by Felix Quigley

August 24, 2008

The big issue in the world today is the same as it was 2 weeks ago. When in the early hours of August 8, 2008 the Georgian military, closely aligned with the US Government, and with a significant Israeli imput attacked South Ossetia and especially its capital city Tskhinvali (really a large town) – what did happen?

This is the issue which has been covered over in the most remorseless fashion by the Media in the whole of the West.

So all of the 8th, all of the 9th, and only then did the Russian troops arrive in the outskirts of Tskhinvali. This is the most vital question, to understand what happened during this time. What were the true intentions of the Americans because they surely were involved. Please dismiss from your mind the idea that Saakashvili moved against South Ossetia because he is impulsive etc! And were there really Israelis involved in this attack? Those are the questions an awful lot of people are trying to hide.

The following website has done some work on this issue. If you do a google on this you will find lies, lies and more lies, while this stands out and pretty alone:

[Begin quote here]

KP decided to find out by speaking with Tskhinvali residents who survived the war

Dmitriy Steshin  — 16.08.2008

Human Rights Watch has never stepped foot inside Tskhinvali. However, the international humanitarian organization recently stated the number of reported victims in the South Ossetian conflict is highly exagerrated. According to South Ossetians, 1,400-2,000 civilians died under Georgian fire. KP spoke with Ada Chuyeva, a doctor at a hospital in Tskhinvali, to find out her opinion about the total number of deaths resulting from the conflict.

“Could there possibly be 2,000 dead? If you’re counting the entire district, then yes,” Chuyeva said. “Serious fire was going on for more than 6 days. We hardly left our basements. I saw tanks in the city and jets dropping bombs from above. It was horrible. Shooting innocent civilians in the 21st Century… We had 273 wounded in our hospital. Forty-five people died. Among them were two journalists who arrived with the Georgians. We placed their bodies in the Emergency Room because we couldn’t go to the morgue with all the shooting.”

We also asked the head of the Emergency Ministry hospital in Tskhinvali Aleksandr Ivanyus and Assistant Commander of the North Caucasus Military District Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Bobrun. They also said there were possibly thousands of victims in the conflict. 

“Everyone was being destroyed, including women and children,” Ivanyus said. “One woman told German journalists yesterday how the Georgians had stopped their car and ordered a mother and her children and everyone else out onto the road. They poured gas over the woman and burned her alive right in front of her kids. Another mother escaped with her child but they were run over by tanks.” 

The dead were buried under fire or transported from Tskhinvali by car. Many bodies are still beneath the rubble. The smell of decay is rank throughout the entire city.
On the side…

Human Rights Watch can be understood. Their headquarters are in New York. They couldn’t accuse Saakashvili’s soldiers, who were trained by U.S. instructors, to burn and shoot thousands of unarmed people. Hence, the organization made another questionable remark yesterday evening. On Aug. 5-6, the organization said, Russian forces dropped bombs on Georgian cities and towns. Note the date. As is well known, Russian jets only began flying over Georgia after Aug. 8 when Saakashvili entered South Ossetia. It seems the human rights defenders in New York have lost count of their days.

Just a note…

Eyewitnesses say civilians are just getting their electricity back in Tskhinvali. There is still no water. The water-pressure stations were ruined in the conflict and the pipes were destroyed. The population is waiting for trucks of drinks in addition to clothes and building materials. The Ochakovo company will soon send a shipment of beverages and bottled water to Tskhinvali. 

“Naturally, we couldn’t help but come to the aid of our people,” said Ochakovo President Aleksey Kochetov.

This was the report from FOXnews

[start quote here]

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili is expected to declare martial law within hours, according to the Georgian security council chief, Reuters reported.

This comes after Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called on Russia Friday to halt attacks in South Ossetia, after Georgian troops entered the breakaway province in an attempt to crush separatist forces seeking control.

Rice’s announcement came as the European Union was working on a cease-fire with Georgia and South Ossetia separatists to end the violent conflict.

Georgia, a staunch U.S. ally, launched a surprise military offensive to retake South Ossetia,2933,399962,00.html

You can see the contradiction in the above. It is tending to prove that Rice is just a common liar! Rice is doing everything to cover up the nature of the Georgian attack on what is a really small nationality. What is Rice on about? The Russian troops by the next morning, or rather the same day, the 8th were definitely not involved. Ready to move certainly but certainly not reached the capital.

This is the Big Lie that has been foisted onto the world. This Big Lie is of course connected to all the lies told in the Yugoslavia experience, Racak, the Markale Bombings, Sarajevo and Srebrenica 


  1. Truth about war in Ossetia that is overlooked by BBC and CNN

    At 7 p.m. on August 8, the day when Olympics started, worldwide community heard from CNN and BBC news that Russian tanks invaded Georgia and that Russia started war with Georgia.

    That the war had begun 16 hours earlier by Georgian president Sukashvili’s order these media preferred to pass over in silence.

    But you have the right to know truth. That’s how this really happened:

    According to old tradition of Olympic Games’ eve everyone was looking for peace and quiet. On August 7, Georgian and South Ossetian officials agreed to observe a ceasefire and hold debates in attempt to solve their long-term conflict peacefully.

    August 8, 00:06
    Just hours later, six minutes past midnight on August 8, inhabitants of Ossetian capital Tskhinvali, peacefully sleeping in their beds, heard dreadful whizz of incoming rockets. The hell followed soon… Without any declaration Georgian forces launched massive shelling of Tskhinvali with all available means, including heavy artillery and multiple-launch rocket systems GRAD. In this massacre, in just several hours, the whole city was ruined: 2,000 human lives wasted and 85% of all buildings demolished. Georgian military expedition, called “Clean field”, yielded its first fruits…

    August 8, 03:00
    Georgian army occupied five Ossetian villages, burning them to ashes.

    August 8, 03:30
    Georgian tanks started attack on Tskhinvali. Ossetian militia stood up to the enemy but could not keep back 30-times outnumbering Georgian forces. Many basements where Ossetins tried to escape shelling were showered with grenades. At the very same time, Georgian “peacekeepers”, serving in South Ossetia, launched unexampled attack on their yesterday’s colleagues, Russian peacekeepers, managing to kill at least 10 of them.

    August 8, 04:33
    Russia called for UN Security Council meeting to put a stop to Georgian military aggression and seize fire. No decision was delivered at neither this nor several following meetings.

    August 8, 09:00
    Russian Prime Minister Putin informed President Bush that Georgia launched war against Ossetia. Mr. Bush answered that “nobody wanted this war”.

    Ossetia was praying for help. It was already obvious that “clean field” meant nothing else but ethnical cleansing. In these circumstances, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announced that Russia would defend Russian citizens who constitute 90% of South Ossetia population.

    August 8, 16:00
    Russian forces overstepped mountain pass and made their way toward perishing Ossetins. That was exactly the moment when CNN and BBC finally “noticed” the war and broadcasted their «Russians invaded Georgia» scenes. Sukashvili announced that Russia invaded Georgia and held back that he started this horrible bloodshed himself.

    Before midnight, Russian and Ossetian forces kicked aggressors out of Ossetian capital. Survived citizens started to leave basements to escape the city. In the next couple days around 30,000 refugees fled to Russia.

    Failed Georgian assault turned to informational blackout and devilish propaganda. It’s time when so much depends on your personal position! I believe that there will be journalists who can give objective picture of these events. I believe in people of peace who will regard an attempt of massive extermination of small nation as genocide (3% of South Ossetins and 0.3% of all Ossetins worldwide were killed in just one night on August 8; fascists have never achieved that efficiency in exterminating Jewish people even when Auschwitz and Treblinka were working at full capacity). I believe in a world community that will view Sukashvili’s inhuman orders as war crime and an outrage on humanity. I believe in you, thinking person, able to confront with facts, person who will not follow barefaced propaganda of politicized and deeply corrupt media, person able to recognize truth!

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