by Felix Quigley

September 5, 2008

Using their archives I researched the articles printed by The Irish Times on Srebrenica. This ran into the several hundreds. The number of passing comments into thousands. All bar none accepted the wisdom that 8000 men and boys of Muslim persuasion were murdered by the Serb army at Srebrenica.

The number of such articles by the total world Media must be in the millions. Yet it is a lie. There has never been such a situation that Humanity has ever faced before.

The reasons for the savage attacks on Serbs and on Yugoslavia can be found in the urgent needs for NATO to expand into former Soviet satellites, to surround Russia and China, the aim being war.

For the EU the reasons to destroy the old Yugoslavia was the expansion of the EU. The Serbs of Milosevic stood in the way of this.

Most Jewish people in Israel should have little difficulty in understanding the hoax that was Srebrenica. There have been very many similar in their experience.

Some we can immediately name are, the Dir Yassin “Masacre”, Qana, Jenin, El Durra, the Gaza Beach Bombing and others. Politics via massacre hoax propaganda has become common.

So when about one month after the date of the supposed massacre Madeleine Albright showed to the Media and UN two pictures, one before and one after, of land near Srebrenica (supposedly), and which was supposed to be a mass grave…what to make of it!

All Jews should have dismissed it out of hand based on their own experiences.

These pictures were suspiciously shelved and never opened up for examination. Albright just used them and then hid them.

But consider modern technology. It should have been possible to go to the exact spot within yards and to dig and to find thousands of bodies all shot in the neck, head or back. That never happened.

Then the Media flashed around the world all kinds of stories of the Serbs refrigerating in order to move bodies etc. But no proof, just stories. Not even a fly could move in that area without coming up on NATO and US surveilance.

I was incensed last month when I heard Adam Le Bor making claims on Spanish Radio that were so obviously to me lies.

This is just ONE of the lies that Le Bor peddled to his credulous interviewer Maurice Boland of Radio REM

FQ…The women were bussed to Tuzla. If it was a planned massacre why did they release the women and children and old men. Another point why did they attack from the south and allow a way out from the north? There were 3,500 Muslim soldiers made their way to Tuzla.


Adam le Bor…That is true. That is true. This was a war zone and there were Muslim soldiers there. They escaped and tried to find their way to safety. When they were captured they were shot.

This is such a lie from Le Bor and Boland swallowed most of it, or at least did until I challenged Le Bor on air.

Most of these on this column, all armed to the teeth, escaped and made it to Tuzla, where they were later interviewed by a Dutch Team doing a special report. It is all in the Report.

One lie, a thousand lies. Le Bor has them all captured and shot.

There was such intense black propaganda against the Serbs. The Serbs were being called Nazis by all of the Media, especially by the British Media. This went on for many years before Srebrenica.

There is the clear evidence that Izetbegovic was a Nazi in the War. He enjoyed joint membership during the Holocaust of the Nazi Muslim Brotherhood with the main Butcher of the Holocaust in the Balkans, whose name was Hajj Amin el Husseini.

That is who the Serbs were fighting against. But the Media presented lyingly Izetbegovic as a Moderate Muslim.

So when the Serbs recaptured Srebrenica THAT is who they were fighting against.

The Serbs had no alternative but to capture Srebrenica in 1995 because the area was being used in the period from 1992 to 1995 to kill Serb peasants. The “Safe Area” was not safe for Serbs in outlying districts.

The Muslim Army there was NOT disarmed. Nasir Oric along with Izetbegovic murdered thousands of Serb peasants and after their murders they would hightail back into the “Safe Area”.

The Serbs on taking Srebrenica did 3 things. First they bussed women, children and old etc to Tuzla, which is where they wanted to go to. Second they took prisoners for questioning as it WAS a war. Third they pursued the retreating column. Again it was a war and the Muslims SOLDIERS in the Column were armed.

UN soldiers that were there saw no killings by the Serbs. There was NO massacre as far as the UN ON THE SPOT were concerned.

The soldiers, the released prisoners, the women etc all ended up in Tuzla. They were followed there by Human Rights Watch and the Media in order to try to pin on the Serbs evidence of a massacre.

But there was No massacre

[Begin quote here]

If 7 to 8 thousand “men and boys” were executed at close range by AK-47 military assault rifles and dumped in mass graves, there would have been by now – after over 13 years of time elapsed – 7 to 8 thousand Bosnian Muslim male corpses all with bullets in their backs or heads which would have been dug up and forensically examined.

This of course has never happened as 7 to 8 thousand bodies showing signs of execution were NEVER FOUND.

The place was crawling with UN troops, media people from many different countries, NATO+EU+ CIA/MI6 operatives, was being filmed & photographed by unmanned aerial reconnaisance vehicles, photographed by CIA spy satellites,etc.

Hiding and disposing of 8,000 bodies under all this surveillance without being detected would be about as likely as launching an elephant to the moon with a sling shot.

Even the Dutch troops headed by Captain Schouten who came on the scene shortly afterwards in the adjoining village of Bratunac said they never saw any evidence of a large scale massacre.


The Media and groups like Human Rights Watch rushed to Tuzla and proceeded to create a massacre.

Much of this was done in Tuzla.

Our coverage of the Official Dutch Report shows that the Massacre story was created by a combination of forces. The Media reacting with those civilians bussed to Tuzla. The soldiers who made it to Tuzla. All under the direction of the Muslim Government and the CIA Intelligence.

The details in this Dutch Report are outstanduing and shows that the Lie was created here. The Report also details the role of the Dutch EU political figures who also reacted with these Muslim liars and completely disregarded the evidence OF THEIR OWN SOLDIERS.

The Dutch Report told of how they were meeting the exact same story every time. On more than 10 occasions, they said, soldiers claimed to have escaped because each escapee had clambered out from beneath bodies.

The role of the Media has also been seen in the aftermath in Georgia where Reuters are clearly using actors, as happened in Qana and in El Durra.

In this way the Srebrenica Myth was put on the road and because it is of such strategic importance that Slavs are seen as Nazi types it has been promoted since. Without any let up.

It is a lie. The claim that the Serbs murdered 8000 is a lie. The Serbs murdered nobody but this lie is repeated and repeated.

It is impossible to stop this lie because to do so you need to expose the whole of the Media. The issue will be submerged into a strugggle for socialist power because as long as capitalist power remains this Lie will be told.

The whole of the capitalist and Imperialist system is in a strange way bound up with this lie


  1. “Felix”, you can only be taken seriously by under-educated genocide deniers and extremists. THose are “your” people. When you say that Srebrenica was a lie, it’s not different than saying that Holocaust was a lie, or Rwanda genocide was a lie, etc. You’re genocide denier, that’s all you are. And it’s unfortunate that you are just an example of sad existence. You’re nothing more, nothing less.

  2. “When you say that Srebrenica was a lie, it’s not different than saying that Holocaust was a lie, or Rwanda genocide was a lie, etc. You’re genocide denier, that’s all you are. And it’s unfortunate that you are just an example of sad existence. You’re nothing more, nothing less.”

    Why do I get the nagging suspicion that “Peter Nagara” aka “Rupert Janeston” aka “Daniel Lam” aka “Daniel” of the “srebrenica genocide blog” on Google’s “blogspot” and “srebrenica mass graves” on WordPress are all ONE and THE SAME PERSON?

    Daniel, your choice of words and phrases is identical no matter where you write so it is quite easy to spot all of your phony,bogus identities all over the internet.

    Nice try attempting to equate Srebrenica with the Holocaust of European Jewry which many muslims in Europe took part in – especially in Bosnia-Herzegovina – when your people allied themselves with the Croatian Ustasha by joining en masse the infamous Waffen SS muslim divisions :Handschar” and “Kama” set up by the Arab antisemite and uncle of Yasser Arafat – Hajj Amin al Husseini – and Heinrich Himmler, the head of Hitler’s SS.

    The Holocaust had DIRECT third paty eyewitnesses to the mass murder. The Dutch troops in Srebrenica said they “did NOT see any evidence of a large scale massacre”. This came out in the famous Dutch Report by the “Netherlands Institute for War Documentation” back in 2005.

    We have already examined this in some detail earlier on this blog. Perhaps we need to remind people like you to quit using the Holocaust of European Jewry for your own evil Islamofascist expansionist political ends.

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