By Felix Quigley

August 15, 2008

The Canadian website called Israpundit and which claims to advocate for Israel has just published an article which will go down in history, but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons

[start quote here]

Deja Vu: Russia’s March into Georgia


Ossetians with Russian passports–ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland–same excuse. Godwin’s Law does not apply when someone is actually acting like Hitler or real Nazis.

Russian Army Marches into Georgia (Nazis in Poland)

Deja Vu: Russian Army Marches into Georgia (Nazis in Poland)


This must be unprecedented in Jewish history, to so freely and falsely throw this label of Nazi around like Levinson and Israpundit do here. But hey, no matter about the Saakashvili attack on Ossetia which looked like genocide and ethnic cleansing reminiscent of the Fascist Tudjman and the Krajina!

It is indeed a cowardly thing for Levinson to do and it is extremely reactionary of the editor Ted Belman to allow this to be placed on Israpundit. How can Levinson compare the present Russian intervention in Georgia in order to save Ossetians from genocide and ethnic cleansing with Nazism. And this coming from a Jew and from a Jewish site is most damaging. It has to be answered NOW by ALL Jews.

Also comments to Levinson must be answered as well. Such as:

[start quote here]

  1. Regardless who and how this really started, it was planned by Russia. Now the US and their gutless friends in Western Europe had better start their draft systems and build up a competent military able to face off Russian tyranny. This ain’t going away so face up to the probability for WWIII or IV. One may think that our citizen population is hard up now, just wait, this will be real sacrifices.
  2. Comment by Ed D — August 14, 2008 @ 7:39 pm


In my opinion, this whole situation has occurred because of our efforts to be politacally correct. Both Bush and Obama are guilty for the following reasons: Bush, who came out strongly to face terrorism and then melted like butter on a hot range, then averyone knew he would not defend Israel or any other nation. Obama, who thinks that by showing love and lack of knowledge of the world’s scene, terrorists and Russians will put flower petals in their gun barrels. He hasn’t a clue.

Comment by Ed D — August 14, 2008 @ 7:47 pm

If it were possible to get worse than the above racism of Ed D look at this

[start quote here]

We should immediately say, “Screw the Russians! We’re moving into Syria too and removing the Syrian President too! After hearing all of their speeches spoken against Israel and America, it’s time to give them a taste of their own medicine by kicking their ass right now! Do we have any good ass kicking leaders? Jesus kicked ass on his way into Jerusalem – so why can’t we? We can tell the Iranian President, “Jesus Christ kicked some ass, so we have no problems kicking your ass too you little piece of shit!” As for the Russian President – we should show him that he’s not the boss! If we didn’t have so many butt fuckers in the democratic congress, perhaps we could get more done, but Mr. Edwards is too busy playing with vaginas while promoting homosexual rights and ignoring his needy neighbors to really care – and for the rest of these brown nosing ass kissing democrats – to hell with them all – a curse on their evil convention! Does everyone want a war – well, I’ve summoned my God Father, who happens to own planet earth – and for all of you who have tried to mess with God’s People Israel – with any of God’s Innocent people – your time left on earth is short – kiss your asses goodbye! It’s almost time for some wrath to show the world – Who’s THE BOSS?

Comment by Michael Sunstar — August 15, 2008 @ 2:04 am

On a separate piece about Kenneth Tinneman another writer es`poses his extreme bias against Russians

comment by Jerry Gordon

My friend, Ken Timmerman, has it exactly right in this article about what Putin’s KGB thugocracy is doing in the ‘great game’ of the 21st Century by attacking Georgia …

Yesterday we wrote the following

Israpundit is a Jewish advocacy website, it began as such, but now it is little more than an arm of US Imperialism. This is shown most clearly in its support for McCain. This continual use of Israpundit as a mouthpiece for McCain is now complicated even further by what Georgia did to the Ossetians.

McCain has a record of being among the most blood thirsty enemies of the Serbs. He along with Joseph Lieberman, who was a Democrat while McCain is a Republican, allied with the Islamofascist Izetbegovic in Bosnia and with the terrorist (according to the US State Department itself) KLA in the Serbian province of Kosovo.

You see we did not have long to wait for confirmation of this assessment.


  1. I’m putting up a bit of a fight over there, but it seems to be hijacked by cheerleaders for the US State Department…maybe he’s being acquired by the Serbophobic/Russophobic pajamas media…

  2. Good work jrob!

    I’ll have to rethink my decision never to post on Israpundit again and post a comment in support of you.

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