by Felix Quigley

August 30, 2008

We on this site separate from all on the so-called “Left” because we identify Zionism as the right of the Jewish people to have their Homeland and that this is Israel. This is also the position that Leon Trotsky took up in the 1930s.

For a defence of this position the reader could turn to because on this this writer argued strongly that Leon Trotsky in the late 30s was supporting the setting up of the (to be) Israel and was doing so with great urgency. This information had been and is still being totally obscured by “Left” and Imperialist alike. In the case of the “Left” – Stalinism has been a big factor. Not only did Stalinism murder Trotsky but they have tried to obscure his life history as well.

But what do we do when today Jewish organizations are ignoring the destruction of the Jewish Quarter by Saakashvili in the town of Tskhinvali, the capital of Ossetia.

Let us turn to Canadian website Israpundit, editor Ted Belman. This site is engaged in a campaign to have McCain elected to be President of the US. As part of this the site is totally in support of Saakashvili and it has thus hidden the reality that the Georgian state machine aided by the US, and with some aid from Israel, launched the genocidal attack on Tskhinvali just after midnight as the 7th turned into the 8th of August.

In the course of this attack the Jewish Quarter was destroyed.

[extract from previous post]

The Jewish Quarter in Tskhinvali after NATO’s Saakashvili struck in the early hours of August 8, 2008

August 21, 2008, 1:52 An entire Jewish area has been wiped out as a result of Georgia’s military offensive in Tskhinvali. Witnesses in the South Ossetian capital say there’s hardly a home standing in the area where the city’s Jewish population lived.

Out of 20 families who lived in the Jewish neighbourhood, only one is left. Nobody knows where the others are, whether they’re alive or dead. 

“I was pushing myself up against the wall when the bombing started. Next couple of days I spent in the basement,” recalls local Jewish resident Ribka Jinjikashvili.

Jewish people in the city say they’ve always lived in peacewith their neighbours. They considered Tskhinvali to be their home, but found themselves in the midst of an ethnic conflict.

I raised this issue of the destruction of the Jewish Quarter by the Georgian troops under Saakashvili on Israpundit drawing attention to the point that sections of the Israeli state were helping Saakashvili and his American backers and American soldiers in the attack.

That meant that they were all involved in attacking the Jewish Quarter in Tskhinvali and Israpundit was involved in that it was in support of this attack in the most explicit manner it is possible to be.

The reaction was this:


I don’t really know about the Jews in S. Ossetia because you are the only one to bring it up. The people who live in that part of Georgia are more Russian than Georgian and are probably communistic in their philosphy. In my opinion, so are you. If not, please reply.

Had these Jews felt a connection to Georgia, they would have moved out of Ossetia.

Comment by Ed D — August 26, 2008 @ 2:37 pm


If true do you really believe that just a Jewish Quarter was targeted and why it was leveled. Shit 20 Jews is a small apartment building anywhere in the world you Jackass. How do you know they were really Jews? How do you know they were not evacuated or if they wanted to? If they held Russian passports they were certainly not Georgian but Russian implants. Why didn’t your beloved Russians evacuate them? bring them back to Moscow were they belonged in the first place.

This also was added in post 27 by Yamit82

HMMMM Jewish Quater: 20 Jews = antisemitism = Genocide? Who says there is a Jewish Quarter? Who says Jews still live there? Did they hold Georgia or Russian citizenship? Were they killed, wounded or evacuated and if yes, by whom? Did the Israel/Jewish Georgian Defense Minister attack The Jewish Quarter because he is antisemitic?

Felix where I live a small apt. building holds more than 20 Jews hell 20 Jews could also be 2 families with many children. Genocide? Who are you trying to Bullshit?

Morals? Felix go F…. yourself. A commie decrying the morals or lack of by anyone is an oxymoron. You do Jest Sir: ?

Yamit82 is the person who to some extent dominates Israpundit by his many posts.

So it is absolutely terrible and disgusting to see the above written about the Jews of Tskhinvali (the report is 20 families not 20 persons).

So far the editor of Israpundit Ted Belman has written not a word about this issue of the Jews of Tskhinvali and has not challenged the atrocious comments of Yamit82 above.


  1. felix, you tried to misuse israpundit for your unifications fantasies of jews and serbs. i am happy do discover that you will be never again on israpundit.

  2. Once again “yoram hadad” has absolutely nothing to say about the substance of the article -which was the destruction of the Jewish Quarter in Georgia – but instead goes into his bigoted anti-Christian/anti-Serbian epileptic-style fit.

    Who in their right mind would even want to be on Israpundit anyway, mister “yoram hadad” – “Tsun Zar” – “Daniel Israel” or whatever the hell your real name is.

    Israpundit does NOT even represent genuine Israeli or Jewish interests! The only interests of Israpundit is that of promoting the largely discredited US Republican Party!!

    “Yoram Hadad”, you are an absolute Jewish kapo pro-Nazi moron who should be deported to Saudi Arabia to see what antisemitism is really all about.

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