by Felix Quigley

August 28, 2008

We are going to be casting an eye on the contortions of Israpundit, the Canadian cum US Imperialist supporting website on the choosing of Biden by the Democrats.

What will they do? Will they expose the anti Serb and anti Russian nature of the politics of Biden. No! But that is the essence of the man.

To give us some background into this knotty problem of what way Israpundit will jump, peruse this report from the excellent Byzantine Blog. Remember Bill Narvey telling Nathan Pearlstein and his Serb chums to get the hell offen Israpundit!!!

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August 27, 2008

Biden Caught Ustasha Virus

Senator Joseph Biden

Joe Biden Caught Virulent Serbophobia from the Ustasha Clergy Back in the Early 1980s

When Obama’s running mate Joe Biden stated that “all Serbs should be placed in Nazi-style concentration camps” during Senatorial deliberations in 1999 over NATO aggression on Serbia, most of the world was unaware of the source of such virulent Serb-hatred one would generally be ashamed of harboring, let alone advertising. But issuing a statement that amounts to approval of the genocide Serbian nation had already been subjected to during the WWII, by the Croat fascists — Ustashe — and that it should, indeed, have been entirely exterminated in the death camps of which Ustasha-run Jasenovac was the most macabre chain of slaughterhouses in Europe, could have been inspired only by the pathological Croat Ustasha ideology fueled and grown on pure, undiluted hatred of everything Serbian.

Indeed, as Croatia’s Jutarnji List reports, it was the Croat Franciscan clergyman who planted the poisonous anti-Serb virus in Joseph Biden’s heart and instilled unvarnished, thunderous Serbophobia in him, exemplified by Biden filing Senate resolutions, motions, holding speeches and giving interviews that are so blatantly hateful, biased and fanatically anti-Serb, one would have a hard time to match that level of vitriol against a nation in the statements of any and all the other American politicians.

As a good Roman Catholic, Senator Biden apparently chose to filter out some of the less popular bits about the shameful role Vatican has played during the Second World War and the Holocaust. He also seems to be blissfully unaware of the fact that Croat Franciscans were among the most rabid butchers who simply adored their ally — Third Reich, both the German and Croat fuhrers (Ante Pavelic was a Croat fuhrer — “poglavnik” — during the WWII) and have actively helped Hitler-adoring satellite, Independent Republic of Croatia (NDH, spanning both present-day Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina) to commit one of the most horrific genocides in the European history, tearing — eye-by-eye and limb-by-limb — 750,000 Serbs, 60,000 Jews and 30,000 Gypsies in the Jasenovac concentration camp-complex alone.

So, when a Croat Franciscan clergyman Ilija Zivkovic spoke to Biden against the Serbs, Senator Biden listened and, as evident in the past two decades of his career, took all the pathological hatred for a factual source of information against the Serbian nation.

Croat ultra-nationalist Franciscan clergyman Ilija Zivkovic claims it was his hatred of the Serbs that had a decisive influence on U.S. Senator Biden’s two-decade long rabid anti-Serb crusade.

“I Explained Why Belgrade Bridges

Must be Bombed” (Way Back in



“He knew about Croatia and the Croat problems already at the time of Yugoslavia, when he was in contact with the president of the Croat Brotherhood Community Bernard Luketic and with the president of the Croat National Council Mate Mestrovic. But I think what influenced him most was the speech I held in Little Rock before just-elected president Bill Clinton, who invited the American minorities for conversation,” Fr Ilija Zivkovic boasted to Croat Jutarnji List. Regarding the Croat ultra-nationalist organizations he’s mentioning as Biden’s decades-old ties and “friendly” sources of information, see this valuable study of the evolution of the Pavelic’s notorious Ustasha “brotherhood”.

“[At that gathering organized by Clinton] We agreed that Luketic speaks about the situation in Croatia, and since I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina, I spoke about the situation in Bosnia. In 45 minutes I explained why the bridges in Belgrade, Serbia, must be bombarded, how to stop Serb forces in BiH… I think that made a strong impression upon Biden”, Zivkovic said, proudly adding he met a number of congressmen and senators during his work in United States.

“It was all clear to them, because we have engaged one former congressman back in 1987 to lobby for Croatia [for Croatia’s independence, that is, long before Milosevic showed up anywhere, long before the wars that were used to rip Jugoslavia apart in the 1990s]”, Zivkovic said.

According to the Croat daily, this Franciscan worked at Voice of America in U.S. — a major propaganda tool, but he claims there were disagreements between Croats and Serbs already in 1985, because “the Serbian editors would cut out everything that was Croatian”. Imagine that! Could that be because in 1985 there was only one state to be loyal to, called Yugoslavia — there was no Croat state (after the defeat of the fascists and dismantlement of the monstrous Ustasha-run NDH), and the tender Ustasha nostalgia and Croat fanatical nationalism was not tolerated by any nations Yugoslavia was comprised of?

But Ustashe always felt their right to hatred and fascism tramples all the laws and everyone else’s rights to peace and freedom from the terror of their psychopathology.

“We had no one to complain to, so I turned to the Foreign Policy Board of the Senate. Yes, I complained directly to Biden”, Zivkovic said, adding that “Biden trusted him because he was also a Roman Catholic”. And so too was Father Satan.

“We have been meeting many times since and he often asked for my opinion. We simply became close”, Zivkovic said.

Biden & McCain are Exactly the Same, Two Warmongers Who

 Never Found a War They Didn’t Like

Another Croat ultra nationalist, Ivo Banac, saluted Obama’s appointment of no other than the Serbophobic Biden as his running mate, stressing that Biden held “strong anti-Milosevic views which tie him to the Republican presidential candidate John McCain”.

“In May 1999, Biden and McCain submitted a resolution [to the Senate], proposing the use of ground forces against Milosevic”, Banac said.

This joint resolution proposal submitted by Biden and McCain was giving free hands to the Clinton administration to use all the force at America’s disposal to crush tiny Serbia. With regret, Croat Banac noted this fascist resolution was not adopted. Banac also confirms Biden is heavily biased against the Serbs and militantly pro-Croat, claiming he was “against Milosevic from the very start” (i.e. during Yugoslavia, before any of the separatist wars).

Banac also claims Biden is equally anti-Russian:

“He is against Russia returning to the positions contrary to the Western ones. In regards to Georgia, he realized this was not a marginal issue, but an attempt of testing the resolve of the Western policy”, Banac eulogized. It didn’t seem to occur to him to question Biden’s hypocrisy and duplicity: the same man who was among the most aggressive advocates of dismembering Serbia, who actively promoted and demanded the imposed severing of its southern Kosovo-Metohija province and gifting it to illegal Albanian immigrants and terrorists, is now very concerned over Georgia’s “territorial integrity”.

Banac explained the excessive praise and courtesy exchanged between the apparent opponents, Mad McCain and Biden: simply put, they are exactly the same Serbophobic warmongers. Not only are they both among the most prominent, most fanatical Serb-haters in Washington, with strong ties to both the Croat and Albanian ultra-nationalist lobbies, not only are they both unscrupulous, belligerent interventionists who behave as if bullying is the most sophisticated expression of political wisdom, but neither of them has ever found a war they didn’t like. As one political analyst said in Aaron Russo’s exceptional documentary America, From Freedom to Fascism, the easiest way to understand the entire Democrats-versus-Republicans fake drama is to realize “they are one and the same mafia, the only difference is that the Democrats are the Gambino family and the Republicans are the Genoveses”.

Take your pick.

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