by Felix Quigley

September 7, 2008

What Friedman leaves out of this analysis is conscious action by the working class and Russian people.

Friedman sees things only from the standpoint of great individuals, great leaders, great powers etc. All the same we will cut him some slack and listen in order to learn.

By George Friedman

The United States has been fighting a war in the Islamic world since 2001. Its main theaters of operation are in Afghanistan and Iraq, but its politico-military focus spreads throughout the Islamic world, from Mindanao to Morocco. The situation on Aug. 7, 2008, was as follows:

  1. The war in Iraq was moving toward an acceptable but not optimal solution. The government in Baghdad was not pro-American, but neither was it an Iranian puppet, and that was the best that could be hoped for. The United States anticipated pulling out troops, but not in a disorderly fashion.
  2. The war in Afghanistan was deteriorating for the United States and NATO forces. The Taliban was increasingly effective, and large areas of the country were falling to its control. Force in Afghanistan was insufficient, and any troops withdrawn from Iraq would have to be deployed to Afghanistan to stabilize the situation. Political conditions in neighboring Pakistan were deteriorating, and that deterioration inevitably affected Afghanistan.
  3. The United States had been locked in a confrontation with Iran over its nuclear program, demanding that Tehran halt enrichment of uranium or face U.S. action. The United States had assembled a group of six countries (the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany) that agreed with the U.S. goal, was engaged in negotiations with Iran, and had agreed at some point to impose sanctions on Iran if Tehran failed to comply. The United States was also leaking stories about impending air attacks on Iran by Israel or the United States if Tehran didn’t abandon its enrichment program. The United States had the implicit agreement of the group of six not to sell arms to Tehran, creating a real sense of isolation in Iran.

In short, the United States remained heavily committed Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

September 5, 2008

The articles printed by are very useful. These are out and out Imperialist writers but they follow a tradition which means that they do not write lies or junk. They make an effort to cover facts. Their method is one of total pro Imperialism. It is just that they use a scientific type approach and we as socialists who wish to end their rotten capitalist system can certainly learn from their research.

OKAY friends with that proviso:

See what you make of this. The writer is somebody with the handle of Peter Zeihan.

Realism in Russia (Free Access)

By Peter Zeihan

From an American perspective, the Eurasian landmass can be both an intimidating and endlessly invigorating place. Intimidating, because it is the only landmass on the planet save that of North America that has sufficient resources to nurture and give rise to a truly global power; invigorating, because the existence of many disparate powers there make the task of preventing a single power from arising relatively easy. The sheer size, internal geographic divides and myriad states and ethnic groups that are native to Eurasia are perhaps the strongest factor guaranteeing U.S. national strength — and on a subconscious level, all U.S. policymakers realize that. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

September 5, 2008

Using their archives I researched the articles printed by The Irish Times on Srebrenica. This ran into the several hundreds. The number of passing comments into thousands. All bar none accepted the wisdom that 8000 men and boys of Muslim persuasion were murdered by the Serb army at Srebrenica.

The number of such articles by the total world Media must be in the millions. Yet it is a lie. There has never been such a situation that Humanity has ever faced before.

The reasons for the savage attacks on Serbs and on Yugoslavia can be found in the urgent needs for NATO to expand into former Soviet satellites, to surround Russia and China, the aim being war.

For the EU the reasons to destroy the old Yugoslavia was the expansion of the EU. The Serbs of Milosevic stood in the way of this.

Most Jewish people in Israel should have little difficulty in understanding the hoax that was Srebrenica. There have been very many similar in their experience.

Some we can immediately name are, the Dir Yassin “Masacre”, Qana, Jenin, El Durra, the Gaza Beach Bombing and others. Politics via massacre hoax propaganda has become common.

So when about one month after the date of the supposed massacre Madeleine Albright showed to the Media and UN two pictures, one before and one after, of land near Srebrenica (supposedly), and which was supposed to be a mass grave…what to make of it! Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

September 5, 2008

The selection of Sarah Palin by McCain to be vice president with the real possibility of being president is a conscious step towards world war by McCain and Lieberman on behalf of US Imperialism.

This is a woman who is a Creationist. Last time I checked this means that she believes the world was created directly by the Big Man Above. It brings to my mind pictures in the village chapel where I went as a boy with some guy, it must have been God, striding across on the clouds in a blue sky, as the peasants in the village church huddled beneath in their ignorance.

And if you believe in that miseducated junk of Creationism then you can also quite easily believe that it is the US Right to make war on Russia and China. And Palin with McCain do believe that to the nth degree.

What did she call herself? A rottweiler with lipstick? That can be more accurate than people really know. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

September 3, 2008

The situation facing people who are opposed to Imperialism today is one characterised by extreme crisis in leadership.

In recent articles we have tried to show that there was a clear division of opinion between Israelis like Sharon and Netanyahu with the US Imperialists over the invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam. It is not that Israeli politicians had any love for Saddam who certainly was an antisemite. But they rightly saw the main danger as being Iran.

Also there were many who believed that Iraq which was at war with Iran was a serious counter to Iran.

The decision of Bush, and the so-called NeoCons, among whom were many American Jews, to remove Saddam thus strengthened the main enemy of Israel which was Iran.

This has been hidden. This has been carefully hidden, that Israel was opposed to the war with Iraq. The very opposite is the case. It is being heavily promoted that the Jews were behind this war. Well certain American Jews who are American Imperialists, such as Perle, were indeed promoting the Iraq war, but they were doing so not as Israelis but as American Imperialists and they have placed Israel and Jews now in great danger from Iran, and in even greater danger from antisemitism.

I do know for a fact that Belman, the editor of Israpundit, promoted this Iraq war on Israpundit which has done such damage to Jews. In fact Belman promoted the Iraq war heavily. He has stated recently that he still supports Bush.

With leaders like Belman churning out their stench the Jews are certain to be defeated.

He never once pointed out that by removing Saddam then Iran would be strengthened. We should not keep on at Belman. It is just that we know his politics well but he is only one of a type.

There are in reality many Jewish leaders like Belman who are really promoting the agenda of US Imperialism inside the Jewish movement. Until that is ended then the Jews will be placed continually in ever increasing danger from these American Imperialist politicians.

Please do not ever feel sorry for these pro Imperialist leaders like Belman, Levinson, Gordon and this guy on Israpundit called Yamit82. They are doing a real disservice to the Jews. By continually asking Jews to believe in and support US Imperialism they play a big role on behalf of  the American ruling class and are totally against the interests also of the American ordinary person.

The most graphic example of this has been Georgia. Here sections of the Israeli state lined up alongside the US and extreme Imperialist puppet Saakashvili. They actually provided the training and some of the arms, and they worked alongside the CIA in Georgia in preparation essentially for attacking Russia.

Georgia is a US puppet regime just as much as George Soros is a US puppet and it is thought member of the US Intelligence machine.

That is what Israel was being led into supporting. There has never been such a graphic case of the utter bankruptcy of the Israeli pro US and pro British ruling class of Israel.

That is precisely who Ted Belman who runs Israpundit and Joseph Alexander Norloand who founded Israpundit lined up with.

In the course of this, Saakashvili led these armed gangs, trained by Israel at least in part, armed by Israel at least in part, to attack Tskhinvali.

And in the course of this attack there is information that Saakashvili levelled the Jewish Quarter in Tskhinvali.

And just as Glick hardened her heart in this attack on the small Ossetian people so did Israpundit to the Jewish Quarter in Tskhinvali. perhaps that information is bogus. But surely there is a strong chance that it is not bogus. So I cannot see how a true nationalist Jew would not hesitate, take it seriously and at least investigate.

What this means is this:

Just because somebody says they are the greatest Jew who has ever lived. That does not mean a thing in this fast changing world situation.

We stand by some principles:

1. The Jews are a nation. As a nation their Homeland is Israel and this must be defended against antisemitism. This means today especially the antisemitism of bogus left groups like the SWP etc.

2. We are opposed to the plans of US and British Imperialism to make war on Russia and China

3. Jews who ally with US and British Imperialism are real reactionaries no matter how good Jews they say they are, and they have to be exposed as such

4. The youth in Israel and the really progressive Jews must become anti Imperialists, especially opposed to US Imperialism, which has been deceiving the Jewish people of Israel for such a long time. Having removed Saddam the US Imperialists have placed the Jews of Israel in huge danger.

5. All work of progressive Jewish people must be orientated towards the great American working class and ordinary people of America against the reactionary American ruling class, represented at the top by both Democrats like Obama, Clinton and Biden, and on the Republican side by McCain and Palin

6. Finally we must recognize that there is a crisis of leadership on the Left, where big sections of the Left (Stalinism and renegade Trotskyists) are really turned into apologists for the Islamofascism of the Palestine Movement and are directed towards the destruction of the Jewish Homeland.


PS We invite readers to write. If you wish to be private mark it “private” and we will not publish. We will read all and be glad to hear your opinion and own experiences.


by Felix Quigley

September 2, 2008

Georgia has moved the Imperialists much closer to war with Russia and China. This is what the encirclement of Russia by NATO is of course all about. A blind person would see that easily.

Merkel put it clearly in this piece by Spiegel:

[Begin quote here]

Love and suffering. Currently, the chancellor is feeling a bit of both, at least that is what she said last week during a visit to Estonia. Despite all the suffering connected with the latest outbreak of Russian imperialism in Georgia, she said that we should not forget that there are reasons to love Russia. She also said that if Russia were to send its military into Estonia, the country would be covered by Article 5 of the Washington Treaty, meaning that an armed attack against one NATO member is considered an attack against them all. Were that to ever happen, it would be the second time that this article was invoked, the first time being when the alliance offered its assistance to the US after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. War, of course, would be the result.

It was a clear warning to Russia, and one that fit perfectly into the tense atmosphere of last week. It was a week that seemed more diplomatically charged than any in a long time. Moscow has the world on tenterhooks.

The list of geopolitical provocations is long. Russia decided to recognize the breakaway Georgian republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Not long later, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov lashed out at each other. Mistrust was the dominant mood. Did the Americans help spark the war in Georgia? Did Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili lie to the world about the sequence of events during the war? Is he perhaps even a war criminal? Will Russia further extend its power over its neighbors?,1518,575581,00.html

Is this not amazingly clear by this Imperialist German Angela Merkel! Russia lays a finger on any of these NATO stooges which surrounds her and Russia faces war from the most powerful alliance ever created.

And that of course was what Saakashvili wanted in his attack on Tskhinvali, so that an ethnically cleansed South Ossetia would not be a barrier to Georgia entering NATO and thus becoming a similar puppet of the Empire.

(The following part of the analysis by Spiegel is of the utmost importance in understanding what Georgia was all about

1. It confirms that Saakashvili lies through his thoroughly bigoted teeth and does so all the time.

2. This is the man who Jewish leaders like Belman and Levinson of Israpundit have supported. So creating a huge danger for the Jews in supporting such a fiend as Saakashvili a serial liar

3. Saakashvili it is shown here by Spiegel lied about the Russia “invasion”. In fact there was no Russian “invasion”, there was instead a mission which rescued the South Ossetians from GENOCIDE.

4. And to make it even worse those South Ossetians included 20 Jewish families long living in the Jewish Quarter of Tskhinvali


[Begin quote here]

“When I want to call Europe, what number do I dial?” Henry Kissinger once asked while he was serving as US Secretary of State. Today, the same question could even more appropriately be asked of the West. Its phone is not in Washington, and certainly not in Brussels, where on Monday this week the heads of state and government in the EU are meeting to discuss the Georgian crisis. A show of unwavering unity is not expected to emerge from this meeting, but there is some good news: the German-French diplomatic machine is up and running again. The crisis has welded the governments of both countries together. All the irritations of the recent past have been forgotten and replaced by harmony between Paris and Berlin.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who currently holds the rotating EU presidency, closely coordinated the preparations for the special summit with Merkel: phone calls at all levels, no effort spared to find a common position, lavish praise on all sides.

Meanwhile, various ministries in Berlin have started to doubt the credibility of the most problematic friend of the West. Saakashvili, contrary to his own version of events, apparently ordered the attack on South Ossetia before the Russian tanks entered the province from the north via the Roki Tunnel.

‘Carelessly Playing with Fire’

This was reported by military observers working with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) who were in Georgia at the time. Information from tapped phone conversations involving Georgian political leaders may have also made its way into the reports, which have been leaked from OSCE headquarters in Vienna. One source who is personally familiar with the reports summarized the findings as follows: “Saakashvili lied 100 percent to all of us, the Europeans and the Americans.”


Just last week, the Georgian president told Germany’s mass-circulation Bild newspaper: “We respected the cease-fire. It wasn’t until the Russian tanks rolled into South Ossetia that we deployed our artillery.” The OSCE reports also indicate that Saakashvili attacked the civilian population while they were asleep in their beds. “Our dialogue with Georgia has to become more critical again,” says a top Western diplomat.That could be tantamount to a war crime.


The new "Cold Peace" world.


The new “Cold Peace” world.

Merkel and German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier still agree that Germany should play a moderate role: sending critical messages to Russia, solidarity with Georgia, but, all in all, working to defuse the situation. Some people have been “carelessly playing with fire,” said Steinmeier, referring to “all sides” involved. His criticism included the Americans and the Eastern Europeans.


Germany would rather not act as an intermediary between the West and Russia, primarily because the Germans are in the Western camp, but Merkel and Steinmeier also want to maintain their good connections with Moscow in order to have an influence on the Russians.

But that could prove to be difficult. Although the chancellor phoned Russian President Dmitry Medvedev last week to voice her criticism of the recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, she did not know if she was speaking with the man who really pulls the strings.

Russia’s strongman these days is Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who Merkel knows well. However, she is not allowed to talk with him about foreign policy issues because in Russia it is the president who is officially responsible for this area. Diplomacy can be extremely complicated.

No Position to Lead

Merkel faces her next difficult phone call this week. After the EU summit, she is due to call US President George W. Bush to pitch the European line on Russia, assuming there will be one. During the Cold War this would have been a call to the leading Western power. But these days the US is in no position to play a leading role.

Last weekend, Democratic delegates in Denver nominated Barack Obama by acclamation as the first ever African-American presidential candidate. Hundreds of supporters in the hall cried tears of joy — American presidential campaigns are seldom marked by such euphoria. But the world outside the Pepsi Center looked very different. The same Democrats who minutes earlier had been waving their flags now stood outside with a worried expression on their faces. Richard Holbrooke and Madeleine Albright didn’t even try to be optimistic. Trouble is brewing around the world for the US, they said.

Then the diplomats started listing America’s woes. They said that the country’s dependency on foreign oil is dramatic. Every year America pays $600 billion (€400 billion) to oil producing countries. On top of that, there is China’s economic rise, two bogged-down foreign wars, and now Russia has made its return to the international stage, loudly and aggressively, like a throwback to the days of the Soviet Union. but Cheney is personally responsible for much of the political inheritance that goes to the next president. This Tuesday, Cheney is scheduled to travel to Georgia to show his solidarity with this frontline country. Russia’s aggression must not go unanswered, he said shortly before his departure. Observers in Washington suspect that he may have helped provoke the conflict that he now claims to be solving. One of his most experienced advisors, Joseph R. Wood, was in Tbilisi shortly before the Georgian army launched its military operation.


This was only confirmed by Cheney’s office last week. Government sources say that after the conflict erupted, Cheney urged the White House to respond by sending arms to Georgia. The president reportedly rejected the proposal, perhaps after a bit of arm-twisting. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates are determined not to send the military to yet another country in the five remaining months of the Bush administration.

Rumors are currently circulating in the US that Cheney may have sparked the crisis in Georgia as a favor to the Republican presidential candidate. There is a wealth of evidence to support such a theory. McCain’s foreign policy advisor Randy Scheunemann was a lobbyist for the Georgian government until last May. McCain is a close friend of Saakashvili. If the OSCE allegations concerning Georgia’s war plans are substantiated, it could fuel debate on the issue. In the meantime, an election campaign conducted in the shadow of an international crisis offers McCain a golden opportunity. In the hour of peril, experience is likely to garner more votes than hope. Putin has triggered what McCain urgently needs: a sense of anxiety.


(I firmly believe that Israpundit is a total shame to the great Jewish people. All these American and Israeli Jewish leaders who have supported US and British Imperialism in this attack on Tskhinvali are FINISHED as far as the Jewish people are concerned. Zionism, the great and rightful struggle for a Jewish Homeland will continue forever but it will do so in a struggle against these “Jewish” traitors…FQ)


by Felix Quigley

September 2, 2008

From the very beginning we said that the war against Yugoslavia and the Saakashvili genocidist attack on Tskhinvali in the early hours of August 8 as Ossetians were sleeping represented the first attacks by US and British Imperialism to make war on Russia and China.

The Imperialists want to destroy Russia and China in order to capture the whole Asian market for themselves. But they are weak and divided, a fact which does not lessen the danger from a decadent capitalist system.

The EU was meeting yesterday and they are totally divided because they are meeting a confident and powerful Russia, a Russia which does not owe a dime to anybody. These EU antisemites and haters of all things Russian are weak and divided. Well seen in the Der Spiegel report of today,1518,575581-3,00.html

[Begin quote here]

Even within the EU it is difficult to agree on a strong joint position. Much of the indecision comes out of the fact that the West — particularly its European manifestation — has grown. A number of former Warsaw Pact countries are now a part of the European Union, including the Baltic States, Poland and the Czech Republic. The threat they feel is much different than that felt by countries like Italy and Belgium. They wonder if their new allies would be prepared to die for Tallinn or Prague if the Russians were to march in. They tend to trust the Americans more in this regard — leading to the fact that the Eastern Europeans generally support the positions of the US over those held by the other Europeans.

(Der Spiegel is an imperialist type publication. The reason given above is wrong, even idiotic. These new states are really puppets of the EU and US Imperialism. And as puppets they have differences with the more established and traditional Europeans like France. Britain is close to these puppets because Britain has always been a toady of US Imperialism, right from Churchill on, culminating in the supreme toady of all time, Blair. These issues are linked to the Iraq war) Continue reading