human Rights Watch.

“This should persuade the Russian government it needs to prosecute those responsible for these crimes.”

And so we move along and now the same thing is beginning to happen as happened following the retaking of Srebrenica by the Serbs in 1995.

1. Those who were there, especially the Dutch UN soldiers, were clear that no massacre of any kind took place

2. Yet the Media of the West gathering on Tuzla began to spread lies in the west that there was a horrible massacre

3. At the same time the authoritive Dutch Report working seriously at the same time was pinpointing these lying journalists, and affirming that no massacre happened


But this rotten media of a rotting western capitalist system knows how to operate and by constant repetition of a massacre “of 8000 men and boys” by the Serbs it became the norm.

The Dutch Report was buried and anybody who questioned the Media Lie became labelled as genocide “deniers”!.

And that, my friends, is the significance of the BBC giving all this space to this known lying machine which works on behalf od US and British Imperialism, of whom George Soros is thought to be an intelligence agent 


by Felix Quigley

August 30, 2008

The interview by President Dmitry Medvedev to Russia Today affirms everything that we have been saying.

1. This issue is not to be seen as revenge for Kosovo. It is connected of course, but it must be understood on its own merits

2. Until recently Russia had been supporting the unity of Georgia and was not recognising these new independent states.

3. The attack by Saakashvil, by the American Government (not their ordinary people though), with aid from Israel has changed everything and the clock cannot be turned back.

Moreover the interview affirms what we said, that Russia appeared as the defenders and liberators of the ordinary people of Ossetia from Georgian Fascists like Saakashvili and the US Imperialists. This includes as liberators of the Jews who have had their lives ruined by the destruction of the Jewish Quarter. Get this, Russia has come forward as the defender of Jews against Saakashvili, against US Imperialism, against the EU Imperialists especially Britain, AND against Israel also involved in this attack.

We on 4international are quite alone in taking this position.

Our position is in sharp contrast with especially Jewish American leaders. See:

Medvedev does not state it but we are quite explicit. Along with the destruction of Yugoslavia this attack on South Ossetia by (US and British puppet) Saakashvili represents the first shots in the war with China and Russia.

[Begin interview here]

Russia is Not Afraid of Anything, the Prospect of Another Cold War Included

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

Special Cases Everywhere

With the Russian parliament backing the independence of the breakaway republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, President Dmitry Medvedev gives his views on the issue in an exclusive interview with Russia Today.

RT: Immediately after Kosovo’s independence was recognised, Moscow said this could become a precedent for South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Today, you made a decision to support these republics’ independence. Why did Russia do it? Does this square with international law?

Medvedev: I’ll start with your second question. This is fully in line with international law. When the case of Kosovo arose, my colleagues said this was a special case, or, as experts in international affairs say, casus sui generis. Well, each case of such recognition is a special case. The situation in Kosovo was special, and the situation in South Ossetia and Abkhazia is special as well.

In our situation, it is quite obvious that we made this decision in order to prevent genocide and annihilation of these peoples, and to help them to come to their feet. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

August 30, 2008

We on this site separate from all on the so-called “Left” because we identify Zionism as the right of the Jewish people to have their Homeland and that this is Israel. This is also the position that Leon Trotsky took up in the 1930s.

For a defence of this position the reader could turn to because on this this writer argued strongly that Leon Trotsky in the late 30s was supporting the setting up of the (to be) Israel and was doing so with great urgency. This information had been and is still being totally obscured by “Left” and Imperialist alike. In the case of the “Left” – Stalinism has been a big factor. Not only did Stalinism murder Trotsky but they have tried to obscure his life history as well.

But what do we do when today Jewish organizations are ignoring the destruction of the Jewish Quarter by Saakashvili in the town of Tskhinvali, the capital of Ossetia.

Let us turn to Canadian website Israpundit, editor Ted Belman. This site is engaged in a campaign to have McCain elected to be President of the US. As part of this the site is totally in support of Saakashvili and it has thus hidden the reality that the Georgian state machine aided by the US, and with some aid from Israel, launched the genocidal attack on Tskhinvali just after midnight as the 7th turned into the 8th of August.

In the course of this attack the Jewish Quarter was destroyed.

[extract from previous post]

The Jewish Quarter in Tskhinvali after NATO’s Saakashvili struck in the early hours of August 8, 2008

August 21, 2008, 1:52 An entire Jewish area has been wiped out as a result of Georgia’s military offensive in Tskhinvali. Witnesses in the South Ossetian capital say there’s hardly a home standing in the area where the city’s Jewish population lived. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

August 29, 2008

What reactionary rubbish from Julia Gorin!

Her latest piece shows that she has had no clue what the war by US and British Imperialism against Yugoslavia was all about. This is where we separate totally from Gorin.

The war to destroy Yugoslavia and the Kangaroo Court in the Hague was really the first shots in the war to destroy China and Russia, and to capture the huge Asian market of decadent Imperialism.

The worsening of the crisis in capitalism in the recent years has meant that this is ever more the case.

Gorin in the end is an apologist for US and British Imperialism, for this decadent capitalist system, and is an out and out opponent of socialism.

[Start quote here]

Indeed, this Year of the Rat has seen the Olympics hosted by China itself – further legitimized by an American president’s insistence on taking the unprecedented step of attending an out-of-country opening ceremony. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

August 29, 2008

Since the very first minute we on 4international said that the Saaklashvili attack on Tskhinvali and South Ossetia represented the first real shot int he war of Imperialism against China and Russia.

This attack by Saakashvili also showed the limits of bourgeois nationalism. This was no ordinary Georgian nationalism, this was a Georgian “nationalism” captured by Soros and Imperialism and acting as a puppet for Imperialism.

In this which was the first blow struck by decadent capitalism, especially US and British capitalism (Imperialism) against Russia and China, the Russians are the victims as well as the Ossetians.

This is why all of the Media, including Jewish blogs like Israpundit, have done everything in their power in order to hide the reality of the Saakashvili attack. Israpundit and other American and Canadian blogs have yet to cover the fact that the Jewish Quarter in Tskhinvali was destroyed by Saakashvili and his American Imperialist and believe it or not Israeli supporters. The question is raised are they Jewish, or are they American Imperialist aided by the British?

So the statement yesterday that the US was directly behind the attack on Tskhinvali by Prime Minister of Russia Putin is of great importance. It has been covered by great Serbian blog Byzantine Blog today:

[Begin quote here]

August 28, 2008

Putin Hits the Nail on the Head (Several Times Over)

Vladimir Putin on CNN
“The fact is that U.S. soldiers were indeed in the area of conflict during the hostilities”, Putin told CNN, which then undertook some creative transliteration and translated the word soldiers to citizens. You just can’t rely on corporate media to tell the truth about a single damn thing! [video]

“U.S. Instigated Georgia’s Attack on South Ossetia”

“It is not just that the American side could not restrain the Georgian leadership from this criminal act. The American side in effect armed and trained the Georgian army,” Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told CNN in an interview.

Putin said the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict may have been staged to secure a victory for one of the presidential candidates in the U.S. He says preliminary reports show that the American soldiers may have been present in the combat zone.

“We have serious reasons to believe that American soldiers were right at the heart of the military action. This would have implications for American domestic policy. If this is confirmed, we will have grounds to suspect that somebody in the U.S. has created this conflict to aggravate the situation and create a competitive advantage for one of the presidential candidates”. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

August 28, 2008

As part of our discussion on Israel and Georgia I thought it would be an idea to republish this comment on a famous article by a friend of 4international, Max or Enigmax as he wittily called himself!

Is it not obvious to anyone with half a brain that Georgia led by Saakashvili is the US and British puppet and that he is the equivalent of say the KLA, or Tudjman, or Izetbegovic, who were the battering rams and Imperialist stooges against Serbia.

The folowing comment then by Max raises all of the issues inside a few lines. Revisit this discussion en toto to ascertain rather accurately the complete political bogland which is Israpundit on matters of political principle.

[Start comment by Max here]

Bill Narvey, you have completely missed the point and essence of the article! This post by Nathan Pearlstein has very little if anything to do at all with “taking sides” between the Islamofascist KLA Albanian terrorists currently in power in Kosovo who wish to create a fascist Islamist state versus the principled opposition to this by the governments of Serbia and Russia. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

August 28, 2008

We are going to be casting an eye on the contortions of Israpundit, the Canadian cum US Imperialist supporting website on the choosing of Biden by the Democrats.

What will they do? Will they expose the anti Serb and anti Russian nature of the politics of Biden. No! But that is the essence of the man.

To give us some background into this knotty problem of what way Israpundit will jump, peruse this report from the excellent Byzantine Blog. Remember Bill Narvey telling Nathan Pearlstein and his Serb chums to get the hell offen Israpundit!!!

[Begin quote here]

August 27, 2008

Biden Caught Ustasha Virus

Senator Joseph Biden

Joe Biden Caught Virulent Serbophobia from the Ustasha Clergy Back in the Early 1980s

When Obama’s running mate Joe Biden stated that “all Serbs should be placed in Nazi-style concentration camps” during Senatorial deliberations in 1999 over NATO aggression on Serbia, most of the world was unaware of the source of such virulent Serb-hatred one would generally be ashamed of harboring, let alone advertising. But issuing a statement that amounts to approval of the genocide Serbian nation had already been subjected to during the WWII, by the Croat fascists — Ustashe — and that it should, indeed, have been entirely exterminated in the death camps of which Ustasha-run Jasenovac was the most macabre chain of slaughterhouses in Europe, could have been inspired only by the pathological Croat Ustasha ideology fueled and grown on pure, undiluted hatred of everything Serbian. Continue reading