by Felix Quigley

September 5, 2008

The selection of Sarah Palin by McCain to be vice president with the real possibility of being president is a conscious step towards world war by McCain and Lieberman on behalf of US Imperialism.

This is a woman who is a Creationist. Last time I checked this means that she believes the world was created directly by the Big Man Above. It brings to my mind pictures in the village chapel where I went as a boy with some guy, it must have been God, striding across on the clouds in a blue sky, as the peasants in the village church huddled beneath in their ignorance.

And if you believe in that miseducated junk of Creationism then you can also quite easily believe that it is the US Right to make war on Russia and China. And Palin with McCain do believe that to the nth degree.

What did she call herself? A rottweiler with lipstick? That can be more accurate than people really know.

Once women were supposed to be kind, a little reticent, intelligent with a grasp on the real things that make life tolerable and worth having. But this empty loudmouth Palin suits McCain wonderfully well. There is a duo who will rejoice in dropping a nuclear bomb on Russia and China.

The fact that Obama is financed and controlled by Soros should not lessen the reality that McCain and Palin are also supported by Soros. But what I have seen of Obama and his wife they are gentle creatures compared with these two speciments of cruelty.

Now I would like our readers to have a look at the political line TODAY of the Canadian Jewish site Israpundit.

I contend very strongly now that the “Isra” in this name is a complete lie. And I think this lie becomes very clear when you see the present political line of the editor Ted Belman.

“Secondly McCain stressed that he would fight for Americans thereby positioning himself as their champion. “Fight with me” he asked Americans.

So rather than appear as just a continuation of Bush, he started a new crusade, you’ll pardon the expression, promissing to overturn the tables in the temple. With Sarah at his side, Washington, look out.

His comments on alternative energy were well received though I would have like it better if he named his project like the “Independence Project” and if he had committed himself to reaching that goal in ten years.

His wife Cindy came across as genuine. She is a very special person. I couldn’t help but feel that John, Cindy and Sarah were all special people and that we are lucky to have them running for office. They are great role models. It struck me that Cindy and Sarah were soul mates.

(Just open up and you will see this)

Can you really believe that a Jew would write such vomit inducing crap in this day and age, when it has been proved time and again by events, and by many people who Belman knows very well, that US Imperialism has been the enemy of Israel from Day 1.

What a total bullshitter is Belman.

Some people say that the problem with Israpundit is Levinson who writes articles claiming that the Russians who fought the Nazis were Nazis. Some think that Yamit82, that mad nobody and nothing who attacks Leon Trotsky and 4International, is the problem.

But I beg to differ! Whatever values Norland had the main problem with Israpundit has been and is Belman.

Belman is a total US Imperialist, through and through.

His Jewishness is merely incidental to his support for US Imperialism.


“promissing (SIC) to overturn the tables in the temple. With Sarah at his side, Washington, look out”

Does Belman know Palin? I mean has he went up to Alaska some time and they have went out for coffee and they got to know each other well?

Otherwise why the F…K does Belman refer to Palin as “Sarah”

Letters on a postcard please. The guy has absolutely lost it!

What this confirms is that we were absolutely, 100 per cent correct, that not Yugoslavia has been the great testing point, but Georgia.

Belman, Israpundit, and these weird misnamed “Jewish” sites that abound supported Saakashvili and sought to hide that Saakashvili flattened the Jewish Quarter in Tskhinvali.

The hatred of Levinson, Yamit82 and Belman for Russia has been a real eye-opener. What lies in this hatred for socialism and the socialist past that comes from these circles?

I think the dividing line has been Georgia.

We on 4international follow in the traditions of Leon Trotsky who was the BEST friend that the Jews had in the 1930s; I will not repeat things but investigate our articles here.

But Imperialism and Stalinism has always sought to hide that history.

So in that tradition we call for the defence of Israel against Antisemitism, including antisemitism of the Islamist variety.

But Israel and Jews are not given any right whatsoever to wander about the world spouting reactionary filth as does Belman. And we say that these kinds of Jews like Belman and the other really wierd people on his site are a TOTAL DANGER TO THE JEWISH HOMELAND.

Belman has chosen. His path is with “Sarah” and with “John”. What a F..k..g traitor to the Jews this man now is!


  1. Good day/evening to you my good friend Felix,

    Thanks for writing. I agree with you on Belman and co. Real BETRAYERS of the Jewish people, the Jewish struggle and Zionism. The same applies to their disguting betrayal of the Serbs and the Serbian struggle (eg their deafening silence on Phyllis Chesler’s lying hatchet job attack on Radovan Karadzic and the Bosnian Serbs).

    My eyes have really been opened by your site to what we are truly facing with these traitorous so-called Jewish leaders and bloggers like Belman,yamit82,Levinson,Narvey and Jerry Gordon.

    I too am really disappointed in Julia Gorin’s attack on the Chinese in defense of US/British Imperialism. Julia has exposed herself as a real reactionary for writing such complete rubbish.The attack on the Chinese was completely gratuitous and uncalled for considering that the US and British have been working together for years in waging a covert pysops war against the Chinese, just like they have against Vladimir Putin and Russia.

    Israpundit is no longer a Jewish or Zionist site at all. It has become a reactionary hot-bed of bourgeious apologists for US/British [read NATO/EU] Imperialism.

    Reading how Belman and Levinsn completely covered up the genocide of the South Ossetians by Saakashvili’s thugs and the obliteration of the Jewish Quarter in Tsinkhvali, South Ossetia which was the home of 20 Jewish families is the ultimate betrayal.

    Israpundit’s reactionary nonsense and apologia for Western imperialism and aggression against Russia and China and the cover up of the ethnic cleansing and murder of Jews in South Ossetia is enough to make you throw up your breakfast!!

    The sad thing is you find these reactionary morons all over the place in Canada and the US. Even the JTF website which I greatly admire and respect because of their principled stand against John McCain is home to several reactionary bourgeious apologists for US and British Imperialist aggression.

    Joshua Rosenberg and his friends comment on JTF occasionally despite the fact that JTF like all US sites has commenters which are staunchly anti-progressive, anti-socialist/anti-communist and pro-Imperialist – even if it means being at the expense of Jewish lives in Tsinkhvali [of which these reactionary pro-Imperialist morons are completely clueless about].

    For Israpundit and Ted Belman to support such a pro-KLA monster as John McCain – a recipient of KLA drug money covered in the blood of innocent Serbian, Jewish, Gorani and Roma victims – is truly disgraceful on Belman’s part.

    I still remember seeing the same sort of attitude displayed by Israpundit’s Bill Narvey about a year and a half ago telling Peter, Nathan, Max and Shlomo to basically (and I quote word for word here what Narvey wrote):


    Narvey got his reactionary anti-Serbian (actually anti-Jewish) wish fulfilled – thanks to Belman siding with Narvey in defense of Kamm, Lantos & Lieberman – and all four of these wonderful Jewish writers – Peter, Nathan, Max and Shlomo – disappeared off Israpundit in short order (I mean USRapundit – US-Reactionary Pundit).

    Then you have yamit82 – a real fanatical zealot and anti-Christian bigot telling everyone that Christian missionaries in Israel should be DECAPITATED and Christian churches burned to the ground!

    Have a look at how many 3 to 4 page comments this wacko nutjob writes on the pages of Belman’s site! WHERE DOES YAMIT82 GET THE TIME IN THE DAY TO WRITE SO MANY COMMENTS AMOUNTING TO SEVERAL THOUSAND OVER THE LAST 12 MONTHS?

    If yamit82 – who likes to aggrandize himself as being so super-religious and an authority on Judaism – is so perpetually glued in front of his computer screen writing dozens of 4 page comments practically every day of the week – including on the Jewish Sabbath – THEN WHERE THE HELL DOES YAMIT82 GET THE TIME IN THE DAY TO ACTUALLY DO SOME PRACTICAL THINGS TO ACTUALLY HELP HIS FELLOW JEWS IN ISRAEL?


    The answer of course is sweet F…K ALL!!!

    Nathan, Peter, Shlomo and Max leaving USRapundit was a tragic loss not just for USRapundit’s readers but for the entire working class people of the world and especially the Jewish and Serbian people. Belman stabbing Nathan in the back the way he did in order to placate and pacify Kamm so that Kamm wouldn’t sue him was truly disgraceful.

    Such betrayal must be exposed again and again. We must not let Belman forget what he did to Nathan by not just vilifying Nathan publicly on the pages of his blog (he accused Nathan of being “HYSTERICAL” and having completely “LOST IT” and said in effect that Kamm was beyond reproach and a paragon of virtue) but also Belman’s support of Bill Narvey’s vicious, hysterical attack on you, Shlomo, Max and Peter was utterly reprehensible on Belman’s part.

    Belman should do himself and all of his readers a favour and change the name of his site to USRapundit to reflect what they stand for: reactionary pro-US/British Imperialism.

    I am trying to get in touch with Max, Shlomo and Joshua to see if they will fight for us on 4International.

    I will also try and find out if any of them know how to get a hold of Nathan and Peter. WE NEED TALENTED PEOPLE LIKE THESE NOW MORE THAN EVER!

    Jared and Francisco have stopped writing on their sites for almost a year.Jared never writes back if you email him. Their attitude represents apathy – a loss of will and direction and the urge to fight the Imperialists head on. Jared and Francisco are weak and have given up the fight. Too bad for them. Neither of them have the will of socialist revolutionaries to fight the good fight and change the world for the better.

    We at 4International on the other hand must never give in to the likes of Belman, yamit82, Levinson, Gordon, Narvey et al on USRapundit covering up the genocide of Jews, Serbs, Roma and other peoples when the genocide is perpetrated by the US-supported KLA or by the US armed thugs like Mikhail Saakashvili or when such a horrific genocide and ethnic cleansing -as also in the case of Kosovo by the Albanian KLA – is openly supported by US politicians like Joe Liberman, John McCain, Joe Biden and the late Tom Lantos.



  2. Hey Felix, I totally reject socialism/communism by whatever name, and I also believe that Russia has shown itself to be no friend to either the US or Jews.

    However, you err with Belman. He is not a lackey of US imperialism. He strikes me, instead, as a wholly self-absorbed and amoral blogger who has built himself a little fief. I’ve shown this in one particular instance on my own blog, (

    Norland was much better.

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