By Felix Quigley

September 3, 2008

The situation facing people who are opposed to Imperialism today is one characterised by extreme crisis in leadership.

In recent articles we have tried to show that there was a clear division of opinion between Israelis like Sharon and Netanyahu with the US Imperialists over the invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam. It is not that Israeli politicians had any love for Saddam who certainly was an antisemite. But they rightly saw the main danger as being Iran.

Also there were many who believed that Iraq which was at war with Iran was a serious counter to Iran.

The decision of Bush, and the so-called NeoCons, among whom were many American Jews, to remove Saddam thus strengthened the main enemy of Israel which was Iran.

This has been hidden. This has been carefully hidden, that Israel was opposed to the war with Iraq. The very opposite is the case. It is being heavily promoted that the Jews were behind this war. Well certain American Jews who are American Imperialists, such as Perle, were indeed promoting the Iraq war, but they were doing so not as Israelis but as American Imperialists and they have placed Israel and Jews now in great danger from Iran, and in even greater danger from antisemitism.

I do know for a fact that Belman, the editor of Israpundit, promoted this Iraq war on Israpundit which has done such damage to Jews. In fact Belman promoted the Iraq war heavily. He has stated recently that he still supports Bush.

With leaders like Belman churning out their stench the Jews are certain to be defeated.

He never once pointed out that by removing Saddam then Iran would be strengthened. We should not keep on at Belman. It is just that we know his politics well but he is only one of a type.

There are in reality many Jewish leaders like Belman who are really promoting the agenda of US Imperialism inside the Jewish movement. Until that is ended then the Jews will be placed continually in ever increasing danger from these American Imperialist politicians.

Please do not ever feel sorry for these pro Imperialist leaders like Belman, Levinson, Gordon and this guy on Israpundit called Yamit82. They are doing a real disservice to the Jews. By continually asking Jews to believe in and support US Imperialism they play a big role on behalf of  the American ruling class and are totally against the interests also of the American ordinary person.

The most graphic example of this has been Georgia. Here sections of the Israeli state lined up alongside the US and extreme Imperialist puppet Saakashvili. They actually provided the training and some of the arms, and they worked alongside the CIA in Georgia in preparation essentially for attacking Russia.

Georgia is a US puppet regime just as much as George Soros is a US puppet and it is thought member of the US Intelligence machine.

That is what Israel was being led into supporting. There has never been such a graphic case of the utter bankruptcy of the Israeli pro US and pro British ruling class of Israel.

That is precisely who Ted Belman who runs Israpundit and Joseph Alexander Norloand who founded Israpundit lined up with.

In the course of this, Saakashvili led these armed gangs, trained by Israel at least in part, armed by Israel at least in part, to attack Tskhinvali.

And in the course of this attack there is information that Saakashvili levelled the Jewish Quarter in Tskhinvali.

And just as Glick hardened her heart in this attack on the small Ossetian people so did Israpundit to the Jewish Quarter in Tskhinvali. perhaps that information is bogus. But surely there is a strong chance that it is not bogus. So I cannot see how a true nationalist Jew would not hesitate, take it seriously and at least investigate.

What this means is this:

Just because somebody says they are the greatest Jew who has ever lived. That does not mean a thing in this fast changing world situation.

We stand by some principles:

1. The Jews are a nation. As a nation their Homeland is Israel and this must be defended against antisemitism. This means today especially the antisemitism of bogus left groups like the SWP etc.

2. We are opposed to the plans of US and British Imperialism to make war on Russia and China

3. Jews who ally with US and British Imperialism are real reactionaries no matter how good Jews they say they are, and they have to be exposed as such

4. The youth in Israel and the really progressive Jews must become anti Imperialists, especially opposed to US Imperialism, which has been deceiving the Jewish people of Israel for such a long time. Having removed Saddam the US Imperialists have placed the Jews of Israel in huge danger.

5. All work of progressive Jewish people must be orientated towards the great American working class and ordinary people of America against the reactionary American ruling class, represented at the top by both Democrats like Obama, Clinton and Biden, and on the Republican side by McCain and Palin

6. Finally we must recognize that there is a crisis of leadership on the Left, where big sections of the Left (Stalinism and renegade Trotskyists) are really turned into apologists for the Islamofascism of the Palestine Movement and are directed towards the destruction of the Jewish Homeland.


PS We invite readers to write. If you wish to be private mark it “private” and we will not publish. We will read all and be glad to hear your opinion and own experiences.


  1. Good work Felix.

    Looks like your good Jewish friends over at JTF are fighting the good fight over there

    despite the reactionary pro-US Imperialist anti-Russian responses of several posters in some of the other threads supporting the genocidal war criminal Saakashvili under the guise of “anti-communism”.

    A small minority of these morons on JTF, just like the MAJORITY of the morons who frequent Israpundit still haven’t figured out that the Soviet Union is dead and Russia is now ultra-Capitalist but with the added twist that she is refusing US/NATO global domination and hegemony.

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