by Felix Quigley

13 August, 2008

We have to examine the attack which Georgia made on the town which is called the “capital” of South Ossetia. Tskhinvali may be the capital but is really only a town. Numbers in this situation do matter to understand the nature of the CIA backed Georgian Government.

It is clear that this was a cowardly attack, unprovoked and done in the most cold blooded manner, using a situation when the gaze of the world was on the Olympics and when the Russian leaders were present at the Olympic Opening ceremony in China.

We also have to examine the results of this attack. If 2000 or even just 1000 citizens of South Ossetia were killed, do the maths and see how this would work out as a comparision with America. I make it many millions of America killed in one night.

I make this genocide on a scale that has not been seen since the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews.

Then there is as the Russians have remarked the strange treatment of the Media in all of this. This genocide is ignored, and is immediately pushed into the background. Then the lying machine of the Media based on anti Slav racism took over.

We have to also get an understanding of the nature of the CIA backed “Revolutions”, given by the Media various colours of “Rose” “Orange” etc. What a nice image, a “rose” revolution!!!

What kind of regimes did the CIA foist onto the ordinary people of these regions.

“Slate carried this article which may be useful now to look at again.

[begin quote here]

The Blush Is Off Georgia’s Rose Revolution

Another U.S. ally declares a state of emergency.

Protests in Tbilisi. Click image to expand. A Georgian opposition supporter falls as police disperse protesters
TBILISI, Georgia—It was a clear and cool afternoon—and the 90th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution—when thousands of protesters marched from Tbilisi’s central square to the nearby bank of the Mtkvari River Wednesday. On the sixth day of an opposition-led protest that had closed off Tbilisi’s main street, a growing number of demonstrators had been held off by gas-masked special forces and police since early morning. Canisters of tear gas were lobbed into the air with the sound and speed of shuttlecocks.

All this was a preamble for the coming event: A large group of peaceful demonstrators who had gathered at Mtkvari would be hit with tear gas, water cannons, and rubber bullets. By evening, Imedi, the main independent TV news channel (part-owned, incidentally, by Rupert Murdoch) was raided by the government. (“They are now trying to break into this studio,” the anchor announced seconds before the screen went blank.) Hours later, President Mikheil Saakashvili declared a state of emergency—sending all but government TV channels off the air and banning all demonstrations—claiming that Russia has been trying to orchestrate a coup.

Unlike many of its post-Soviet neighbors, Georgia does not respond stoically to police violence. What the opposition had not managed in six days of protest, the government achieved in a period of hours: galvanizing most of the population against it. President Saakashvili may have been lionized by Georgians as a populist hero, touted by the West as a democratic reformer, and hailed as the personification of President George W. Bush’s greatest foreign-policy achievement (barring Afghanistan), but his recent actions have left people scratching their heads. ”

How to put a nice colour tint onto this. Demonstrators are hammereed, an independent TV station is raided and goes off air, the great leader of the CIA promotion closes down television stations that night.

So this guy Saakashvili needs a little understanding. As the above remarks his image was as promoted by the CIA and its western Media:

“lionized by Georgians as a populist hero, touted by the West as a democratic reformer, and hailed as the personification of President George W. Bush’s greatest foreign-policy achievement ”

But if you look at the photo above his image was wearing thin with most ordinary Georgians. So this was a guy in crisis which may explain his attack on Tskhinvali. A desparate character!

Now it seems to me very obvious that if this attack killed 2000 of a 70, 000 population of South Ossetia then what was on the agenda of Saakashvili was the ethnic cleansing of South Ossetia.

Since it appears that the area is also key in the plans of the CIA in order to develop a pipeline through Georgia and on to Turkey (in order to bypass Russia), and since Rice visited with Saakashvili just weeks before, it is not impossible that the attack was coordinated

Now the latest blather from Saakashvili that the Russians are (as we speak) organizing concentration camps et al as in the Balkans shows that this man has been a student of the Islamofascist Izetbegovic. Also he seems to have caught on…any old lie will do!

Even if we know that this is lies not everybody knows this. The method of Imperialism and their puppets like Saakashvili is to go for a blanket lying approach. The more filth is thrown about the better. This is because they are quite craftily secure in their understanding of the Media, and in the anti Slav bias of the Media.

The Media is obsessed with Russia. Although the workers revolution of 1917 is no more and capitalism has been restored to Russia somehow they do not deep down quite believe this. There is something a little unhinged about this. Certainly it is racist.

Yes, I think we were right. This was the first real beginning of the US and British war on Russia and China. We have to continue to follow this story.

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