by Felix Quigley

August 4, 2008

Who is Phyllis Chesler and who is Pajamas Media?

At the end of an article I find this self description

Phyllis Chesler is an Emerita Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies at the City University of New York”.

I have also noticed Chesler promoted as a supporter of Israel and as an opponent of Jihad. I think I have seen her work being promoted on Israpundit. One of her articles goes like this:

March 7, 2007

How my eyes were opened to the barbarity of


Is it racist to condemn fanaticism?

The title of the piece above is

Dr. Karadzic, I Presume? The Monster As Healer.

Read the whole thing on


So allow me to say a few things about this lady…

Chesler is an ignorant buffoon of a woman. This woman writes a piece on the Bosnian War and the arrest of Radovan Karadzic without once referring to the Jihad against the Serbs by the Islamofascists backed by US Imperialist state.


And therein lies the truth of the matter. Chesler like so many others in the American Jewish LEADERSHIP scene is essentially an American Imperialist type. Why does she support the monster Izetbegovic (she does this because she writes a defamatory article against Karadzic without once mentioning Izetbegovic and that Izetbegovic as an opponent of Karadzic was an Islamofascist, a Nazi)


This is the giant hoax of Chesler and Pajamas Media Inc political campaign.


What does Chesler say about the Jihad against Israel by Hamas, the Arab League and Iran? I presume that she is opposed and we on 4international are indeed glad of that.


But what about that other Jihad against the Serbian Christians and Communists. She is for that Jihad.



Now this is the bind that Ted Belman of Israpundit has found himself in. Does Ted Belman agree with Chesler that Jihad against the Jewish people is all wrong, but it is all right if it is conducted against the Serbs.


So Ted has remained dead quiet, quiet as a mouse, about the arrest of Karadzic. But this lady Chesler and this organization Pajamas Media is not.


What do we as Trotskyists make of all of this¿? Well firstly we are totally on the side of the Jews as they face the Jihad of Hamas, Hizbullah, the Arab League and especially of Iran, all backed to the hilt by US and British Imperialism.


We also defend the Serbs against precisely the same Jihad, backed precisely by US and British Imperialism as well.


Furthermore we ask ourselves the question! What is it that the Serbs need? What is it that the Jews need? And we answer to that what is surely needed is the closest possible alliance between Serbs and Jews.


That means that Serbs must fight in support of the Jews of Israel against Islamofascist and US Imperialist Jihad.


And Jews must fight in support of the Serbs, specifically of Karadzic, against that very same Jihad and those very same forces!


We do not start from the position of those who support Jihad, in the ranks of those who support US Imperialism. Let these rotten characters stew in their own juice. We start from the objective needs of the Jewish people and the objective needs of the Serbian people.


Serbs and Jews were together during the Holocaust, suffering together. They died together in great numbers. And they must be together again. That has to be changed; it can and will.




  1. Pajamas media is not to be trusted. I’ve been banned several times from littlegreenfootballs for telling the truth about the Serbs. I’ve emailed Charles Johnson repeatedly.

    He is a liar, he knows he is lying. He is another ‘divide and conquer’ pseudo-friend of the Jews, no friend at all of the Serbs.

  2. Felix,

    yet another marvellous article. The articles on Srebrenica are so richly detailed,comprehensive and revealing too.

    We as Jews and as righteous Gentiles who care for truth and justice in this world have to ask the very same question of Phyllis Chesler as we would ask of Senators Joseph Lieberman and John McCain:

    How on earth can you support Islamist Fascist Jihad in former Yugoslavia against the Christian Serbs but claim to be against Islamist Fascist Jihad against Jews in Israel????!!!

    Ted Belman has still failed to adequately and honestly answer that question. I remember a thread on Israpundit when Belman replied to Nathan Pearlstein on this very subject about 18 months ago.

    Belman was adamant that British anti-Serbian bigot Oliver Kamm, the late US Congressman Tom Lantos and Senators Lieberman and McCain WERE [I’m paraphrasing somewhat here]…


    I think Nathan replied something along the lines of ‘Maybe Ted, perhaps they were possibly “duped” for a while back in the early 1990’s in the beginning when the war first broke out in Yugoslavia but for Heaven’s sake they have had nearly 17 years to get their facts straight.’

    Ted Belman’s response to this was once again outright rejection of the view that Kamm,Lieberman,Lantos and McCain KNEW who Izetbegovic, Tudjman and the KLA really were.

    When challenged on this yet again by Nathan that this was a lame cop out SINCE ALL THE FACTS ARE OUT IN THE OPEN AND HAVE BEEN FOR OVER A DECADE THANKS TO THE INTERNET, Belmans response was….

    Total SILENCE.

    In order to appease Kamm so that he would not sue him, Belman then proceeded to backstab Nathan Pearlstein by vilifying the poor kid in PUBLIC on the pages of Israpundit by FALSELY portraying him as an overzealous extremist who “has lost it” (meaning his marbles!) for attacking Kamm’s support of the genocidal Islamist Fascist and Nazi Muslim Brotherhood founder in Bosnia:Alija Izetbgovic.

    Not long after this incident, Nathan Pearlstein DISAPPEARED from the comments threads of Israpundit.

    I don’t blame him either.

    It is abundantly clear now that the late Tom Lantos,British pro-EU/NATO Imperialist Oliver Kamm,US Senators Lieberman,McCain, Biden et al in the US Senate and Congress ARE ALL CONSCIOUS DECEIVERS IN THE CAUSE OF APPEASING AND OUTRIGHT SUPPORTING GENOCIDAL ANTI-CHRISTIAN FASCIST ISLAM AND NEO-NAZISM IN THE BALKANS.

    Eternal shame on them all!!

    (PS: forgive the caps I used above – there is no way to bold or highlight the lettering in the comments field in WordPress!)


    Mick Tanzer.

  3. I just found this pretty awesome article, The Last Patriot, that sheds some light on the first encounters America had with Jihadis back in the late 1700s. Its a really interesting article worth checking out.

  4. Felix,

    This is an absolute bombshell exposing Izetbegovic and co as Islamist fundamentalists (i.e. Fascst Jihadists)!

    Major Bosnian Muslim newspaper – “SLOBODNA BOSNA” – in Sarajevo ,Bosnia, reveals in early 2003 that the greatest influence in Bosnia “during the last TWELVE YEARS” – since Izetbegovic came to power in Bosnia – is NOT some Western style multi-cultural, multi-ethnic secularism – as the BBC and Irish Times would have you believe – but the NAZI MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD !! [ Ikhwan al-Muslimeen ]

    [quote begins here from major Sarajevo Muslim paper, “Slobodna Bosna”]

    Muslim Brothers: Who They Are And What They Want

    According to Islamic experts (alim) we consulted in Sarajevo and Zenica-Doboj cantons, the most important influence on the local ulema in Bosnia-Hercegovina and Islamic religious institutions during the last twelve years was exerted by the organization “Muslim Brothers”.

    This movement was founded in Egypt in the early twentieth century in response to European colonial masters in Islamic countries and their conflict with the notion of the Islamic state based on the sharia law, by imam Hassan el-Benn [Hassan al-Banna] who was killed by the Egyptian authorities in Cairo in 1949.

    Police and the military in Egypt have been fighting an informal war against this militant movement for already eighty years. On 1981, Muslim Brothers assassinated Egyptian president Anwar el-Sadat.

    The ideological influence of Muslim Brothers arrived in Bosnia-Hercegovina with Bosnian students who studied Islam at the Cairo University Al Azhar.

    Through ulema (religious intellectual circles), early in the twentieth century, the influence of Muslim Brothers reached the founders of the movement Young Muslims. During the last decade Muslim Brothers had an unofficial representative in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

    Namely, humanitarian organization Taibah International, banned last year, was run by Muslim Brothers’ members. Omladinska organizacija F.O.O. [Youth organization] works within Taibah International. This youth organization is actually the European youth outpost of Muslim Brotherhood.

    [end quote here]

    Below is a full reprint of the original January 2003 article translated on May 10, 2004:

    [begin quote]

    Dossier: Young Muslims, religion, nation, politics
    Fishers Of Children’s Souls: Third Offensive Of Young Muslims
    by Nidzara AHMETASEVIC, Adnan BUTUROVIC, and Mirsad FAZLIC

    Slobodna Bosna, Sarajevo, Federation Bosnia-Hercegovina, B-H, January 30, 2003
    “Enormous and long lasting ideological repression, socialist atheist education, un-Islamic media, westernized intermediaries and missionaries, movies and theatrical performances with haram (sinful) content and messages, philosophical literature promoting agnosticism, deism, nihilism, absurdity, existentialism etc. All of that has formed among Bosniaks the feeling of loneliness and defeatism; they are not even remotely aware of the power of Islam; they still internalize Islam, viewing it as a ‘private matter’, while for the de-Islamicized (and loud) section of this people, Islam is a marginal, Arab, desert and exotic matter that does not fit in the contemporary life…”
    This is a part of the message sent by the professor of the Islamic Sciences College in Sarajevo Dzemaludin Latic and Mostar mufti Seid Smajkic to young Bosnian Muslims on behalf of the Foundation Talas Vakufa [“wave of Islamic charity”]. According to the official press material, Talas Vakufa was “founded with the goal of reawakening forgotten social values and bringing hidden truths back to life.”

    Both Latic and Smajkic in their activities follow ideas and goals of the movement Young Muslims, founded many years before either of them was born, in 1939. Although members of the Young Muslims movement were at the same time founders of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), they formally kept their earlier organization mode. Namely, Latic’s and Smajkic’s Talas Vakufa is only one mode of organized activities against “atheism, un-Islamic media, westernized missionaries, deism,…” which, according to some of Islamic intellectuals and religious scholars who agreed to talk for our magazine, are actually put in place through the Civic association Young Muslims. According to the same sources, one of the founders of the Young Muslims movement and the SDA in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Omer Behmen continues to informally coordinate activities of Muslim youth organizations that “carry out religious instruction, explaining what is correct and what is banned in Islam.”

    Some five to six years ago Omer Behmen was denied accreditation of the Turkish authorities for an ambassadorial post in that country due to his radical religious views. Deputy presidents of the Young Muslims movement are Mustafa Cengic, Edhem Baksic and Emir Mehmedovic, while Ismet Kasumagic is the president of the Main Board. Representatives of Young Muslims refused to talk with Slobodna Bosna.

    Tabacki Mesjid
    Members of the first (until 1946) and second (1946 to 1990) generations of the movement Young Muslims gathered in Sarajevo in Tabacki Mesjid [Mesjid in Tabak], located in Bascarsija in Halaca street. This Mesjid was constructed 440 years ago by Hajji Osman. It was named Tabacki after the craftsmen working with leather, who gathered in the mesjid. Alija Izetbegovic, Nedzib Sacirbegovic, Omer Behmen and other leaders of the Young Muslims movement gathered in this mesjid since the end of WWII, until it burnt down, after being hit by Serb grenades fired from the Trebevic Mountain.
    A young imam from one of Sarajevo mosques claims that the mesjid was reconstructed by a group of “dedicated Muslim students” in 1998. Our collocutor also refers to this group as “the third generation of Young Muslims”. Although Sulejman Bugari is the chief mualim for religious instruction, informal “guardians” of the mesjid are Omer Behmen and Nezim Halilovic Muderis, wartime commander of the Fourth Muslim Brigade in Konjic and hatib (person who delivers sermons, hutbas, on Fridays) of the Saudi King Fahd mosque in Alipasino Polje.

    In his lectures, Halilovic repeats Latic’s and Smajkic’s exortations.

    “Some four days ago a father and mother of four shehids were thrown out of an apartment in Sarajevo, so that an aggressor on Bosnia-Hercegovina could return to the apartment and annex 7 of the Dayton agreement be implemented! You could not see anything about this on any TV channel, while homosexuals and fornicators of the worst sort have their TV spots in primetime. Such editorial policy is justified by imitation of western trends that suit our youth! I am not convinced that such actions will take us to Europe, but I do know that they are definitely taking us to jehenem [hell], while Allah dz.s. knows best and He will make the final decision…”

    Tabacki Mesjid also includes a mekteb (primary religious school), while religious instruction is organized separately, and includes lectures about Islam, as well as the political situation in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

    The chief lecturer at the Tabacki Mesjid, also active in the King Fahd Mosque, is a Saudi physician Nahed Eneim, coordinator of the assistance arriving from the Islamic countries. Doctor Nahed Eneim instructs the youth coming to his lectures about appropriate behavior, Islamic customs, attitude towards politics, man, woman…

    Most of lectures at Tabacki Mesjid were delivered by Nezim Halilovic, Dzemaludin Latic, director of Gazi Husrev-Beg madrasa Zijad Ljevakovic (first cousin of Irfan Ljevakovic, one of defendants in the Pogorelica terrorist camp case and the owner of Jutarnje Novine), professor at the Sarajevo Law School Enes Durmisevic, former legal issues advisor at the Rijaset of the Islamic Community and currently an ambassador Dr. Mehmedalija Hadzic, hafiz Fadil Fazlic, Dzenan Suljevic, Ismet Busatlic, Zuhdija Hasanovic…

    Most of lectures dealing with the political situation call for struggle against secularism, communism, and Semitism, and for unification and brotherhood of all Muslims, regardless of their ethnicity or citizenship.

    The so-called “official views” of the Young Muslims very vividly describe “Muslim traitors” and “Communist infidels”.

    “We need not analyze Communists, we know who they are, what they are, and what they want. But, if ‘Haris’ party’ [Haris Silajdzic’s party, the Party for Bosnia-Hercegovina] did not participate in the ‘Alliance’ [for changes], Communists would not again be in power. The Party for Bosnia-Hercegovina (SBiH), led by Haris Silajdzic, aspires to represent the Bosniak identity, while their representatives are supposed to defend Bosniak interests. If Silajdzic were perceived as a true defector from the SDA, he would have ended up as many others (Abdic, Zulfikarpasic, [Muhamed Filipovic] Tunjo…), with only a couple of hundred of votes. But no! He was declared Alija’s heir, which created among our people the impression that everything was a ruse agreed by Silajdzic and Alija Izetbegovic. And the day of the vote on the constitutional reform came. Reforms that turned Serbs in Federation Bosnia-Hercegovina into a constituent nation, while Bosniaks in the Republic of Srpska did not receive an equal status. And the representatives of the SBiH in the parliament voted as instructed, so that here in the Federation everyone is equal, while over there (Srpska) Serbs are more equal than others,” Omer Behmen explained to young Muslim intellectuals on the eve of general elections last October.

    Crude Darwinism Or Islam
    The third generation of Young Muslims proclaimed new goals after the victory of the SDA, SDS, and HDZ in the most recent general elections. The program, named how we shall fight was written on November 26, 2002, and signed by Emin Granov. Not accidentally, this document was published a month after it became obvious that the SDA would again take power in the Federation Bosnia-Hercegovina, and that in cooperation with the “non-Communist” SDS and the HDZ, it will again control power on the country level and in the Republic of Srpska.
    Six goals of the struggle of Young Muslims do not include either Bosnia-Hercegovina or Bosniak national interests. The goals are listed as follows:

    Ideological instruction of individuals; Role of the community in our struggle; Creation of Islamic Society and Environment; Political and Economic Liberation and Unification Of the Islamic World; Establishment of the Islamic Order; Establishment of the Islamic Culture and Civilization.

    Young Muslims envisage three modes for their future struggle: propaganda war, physical and political struggle. Young Muslims talk about selection in which strong Muslims will survive, while weak Muslims will disappear.

    “They will keep telling us that our work is silly, that our goals are nonsense and that it is clear to everyone with even a shred of logic that they can never be achieved. We shall be, both as a group and individuals, ostracized. They will refuse to greet us on the street, they will refuse to talk to us or to hang out with us. They will deny us moral and financial support. They will mock us, point finger at us. They will cause trouble for us, all the time… In the end, they will announce a struggle to the bitter end, until total extermination. Obviously, in such a struggle our ranks will be culled as well, as those who are not dedicated enough and are weak and cannot withstand the propaganda war and physical struggle will leave. And those who persist will know how to return in kind!”

    In the part of the document entitled role and significance of Biological Factors in Formation of Personality and System, Young Muslims teach their followers about the ways in which their advantages may be used in their struggle.

    “Even if a person does not have a genetic predisposition for struggle, but if nevertheless forced by the circumstances to engage in struggle, because his conscience and upbringing force him to act, he may contribute to the struggle as much as those who are combative by birth. And it is important for us that he fight either because of his genetic or psychological predisposition,” the program of Young Muslims explains.

    Identifying Enemy
    “We must be prepared for struggle. As can be seen from the abovementioned, our way requires struggle. Even if we try as hard as we can, struggle cannot be avoided. Thus, we must prepare psychologically and technically for struggle. In our ideological upbringing and education we must especially stress and emphasize combativeness. We shall select and educate extremely combative individuals, decisive supporters of the Islamic thought. The fate of the whole movement rests on such men. During their ideological education they must not only become extremely aggressive but also must learn and be exposed to efficient methods without which struggle and victory are not possible. Besides, fierce struggle requires a certain dose of intolerance. If we become like that, there should be no fear for the future of Islam,” concludes the part of the program of Young Muslims entitled Struggle Must Come.
    Although it is obvious that Young Muslims are preparing for struggle, the document does not identify either current or future enemies. However, as early as April 2002, young Muslims did something that would be at the same time supported by Nezim Halilovic Muderis in his lecture, and last week repeated by second year philosophy student Amel Bahtijar.

    In April2002 Omer Behmen, published a statement on behalf of the Governing board of the Civic Organization Young Muslims under the headline Return of Communism, which essentially sketches the basic platform later used for media promotion of “student” Amel Bahtijar and his followers. Almost a year ago, Behmen writes:

    “… Repeated humiliation of Bosniaks and everything done by the Bosniak political and military leadership un the past period, fateful for this people, including the struggle for the survival of Bosniaks in this region, is the constant topic of this TV program (referring to 60 minutes, author’s remark). What is the origin of so much self-hated of someone who should perceive himself as a Bosniak…? Finally, one of chief characteristics of the Communist politics was that a Bosniak had to be arrested, prosecuted, questioned, judged and maltreated by another Bosniak, a Serb by another Serb, and Croat by another Croat. Bakir Hadziomerovic has very early learned his lesson and, hoping to impress his superiors and advance his career, he immediately hit at the top, while still working for the OBNTV, shamelessly soiling president Izetbegovic. Of course, that was his reference when he later moved to the Federation Bosnia-Hercegovina TV…”

    Student (?) Amel Bahtijar is parrot-like repeating these days almost identical demands, using almost the same rhetoric as Omer Behmen and Muderis Halilovic. The mentioned Bahtijar is also connected with Behmen by his birthplace. Although he falsely claims to be from Mostar, Amel Bahtijar was actually born in Stolac, just like Omer Behmen, as well as the former education minister of Federation BH and his professor at the Sarajevo University department of philosophy Fahrudin Rizvanbegovic. Amel’s father escaped during the war in front of the Croatian Defense Council [Bosnian Croat forces] that carried out ethnic cleansing in the Stolac municipality, and came with his family to eastern Mostar, where he became commander of a company in the Fourth Corps. As members of the Fourth Corps testify, he was among the first ones to introduce Islamic rules of conduct in Hercegovina.

    Muslim Brothers: Who They Are And What They Want
    According to Islamic experts (alim) we consulted in Sarajevo and Zenica-Doboj cantons, the most important influence on the local ulema in Bosnia-Hercegovina and Islamic religious institutions during the last twelve years was exerted by the organization “Muslim Brothers”. This movement was founded in Egypt in the early twentieth century in response to European colonial masters in Islamic countries and their conflict with the notion of the Islamic state based on the sharia law, by imam Hassan el-Benn who was killed by the Egyptian authorities in Cairo in 1949. Police and the military in Egypt have been fighting an informal war against this militant movement for already eighty years. On 1981, Muslim Brothers assassinated Egyptian president Anwar el-Sadat.
    The ideological influence of Muslim Brothers arrived in Bosnia-Hercegovina with Bosnian students who studied Islam at the Cairo University Al Azhar. Through ulema (religious intellectual circles), early in the twentieth century, the influence of Muslim Brothers reached the founders of the movement Young Muslims. During the last decade Muslim Brothers had an unofficial representative in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

    Namely, humanitarian organization Taibah International, banned last year, was run by Muslim Brothers’ members. Omladinska organizacija F.O.O. [Youth organization] works within Taibah International. This youth organization is actually the European youth outpost of Muslim Brotherhood.

    In early October 2001, the Ministry for Social Policy, Displaced Persons and Refugees, registered Eltayeb Ali as the official representative of Taibah International. Among the former members of the unit El Mujahid, this person is known as Abu Ali, born in 1960 in Sudan. According to our sources, he is the sheikh of the movement Muslim Brothers in Bosnia-Hercegovina. That function led to his arrest in mid-December 2001. However, Ali was immediately released. In mid-March 1997, Ali became a citizen of Bosnia-Hercegovina and was registered in Sarajevo, in the Center municipality. The citizenship was received based on the document issued in July 1996 by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bosnia-Hercegovina that granted him Bosnian citizenship. According to some sources, Eltayeb Ali still lives in Sarajevo and is one of the leaders of Muslim Brotherhood.

    Members of this organization swear to maintain strict secrecy; they are mutually connected and help each other as much as possible. Regardless of the shutting down of Taibah International, under whose auspices the organization was active, Muslim Brothers continue with their activities in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Namely, according to local religious officials who agreed to speak to our magazine, the arrival of one member of Muslim Brothers in Olovo, the village of Cuniste, confirms that Muslim Brothers continue their activities in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Allegedly, the said member has been living with relatives of his wife for a while now, with the excuse that he needs absolute peace for the type of activities he is engaged in. However, it is still not known what sort of activities those are. According to the same source, Cuniste is the center for production of printed propaganda material distributed to Islamic youth organizations all over the Federation Bosnia-Hercegovina. These organizations, in turn, distribute that material in schools, at the university, and elsewhere.

    In these propaganda materials the Muslim youth is urged to ignore Christian holydays, to support the struggle of Palestinians against Israel, to visit mektebs and religious instruction courses.

    Between 1999 and mid-2001 Taibah International received over $1.5 million in donations from unidentified sources. Also, there is almost no documentation tracking the way in which the mentioned resources were spent, except that madrasas in Travnik and Visoko were given $7,000 each. The “obligation” of Taibah International, as well as of Kuwaiti IGASA and the High Saudi Committee for assistance to religious institutions in Travnik makes a lot of sense.

    Namely, in June 1993 Travnik muftidom was reestablished, and imam from Prusac Nusret Adibegovic became its head. Ahmet Adilovic was the then director of the madrasa in Travnik. He had been educated in Tunisia and is a brother of Zuhdija Adilovic, professor of aqid’ah sciences and now an instructor at the Islamic teachers college in Zenica. They were the first contact for all Islamic missionaries from abroad in central Bosnia, who soon afterwards joined the military unit El Mujahid, and later worked as representatives of humanitarian organizations that will even later be denounced by the USA as financial supporters of global terrorism.

    According to financial reports, Taibah also granted unidentified sums of money to “instructors” Kemal Jaganjac, Kasim Asaf, Juso Hodzic, Abdul Muniemu, Elvir Husejnovic, Hamza Pivalic, Jusuf Mehmed Hasan, Malak Hirar, Irfan Selman and others.

    Where Does Active Islamic Youth Come From
    In conversation with our journalists, Bosnian ulema connected the activities of the Active Islamic Youth (AIO) with the Wahhabi movement. Although representatives of this organization claim that they are not Wahhabites, many of the distinguished Islamic scholars nevertheless describe the AIO as the core of Wahhabism?!
    “I fear that, if we do not act timely and do not take certain steps to protect our religious identity, we may end up having a lot of problems,” distinguished effendi Senad Agic, imam of the [Bosniak] Islamic Community of the USA says for Slobodna Bosna.

    “Certain groups already exist, they are becoming strong, publishing their magazines, they have their own radio stations. If that is not monitored and controlled, there is a possibility that traditional Islam in Bosnia-Hercegovina changes its outlook. Above all, that will confuse Muslims in Bosnia-Hercegovina, alienate them from correct practice of Islam, confuse them to the extent that they will not know what correct practice of Islam is. Already, we have different practices in different mosques. Also, I fear a possible appearance of the so-called ‘Algerian peril’. In Algiers, because of extremist Wahhabi teachings, many Algerians are converting to Christianity, which is unprecedented in history,” effendi Agic says.

    Although none among registered Islamic youth organizations in Bosnia-Hercegovina, including the AIO, admits to any sort of links with any other organizations, those links are nevertheless obvious. Financial documentation according to which Taibah International for a while shared offices with the humanitarian organizations Global Relief Foundation, which later moved to the building used by the civic organization Al Furqan confirms these links. An even more direct connection between Tiabah International, that is the Muslim Brotherhood, and in this specific case the AIO, is revealed by a suspicious payment of close to $48,000 to Almin Foco in 1998 at the time when Foco was the deputy president of the AIO. The financial documentation submitted by the AIO indicates that the AIO was financially assisted by the High Saudi Committee for the Assistance to Bosnia-Hercegovina and Al Haramain Islamic foundation, while they existed.

    In the Sana-Una canton, the AIO has most members in Buzim. Members of the opposition political parties frequently complain about threats coming from young men wearing beards, according to them AIO activists. Police has so far managed to identify two persons, one of whom spent time on several occasions in the village of Bocinja, and is also active as a host and guide for AIO members from other territories who are visiting Buzim. The other person was employed at the AIO headquarters while studying in Sarajevo. In Tuzla canton the hotbed of AIO activity is in Tuzla, Donje Maoce, Srebrenik, Brcko District and Lukavac. Namely, AIO members from these regions have established close contacts with Arabs who live and are active in Islamic institutions in Austria and Germany, and especially former members of the El Mujahid military unit. The center for religious instruction in this region is located in the village of Sizja in the Lukavac municipality and the village of Meskovici in the Kalesija municipality, while instructors are usually Arab sheiks (religious leaders).

    Although lately there haven’t been any terrorist attacks with deadly results in the Central Bosnia canton, graffiti insulting non-Muslims have started appearing with increasing frequency. Such incidents are especially widespread in Bugojno and Travnik, which are otherwise considered to be territories with largest numbers of terrorism suspects. As can be seen in a report issued by the cantonal police in Central Bosnia canton, members of the group Dzemat have especially drawn Police attention. According to police sources, Dzemat is an outpost of the AIO (…).

    Although in eastern Mostar the AIO has temporarily been disorganized [sic], its members are very active in Jablanica and Konjic. Unlike in Mostar, AIO activists in Gorazde have been organizing protests against reconstruction of houses and apartments owned by ethnic Serbs.

    [end quote]

  5. One thing I forgot to add about this utterly phony anti-jihadist and hypocrite, Phyllis Chesler…

    She entitles her article:

    “How my eyes were opened to the barbarity of Islam”

    with the sub-heading : “Is it racist to condemn fanaticism?”

    then consciously proceeds to lie through her teeth about Srebrenica, Bosnia and Karadzic!! HUH??!! WTF?!!

    What a lying Imperialist hypocritical b**ch this Chesler is!

    If Chesler was more serious and honest with her American readers she would have really written:

    “How my eyes were CLOSED to the barbarity of Islam perpeterated against the Christian Serbs in Bosnia & Kosovo for over a decade because I wilfully allowed my eyes to be closed or opened at the command of Washington like the good little Imperialist puppet that I am.”

    “Is it racist to condemn fanaticism?”

    “Well no, not really – unless of course the fanaticism is perpetrated by Washington’s proxies like Izetbegovic and the KLA, then you betcha sweet ass it’s racist to condem it!!”

    This Phyllis Chesler character is a real joke – an Imperialist fraud much like Charles Johnson of little green footballs – as jrob pointed out.

    She needs to be thoroughly exposed for the liar she is just like some of the reactionary pro-Islamist frauds on Frontpage magazine (eg Stephen Schwartz)

    Good work Felix!

  6. There’s another interesting Balkan thread on LGF from yesterday or the night before. The chief historical revisionists and holocaust deniers (‘medaura’,’a van hilton’) were refuted pretty well, but not entirely.

    There is a particular whitewashing of Albanian nazis that his site is pushing, and trying to portray Serbs as the actual WWII nazis.

  7. Mick

    I wrote to WordPress and got this reply

    Thank you for contacting WordPress.com. The comments are not being deleted – they are just being held in moderation. You can manage them by clicking on Comments in your dashboard. You can raise the limit by going to https://4international.wordpress.com/wp-admin/options-discussion.php and changing that 5 to a higher number. However, it only holds them in moderation – it does not delete them.

    The limit of links seems to be 5. But he did not answer exactly my question, which was how to find it. they modernised and changed things some time ago. But that seems ok up to 5 links is possible.

    There is a little debate on Chesler’s site at the moment. Ted has weighed in to support the Serbs but he should be leading on this on his site.

    I want to save my energy and write and promote our own site. But I do think that these wankers who mouth off about Srebrenica should produce the evidence. I asked somebody there to do so.
    It is he who makes the charge that should produce the evidence.

  8. Guys

    It seems to me that the issue of power is posed. The holding of Karadzic in that cell is what it is really all about.

    There is the Quisling leadership in Serbia itself. Then the Jews themselves are being betrayed by their leaders and are in ever greater danger as the clock ticks and Iran is enabled by US Imperialism to have the N Bomb

    meanwhile the clock ticks on capitalism and the boom seems to burst totally, the whole issue of credit sends shivers up their backs.

    There will never be a complete collapse of capitalism. No situation is ever TOTALLY hopeless for the capitalist class, and this si why they in the last resort turn historically to Fascism.

    On the issue of Karadzic we stand completely inhis defence without any conditions whatsoever. Not one condition on him or Seselj or any other Serb in the Hague.

    Yet we fight for our own independent programme, the essence of which is the necessary unity of Serbs and Jews.

    Because antisemitism is the most serious hatred of all with the greater implications.

    We need to recruit many young people to our way of thinking, and we need to begin some education on Trotsky and what he was all about on the site.

    The Serbs have remained true intheir friendship to the Jews, despite some confusion.

    And the Jews of Israel did support the Serbs. Sharon did oppose the bombing of Serbia etc. And there is strong feeling on Kosovo.

    Every little bit of work that you guys do and every little initiative, it all takes energy, is very valuable. Trotskyism is the future.

    I have looked at WSWS and SWP and they are not Trotskyists. That needs a little explaining but it is true


    minor typo:


    should read:


    from your friendly spell checker guy, Mick Tanzer 🙂

    PS: remember to check out Joshua’s brilliant comment on Israpundit exposing the lies of yamit82 and “BlandOatmeal”

    [more like “Bland-Brain-meal”] LOL! 🙂

  10. Serbs and Jews unite!

    My countrymen chose death over betraying their Jewish friends when the nazis occupied Serbia, while the Croats, the Bosnian muslims and the Kosovo Albanians either voluntarily formed SS divisions to help hunt Jews, Serbs and Gypsies or built concentration camps like Jasenovac in Croatia, killing over a million people.

    Israel has supported the Serbs, at a time when Europe and the US were busy arming Islamofascists and Neo-Nazis against us.

    Madeleine Albright “discovered” her Jewish roots shortly before NATO’s 78-day bombing campaign against Serbia, the only country in the Balkans having a history of defying fascism at any cost. This was intended to fool the Serbs into believing that their friends, the Jews, had betrayed them.

    Divide and conquer: the same old, albeit effective, trick as employed by this Philly person…

    The demonization of Serbs, evidenced by the shocked faces of everyone learning of my origin (I live in the diaspora), had one positive effect: I found out first hand what Jews had (and still have!) to endure; being regarded as sub-human scum and being blamed for everything, despite of mountains of evidence indicating otherwise.

    I further learned to view the Palestinian problem in a new light, you see antisemitism is covertly encouraged by the media’s constant portrayal of terrorists as “victims”!

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