by Felix Quigley

August 16, 2008

I have come across an interesting url on the web. I found it when reading comments on a small site (details later)

You may want to try to get some information from XO Moskvy.  


The link will take you to the translated pages on Google if you don’t read Russian.  XO Moskvy tends to be a more independent source for news in Russia compared to the other state-run news outlets.  

The “official” reports are very fishy so I don’t trust them too much.



Oh, how interesting – thanks so much.

Information like this from the Russian analysts is like gold dust to us. This is what we found in the Yugoslavia experience. The small Yugoslavia press was completely dwarfed by the power of the US and British Media machine. In the end this is what it was all about.

The above seems to be an attempt to take articles and translate them. The translation is done by automatic machine or software so it needs to be understood in that way.

A small example that I have looked up gives a flavour:

[begin quote here]

16.08.2008 15:09: controversial information comes from the Georgian city of Gori

Зам. Deputy. начальника Генштаба Анатолий Ноговицын утверждает, что российских войск там нет. Chief of General Staff Anatoly Nogovitsyn claims that Russian troops is not there. В ходе конфликта разведывательные группы заходили в Гори, но потом покинули его. During the conflict, reconnaissance group came in Gori, but then left him. Ноговицын также отметил, что нет военных и в грузинском городе Поти. Nogovitsyn also noted that there is no war and in the Georgian city of Poti. Вместе с тем, в Тбилиси утверждают, что в городе Гори по-прежнему находятся регулярные части Вооруженных сил России. However, in Tbilisi claim that the city of Gori are still part of regular armed forces of Russia. Кроме того, там говорят, что российские войска контролируют участок автотрассы, которая соединяет Тбилиси с Цхинвали. In addition, there are told that Russian troops control the plot along, which connects with Tbilisi Tskhinvali.

Ah, surprise again! Bringing it across into WordPress has included the Russian too!


As a matter of courtesy I will edit details of site where I found the url later

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