by Felix Quigley

August 9, 2008

Belgrade protests

Righteous demonstration of Serb Patriots against the Neo-Nazi ICTY Hague Kangaroo Court run by NATO on the arest of Radavan Karadzic


Phyllis Chesler and Pajamas Media should beware! With the recent attack on Radavan Karadzic Chesler was moving towards the position of Harry’s Place and of people like Hoare and Kamm. Harry’s Place is a neo-Nazi organization according to the analysis which our site makes of the political situation of today.

The following is a letter which our regular contributor Mick Tanzer has sent to Chesler and Pajamas Media. In this letter Tanzer spells out that in setting up the Hague Court to condemn Milosevic and the Serbs the US, Britain and Germany have moved into the area of Nazism. Those who have supported this Court we can rightly refer to as Neo-Nazis.

Let Tanzer himself take it up:

[Begin quote here]

Here is what I recently submitted (he reports) to the debate on Phyllis Chesler’s idiotically ignorant and dishonest article concerning Radovan Karadzic on the “Pajama’s Media” website. Whether it will actually be published by the moderators is another story altogether:


The so-called Hague ICTY “court” is NOT a legal UN body at all.

The ICTY is an ILLEGAL institution set up and paid for by the United States Clinton administration and NATO – acting illegally via their dominant positions in the UN Security Council – in total contravention of the UN Charter – which stipulates that such “tribunals” can only be set up via the UN General Assembly.

This illegal NATO bought and paid for Kangaroo “court” known as the ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia) is NOT the same body as the PROPOSED ICC (International Criminal Court) which incidentally the US has refused to ratify since US officials and armed forces personnel would be subject to prosecution) nor is the illegal ICTY the same body known as the ICJ (International Court of Justice) in The Hague, Netherlands.

It is not widely known – thanks to the US and British media coverup – that Croatia resurrected the brutal World War 2 Ustasha Nazi genocidal policies against the Serbs beginning in late 1990.

The reason for this unspeakable event happening is that tens of thousands of emigre Croatian Ustasha Nazis – guilty of the Holocaust of over 1 Million Serbs, Jews and Romanies – Croatian Nazis who escaped after the end of World War 2 thanks to the help of US and British intelligence services working in close cooperation with the Vatican -largely funded Franjo Tudjman’s rise to power in Croatia.

[Franjo Tudjman was Croatia’s Holocaust denying, antisemitic, Hitler-admiring,genocide-admiring, pro-Nazi president from 1990 to 1999.]

The events which took place from early May to late September 1995 in the Serbian province of Krajina adjoining Croatia proper – the Nazi-like ethnic cleansing operations dubbed “Operation Flash” and Operation “Storm” by the Croats – perpetrated by Tudjman’s racist pro-Ustasha Nazi government – was the largest act of ethnic cleansing since the Holocaust.

At least 250,000 to 300,000 Serbs were ethnically cleansed from their homelands in Krajina and thousands murdered in a brutal Nazi-like expulsion campaign reminiscent of Ustasha operations against the Serbs and the Jews from 1941 to 1945.

The Krajina – or “Vojna Krajina” [“Military Frontier”] – is the Orthodox Christian Serbian province adjoining Croatia proper which was established by the Austro-Hungarian empire in the late 1400s.

Since the Serbs proved themselves over many centuries to be exceptional warriors against attempted Ottoman Islamic invasions of Europe, the emperors of the Austro-Hungarian Empire wanted the Krajina Serbs to act as a bulwark for Christian Europe against the invading Ottoman Turkish Muslim Empire.

A very good patriotic friend of ours in Israel wrote the following:

[begin quote]

The Holocaust of over a Million human beings -Serbs, Jews, Romanies in the Independent State of Croatia (”Nezavisna Drzava Hrvatska” in Croat) from 1941 to 1945 – perpetrated mainly in the massive Jasenovac death camp complex by the Croat version of Hitler’s SS and dubbed the “Ustasha” by the Croats – is a crime of unparalleled brutality and horror, exceeeding even the satanic crimes of the German Nazis in Auschwitz.

The Ustashe also worked very closely and were allied with the Arab Muslim antisemite, Hajj Amin al Husseini (the former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem) who in cooperation with Heinrich Himmler – the leader of Hiter’s SS – created the two Waffen SS divisions known as “Handschar” and “Kama”, consisting of tens of thousands of Bosnian Muslim volunteers.

Many mainstream Croats – certainly NOT the lunatic fringe of Croat society by any means -to this very day celebrate and glorify the criminal Croat Ustasha Nazi regime and revere its leader – Ante Pavelic -as a Croat “hero” and “patriot”.

[end quote]

Here is an excerpt from the superb pro-Israel blog – “4International” – shedding light on the horrific events which took place between early May and late September 1995 in Krajina:

The late Croatian pro-Ustashe Nazi and Hitler-loving, Holocaust-denying antisemitic president, Franjo Tudjman, wrote in his 1988 Croatian version of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, entitled: “Wastelands of Historical Truth”(aka “Wastelands of Historical Reality”) the following:

“The establishment of Hitler’s New Order could be justified by the need to be rid of the Jews, as well as to correct the French-British sin of the (post WW1) Versailles setup” and… “Genocidal violence is a natural phenomenon in harmony with the societal and mythologically Divine nature. Genocide is not only permitted it is also recommended, even commanded by the Word of the Almighty, whenever it is useful for the survival or the restoration of the earthly kingdom of the chosen nation, or for the preservation and spreading of its one and only correct faith”.

The prestigious US-based publication “Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy” in its January 1993 edition, wrote the following:

[start quote]

Tudjman, at the first convention of the Croatian Democratic Union (Hrvatska Demokratska Zajednica: HDZ), on February 26, 1990, said, in the presence of more than 100 Ustashi war criminals who had escaped the law courts and fled to international havens after World War II: “The Independent State of Croatia [ie: the World War II Croatian Ustashe Nazi state] was not only a mere Quisling creation, but also an expression of the historical aspirations of the Croatian people for an independent state of their own and recognition of international factors–the Government of Hitler’s Germany in this case.”

Tudjman delivered a speech to the Croatian Sabor (parliament) on the occasion of the proclamation of the Republic of Croatia on December 22, 1990. In the Constitution he proposed, and which was adopted, the Serbs lost their nation status within Croatia, and were relegated to the status of a national minority. The official war against the Serbs had been resumed.

Even before Croatia became independent, the Croatian Minister of Internal Affairs, Martin Spegelj, advised his colleagues: “We are in the war with [ie: against] the Army [Yugoslav Army:JNA] Should anything happen, kill them all in the streets, in their homes, through hand grenades, fire pistols into their bellies, women, children …We will deal with [the Croatian Serb Krajina town of] Knin by butchering.”

[end quote]

And here is [photographic]proof that Martin Spegelj’s verbal threats against the Serbs were not merely bluster or sabre rattling[photos courtesy of Julia Gorin’s blog]:

Here is a quote from the editorial in “Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy” magazine Volume 23, No.4 (May 5,1995), concerning the article entitled “Croatia Hits UN, Serb areas” [“Operation Flash”] by ISSA president, Gregory Copley:

[Quote]: “It was clear that Croatia wanted all foreign observers out of the way so that it could undertake a further campaign of ethnic cleansing against their own countrymen of Serbian origin. We use the words “ethnic cleansing” because the phrase and the policy was invented by the Croatians themselves.

“In any event, the war resumed in April in Croatia [Krajina]. The Croats, we know from independent UN and other testimony, took men, women and children from the Serb area which they conquered [Western Slavonija] and executed about 1,000 of them. Croatian troops were seen holding the severed heads of women and children”.
[End Quote]

I also encourage all of my fellow Jews to please read the following articles:


Tudjman & the Croatian Ustashe Nazi genocide of Krajina Serbs: Part 2

“Tudjman & the Croatian Ustashe Nazi genocide of Krajina Serbs in 1991″



Additional note by Felix Quigley

In the above Tanzer refers to Tudjman, the Father of the present Croatian State, speaking of the need for “genocidal violence” and refers to the Nazi regime of Hitler as an entity that the Croatians must work with.

But that in my opinion is still not the main feature of the present drive towards Fascism and why those on Harry’s Place who have supported this drive are in fact Neo-Nazis.

The main feature is contained in how Tanzer sums up the Hague Court

“The ICTY is an ILLEGAL institution set up and paid for by the United States Clinton administration and NATO – acting illegally via their dominant positions in the UN Security Council – in total contravention of the UN Charter – which stipulates that such “tribunals” can only be set up via the UN General Assembly. “

With this illegal Court we have moved into the era of Fascism in international affairs and those as on Harry’s Place who have supported this Court are indeed Neo-Nazis. If you support a Nazi Court you are in fact a Neo-Nazi, there is no room to manouvre on this score and there can be no confusion about it.

This is why the position of Chesler on Pajamas Media has to be challenged so strongly. Her position is most serious. She has moved towards the Neo-Nazi Harry’s Place and followers in the British Media.

Her words on this are most explicit:

[start quote here]

The monster was hiding in plain sight–working as a holistic healer, a health guru. I am talking about Dr. Radovan Karadzic of course who has finally been captured by his own people, not because his crimes repulsed them, (he was viewed as a hero), but rather in the hope that his capture and extradition to the Hague might soften their image as a rogue nation and lead to an economically profitable membership in the European Union.

The man, nay the fiend, is a psychiatrist and as luck would have it, I actually knew a woman who once was his patient. She was an educated Muslim woman, married to a Christian man, in a time when Belgrade prided itself on its sophistication and tolerance.

How could Karadzic turn on Muslims who were once his patients? (How could Nazi doctors turn on their Jewish patients and teachers? How could Mengele do what he did? How could the British-based Muslim doctors try to blow up the Glasgow airport?)

Ms Chesler, it is the Hague Court set up illegally, outside of international law norms, which is the Nazi entity here.

Yet Chesler is creating a case here for Karadzic to be the Nazi.

The juxtaposition in her sentence of Karadzic with Mengele is sickening and for those of us who support the Jewish struggle for a Homeland, which is Israel, a little frightening! That is the horrific and evil pit that Chesler’s support for US Imperialism has moved her into.

Tanzer above has given verse and chapter as to why and how the Hague Kangaroo Court was illegal, is illegal; it has moved outside of international law; it is a Nazi Court.

Ted Belman of Israpundit has replied to Chesler that the Serbs were the good guys. While that is welcome it is not near enough. It is not really a matter of good guys and bad guys but that we have moved into the realm of Nazi Fascist politics and in setting up this special illegal Court System we have thus very graphically and undeniably moved into the area of Nazi politics.

That is what must concern Chesler as a supporter of Israel…that she has allowed herself to be moved into that specific area.

We await her reply and the outcome.



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