by Felix Quigley

September 1, 2008

We said before that Time will tell. And now it appears that reports by OSCE on the spot in South Ossetia have fallen into the hands of Der Speigel via German authorities.

They are writing up this material and they promise publishing on Monday to come.

[Start quote here]

German weekly: Georgia planned attack on sleeping civilians

German weekly: Georgia planned attack on sleeping civilians
Evidence of “numerous erroneous decisions of the Georgian leadership which led to the beginning of a crisis in the Caucasus” are accumulating in the OSCE headquarters, says the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel in an announcement of an article to be published on Monday.

The magazine says that “a lot of corresponding reports by OSCE observers in the Caucasus have unofficially fallen into the hands of some governmental authorities in Berlin.”

According to this data, Georgia had been actively preparing a military strike against South Ossetia and began the attack before Russian tanks entered the Roksky tunnel connecting South Ossetia and Russia.

Also, there are reports of observers who say that the Georgian authorities ordered that the attack on South Ossetian civilians at night when they were sleeping, the announcement says.

It is well known by now that we on 4international defend Israel as the Homeland of the Jewish people. We ask serious questions now of those American and Canadian Jewish leaders who have supported the US puppet Saakashvili.
His cowardly attack was also on the Jewish Quarter in Tskhinvali which was entirely wiped out.
But this has ben hidden by these Jewish leaders which poses huge questions which have to be answered.

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