by Felix Quigley

August 9, 2008

Tropas georgianas se desplazan durante un conflicto con separatistas de Osetia del Sur.

Georgian troops have attacked a small area which has a Russian majority, South Osetia. Note the very latest hardware, courtesy of US and British Imperialists!

We have now moved into the field of Neo-Nazi politics with the brutal attack of US puppet Georgia on a disputed area in which there is a Russian majority. It is called South Ossetia which lies to the North of Georgia. There is also another disputed area called Abjasia, which is located on the North West of Georgia (in the shape of a triangle with one side running alongside the Black Sea)

It is the Georgian pro Imperialists and reactionaries who are attacking. But it is US and British Imperialism (NATO) which is pulling the strings.

Harry’s Place are on holiday (!!!) but there is no doubt at all which side the Neo Nazis on Harry’s Place will line up alongside, with Nazi NATO of course.

We are now being fed a diet of lies by the BBC et al while the report and comments on so-called Israeli site Israpundit need to be seen to be believed! A total lining up with US, British and EU Imperialism on the part of this faux Israeli site! We will deal with this Israpundit treachery later! they are now truly a US Imperialist site bar none! What a shame! What a scandal!



This is the real situation as described by a Russian (Not a lying NATO Nazi source)

The report is by Andrei Areshev

[begin quote here]

South Ossetia: The War Began!
The night of August 7, Georgian forces launched an attack on Tskhinvali, which Tbilisi cynically described as an effort to restore the constitutional order. Just hours earlier, Saakashvili declared a ceasefire in the conflict zone, but the move was only a propaganda maneuver disguising the plan for a large-scale offensive. The timing is carefully chosen — the attention worldwide is focused on the opening of the Olympic Games, Russian Prime Minister V. Putin is in Beijing, and Russian President D. Medvedev is on a short vacation.Georgian forces are acting with extreme ferocity. A total devastation of the Tskhinvali downtown which came under Grad missile, artillery, mortar, and machinegun fire has been reported. Dozens of blasts shatter the city every minute. Tens of armored vehicles and thousands of soldiers moved into the conflict zone. Russian Peacekeeping Force Deputy Commander V. Ivanov said that the positions of the peacekeepers were not directly targeted or hit and that they continue to watch the situation in the region. However, the Ossetian side and Russian journalists say that the peacekeepers’ headquarters came under fire.

The offensive has already left tens if not hundreds of people dead. Nevertheless, it appears that the activity of the peacekeepers remains limited to monitoring the situation. Their inaction helps the aggressor — the Georgian side states that the Russian peacekeepers are not intervening in the conflict. The army of South Ossetia returned fire, but it has no potential comparable to that of the Georgian forces. Several Ossetian villages have already been seized and there is a possibility that the Zar highway linking the Republic to Russia will be blocked.

The statement made by Mathew Bryza in connection with the events is remarkably cynical — cunningly siding with Georgia and interpreting Moscow’s position in the manner of a downright hooligan, he blamed the escalation on South Ossetia. Earlier C. Rice said in Tbilisi that the US was entirely on Georgia’s side in the conflict, thus leaving no doubts concerning the US position. US State Department spokesman Gonzalo Gallegos says the US demands that Moscow exert pressure on the leadership of South Ossetia in order to achieve a ceasefire in the conflict zone. At the same time, the Georgian side is no more than advised to exercise restraint.

It is symbolic that Tbilisi launched the aggression on the anniversary of the fall of the Republic of Serbian Krajina. Its demise became a prologue to the next phase of the Balkan war – to the war in Kosovo, the NATO strikes on Serbia, and the humiliation and partition of the country. It has been said many times that the West is reusing the Balkan scenario in the Caucasus, and that this time Russia is planned to play the role of Serbia. Belgrade politicians who said 13 years ago that selling their countrymen in Croatia and Bosnia would preclude the Western aggression now pretend they were unaware that Serbia’s turn would come after the Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia.

Is Moscow capable to learn at least anything from the recent past? In 1995, the UN «peacekeepers» opened the way for the Croatian army which was killing Serbs, and these days we see Russian and Ossetian peacekeepers helplessly watch the Georgian artillery hammer residential quarters in Tskhinvali. In the Caucasus, the consequences of such helplessness are going to be catastrophic — there will be no respect for the weak country unable to normalize the situation at its border and to protect its citizens.

The situation can spin out of control and evolve to the conditions under which the federal authorities will be unable to control not only the activities of informal leaders and the mobs of their followers, but even those of the heads of the Republics of the North Caucasus who — in case the escalation continues – will start acting independently and attempt to somehow establish control over the process. North Ossetian President Taymuraz Mamsurov already said that hundreds of volunteers are on their way to South Ossetia. He said: «We cannot stop them». People from other Republics of the North Caucus and from Abkhazia are ready to do the same. As of 4 a.m. August 8, the border guards in North Ossetia did not report Russian forces crossing the border.

The Georgian aggression deals a heavy blow to Russia’s positions in the North Caucasus. In case it is «backed» by several terrorist acts (the blast at a beach in Sochi was a wakeup call), more than just the 2014 Olympiad will be at stake. The entire system of administration in Russia can be rendered shaky by several precisely targeted strikes, the result being a direct threat to the existence of the Russian state.

Sadly, the warnings about the long-term negative consequences of the passivity of the Russian diplomacy in dealing with the issue of the unrecognized Republics have had no effect despite being reiterated for years. The obvious truth that the Georgian authority so heavily armed by the West is not going to play games and some day will go all the way to the end was simply ignored. As in 1992 and 1993, it is Russia who will have to address the resulting problems, the difference being that today’s Georgian army is something much more serious than the gangs led by Kitovani and Ioseliani.

So far Moscow has reacted to Georgia’s aggressive intentions solely by uncertain calls for peace and invitations to sign an agreement not to use force, thus practically making the job easier for Tbilisi. Hopes that «things will somehow settle down» and that Moscow’s non-recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia will delay Georgia’s NATO integration — which was a decided matter – have not materialized. Tbilisi openly ridiculed such expectations and remained fully aware of its tasks and of the support of its allies. Unfortunately, Russia did not provide equally decisive support to its friends in the Caucasus.

At the moment, only urgent measures can remedy the situation. Russia should immediately break diplomatic relations with Georgia, and, in case the aggression continues, deliver airstrikes on the Georgian forces in South Osssetia (including the Liakhv corridor which is Georgia’s main strategic recourse in the de-facto Republic).

Only a prompt and resolute response can arrest the aggression and also prevent similar developments in Abkhazia, which would destabilize the Caucasus irreversibly. Statements like «we will not just stand by» and «we have an adequate response» are no longer enough. As the informational aspect of the resolute response, Russia should state that it opens an anti-terrorist operation aimed at countering the act of state terrorism and at protecting the lives of civilians.

Following the return to the status quo — this time ensured by force — Russia should immediately form a defense alliance with South Ossetia and Abkhazia and the Russian parliament should establish the status of the two Republics as associated subjects within the Russian Federation.





  1. Hello Felix,

    I just checked the link to Israpundit you provided above and saw Joshua Rosenberg’s comment writing very articulately, eloquently and knowledgeably in your defense and that of the position of 4International.

    I understand that Joshua (who has also written extensively for JTF under the name “4International”) has written some rather highly detailed in-depth articles for your blog – writing in the best tradition of FGW and Jared Israel.

    He really made yamit82 (the wannabe yambo-rambo) look like an ignorant reactionary fool (not that Josh really needed to, yamit does a pretty good job of that himself! LOL 🙂

    He also quoted at length articles just posted by our great Scottish friend from Glasgow (Neil Craig) who wrote a very balanced piece exposing the lies of the US/NATO Imperialist powers instead of the usual reactionary anti-Russian, pro-US/NATO Imperialist drivel emanating out of yamit’s twisted skull.

    It’s good to see that we are getting support from our good friends at JTF!!

    Here is Joshua’s simply wonderful contribution, in full:

    [begin quote here from Joshua Rosenberg]

    yamit82 claims:“This is typical of Felix who lets his hatred of America cloud historical truths”

    Actually you are dead wrong there, yamit. Felix Quigley only has love for America and the ordinary American people.I have seen evidence of that on numerous occasions both here and on his own blog. Felix has on numerous occasions condemned and exposed “the crude anti-Americanism” (Felix’s very own words) of the pro-Arab/Palestinian pro-Islamofascist neo-Left and has always emphasized deeply his support for the ordinary American people who support Israel and the millions of Evangelical Christians who do the same.

    Felix is against the globalist imperialist elite who run the United States and who are covertly allied with Israel’s Islamofascist enemies – the mullahs of Islamofascist Iran – despite all the anti-Iranian rhetoric we see on CNN and MSNBC which is mostly pure theater despite outward appearances.

    This was even exposed recently in detail by none other than DebkaFile

    The United States Bush administration has for the last 5 years worked very, very closely with Iran – both in Iraq and Afghanistan – as well as Syria and Lebanon.Iranian officials have exchanged military intelligence with the United States for years in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The US under Bill Clinton worked very closely with Iran for nearly a decade in attacking the Serbs in Croatia-Krajina, Bosnia and Kosovo by importing tens of thousands of Jihadist psychopathic “mujaheddin” killers from Iran, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia (i.e., al Qaeda) – led primarily by Osama bin Laden with the full knowledge of the US ruling class politicians Democrat and Republican – so that the Iranians and Saudis – with massive help from Washington – could murder en masse the Orthodox Christian Serbs.

    In the case of South Ossetia it was the Georgians who attacked and fired the first shots and drew first blood – thus by definition it is the Georgians who are the “aggressors” and not the Russians.

    Here is an analysis by highly respected Scottish blogger, Neil Craig:

    “South Ossetia is a very small place. Population 70,000, 2/3rd Ossetians (North Ossetia is part of Russia) & 1/3rd Georgians. There seems no doubt that this current round was started by the Georgian government, nor that some Russian peacekeepers have been killed.

    “There is no readily apparent just solution here. Let it secede & then have a democratic majority vote for union with Russia & the 1/3rd of Georgians will be annoyed. On the other hand the Georgian government is clearly killing civilians which is not to be supported. On the 3rd hand, looking at the map it is clear Georgia’s boundaries would be less manageable after secession – as Russia’s are after the departure of Estonia. Does Russia actually wish to be expanded by expanding a new minority group, however pro-Russian they may be?

    “Legally it is part of Georgia but then the same applies to Kosovo.

    “And that is the real problem. Georgia is a NATO satellite though, thankfully, not a NATO member or we would be committed to a war.

    “Damn sure the western press will be siding with the Georgians. Before the 2 elections in the ‘orange revolution’ in the Ukraine there were a similar 2 elections in the ‘rose revolution’ in Georgia, with exactly the same tactics, a party with exactly the same name & equally obvious western funding of one side. The only difference was that in Georgia, the opposition, having narrowly lost the first election, with western observers crying fraud, they won the second with over 90 of the vote, with western observers happy.

    “Georgia is thus now a NATO satellite. Our media, which managed to report Yugoslavia for 18 years without mentioning that the “moderate multiculturalists” we were helping were actually (ex-)Nazis publicly committed to genocide.I think they will again know which side they are supposed to report from.

    “The Russians cannot be expected to be neutral on this for 2 reasons. Firstly precisely because Georgia has become a western satellite in an area of the world where Russia has always been the only regional power. If they let semi-Russians be defeated, killed & possibly ethnically cleansed everybody will think they can push them around. Secondly because Kosovo has established a precedent.

    “If NATO can grab Kosovo then what Russian government can accept that NATO has a right to tell them the same cannot happen here? This was warned at the time of Kosovo’s “independence”. In fact up til now the Russians have been opposed to illegal secession, partly because they have stood for the rule of international law, when we have not.

    “Because Georgia is a NATO satellite & wishing to be a NATO member it seems unlikely that this war was started without NATO approval. If so it is an extremely stupid piece of adventurism. There is no genuine NATO interest here, unless starting a fight is in our interest. We should stand clear.

    “…part of the justification Russia gave for intervening was that Russian peacekeepers there officially had been killed. Let us hope this does not, in turn, happen to US troops [stationed in Georgia].

    “This makes it virtually certain the US knew about this in advance. Somebody on the BBC news yesterday intelligently pointed out that this attack has been timed to coincide with the Russian leadership being out of the country in Beijing. If they had reacted slowly Russia might have been faced with a fait accompli.

    “We can already see the media campaign growing [against Russia]. This morning the BBC said that “it was impossible to tell who fired the first shot”. This is a complete & deliberate lie. Whether justified or not, the first shooting was done by the Georgians shelling the Ossetian town [of Tskhinvali] it hardly justifies being called a capital.

    “There is a very real danger, as with Fort Sumter, Sarajevo in 1914 or the US order to British troops in Kosovo to attack Russian soldiers who had “liberated” the airport, of escalation. Fortunately in the 3rd instance the British officer in command refused to do so. Is South Ossetia worth the bones of an American or British grenadier?”

    Comment by JoshR — August 10, 2008 @ 2:20 am

  2. My name is Alexey, I am living in Vladivostok which is far away from southern part of Russia and close to Japan. I am watching lots of news – European, Russian, American and Asian, including CNN. I cannot keep silence any longer and I want to say the following. I am in perplexity how CNN reviews the situation about South Osetia. CNN is saying nothing about Georgian massive perfidious night attack on the capital of South Osetia without any warning after few hours when Saakashvilly said “We are not going to use any aggression.” CNN is saying nothing about killing peace forces during that night attack. I didn’t hear anything about killing thousands of civilians during that attack by using reactive volley machines that are burning the area and killing all around and not for dotted fire. CNN is saying nothing about resolution of the year 1992 (subscribed by Georgia) about peace forces that actually stopped the war between Georgia and South Osetia at that time and are keeping peace during 16 years and patiently waiting when Georgia and South Osetia will find any solution. CNN is saying nothing about Georgian forces killing civilians in homes, basements, streets – nothing about that in the next day after destroying 10 villages and the capital Georgian forces were not allowed take off injured people and shot the caravan with such a people. CNN is saying nothing about Georgian action when they flooded a part of the city and killed many of citizens in basements that didn’t escaped. CNN is saying nothing about Russian help of saving people with camps, food and medicines and nothing about why other countries are not helping. I do not know why; probably “west” consider some human beings as “people” and some as “gun meat” for politicians.
    CNN says that Russian forces came to capture Georgia, but says nothing about that they came to save civilians and push Georgian troops off the peace line where they were few days ago – that is all – nothing more. Russia respects Georgian territorial integrity, and during 16 years didn’t confess an independence of South Osetia and waiting for any peaceful agreement between Georgia and Osetia!
    CNN shows medicine camps with injured people without any (ANY!!!) comments from those people, just we can hear some music in background and CNN’s comments about how those people were shot during Russian attacks – such an outrageous lie! LET THOSE PEOPLE SAY IN CAMERA THE TRUTH!
    CNN shows how some reactive volley machines during night time shooting somewhere and in the background with tragedy music we can hear some CNN’s comments about Russian aggression, but nobody knows that the video is about Georgian GRAD’s that destroying villages during the first night attacks – such an outrageous lie! Just after that we can see a picture of Russian tanks – probably it works good for a “western” auditory for a brain washing – RUSSIA-TANKS – TANKS-RUSSIA – like zombing people as if such a military equipment inseparably bound with anything Russian because the pattern of a Cold War is still in minds of many “western people”, but it is no longer in minds of Russians – which is very strange to me…
    Probably for some politicians it is OK to say that black is white and white is black and big Russia is an aggressor that came to terminate a small Georgia.
    CNN says that Russia uses too many forces to stop Georgian “peacemakers”. I just wander who is going to calculate the amount of combatants that are needed to stop those who are killing kids at this time. Probably US will send some three super heroes from the Hollywood movie which might substitute “too many forces” that will stop the entire army of Georgia. Instead of helping the peace forces to save civilians and to push Georgian troops off the peace line the US helped Saakashvilly to bring more from Iraq – no comments, newer mind!
    Withholding facts and lots of lies – that is what I hear in CNN!
    I used to study in the US, I have many friends there, and I know that the most of the people there are good guys. I believe that in CNN many of those who serve for the true word and not for dirty politicians.
    Probably my comments will go in a trash can, because they are not good for Americans and some American politicians and they are not good for “correct brain washing”, but I hope that many people will read it.

    Sincerely, Alexey

  3. And as all of you say (i hope my comment will not be deleted) Georgia still goes on fighting and Georgian are killing its people, they bomb a lot of time its town Gori, using cassete type bombs (have no any) kiling foreign journalists, destroing its ships in town Photi and so on.
    Rusiians occupy our town Gori, Senaki one in the near Cxinvali and another near de facto Abxazia, all of you say Abxazia and Ossetia is rusiia. I say not, you are mistaken, none of the caucasian people are Russian, its Rusia who wants this.
    Alexi you say true you live far away to understand us, to feel what we georgian feel, may be CNN dont say something but it dont meens Georgia is US puppet.
    Felix you are well paid to say all you say. Georgian is never SELL and you do.
    You sit back in your chair and relax, oh pleasant, dreaming what to say bad about us and “desgrace” us. We people in Georgia stand and think what to do, how to make such amount of burials, peaceful peaple are dead, mikro vans and buses are bombed from your governments order. 100000s of people have no shelter and stands under blue sky having no meal. People beeng robbed and killed nowdays.
    AND YOU WANT TO SAY WE DO THIS? WE HATE OUR PEOPLE AND RUSSIAN LOVE THEM? Only Russians bombes like us its shame of your government.
    I dont think rusiian as nation are bad but your government make killing and leads you to have killers face.
    Hope dont remove.

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