by Felix Quigley

August 18, 2008

The BBC post of yesterday shows that Russia is being totally and formally encircled by NATO.

The attitude of the BBC is that NATO is a collective of independent states geared only to preserving peace. As our colleague JoshR said on Israpundit after what happened in the bombing of Yugoslavia, and the tearing away of Kosovo from Serbia, this is a joke which leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.

Let us go back and keep repeating the truth. Saakashvili with the clear support of NATO, led by the US, attacked South Ossetia. This attack was obviously very violent and what war crimes they committed is still uncertain. But I doubt if it was pleasant. Reporters who were there said that much of the town was hit by rocket fire, and the town was shattered. The story of what happened has still not been told in the West. That means that ordinary people are in ignorance of what happened to the Ossetians and that this was the initial attack has been hidden.

The Russians were prepared for this and immediately moved in. That means that it is likely that the US with their great reconnaisance ability knew that Russian troops were at the ready on the northern border.

Did they gamble that the Russians would do nothing? Very unlikely!

So then they anticipated the Russian counterattack, and working with their Polish and Ukrainian puppets they have used the situation in Georgia to move the encirclement of Russia up another gear.

Is this pushing conspiracy politics too far? Not at all! Thyere are whole academies in the US connected with the CIA which plans many moves ahead.

Poland as the BBC report below makes clear has in recent days declared formally against Russia, and yesterday Ukraine. It seems that the war against Russia (and China) is being ratcheted up by this decaying capitalist system represented by Britain and US.

All of these happenings are going on behind the backs of ordinary Americans and British.

Also behind the backs of Jews. If Jews knew the dangers that this may lead to from Iran they would be most perturbed by the NATO actions. There is every likelihood that because it feels itself in danger that Russia will give Iran special arms and assistance against Israel. And that again will be welcomed by the antisemites in the US State Department.

For the record on Ukraine this is what the BBC wrote:

[start quote here]

Ukraine offers West radar warning

Viktor Yushchenko (file)

Mr Yushchenko said only a collective security pact could protect Ukraine

Ukraine has said it is ready to make its missile early warning systems available to European nations following Russia’s conflict with Georgia.

The foreign ministry said Moscow’s abrogation earlier this year of an accord involving two tracking stations allowed it to co-operate with others.

President Viktor Yushchenko said his country could ensure its sovereignty only through collective security.

Last week, Kiev limited the freedom of movement of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

The move came after several of the fleet’s warships, based at Sevastopol in Ukraine’s Crimea’s peninsula, were deployed along the Georgian coastline.

Moscow denounced the restrictions as anti-Russian and said its military commanders would answer only to the Russian president.

‘Unprecedented situation’

In a statement, Ukraine’s foreign ministry said that because the country was no longer party to the 1992 agreement with Russia on the use of its radar stations, it could now “launch active co-operation with European nations”.

Only a collective security system will provide the highest international guarantees… that could prevent any actions like those which occurred in… South Ossetia
President Viktor Yushchenko

This might include “the integration of Ukrainian elements of missile early warning and space control systems with those of foreign countries that are interested in gathering space data”, it said.

Earlier this week, President Yushchenko issued a decree putting an end to Ukraine’s participation in the accord in view of Russia’s abrogation of it.

He said the situation was unprecedented and showed that his country could only ensure its national sovereignty through collective security.

Only that, he said, “could prevent any actions like those which occurred on 7-8 August at first in South Ossetia, and then in other regions of Georgia”.

BBC diplomatic correspondent James Robbins says the decision is evidence Ukraine is now more desperate to embrace the West as its fear of Russia intensifies and Moscow seemingly becomes more determined to prevent any neighbouring states from joining Nato.

Russia clearly sees Nato as America’s sphere of influence, despite US President George W Bush’s insistence that it is a purely defensive alliance of sovereign democracies, our correspondent says.



All of these moves to war on Russia and on China is being played out behind the backs of the American people. The US Government has millions of ways to keep the American public diverted.

The issue revolves around leadership. The trade union leaders are in the pocket of the American State, bought and paid for years ago. The so called Left has betrayed socialism, people like you find on Counterpunch being sympathetic to Islamofascism. Renegades from Trotskyism cannot defend Russia unconditionally. Into this category go the likes of WRP, WSW·S and the SWP in London.

At least we can develop a cadre which can learn the lessons from this and which can lay the basis to a true leadership in the days ahead. 


  1. Hi Felix,

    the wacko nutjob (supposedly Jewish) wannabe “Rambo” (dubbed “Yambo” by an Israpundit reader) is up to his old reactionary and rabid anti-Russian propagandist tricks again.

    This time he posted some outrageous racist, fascist like propaganda lies against the Russian forces in Georgia/South Ossetia (gutter-like lies reminiscent of the Izetbegovic Islamofascist, US government and Western media Goebbels-like hate propaganda against the Serbs during the ’90s) this time accusing the Russians of deliberately murdering women and children in cold blood!!

    Please Felix, do not be conciliatory or agree with ANYTHING this reactionary, racist freak posts on Israpundit!!

    This Nazi-like propaganda against the Russians spewed out on Israpundit – a supposedly “Jewish” website – by the likes of the wacko nutjob freak known as “yamit82” – devoid of even a shred of hard documented evidence – is enough to make you want to throw up!

    This is the same “yamit82” who on Israpundit recently advocated the **beheading** of Christian evangelical missionaries in Israel and the **burning** of Christian churches!!


    [start quote here by “yamit82”]

    Report from the Georgian Front

    By Ilana Freedman

    As we continue to follow the war in Georgia, and make no mistake, the war is still on; our exclusive sources on the ground have been filling in some of the gaps. A team went out on reconnaissance last night to assess the damage and came back with stories you won’t see on the news. Their trip took them well into the next day, and they returned with much to tell about what they had seen.

    The first thing our source told me was that in spite of all the stories of Russians continuing to move throughout Georgia, the team saw few signs of movement. The Russians seem to be staying in place for the moment. But the team met a group of Russian soldiers, with whom they stopped to talk. The soldiers were angry and bitter because they had clearly outrun their supply chain and were forced to forage for food and clothing.

    “This is not right,” one said, “The Georgians live like kings, while we are forced to live like beggars.”

    Another soldier was particularly angry. “I was told we were going on a training mission, but here I am in Georgia, fighting my brothers!” he told our source.

    [Editor’s comment: These soldiers were duped by their own leaders. They forgot, perhaps, (or maybe he never knew) that Georgia had been a thriving capitalist society for some time (until the Russian Bear descended in all its fury last week), and the fruits of democracy have been reflected in a higher standard of living than he has probably ever seen.

    Considering that it was these very soldiers who overran this country with such massive and brutal force, a warm welcome should not have been expected. It seems that the Russian government has left its own soldiers to fend for themselves, most probably in order to create as much chaos and destruction as possible.]

    Our source said that along on their way, his group also met a Georgian grandmother, weeping over the deaths of her two grandchildren, 12 and 14 years old. She told them that the children had gone out to fetch water, but were stopped by Russian soldiers who shot and killed them both.

    Our source also reported that on Saturday, the Russians set fire to one of Georgia’s national forests at the Borjomi Gorge, a scenic canyon located in central Georgia’s Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park. According to other corroborating reports, the Russians started the fires by dropping incendiary devices from military helicopters. The park is one of Europe’s largest, and the springs that produce Georgia’s popular mineral water are located there.

    Russian military helicopters were reported to have bombed the nearby city of Borjomi and settlement of Tsemi, using the same method. The Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked Turkey for assistance to combat the fires, but reported that Russian air patrols refused to allow the firefighters access to the park. The only reason for such actions would be to ensure that as much damage is inflicted on Georgia as possible.

    The Russian helicopters were also reported to have destroyed a key railway bridge, a major link between Tbilisi and Georgian port of Poti, which the Russians have also largely destroyed. The destruction of the bridge essentially broke the railway links between the eastern and western parts of the country, and also severed one of the escape routes being used by Georgian refugees fleeing from the Russian-occupied territories to safer places.

    Georgia’s Interior Ministry has also accused the Russian-backed militia members of seizing thirteen Georgian villages and a power plant. Our source told us that these irregulars are not local, but came through the Roki Tunnel from Russia with the Russian troops. The tunnel runs under the Caucasus Mountains, between Russia and Georgia, and provided the open access that Russia needed to send her forces into Georgia so efficiently.

    These irregulars have been accused of ferocious acts of looting and of committing atrocities on the local population wherever they have gone. Their job, it seems, is to run amok in the wake of the Russian troops, do their worst, but give deniability to the official Russian military. All these activities are in violation of a new cease-fire agreement that Russia and Georgia signed on Friday.

    While the agreement called for the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops, the Russians refused to set a date and withdrawal seems unlikely in the foreseeable future. When US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was asked about these reports on Saturday, she responded limply, “The Russians perhaps are already not honoring their word.”

    While Russia’s Vladimir Putin claims that ‘only’ dozens have been killed in the fighting, some reports from Georgia put the death toll as high as 2,000. Considering the magnitude and ferociousness of the Russian onslaught, the higher number seems far more likely. To put it in perspective for a Western reader, that death toll in a week’s time is equivalent to half the American death toll in Iraq over a five year period.

    Putin has called Georgia’s aggression in South Ossetia as “complete genocide”. Putin, a graduate of the KGB, and now de facto ruler of 21st century Russia, is wrong. The damage from Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia pales in comparison to the utter devastation of the entire country of Georgia by Putin’s army.

    [Editor’s comment: Why is Russia inflicting so much destruction on Georgia? All that was needed to stop Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia was a small response. Yet Russia put the full might of its military into this war and moved its forces from one end of Georgia to the other, on the ground, in the air, and from the sea.

    I have been told that Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who served for over fifteen years in the KGB, never forgets a slight. It has also been reported in the international press that Georgia’s president, Mikheil Saakashvili, who is known for his flamboyant and often impulsive rhetoric, once called the Russian “Lilli-Putin”, an insult that Putin has placed on file for retribution.

    Is this devastating destruction of Saakashvili’s country payback for the insult? (I am told that this is altogether possible. In Moscow, Putin has called Saakashvili a lunatic and a pariah, and Putin is known as a dangerous opponent.) Is it part of a larger plan for a greater Russia? Is it a bold statement to the Western world that Russia is now prepared to be a major force in the global arena and will use whatever force is necessary to make its point?

    Quite possibly it is all of these and more. No simple answers will suffice in this very public show of force. But force against democratic society requires a forceful response, one which we have not given. Just as Georgians stood beside America in Iraq, we must now stand beside them in this grave hour of their imminent demise. Weak statements of support no longer suffice. They will make us all vulnerable in the face of power-hungry opponents, which Putin has now declared Russia to be.]

    Comment by yamit82 — August 18, 2008 @ 12:26 pm

    [end quote by yamit82]

  2. Mick

    Yanit82 is crazy. You do not know where you are with him.

    One time he stands for Jews being alone and presumably independent. Next he lines up behind this filth.

    Who is this Canada Free Press? Is this CIA?

    Their pics are phoney, all of them. And they are protected by copywrite.

    Does Belman know anything about this Canada Free Press?

    This old man appears in Spanish ABC daily today in another action entirely (page 26 ABC )

  3. Felix,

    if yamit82 is sane, then so is every patient in a psychiatric ward. So of course you are right, the guy is completely nuts.

    Canada Free Press is a stereotypical old-school (i.e. Cold War era) conservative, right-wing, bourgeious, reactionary pro-Imperialist website.

    The only good article CFP has ever published was one BASED ON, IN PART, material published by Ted Belman of Israpundit (which was an article by Nathan Pearlstein and Peter Robert North “The Real Srebrenica Genocide” originally published on 4International)

    But even in that article the Canada Free Press journalist screwed up big time and confused the slaughter of nearly 4,000 Serb peasants in Srebrenica, Bosnia by Izetbegovic’s Islamofascist Bosnian terrorist – Naser Oric – with the slaughter of Serb innocents in Kosovo by the Albanian KLA!

    I am told by friends in the Jewish community that Nathan Pearlstein repeatedly wrote to them soon after the article was published to correct their mistake and they just ignored his emails!

    That should tell you something about the way Canada Free Press treats its readers and sources.

    I have not read anywhere (so far) that Canada Free Press is CIA/Soros funded but considering the pro-imperialist anti-Russian garbage they publish, it would not surprise me.

    By the way, have you been reading the tit-for-tat catfight yamit82 and “NonameDenton” are engaging in lately over who is the SUPERIOR & ‘PROPER’ JEW representing the ‘REAL’ JUDAISM?

    It’s hilarious!

  4. One gets the impression that it is all a western setup: NATO, THE US, THE PRESS, THE VATICAN. Was this what the Pope meant by his anti-secular crusade!!!!


    Why did the Irish reject Lisbon?

    There is the small answer, the big answer and the in-between answer to this question

    The small answer: The irish rejected Lisbon because the Rocco Buttigleoni, the Popes’ friend, was not given the job of EU Commissioner for Justice.

    The Big Answer: The Irish rejected Lisbon because the Pope wants Europe to know that he really is Caesar’s Messiah’s Vicar on earth (I think he has given up his rank in the next world!) and that secular society, especially its Russian and Chinese form, being recalcitrant to his advices, are getting on Caesar’s nerves.

    The In-between Answer: The Irish rejection of Lisbon was orchestrated to operate in tandem with the Poles unilaterally installing missiles aimed at Russia’s neck (justified by the planned agitation in Georgia) and Tibet’s Buddhist-Inspired provocation of China.

    To understand how these answers fit into a single time-span that operates as a constant force in the world, one must be both a Catholic and a Pope. But laymen can get a glimpse of the Pope’s shenanigans by recalling some well-worn Papal methods of engagement. These, also, have a long-term as well as a short-term perspective.

    But to have one’s convictions confirmed immediately , all one has to do lately is read the Irish media’s coverage of Cardinal Daly’s latest outpourings on Lisbon and the EU. Being a consummate cleric, if you want to get to the marrow of things Catholic you listen to the imprecatory text, which of course, since the time of Caesar, intoned the evil which defines the Church universal and apostolic.

    In various bits and pieces the Cardinal gets in his defense of Catholic schooling (the RCC owns almost all primary and other schools in Ireland). They are strictly run on a berufsverboten agenda and woe betide the teacher’s union that has opposed the clergy, for they will be cut to pieces with scimitars and bodkins that will make a Fatwa look like a desirable blessing. The Bishops and the Party will eavesdrop, betray, mislead, denounce, crush and cast to the waste-paper basket anyone who opposes their cuckoo pretensions on the next generation of Irish youth. Already Sinn Fein, that Silas-like off-the-street army of boot boys, which mother church has such ‘respect’ for, has already delivered the fertility of Northern Ireland’s next generation into the hands of the Red Hatted one.

    It was on foot of such achievements that the Cardinal got his red hat of approval from Rome. Well, now, the Cardinal has to work for his supper.

    But before the obvious be misunderstood, let me say that in Catholic schools — 90% of which are owned by the RCC in Southern Ireland, that remarkable little place which calls itself for some odd reason, a Republic — persons with advanced secular opinions, pagans, atheists, communists, anarchists, gastarbeiter (excepting Poles, Phillipinoes and Brazilians) or artists pretending to be any of the above will not be welcome in Ireland’s very, very Roman schools. Indeed, pedophiles have a much better chance of entry. As one wit, who had taken himself years ago to secular England, remarked privately:

    ‘Gary Glitter’s big mistake is that he didn’t put on a brogue, enroll in the Franciscans and do some missionary work in the Philippines; the Irish would have paid his damages, rat-lined him out of Thailand, paid his passage home, rigged the court on his behalf, and sent him to do missionary work in East Timor.’

    But the Cardinal is not concerned either with the evils of his organization or with chit chat that does not state holy mother church’s very-difficult-to-see neurotic position.

    With riveting clarity the Cardinal in one interview remarked that

    ‘It has not been unknown . . . for individuals to have to defend their right to hold political, public or legislative office within EU institutions while professing a public commitment to their Christian faith, sometimes against a very public and hostile challenge.”
    Immediately, the interviewer jumped to the not so obvious attempt by the Spanish and Irish to have one Rocco Buttigleoni, appointed as Justice Commissioner. The good thing about Rocco is that he came clean in identifying his sexist views as being due to his Catholic convictions. This was an obvious test case for the old men of Rome to flex their religious muscles over a Europe it has driven mad for some two thousand years. Neither the Jesuits , Opus Dei, nor any other raft of ‘good Catholics’ are ever so open or forthcoming about their career ambitions. Of course, if Rocco got his way, the RC Church would have created an intolerant mayhem in Europe as between people with a different sexual orientation: and it would then have become EU policy. As it is the Papacy ran to plan B: that’s the one where he shakes the entire tree in order to fell one or two apples to his liking.
    And in fairness to the good Cardinal, he didn’t dally about this apple or that , even if he was prompted by way of abstraction to make a saint or worst still a principle out of Rocco Buttigleoni. On foot of Rocco’s case Cardinal Brady suggested that to question the views and opinions of nominees for public office had the adverse effect of Christians ‘being denied the right to intervene in public debates or at least having their contribution dismissed as an attempt to protect unjustified privileges’. He feared that when one questions these appointments, Christians were ‘being denied the right to intervene in public debates or at least having their contribution dismissed as an attempt to protect unjustified privileges’. Did you ever hear the like! The virtues of ‘secular’ morality have never dawned upon the mediaeval mind, since when it is invariably and genetically mediocre.
    But further Cardinal Brady mentioned ‘a series of EU decisions’. Apart from power slipping away from its perceived locus somewhere in the Vatican, the EU was actually much too secular in its composition.
    “Successive decisions’ , said the Cardinal, ‘ which have undermined the family based on marriage, the right to life from the moment of conception to natural death, the sacredness of the Sabbath, the right of Christian institutions to maintain and promote their ethos, including schools . . . have made it more difficult for committed Christians to maintain their instinctive commitment to the European project.”
    It’s all such ‘old hat’-stuff that one seriously wonders where Caesar’s Messiah’s people come from, what do they do in their spare time, and who on earth do they talk to besides themselves, the media and , of course, Titus Caesar himself. But this is a dismissive attitude that the RCC has relied on for centuries. The truth is – the RCC’s agenda is deadly serious, but one has to get into the big picture to appreciate its horrific consequences.
    In the main, the whole grumble is simply a smoldering symptom of the greater crusade against secular society. You have heard it so many times, you are hardly aware of its siren-like sound in the distance. You dismiss it, in the same way as you dismiss the notion that a little old man in Rome could produce such hatred for Jews or Communists or Pagans, without their having been some justifiable substance to the hate-crusade in the first place. And then, you dismiss it because the cliche carries it to your head like champagne: ‘ the Pope has no army’. And so the crusades gather momentum in the minds of the best — it begins to undermine intelligence by being so open, declaratory, general and innocuous. And what if the Pope and Sean Brady find that the EU is just not obedient or responsive enough to the Vatican’s infallible theory of world governance — which is still, somehow, based on Unam Sanctam. One may still recall the punch-line in Unam Sanctam, according to which no one can enter Heaven, whether they believe in it or not, without the Infallible One’s OK.
    It would be an impudence and an aside to ask, but nevertheless one is often tempted to have a bash and bluntly ask the Cardinal why, if the family is such an unchanging sacred unit for him and his other red-hatted friends, he does not get himself a woman; and if marriage is so great, why not marry that woman; and if Christian reproduction is so close to the Caesarean heart, why not have at least 7 children ( the National Irish average since WW11). which so many Irish mothers do on his behalf!; and if homosexuality is so bad, when he has children, why he cannot advise his sons or daughters of its evils; and , while he is at it, he might even get himself a useful job. In the meantime, of course, it does not help that he and his comrades have abjured more than half the world’s population who produces these baby-full families and whom the RCC believe it is their God-given-privileged duty to save.
    I think the RC Church has the remarkable notion that by remaining celibate — throughout their respective 20s, 30s, 40s,50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, priests somehow benefit epistemologically in some mysteriously sexual way. In other words, to become as clever as a Bishop, one should not only get circumcised but quietly castrated as well.
    If there is another way of showing one’s contempt for the women of this world besides buggering infertile male children and justifying life-long celibacy communally, then I certainly don’t know what it is.
    Elsewhere and in more fighting mood the cardinal said:
    “I uphold the right of the Church, in a free society, to spread the Gospel of freedom, justice and love to parents and to children who, in turn, freely assent to be members of the Catholic community.”

    Isn’t that marvelous! This kind of fighting-Irish rhetoric is about as helpful as an ulcer on a septic boil. The Cardinal knows that the great empire of the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic has never had a problem fulminating its little seed. Indeed, how can one stop the church from forcefully taking the microphone from everyone one earth, much less the little old Irish Republic, whose every Minister and public servant and doorman the Church has petrified — all except the comedians!. Indeed, it is the universal case with the RCC that when it has seized control, its first duty is to devise the censorship laws, spy on the existing lecturers, teachers and dominies, and through stealth have them declared berufsverboten. That’s why the Irish comedians are a race apart: they all go to England and laugh their sides off at the Church they ran away from. And short of securing totalitarian control, the Church will divide the country between those who kneel and those who laugh at it. Any pretext for a division is possible; but they will then, start a war and gain its Republic of Ireland /Slovenia/Slovakia/Korean/ Vietnamese/East Timorese/Croatian majority to do so. One would swear all the Cardinals play too much of ABBA — ‘The winner takes it all….!’
    If you live in a Catholic country , you know that whatever you say or feel — if you are allowed to say so without losing your job in the local school, on the bench, or in the civil service — the Angelus will still peel from the national broadcasting station, the make-shift tv programes are rigged around some vacuous piety that doesn’t bear mentioning. That all the people who applaud are the same people who applauded with Pavlovian relish the preceding week as well. The tendency to ritual and certainty in religion is anathema to a living secular morality – a morality which is far superior to the dead hand of the medieval church.
    Additionally, the RCC invariably blocks by its laws, by Opus Dei-subterfuge, by judicial connivance, political intervention, media manipulation and plain censorship — it blocks every other dog on the block who would have his midnight bark. The Cardinal’s ‘Gospel of freedom’ (sounds so American) has rather changed since Francesco Carotta and Joseph Atwill came on the scene. At least the Cardinal , if he hasn’t pulled the Angelus off the National Broadcasting system (RTE) has spared us the ‘Jesus-said’ bits for which surely someone must be thanked!
    Nevertheless, following the Buttigleoni example, much of the Cardinal’s distemper is merely the cry for yet more ‘lebensraum’, more power, and more appointments by the Church to the secular institutions.
    In principle, Catholic education means censorship of a totalitarian and damaging degree. It means especially not reading the works of Francesco Carotta or Joseph Atwill, or, indeed, any of the works enquiring into the very dodgy historical foundations of the Roman See itself. While no one is forced to believe that there ever was a Jesus , particularly of the personal kind which the Christian churches have sadly invented and foisted sedulously and with extreme violence for two millennia on an unsuspecting and unlettered world. But, now, with the relevant proof that there never was a Jesus, goes the further fact that there never was an immaculate conception, an apostleship, a New Testament beyond the Roman Emperor’s attempt at writing a Harry Potter story, and that all those endless wars, killings, burnings, sacrifices, inquisitions, crusades and campaigns of hatred etc. were the studied work of a lot of old farts with more money and power than they should ever have been entrusted with.

    Who could have foreseen that they would take the Humpty Dumpty theory of Christianity all around the world and forced simple folk in Ireland, Vietnam, East Timor, Mexico and Venezuela to live a lifestyle that Caesar lived on the Mediterranean two thousand years ago? Who would believe that these old make-believers, myth-makers, gamle flibbers, would convince the world that the Imperial Roman story to drug the Jews with a Humpty Dumpty-Messiah would be swallowed line, hook and inquisition by a frightened and ill-informed body of celibates.
    Which prompts one to the other epistemological theory — namely, that people who remain celibate for such long-drawn out decades fall madly in love with themselves, the monastic barracks they grew old in, and the brotherhood of exclusively testronal males who dominate and manipulate their self-contained pink-and-purple-lined submarine-lives. In such an unhealthy environment, does the myth — the whole Mediteranean Myth — become a modus vivendi for those who have nothing else but themselves and the myth?
    The Secular State’s Alter Ego
    The sinister point in all this is , of course, the material uses to which the RCC have put their accustomed outrage, their skewed lifestyle and their cuckoo-dependence on progressively interfering with the family-fertility of others. Ever since its inception, Christianity has not only been a lie — a thorough lie — but has been a methodology of deceit. Without ever canvassing one vote in its entire history, it acquired by stealth the status of becoming the secular state’s Alter Ego. In due course, and over the centuries of directing the armies of the secular state against the Churches enemies and detractors, as one might direct a selection of rotweillers, the RC Church has learned a couple of indispensable lessons. Above all others is its exquisite art of creating and disseminating hatred! Over the centuries , it perfected its from the intrinsic weakness, fragility and fear within its punitive self. Indeed, since writers like Porphyry, Voltaire, Ethelbert Stauffler have been transcended by Francesco Carotta, Joseph Atwill, the Peso Family Historians and others , the whole Mediteranean Myth has been clinically taken apart. And nothing but the foreign garrison towns with their church machinery everywhere lies spiritless and spineless. Jesus Caesar inspires nothing but bloodshed. So, beginning with the alienation of woman and the RCC’s rank-and-file abjuration has allowed the RCC to become perfectly inhuman and to fulminate the most inhuman thoughts. But this would be as nothing , had it not organized the very material and political and military strategies around the world to enforce these beliefs. When Benedict XVI equates beliefs (‘faith’) with behaviour, he is correct. Unfortunately, reason, good or bad, is grounded on prior values, and the blueprint of Christianity’s values , inscribed in the New Testament, has just had a bucket-full of coffee thrown over it by CAP (Carotta, Atwill and the Peso Family Historians). Of course one should read these works for oneself, but in my opinion the damage is irreparable. Indeed, these works now give rise to consequences which call the whole history and current standing of Christianity into severe critical focus. How prophetic Ronald Reagan was when he waxed orgasmic when disclosing the existence of an ‘evil empire’. The Popes had always got off on hating Jews and Communists. It now appears unfortunate that Ronald, like Sinn Fein/IRA, was only half right in his rhetoric. The IRA were a great urban army — it was unfortunate that they invariably fired the wrong way and shot their friends and protected their enemies. Similarly, Ronald Reagan’s ‘evil empire’ was neither the Jews or the Communists, but the Christian fascists. Christianity, especially as interpreted and promulgated by the RC Church, has lived a lie for some two thousand years and has instigated more hatreds than any other institution ever.
    From its earliest engagements with the Roman Empire, the Church fathers could see that they — as opposed to the workers and Empire-buiilders (secular society) — had time to think politically on behalf of the Empire, as well as about the weaknesses and strengths of the secular dynasties of successive Emperors. The Papacy knew that by raising a certain hatred , it would unite forces which at once opposed Rome, opposed the church and opposed each other. While preaching personal ‘love’ (Jesus-love and Caesarean-clementia) , the Papacy understood Machiavelli’s advice to his Prince, long before Machiavelli had formulated it. Indeed, the church has consecrated Machiavelli’s counseling a church profession and fulfilled his role in every country around the world. With Machiavelli the Popes believed –and have always exhibited it — that people as a group, community or nation, are better governed by fear than by love. The fear of ‘eternal damnation’ , invented for the mind, was only one of the ways which long preceded the Inquisition and the corporal punishments which the RCC practiced widely in its schools — and which is still retains in the Cilice and the occasional flogging among Jesuits , Opus Dei zealots, and behind the high walls god-knows who else.
    The art of ‘preaching the Crusade’ has been the Church’s most enduring and unique virtue. It could find a reason in everyone’s heart first to exploit and then to amplify. One hardly needs to recount its successes around the world. But if we briefly scan some of them, it will refresh our perception as to its latest crusade — not so much against homosexuals (and the advancement of Buttigleoni) or against Jews or even Communists — but against all these combined in its holdall crusade against secular society. This demarcating concept, ‘them and us’, which loosely accommodates the ‘War on Terrorism’ , Roman-(Anglo-Irish)-American relations is more definitive of the Papacy’s entire history of hatreds than anything else. In is here that the small answer conflates with the big answer and the in-between answer. In a way , the crusade against ‘secular society’ is a way of seeing the bigger picture, a way of putting all the pieces together. It is the last gasp of the great enemy of human kind.
    The Bigger Picture
    In this way it could repeat and repeat over and over again its original successes. It was so simple if unmanly, to cosy up to the Lombards and get them to take on the worst aspects of the Bysantines, to curry favour from the Franks, who might take care of the Lombards when they became tiresome. At least the Franks resembled Christians whereas the Lombards didn’t ; but more importantly, the Lombards, like the Gallic and Gaelic tribes were not as centralized in government, and were , consequently, more difficult to deal with en masse. Where there is one strong person — a King, a High King, a High King ‘without question’ — it is easier to deal with vaster swathes of territory. And this lesson — that it is infinitely easier to deal with strong-men-cultures than with disparate tribal ones — was tied to the first lesson of forging hatreds to unite people favorably. Now, all that one had to do , was to get in with the biggest and best war-monger in the land, and act as his Alter Ego. Enter the Normans.
    With the Normans in tow, the British Isles went the way of the Muslims in Southern Spain and the various interests in Southern Italy. And with the growth of the nation-states, their collective adviser and mentor was none other than Caesar’s Messiah’s Vicar in Rome. With God on his side — and a God with a good quite name as well — the Vatican could make colonial hay so long as the sun shone on the Christian nation state.
    By the time of the world wars the Vatican controlled the most mobile and untouchable empire in the world. It not only had the ear of ‘strong-biblical-men’ around the world, but by Christian definition the Church’s Machiavellian role was respected, above suspicion, and seriously untouchable. It had what all other countries coveted, but outside of international law, they could only dream about such an advantage.
    By the time of WW11 the RCC had taken its time to float one of its most successful hate crusades — the crusade against atheistic communism! This campaign is a spectacular accomplishment of architectural design and accomplishment. It ran sometimes parallel and sometimes dovetailed with the RCC’s other universal campaigns against Jews, Masons, homosexuals, one-parent families, gypsies, etc.. The communist hate-campaign outlived WW11, Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, and has been revitalized to accompany the new crusade against Islam. All these hate-crusades are the work of absolute genius — but a genius that had the unique experience of a fixed inhuman ideal, a dedicated almost sacrificial army of celibates, and the most expanding and expansive real, live empire that pronounced ‘love’ to the sound of bells but which worked its way into its opposite, an empire of evil, an empire, which people are hardly aware of , an empire which is too fascinating even to describe in the space allotted here.
    In my own little country, I know that between the Bells, the Angelus, the prayers, the color and pageantry paraded through the media, the Vatic-anal male assertion of Caesarean power — I know that there is a Pavlovian plot afoot every prayer that is offered up, every knee that bends for peace in our time and every candle lit to ward off the evils of the world. I know that all these human gestures have been recruited into the orchestration of a totalitarian church and that what is not got by the smile will be wrenched by the fist. Between the Angelus Bell on national tv, the chalk charms of religious statues, the testronal governance of the Vatican, and the round-the-world to America connections, I know that the New Order is the completion of the old. The New Order is — has to be — a Christian Order, or else there will be no Order at all. This is the challenge of the crusade against secular man — and Russia and China are its enemies.

    The Big Side To The Little Irish No-To-Lisbon-Vote
    At first it is hard,perhaps, to see a Papal concern with Russia (through Georgia and Poland) and China (through Buddhist India,Tibet and Taiwan). And yet the obvious needs to be mentioned: Russia and China are two extremely secular and atheistic societies ((in the eyes of the Papacy), while Ireland and Poland are trustworthy Catholic countries ((in the eyes of the Papacy). Moreover, the crusade against secularism has been carried on by the Papacy for some considerable time now, never specifying what ‘secular’ means precisely. But from its earlier crusades against pagans and heretics, one can safely assume that it means anyone or any society that does not submit to the will of Caesar’s Vicar.
    Given the big picture , however inadequately outlined — a picture, which is never removed from the Papal outlook — we are more poised to ask about the Irish vote to reject Lisbon. What is its connection to the bigger picture? One thing we can be sure of is that it was not rejected because it was misunderstood, unread or insufficiently campaigned for. These are but superficial accounts of an entirely more deeply conceived apprehension.
    Indeed, now that we see the rapid developments in Poland and in Georgia, should we not speculate on their rapidity. Did not the aggravation in Georgia facilitate the unilateral leap by the Poles to plant missiles aimed at Russia? Before George Bush leaves office (and there is a rumour that like Tony Blair, he is contemplating becoming a Catholic), was this reckless act an act of the Papacy? The Georgian incident, always in the hands of the Christo-Americans, ideally triggered the justification of the Catholic Poles, despite their membership of the EU?
    Now, let us ask: was the Irish No-Vote orchestrated by Christo-America in order to destabilise the secular authority of the EU before the Papal/Polish action? We know about the US, we know about NATO, we know about the crusader against ‘secular society’, and as between these bodies there is only one body who holds the international reins, only one body who traditionally and historically operates in this Machiavellian environment, only one body that has one-on-one relations with Black-Pope-CIA — it is the Papacy! Pope Benedict XVI has orchestrated the Georgian slaughter in Ossetia in order to justify the Poles planting American missiles. The Irish No-Vote destabilised the EU, paralyzed it long enough for the violence to happen. Rocco Buttigleoni was Pope Benedict XVI’s friend; he was recommended by the the Pontiff; the EU snubbed their noses at the aging hitlerjugend, and Caesar Irish governor, red-hatted Sean Brady spoke in code about what they did in the world. The dead bodies on the streets of Georgia, Ossetia and Abkhazia are as nothing to the Black and the White Popes, whose personas are deeply disguised behind the language of prayer, supplication and clementia …. The Pope arranged to have himself called in order to be seen as the giver of peace…
    Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili imagines that he knows the big picture. Of course he may have guessed at it; he is certainly ready and willing to play his ‘role’ in the politics of what has transpired. On the other hand , he may be just an ambitious Barrabas, an expendable Diem, or one of so many men at the disposal of Papal-America.

    What is the Moral of this Terrible State of Affairs?
    The irony is , of course, that the Irish may have got it right — but for all the wrong reasons. One may believe as one pleases, but the pieces of the world puzzle concerning the crusade against secular society, could only be complete by recalling the efforts made by Tibet and Taiwan to embarrass China. All the world has witnessed the very fortunate fact that China , in its greatest hour of need after the late earthquakes, has had the benefit of a well-regulated secular society. If I do not agree with China, as to its policies, that is one thing; it is another that a tribe of Jesuits and the like should try and destabilise that government from without, with my money and in my name. That the Jesuits alone have cultivated relations with Buddhist countries like India and have converted a third of India’s population to believe in the Mediteranean Myth at a time when it is proven to be a total fabrication of pagan Imperial Rome, is both comic and tragic. That the Jesuits have organised almost 30 universities in India, as many as they have organised in the US, gives us an idea of the Black Pope’s enormous power in those two countries alone. And the post-WW11 alliance between the Vatican and CIA intelligence must be a reason for discomfort among some people who still prize the general notion of freedom.

    But , of course, it is apparent that only huge world corporations, those who live, like the RCC, in corporate time, can really affect the calibre of our freedom. Whether its the use of condoms or the opinions we hold of others, these entire details are governed now by powers so remote from our individual concerns as to be hardly in the frame of our consciousness. How the RCC makes its persuasive feelings known, though not a mystery, is nevertheless so powerful that it would be foolish to overlook Cardinal Brady’s or the Vatican’s will to impose those views in accordance with its messianic mission of world domination.

    What remains for ordinary EU members like you and I is to ask: what good is the EU to us?
    Hitherto, I had argued with conviction about joining the EU, even about being a part of some military alliance. After all, the Americans are in Galway and neither the Irish nor their Constitution can protect us from that, no matter what we write and no matter what we say.
    But now, it is apparent that something NEW has happened, something that I had not considered before. Truly, I never expected that a herd of Irishmen would insist on reading about their Christian origins and rush out to purchase a copy of Francesco Carotta or Joseph Atwill. I never expected them to go on the warpath because their favourite church has been caught with its two thousand year pants down. I expected that the nation, which is a Holy Roman creation in every sense of the word, would exhibit its utter deference to its Roman manipulators, and that Cardinal Sean Brady would play his mediating Irish part in the overall scheme of things. Indeed, if anything, the Irish — as I expected — have been outclassed, outmaneuvered by mother church and have never really seen a picture bigger than that provided by a church that is gifted at playing with jigsaw puzzles. The Pope wants Ireland to re-join the EU, but only when its business with the EU (Georgia and Poland), Nato, and the Americans has been done. When is that?
    If we look at what the Polish Church has done for the Papacy, we may realise that , despite their clumsiness, the Irish rejection of Lisbon is correct. True,it was done initially as part of the Papal plan, the big picture, which it facilitated just as the Poles did. Nevertheless, the decision to say no to Lisbon and No to the EU may be the only right one.
    When you see what the Poles are doing, who do you blame?
    Like me, perhaps you blame the Pope and his New Order plan. But that’s not the end of the story.
    Is it not the EU’s fault that the Poles can unilaterally put American missiles in their back yard and aim them at Russia? Even if it was done with the Pope’s blessing, the same Caesarean Vicar who would go to Georgia crying ‘clementia’. But , curiously, has not the Papacy and the Poles — as with the Irish — demonstrated the weakness , the confusion and irrelevant agenda of the EU in the face of US and Nato aggression? What does the unilateral action of the Poles say of the EU? And where are all those Irish who were against Lisbon because it threatened us with being involved in military action? The Poles have now involved all Europe in a military action against Russia. So , what is the point of the EU? Why, if so many people in Europe are against military involvement, are they silent about Polish-American missiles? Apart from the Poles and the easily manipulable Irish, who in their right mind wants to be part of another Pope inspired-war on secular Russia?
    It is now self-evident that the EU is a farce if the Poles are allowed unilaterally to behave in this manner? How does the EU hope to protect its citizens, if nation states, Johny-come-latelies, listening to the Vatican, go off like a loose cannon just to satisfy Papal debts to the US? Have the Poles not demonstrated that the EU cannot protect its members? And haven’t the Irish and the rest of Europe, in their silence concerning Poland, undermined their claim to military neutrality ? Is it not time to get out of the EU rather than remain with such confusion and inaction? Why have the Poles not been asked to deny the Americans or leave the EU?
    The EU and the Poles have now provided the best ‘reason’ not only for rejecting Lisbon, but for rejecting the EU. And this applies not just to the Irish but to all countries who on Poland’s behalf, run the risk of WW111.
    I’m sure the Pope is having a good laugh at his handiwork!

    Seamus Breathnach

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