by Felix Quigley

August 14, 2008

The vicious attack by the Georgian Government at the prompting of US on the small Ossetian people is a major turning point. The Russians are now drawing all of the lessons from the destruction of Yugoslavia, especially the ethnic cleansing of the Krajina by the combined forces of the US and Tudjman Nazi forces. Many thousands of Serbs, including many elderly and children were murdered in the Krajina and hundreds of thousands were driven from their homes. We on 4international believe the same was tried against Ossetia by the reactionary Georgian leaders in league with US Imperialism. The wonderful Byzantine Blog is alive to the link with the Krajina bitter Serbian experience.

[tart article here from Byzantine Blog from August 13]

NATO Rewrote the Rules


Russia Will Not be Treated Like Serbia

By Dr. Michael Pravica

Re: “McCain calls for U.N. resolution against Russia,” August 11.

I must caution Senator McCain (who is known for his legendary irrational tirades) as we ponder Russia’s recent actions to save South Ossetia from total annihilation and genocide by Georgia lest we start WWIII.

Due to the eagerness of such people as Senator McCain to disregard international law in their fanatical and irrational actions against Serbia, Russia has seen the writing on the wall and is not playing by the “rules” anymore because Senator McCain and many other American “leaders” rewrote them: might makes right.

The West, via NATO, has set the very dangerous precedent, destroying international law, that by occupying territories such as Kosovo, “independence” can be illegally granted de facto.

Russia understands this new modus operandi and is vigorously preventing total ethnic cleansing and slaughter of the South Ossetians knowing full well what befell the Krajina Serbs in Croatia, now one of Europe’s most ethnically and religiously “pure” states courtesy of the United States. It doesn’t matter what the West says anymore, Russia will never accept to be treated as Serbia was.

The West has prodded Georgia to act against the Abkhazians and South Ossetians by training and equipping Georgian troops for this slaughter and giving Georgia’s fanatical and tyrannical president Mikheil Saakashvili hope that NATO will intervene just as it viciously intervened on behalf of the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (which has generously contributed to Senator McCain’s campaigns).

The key aspect of Western strategy is to deny Russia any ability to control energy flow from the Caspian sea region. For those who will inevitably criticize Russia’s justified response to Georgia’s unprovoked attack on South Ossetia they should first criticize NATO’s vicious and barbaric attack that punished Serbia for seeking to recontrol areas of Kosovo imbued with Islamic terrorists.

The correctness of the Marxist or Trotskyist analysis of history is being played out here. The above shows how US and EU Imperialists simply tore up the international law book and conventions in everything that it did in the destruction of Yugoslavia.

This is the great danger from Imperialism, as a system in its historical death agony it can only bring humanity back into barbarism.

And it is not enough to meet force with force, it is necessary to create a conscious leadership which can find the way forward.

We on 4international are standing in solidarity with the Ossetians, with Georgians who oppose their pro-Imperialist Gopvernment, with the Russians and with the Serbs. Our defense of the Russians against Imperialism is unconditional.

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