By Felix Quigley

August 29, 2008

What reactionary rubbish from Julia Gorin!

Her latest piece shows that she has had no clue what the war by US and British Imperialism against Yugoslavia was all about. This is where we separate totally from Gorin.

The war to destroy Yugoslavia and the Kangaroo Court in the Hague was really the first shots in the war to destroy China and Russia, and to capture the huge Asian market of decadent Imperialism.

The worsening of the crisis in capitalism in the recent years has meant that this is ever more the case.

Gorin in the end is an apologist for US and British Imperialism, for this decadent capitalist system, and is an out and out opponent of socialism.

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Indeed, this Year of the Rat has seen the Olympics hosted by China itself – further legitimized by an American president’s insistence on taking the unprecedented step of attending an out-of-country opening ceremony. The commu-fascist nature of Red China was on proud display during that ceremony, demonstrating a precision by every performer marching to the same beat to almost superhuman perfection. China’s unaborted women and girls were featured prominently (though not seven-year-old singer Yang Peiyi, because of her imperfect teeth).

As many have pointed out, the 2008 Olympics abomination we’ve witnessed — in China’s preparation for which young Chinese gymnasts were beaten in training; peoples’ homes were demolished (prison and beatings for those who requested compensation or protested); human rights activists were arrested, broadcasts and websites blocked, journalists denied access, and UK athletes initially forced to sign a gag order against making any political statements or even telling their colleagues of any mistreatment they may witness, much less emailing or blogging about it — has happened before. The year was 1936, when the Olympics were held in Nazi Germany, and the English football team was ordered to give a Nazi salute in Berlin. (This year, the American team wore communist Red out of “respect” for the host country.) A quick calculation reveals that, like 2008, 1936 was the Year of the Rat. And we know what chaos it brought on.

This Year of the Rat also happens to be an election year, one in which we witnessed the most chaotic primary season in recent election history — with no one knowing for the longest time who would be the presumptive Democratic nominee. And yet, amid the chaotic events of the Rat’s year, the U.S. presidential campaign seems comparatively the least newsworthy item. Let’s recall that the year began with still another great act of appeasement, its enormity amplified by the tininess of the territory in question. In February the U.S. and major European powers rewarded with a second state separatists who used terrorism throughout the 1980s and 90s to wrest a chunk of land from the host society it belonged to. This was the Kosovo giveaway — executed at gunpoint (Albanians threaten the West and the West threatens the Serbs)–whose predicted repercussions the world is only starting to witness on a grand scale as Russia utilizes the clear precedent in the first flare-up of many that will follow–in South Ossetia. It was not lost on the Czech Republic that its reluctant decision to recognize Kosovo “independence”–after succumbing to U.S. and EU pressure-took place on the territory of the former Sudetenland.

In another stunning historical parallel, John McCain’s statement calling on the U.S. and EU to bless the illegal land grab was prepared for a February security conference in Munich. While the campaigning Democratic candidates at the time likewise expressed support for the land grab, John McCain was on board from a time before Americans had ever heard the word Kosovo, helping to get the Kosovo Liberation Army terrorists armed by the U.S. and even pressuring Bill Clinton to send in ground troops to kill Christians on behalf of Muslims falsely claiming genocide. (Fortunately, Clinton knew better than to imperil American lives in a war that he knew was fictitious but he needed desperately.) In a cosmic coincidence, 72-year-old John McCain was himself born in the Year of the Rat — specifically 1936, the year the world bestowed the Olympics upon Hitler’s Germany — and his ascent is taking place the year the world bestowed the Olympics upon Red China, took away Kosovo from the Nazis’ bitterest enemy Serbia, and restarted the Cold War.

At an equidistant point between 1936 and 2008, Rat year 1972, the Olympics were held in Munich, and the world watched as Jews were once again slaughtered in Germany, this time by eight Palestinian terrorists who killed 11 members of the Israeli teams. After a day’s break from competitions, the IOC declared that the show must go on, and the following month Germany released the three terrorists who remained alive.

Today, not only is the Bush administration no longer talking about striking Iran, but while it publicly defends Israel’s right to make its own decision about a preventive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, it privately has been telling the Jewish state to back off. When South Ossetia blew, the administration’s precarious position was underscored, with many voices advising that the U.S. can’t have it all, especially since it needs Russia’s influence in Iran. As one UN diplomat quoted by the NY Times said, “If someone went to the Russians and said, ‘OK, Kosovo for Iran,’ we’d have a deal.” But so wedded are we to promoting expansionist Islam in the Balkans that we have jeopardized even the Russia-assisted path with Iran, quite possibly enabling an attack against Israel.

Reportedly at the 1972 Munich Olympics, some partying American athletes innocently helped the Palestinian terrorists scale the wall into the yard with the building where the Israelis were lodging. An equally blurry-eyed America could easily, but far less innocently, repeat the mistake. The Munich surrender that 1936 enabled got millions of Jews, gays, Serbs, gypsies and dissidents incinerated. The Munich of 1972 repeated the Jewish part of that and just as soon forgot it. The long-brewing Munich-style surrender of 2008 in Kosovo — and the further appeasing of Islamic interests because of our insistence on it–may well get the Jews nuked. The Year of the Rat is not through.


Gorin starts off with an attack on China. This is totally reactionary. The Olympics were looked on with pride by the great Chinese people and Gorin sneers at this.

Gorin is rightly opposed to Kosovo being torn away from Serbia which has always been part of Kosovo.

But she misses the essential reason. It is because US and British Imperialism had as their aim the destruction of Yugoslavia as the first step in war against Russia and China.

Then trying to be smart she uses this year of the Rat stratagem to pull into discussion Israel and Iran. In all of this she is hopelessly mixed up.

Her statement shows this reactionary confusion:

“When South Ossetia blew, the administration’s precarious position was underscored, with many voices advising that the U.S. can’t have it all, especially since it needs Russia’s influence in Iran. As one UN diplomat quoted by the NY Times said, “If someone went to the Russians and said, ‘OK, Kosovo for Iran,’ we’d have a deal.”

Why does US and British Imperialism need the influence of Russia on Iran! US and British Imperialism are in league with Iran. Has Gorin not gathered even that from the events in Bosnia and Kosovo?

And the above also shows that Gorin has no idea of what is happening in front of our eyes. That the Saakashvili attack on Tskhinvali of South Ossetia with US soldiers involved in the attack, and the levelling of the Jewish Quarter in Tskhinvali, (Like all liars Gorin omits that) was the first real shot in the war by decadent Imperialism with Russia and China.

And so we see her crude and essentially racist attack on the Chinese Olympic achievement in its true light.

What a political fool is Gorin!

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