by Felix Quigley

August 28, 2008

As part of our discussion on Israel and Georgia I thought it would be an idea to republish this comment on a famous article by a friend of 4international, Max or Enigmax as he wittily called himself!

Is it not obvious to anyone with half a brain that Georgia led by Saakashvili is the US and British puppet and that he is the equivalent of say the KLA, or Tudjman, or Izetbegovic, who were the battering rams and Imperialist stooges against Serbia.

The folowing comment then by Max raises all of the issues inside a few lines. Revisit this discussion en toto to ascertain rather accurately the complete political bogland which is Israpundit on matters of political principle.

[Start comment by Max here]

Bill Narvey, you have completely missed the point and essence of the article! This post by Nathan Pearlstein has very little if anything to do at all with “taking sides” between the Islamofascist KLA Albanian terrorists currently in power in Kosovo who wish to create a fascist Islamist state versus the principled opposition to this by the governments of Serbia and Russia.

If you had bothered to read the article carefully you would have seen that Nathan Pearlstein created it as a warning to all of us as to what could very easily happen to Israeli Jews if Israel allows the Islamofascist supporters of PLO-Fatah and Hamas to be granted an independent state carved out of Jewish land!

You write:

the significance of this “truth” will not change the course of history that is galloping forward, but will be left for historians to discuss and consider.

An utterly defeatist comment.So what are you implying here Bill? That we should all just shut up and forget about this truth? The truth being that the corrupt Western politicians in the US, EU and NATO want to create a new Islamofascist state backed by al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia and Iran!

A state run by mafia gangsters created at the expense of Serbs, Romanies and Jews in Kosvo – who were driven out by the al Qaeda backed Islamofascist KLA terrorists!

Are you implying that we should shut up and throw in the towel and concede defeat, because the Western political elites are too powerful to be challenged since they are the ones in power whom call the shots?

And another thing. Why did you put the word truth in quotation marks, Bill? By doing so, you are implying that you believe it is not a truth. That speaks volumes. Since according to what you wrote, you clearly imply that this truth is really irrelevant and of no use to anybody because in your very own words you write that it should be “left for historians to discuss and consider”!Amazing!

And this:

Kosovo’s independence appears to be a done deal that awaits only formal recognition which is certain to come, barring unforseen unimaginable circumstances.

Oh really Bill? Again you are impling that we should all raise no protest at this travesty of justice because it’s “a done deal” and therefore leave it to “historians to discuss and consider”

Then what is the purpose of Israpundit in exposing US and NATO-EU government support for the Islamofascists of PLO-Fatah who want to create an independent Islamofascist state carved out of Jewish land at the expense of Israel and Israeli Jews? Why not just leave all that alone, shut up about it and leave it to Western “historians to discuss and consider”?

Further you write:

With Kosovo being about 90% Muslim, there already is a de facto separate state of Kosovo.

So it’s “a done deal” you say because it’s 90% Muslim. You fail to tell us that it is 90% Muslim because of one crucial truth you overlook and that is the indisputable fact that the Islamofascist KLA’s act of genocide – the ethnic cleansing directed against the Serbs, Jews, Romany and Gorani – was made possible by NATO and the EU working under the cover of the UN flag!

When NATO/EU troops – who under the cover of the UN moved into Kosovo in June 1999 under UN Security Council Resolution 1244 – the Islamofascist KLA terrorists were given free reign to go around murdering and ethnically cleansing over 350,000 people – mainly Jews,Serbs,Romanies,Gorani – and tens of thousands of the 16 other different minority groups were murdered or expelled from Kosovo from June 1999 onwards!

You also state:

With her ties to America, Israel is hardly about to stand against America on this issue and instead stand with Russia’s Vladimir Putin who declared last month that for America and the EU to recognize an independent state of Kosovo would be illegal and immoral.

Are you talking about the pathetic gang of wimps,losers and betrayers of Israel and the Israeli Jews in the current government of Israel? Those idiots linked to Olmert, Livni and Barak? Of course the current Olmert government of Israel is too weak to stand against the US and EU on this issue, since it is too weak to even look after the national interests of Israel amd the Israeli Jews!

And why are you trying to imply that you equate opposition to the Islamofascist KLA gangsters being granted an independent state carved out of 15% of Serbian land with Israeli and Jewish support for Vladimir Putin?

Regardless of the fact that in this particular instance Russia’s Putin is standing on the side of international law: the Helsinki Final Act of 1975 and the UN Charter with respect to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of UN member states, this issue is not about standing with Vladimir Putin or his policies. It is not about standing with Russia or its government. The crucial issue is about refusing to grant and reward a bunch of Islamofascist terrorists their own indpendent state built on terror, ethnic cleansing and genocide!

It is about refusing to reward these Islamofascist gangsters with territory carved out of a sovereign state. It is about standing on the side of international law and order. Got that Bill?

You further write:

Whether Israeli or diaspora Jews come out in favor or disfavor of an independent state of Kosovo is not an issue of patriotism at all, leaving aside the question of, to whom does Nathan say Jews owe their patriotism on this issue. There is no special obligation for Israelis or Jews borne of patriotism to weigh into this issue on the side of the Serbs and against the Albanian Muslims.

Once again Bill, as is your perennial habit, you clearly misunderstood what Nathan Pearlstein was referring to when he wrote about Jewish and Israeli patriotism.

This is not about Jewish patriotism replacing Serbian patriotism. This is not about Jews in the diaspora or Israeli Jews taking the side of the Serbs by doing the Serbs’ hard work for them against the Islamofascists, but far more to do with realizing the dire implications for Israel if the Islamofascists of Mahmoud Abbas or Hamas are granted their own state carved from Jewish land.

Israeli Jews will face mass murder, ethnic cleansing and terror on a scale heretofore unseen if this is allowed to happen. Patriotic Israeli Jews owe their allegiance and patriotism to the national interests of Israel and her people – not to the Israeli government or that of the US government.

You seem to be unable or unwilling to make the connection between the dire situation facing the Israeli Jews from the continual genocidal attacks by the Islamofascists of PLO-Fatah and Hamas and US,NATO,EU government support of these terrorists being granted an independent state carved out of Jewish land – with US,NATO,EU support of Izetbegovic’s SDA party Islamofascists in Bosnia and now the KLA Islamofascists in Kosovo being given their own independent states carved out of Serbian land.

The reason why this issue of what really happened in Srebrenica-Bosnia and Kosovo is vital for all patriotic Jews in Israel and the diaspora to understand is because of this:

when NATO-EU troops took over under the UN flag as “multi-national peacekeepers” it led to a horrific campaign of mass murder and ethnic cleansing directed against the minority Jews, Serbs, Romany and Gorani peoples residing in those areas under UN/NATO-EU control!!

It is vital for patriotic Jews to understand what led to this horrific genocide:

the US,NATO-EU support of these al Qaeda-backed Islamofascists by granting them independent states policed by NATO-EU peacekeepers who stood by and turned a blind eye and deaf ear to this horrific campaign of Islamofascist terror, ethnic cleansing and mass murder directed against the provinces’ Christians and Jews!

Nathan Pearlstein’s article is intended as a warning to us all of what will happen to Israeli Jews if Israel allows these Islamofascists in the PLO-Fatah and Hamas to create a state of their own on Jewish land with US,NATO,EU support.An action which would obviously encompass the sending of a “multi-national peace-keeping force” into Gaza and the West Bank flying under the UN/NATO-EU flag.

Comment by enigmax — February 17, 2008 @ 2:19 am

The full article and discussion if you feel up for it on


The article is The real Srebrenica Genocide by our 4international writing team

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