by Felix Quigley

August 29, 2008

Since the very first minute we on 4international said that the Saaklashvili attack on Tskhinvali and South Ossetia represented the first real shot int he war of Imperialism against China and Russia.

This attack by Saakashvili also showed the limits of bourgeois nationalism. This was no ordinary Georgian nationalism, this was a Georgian “nationalism” captured by Soros and Imperialism and acting as a puppet for Imperialism.

In this which was the first blow struck by decadent capitalism, especially US and British capitalism (Imperialism) against Russia and China, the Russians are the victims as well as the Ossetians.

This is why all of the Media, including Jewish blogs like Israpundit, have done everything in their power in order to hide the reality of the Saakashvili attack. Israpundit and other American and Canadian blogs have yet to cover the fact that the Jewish Quarter in Tskhinvali was destroyed by Saakashvili and his American Imperialist and believe it or not Israeli supporters. The question is raised are they Jewish, or are they American Imperialist aided by the British?

So the statement yesterday that the US was directly behind the attack on Tskhinvali by Prime Minister of Russia Putin is of great importance. It has been covered by great Serbian blog Byzantine Blog today:

[Begin quote here]

August 28, 2008

Putin Hits the Nail on the Head (Several Times Over)

Vladimir Putin on CNN
“The fact is that U.S. soldiers were indeed in the area of conflict during the hostilities”, Putin told CNN, which then undertook some creative transliteration and translated the word soldiers to citizens. You just can’t rely on corporate media to tell the truth about a single damn thing! [video]

“U.S. Instigated Georgia’s Attack on South Ossetia”

“It is not just that the American side could not restrain the Georgian leadership from this criminal act. The American side in effect armed and trained the Georgian army,” Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told CNN in an interview.

Putin said the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict may have been staged to secure a victory for one of the presidential candidates in the U.S. He says preliminary reports show that the American soldiers may have been present in the combat zone.

“We have serious reasons to believe that American soldiers were right at the heart of the military action. This would have implications for American domestic policy. If this is confirmed, we will have grounds to suspect that somebody in the U.S. has created this conflict to aggravate the situation and create a competitive advantage for one of the presidential candidates”.

“The fact is that U.S. citizens were indeed in the area in conflict during the hostilities,” Putin said according to the CNN’s incorrect translation, because Russia’s prime minister talked about the presence of the U.S. soldiers, not “citizens”. “Then, it should be admitted, that they would do so only following direct orders from their supervisors. Therefore, they were acting in implementing those orders, doing as they were ordered, and the only one who can give such orders is their supervisors.”

(This is indeed the crucial point. The CNN has made the US soldiers intio US citizens. Why? I believe it is because CNN know precisely how explosive this information was…FQ)

“We Have a lot to Learn from American Colleagues About Media

 Control and Manipulation”

Russia’s prime minister also commented on the media coverage of the recent events.

“As far as the perception of these events by the general public goes, it depends not only on politicians, but also on how artful they are in controlling the mass media. And our American colleagues do this much better than we do. There’s a lot we can learn from them”.

(Putin here was being gracious and is pulling his punches. He and the Russians have pinpointed the key issue, the role of the Media, the role of the British newspapers like the Guardian and Independent, of pro Imperialist sites such as Harry’s Place, of individuals like Oliver Kamm who was promoted to lead writer for The Times on the basis of the support for Nazi Izetbegovic in Bosnia…FQ)

Putin said he expected the American administration to get involved in the conflict and end Georgia’s aggression on South Ossetia after the U.S. President George W. Bush told him in Beijing that “no one wants a war”.

“But nothing similar happened”, Putin said.

(If Putin is really giving his true thoughts on this then it shows a huge level of naivity on his part. One of the issues about Russian leaders is that they are trained in the Stalinist theory that it is possible to have “peaceful coexistence” with Imperialism. So Putin thought perhaps he could trust Bush. But US and British Imperialism are actually now in war with Russia and China. The Saakashvili attack was the first real blow by the Imperialists…FQ)

He stressed that Russia did not attack and cannot be portrayed as an aggressor.

“We didn’t attack anyone, we were attacked and therefore we need guarantees that we won’t be attacked again, and that our citizens won’t be killed. They are trying to present us as aggressors”.

(All this material is of vital importance. Since August 7 we have emphasised over and over that everybody has to be dead clear on this fact. That the Saakashvili regime engaged in a brutal attack on Tskhinvali in the dead of the night when these people were sleeping. The stories of them cowering for days and nights in shelters is true. This is what Israpundit and other American Jewish blogs are hiding. Then it has emerged that 20 poor Jewish families in the Jewish Quarter of Tskhinvali were especially hit. What a disgrace to hide that. I do not think these Jewish blogs will ever again be reputable…FQ)

Russia’s prime minister has given a detailed chronology of the events between August 7 and 10.

“On 7 August, at 14:42, the Georgian peacekeepers left the headquarters of the peacekeeping forces under the pretext that they’d received orders from their commanders to leave their posts, and they never returned.

“One hour later, heavy artillery shelling began.

“At 22:35 a massive bombardment of Tsklhinval started. At 22:50 the transfer of Georgian ground troops started to the combat area. At the same time Georgian field hospitals were set up.

“And at 23:30 the Brigadeer General commanding the Georgian peacekeeping forces announced that Georgia has declared a war against South Ossetia. They announced this publicly, looking straight into the TV cameras.

“At that point we tried to contact the Georgian leadership, but everyone refused to talk to us.

“At 12:45 AM on the 8th of August the Georgian commander repeated his statement. So who attacked whom?”

The former Russian president reiterated that the country has ‘no intention of attacking anyone, or of fighting a war with anyone’.

“For eight years while I was President I often heard one and the same question — what place does Russia think it should occupy in the world? We are a peace-loving state and want to cooperate with all our neighbors and the other states. But if someone thinks they can just come in and kill us, and that our place is in the cemetery, these people should think of the consequences of such policies”.

What is a Texas Resident Doing Among Georgian Special Forces?

The deputy head of Russia’s general staff told reporters in Moscow that troops had found a US passport in a village near the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali, where he said Georgian special forces had been operating during the conflict.

“What was that gentleman’s purpose of being among the special forces and what he is doing today, I so far cannot answer,” Colonel-General Anatoly Nogovitsyn said.

“We have been looking for the holder of the passport but haven’t been able to find him. We know that he is a resident in the state of Texas.”


Our sincere thanks to Byzantine blog

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