by Felix Quigley

October 31, 2008

I feel this is important.

This represents the great crisis within Israeli leaders. Israel was first and foremost to be a refuge for Jews against antisemitism. We will return to this later. For now just take this on board:

[Begin quote here]

Arab Politicians Create New Party, Majadele May


by Maayana Miskin

( A group of Arab politicians is forming a new party to represent Israel’s Arab Muslims, Christians and Druze. The party will be led by MK Abas Zkoor of Ra’am Ta’al and by former MK Mohammed Kanan.

Zkoor is leaving Ra’am Ta’al following a dispute with party chairman MK Ibrahim Sarsur. The conflict began when Zkoor refused to step down from his position and allow the fifth member on the party list to take his place despite a rotation agreement that he had signed before the elections.

The new party will represent both religious and secular, its founders said. Zkoor, one of the founders of the Israel’s “Islamic Movement within Palestine,” said that unlike Ra’am Ta’al, the new party would represent all Arabic-speaking minorities and not only Muslims.

The party has already reached out to several Arab, Bedouin and Druze politicians and community leaders. Among those who have expressed interest in the party are Sami Issa of the Kfar Kassem Council and Bedouin politician Hassan al-Haib, Kanan and Zkoor say.

Kanan and Zkoor have also contacted Minister of Science, Culture and Sport Raleb Majadele of Labor. Majadele, who made history as Israel’s first Arab Muslim minister, confirmed that he had spoken to representatives of the new party and was considering an offer to join their list. Majadele said he would first speak to other members of Labor’s Arab camp.

Labor MK Shachiv Shnaan, a member of the Druze community, said he was contacted as well. According to Maariv, Zkoor and Kanan are considering asking Labor MK Nadia Hilou to join them as well. The addition of Hilou, a Christian, could bring more Christian support to the new party, Maariv analysts said.


by Felix Quigley

October 31, 2008

Norway Funding PA Hate Media

by Maayana Miskin
( Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has issued a report on the state of the Palestinian Authority (PA) media in the wake of the Annapolis conference, which was held in late 2007. The report focuses on Norway’s funding of the PA in light of recent statements made by Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store. Gahr Store defended Norway’s decision to fund the PA directly, including PA media, saying TV programs glorifying terrorists are not common and assuring reporters that “Fatah and the PA are prepared to find a peaceful solution to the conflict with Israel.”


By Felix Quigley

October 31, 2008

I am not a scientist by any stretch of the imagination but I try to follow every aspect of the Iranian nuclear bomb making; it all centres ont he enrichment of uranium, or uranium waste.

This is the latest I have seen:

[begin quote here]

Iran tests ways of recovering weapons-grade

uranium from spent nuclear fuel


October 31, 2008, 10:20 AM 


This intelligence assessment, disclosed to AP by a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), indicates that the Iranians are testing ways of using nuclear waste from the Bushehr reactor, which the Russians have pledged to finish by the end of the year or March, 2009, at latest.

Moscow has provided the necessary fuel. Both Moscow and Iran claim the Bushehr reactor is purely for peaceful purposes.

(That is total bullshit. The question to ask is “Why enrich?”…FQ)

The spent fuel at issue as the source of the enriched uranium is not enough to yield the 30 kilos of weapons grade (90 percent enriched) material for a bomb, but is another step in that direction. DEBKAfile adds that Bushehr could provide enough nuclear waste for rapid production of several bombs or warheads.

In a Kol Israel radio interview this week, Martin Indyk, former US ambassador to Israel and member of Barack Obama’s Middle East team, disclosed that US intelligence now reckons Iran will have between one and three nuclear bombs by the end of 2009.

The tests, which loosely replicate Saddam Hussein’s attempt to build a bomb 20 years ago, were described by the source as “evaluating procedures for recycling fuel by dissolving fuel rods for irradiated waste, then reprocessing it for uranium metal,” which is used for nuclear warheads.

The source material, says the intelligence report, would be highly enriched, some at above 90 percent and the rest at 20 percent. “

“Sufficient data was collected for planning production lines for recovering the fuel,” according the assessment, which discloses the location of the experiments as Jaber ibn Hayan Laboratories in Tehran run by the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. They will soon submit a report to the Iranian leadership for a decision on whether to go ahead with the project.

There are a number of points.

1. The role of Russia in working with this crowd of Nazis. One of the reasons which lie behind this is the Israel and Jew hating stalinist machine which we know churned out masses of antisemitic literature in the 60s. That lives on.

2. Reagan created a go-getting for profit capitalist monster in the present Russia.

3. Russia is bolstered by the Fascist Leftists who are supporting Iranian Mullah Nazis

Also into the mix has to go the Fascist US and Brit attack on the Serbs in the Balkans, and on South Ossetia by Saakashvili. For every action a reaction.

Can it be that part of US deliberate policy is to stir it up as much as possible on the world stage and why would this suit the US elite to do this?

The answer could be found by following the Mary Whitehouse antics in Britain over the past week of the reactionary Daily Mail and the campaign against BBC morals ending in the suspension of Jonathon Ross. The middle class in Britain is being crucified by negative equity, and their shares value vanishing like snow off the ditch. In steps Big Moralist Uncle Brown to stir it up on all fronts. The ruling class in Ireland did this for decades north and south.

We do say: The US will allow Iran to build its bomb. Israel if it is to survive will have to go it alone.


by Felix Quigley

October 31, 2008

What is the position of the US Republican Party which is the Party in power towards Israel? It is wise to check on this as American Jewish leaders try to hide the reality that it is the US elite as a whole that is hostile to Zionism. There is NO difference between Obama and McCain.

[begin quote here]

WASHINGTON —  In separate meetings with Middle East leaders Thursday, President George W. Bush applauded Lebanon’s efforts to forge a national reconciliation and told Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that the United States has not given up hope on an agreement to create a Palestinian state.

“I appreciate your determination and your desire to have a Palestinian state,” Bush told Abbas in front of reporters before a White House meeting. “I share that desire with you. It’s not easy.”

Bush said the administration will continue to work with Palestinian authorities on security matters and on helping to coordinate international economic assistance.

“As you know, I’ve got four more months left in office and I’m hopeful that the vision that you and I have worked on can come to pass,” he added.

Abbas, seated beside Bush, told the president that he was thankful for U.S. support.

“Hope remains,” Abbas said. “We cannot live without hope.”

Mideast peace talks were relaunched at a U.S.-hosted summit last November, and with prodding from the U.S., Israel and the Palestinians set a year-end target for reaching a final peace accord that would end six decades of hostilities

(From Sept 25, 2008),2933,428123,00.html

This then is the position of the US elite towards Israel. It supports what is a Nazi type state, originating out of Nazism, right beside Israel, threatening Israel.

Note this is not the position of Obama I am talking about here. This is the position of Bush, McCain, Palin and the Republican Party. That is what is so galling in the way that Israpundit and Frontpagemag have conducted this election. To me they have been pushing a lie.


by Felix Quigley

October 31, 2008

These are the first 5 posts on the front page of Israpundit today

1 Obama’s campaign manager offers 3 million dollar bribe to API

2 Barack Obama’s Alleged Blood Libel of Israel is Consistent with Jeremiah Wright’s Hate Speech

3 McCain is Winning –Here is the Proof

4 Obama at Khalidi bash: Israelis commit “genocide”, have “no God-given right to occupy Palestine”

5 Obama campaign staffer blows the whistle – THIS IS HUGE

And it goes on and on with enormous tedium right down the list, the Israpundit website taken over almost completely with coverage of the US election, all articles designed to whitewash Butcher of the Serbs McCain, all devoted to doing in Obama.

The implication of this is that McCain will be or is presented by implication as a saviour and Obama a disaster for Israel.

I can think of two other implications in this coverage of this election on Israpundit, which incidentally is replicated on the website

1. It leads readers into thinking that there can be some salvation for Israel from a section of the US ruling elite, that represented by the Republican Party. But as Gil White pointed out it is the system that is the root of the problem.

2. It leads what is essentially a racist type campaign which people see Jews putting their name to, that is those Jews connected with Israpundit. Black people in America and wider see Obama as fulfilling the work of Martin Luther King in his running for President. That is what they see and feel, right or wrong. Any sensible Jewish, Irish or Italian person would be careful on this score, and if they have political differences with Obama at least couch the differences in that context.

Most of all though the purpose of Israpundit and Frontpage is to tie Jewish people to US big business and capital. Yet the US has been a disaster for Israel. The American people ARE the friends of the Jews and of Israel but not the American elite.

The American ruling class or elite hates Israel, hates and fears its own working class, hates Zionism, is close to Islam and Nazism, uses the Palestinians as part of its strategy to whip up antisemitism.

(I use Zionism here as a term to describe the wish of the Jewish people to a Homeland in Israel)

This IS the policy of McCain and Palin. They are the seasoned veterans in this aspect of politics.

Obama comes at this from a different angle but essentially it amounts to the same.

Israel has to break free from the clutches of the US ruling elite and especially of the US Jewish leaders.

There can be no question for a single second of contemplating that McCain is better for Israel than is Obama. That is entirely the incorrect way to pose the issue.

The natural ally for the US and British capital and big business interests in the world today are Nazi interests, especially the interests and role of the Vatican and of Islam.

We have showed this in the attacks on the Serbs, on the Balkans, on Russia, on the Jews in Israel through support for Palestinians, whose movement was founded and promoted by Nazis.

Much of what goes on and which emanates from the US capitalist political state is theatre for the masses. But these British and US Imperialists when it comes to the issue of revolution and counter revolution are on the side of the Nazis and Islam.


by Felix Quigley

October 30, 2008

It appears that both Obama and McCain were in bed with this Palestinian Nazi Khalidi. This throws the whole roten politics of Belman and Levinson over at Israpundit into the dung heap.

For months they have been using the Khalidi connection to lambast Obama on a daily basis. But what now that events show that McCain was in the same reactionary, antisemitic Us Imperialist boat.

On a broader lever…The question which this US election has posed is why should the Jewish movement and Israel be an ally of US Imperialism.

We know for a fact that the US tried to sabotage the setting up of the state of Israel. It did this in a cunning, underhand and sneaky way because the great friend of the Jews has always been the American people. Note, the American people not the American ruling elite.

We on 4international say that Israel and the Jewish people must break from US Imperialism and must strike closer bonds with the ordinary masses of American people.

Concretely this means in this US election that Jews must vote for NEITHER McCain or Obama. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

October 28, 2008

Leading to the anniversary of the Wannsee Conference in january I am going to include snippets of information about the Holocaust on this blog. The name of Walther Rauff is important in our story because he is associated with the Nazi Palestinian plan to kill all Jews in Palestine. More on that later…

I have come across the following

[start quote here]

The Holocaust:
Reexamining The Wannsee Conference,
Himmler’s Appointments Book, and Tunisian Jews Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

October 28, 2008

Look down the list of entries on the website Israpundit. Out of say 40 there are about 3 or 4 to do with Israel. The rest are part of a campaign to elect McCain and are devoted to attacks on Obama.

Yet this is a site which is run by a Jewish man Ted Belman under cover of being a Jewish advocacy site. On Belman’s site trundles people like Yamit82 whose favourite method of debate is not to answer political points but to quote at you large lumps of scripture.

The Israpundit site is totally besotted by the US election between McCain and Obama, between Republican Party and Democratic Party. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

October 29, 2008

I believe very firmly that Israpundit and editor Ted Belman are carrying though a betrayal of the Jewish people. Hear that Belman. I know you do read this blog but you are taking that most cowardly path, ignoring our point of view. Why? Essentially because you are an opportunist and the land of ideas is not really for you.

In the latest today on your site following somebody called Glenn Beck you are calling Obama a Marxist. Also Beck is saying that Obama is a Fascist or will become a Fascist.

This is to so muddy the waters Belman. US Imperialism is certainly driven towards Fascist forms of rule by the crisis in capitalism but it is the system of which Obama AND McCain are a part that is decisive.

You are a total opportunist and a disgrace to the great intellectual tradition of the Jewish people.

There are two people running in this election, McCain and Biden, who we have proved lined up behind the Fascists in Croatia led by Tudjman and the Fascists in Bosnia led by Islamist Izetbegovic. Obama was not directly involved but there is no doubt hat he would take exactly the same position.

Both Democratic Obama and Republican McCain are exactly the same.

Then there was the Georgian attack on South Ossetia in which the populist and near Fascist Saakashvili launched a vile atack on the capital of that tiny place which resulted in the destruction of the Jewish Quarter.

Belman you entertain on your site people like Yamit82, Levinson and Narvey who supported the Saakashvili attack on South Ossetia.

That was very close to the methods of a Fascist dictator like Hitler.

We have said time and time again Belman that you are betraying the Jews of Israel by your continuous support for McCain and your not pointing out that McCain and Biden along with Lieberman were up to their neck in the support of Fascist Croatia, Islamofascist Bosnia and the terrorist KLA.

What you are doing in this election is a betrayal of all principle. At one time you were sucking up to pro-Serb advocates like Julia Gorin and Bokababe. Now by your support for McCain, by your deliberate hiding of the role of McCain and his future role, you are betraying the Serbs and YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE GREAT JEWISH TRADITION

Shame on Israpundit. Shame also on its founder Josepher Alexander Norland for his silence on this betrayal.

What say you Belman to these simple points?


by Felix Quigley

October 27, 2008

We keep emphasising that the capitalist system is a world system. This is why the powerful Imperialist states, the US, Britain, China, Russia have to and always do think in terms of the whole world.

The US is the main imperialist power and it does not think in terms of America alone, it thinks in terms of the world as a whole and how the rule of America, often by proxies, can be maintained. It is essentially not just trade but power and ensuring that the system of producing goods for profit as opposed to need, will hold sway.

There is thus a very big similarity to the approach of the Nazis and of Hitler in the World War.

This was a terific study by a military historian called Bevin Alexander of the vital importance of the Meditteranean Basin area. He points out that with control of the Basin it was possible to strike out at the Russian oilfields, control part of Africa, build bases in Africa to prepare war with the US, also move North.

What this leads on to is the powerful alliances struck between the German Nazis and the Arab Nazis. Later we will go into this in detail because it raises the issue of the determination of the Arab Nazis, like Hajj Amin el Husseini, even Sadat, to wipe out the Jewish people in a Palestinian Holocaust.

Read this. You will find that there are similarities to how the US is acting today Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

October 27, 2008

As we write the economic crisis of capitalism is plunging the world into enormous problems. The capitalist system as a whole cannot develop man’s productive potential. The enormous crisis in confidence among the banks and between the banks of the world shows that we are at a decisive stage in this crisis. But this capitalist class will not let go without a major battle.

In the 1929 Wall Street Crash a powerful impetus was given to a Fascist movement. I believe that is what is happening in the world today and what has been happening now for many years in the Balkans. There we had Nazis actually supported against the Serbs by US political elites, among them Biden, McCain and Lieberman.

There is another centre of Nazism and that is in the Middle East where Arab and religious fundamentalists feed on Jew Hatred. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

OCTOBER 27, 2008

At present the world is consumed by who will be the next President of the US.

This election takes place in a time of great uncertainty for the world capitalist system. Stock markets reflect a total loss of confidence and there is open talk likening the situation to the Wall Street crash of 1929.

It was the economic crisis then which opened the door to Hitler having a mass following among the impoverished Middle Class and Lumpen Proletariat made up of youth and workers on the dole. Now in a period of great similarity the Americans are choosing a candidate for President.

McCain and Biden have a clear record of supporting Nazis in the past 15 years and there is every indication that Obama with his links to Brezesinski would be very similar in approach.

4international is quite alone in affirming that the elites of the world are turning to a Fascist answer to meet the crisis. This is why we point to the alliance which the US elite have formed with Nazis in the Balkans, in Afghanistan, in Iraq and in the Arab world, especially in the Palestinian Nazis.

We can also say that foremost in these alliances with these Nazis around the world has been McCain and Lieberman. The US elite are good at talking with forked tongue and of course served by a servile pro-elitist Media they hide the reality from the ordinary American people.

Israpundit, Belman, and other so-called Jewish blogs especially in America have hidden the role of McCain in the Balkans, and the support which McCain gave to Bin Laden in the Balkans in the 1990s, as Bin Laden established his base in the state set up by Muslim Islamist Izetbegovic in Bosnia.

There is no doubt about this connection: British and US elites in support of Izetbegovic as he harboured Bin Laden and facilitated his Nazi strike against the ordinary people of New York in 9-11, later London and Madrid. This report shows this most definitively. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

October 28, 2008

The central event in the world at the moment is the US election for a new President. This election has raised the most vital issues.

Foremost in these issues is the cover up job conducted on the record of McCain, Lieberman and Biden on their role in supporting Fascists in the Balkans. This has been done notably by Ted Belman, editor of Israpundit, who has assembled in Israpundit a bunch of extreme US Imperialist spokesmen.

Note the first 4 letters. I::S::R::A; Quite falsely Belman claims to stand for Israel. That is the Isra part. This is now exposed as a fallacy. Belman and Israpundit stand for nothing except their own sordid support for a US elite.

In the rport of yesterday we showed that the Racak “Massacre” which led to fresh US aggression against Serbia on behalf of Bosnian and Kosovo Nazis was nothing more than a prepared piece of fakery, just as much as was the Mohammed El Dura case proved to be a fake.

McCain and Lieberman were at the centre of this support for Nazis in Bosnia. A central figure we say in yesterday´s report was a Finnish Dentist, Helena Ranta, who in her recent book has said she was pressured by the US Establishment  to lie. Indeed she did lie and did great harm to the Serbs so she cannot get away from that. But in this article we are focussing on the pressure from the US Establishment. This thows a light into the role of these US elitists in the world today. One man in particular was involved in the pressure on Ranta, a Mr William Walker. In the case of Ranta such was the pressure applied and his arrogant rage that he broke his pencil and fired the bits at her.

Our focus is really on the Balkans, on the war which Saakashvil launched against Ossetia in the course of which Saakashvili destroyed a Jewish Quarter, in the support which US Imperialism is giving to Arab Nazis in the Palestinians and Syria, but today we switch to their record in South America.

This is a pattern and we can say that McCain, Liebernman, Palin, Biden and Obama would all act precisely the same. It is this record of US Imperialism in the world that Belman and Israpundit are silent about and as time has gone on they are vocal in support of. Just look at the mouthings of a guy who calls himself “Michael Sunstar” on Israpundit.

Read the answers which Walker gives in the course of a telvision programme about the Nazis who made up the military in El Salvador. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

October 26, 2008

In response to the whitewashing of McCain Palin by Israpundit and its editor Ted Belman we are going to look afresh at some of the issues in the destruction of Yugoslavia, especially the role played there of McCain, Lieberman and Biden

As an introduction to this we have a very fine article produced by the former Byzantine Blog organization, now under a different url as shown below. It concerns a pivotal figure in the Racak Massacre hoax, itself closely connected witht he Srebrenica Massacre hoax story. This research is fresh off the presses as they say. We are indebted to our friends for this research.

[The Ranta story begins here]

Oct 24th, 2008

William Walker, Mr. Massacre
William Walker was instrumental in providing a trigger event to the US leadership and NATO for the planned aggression against Serbia

Helena Ranta Accused Western Officials of Pressuring her to Set the Serbs Up

Several days ago, a Finnish online news source reported Helena Ranta, forensic dentist involved in Racak hoax, complained in her recently published biography she was pressured by the Western authorities to accuse the Serbs for the “massacre”.

Ranta also revealed William Walker, an American official stationed in Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija in 1999 under the OSCE umbrella — notorious for being sent to stir problems in various parts of the world, rather than help calm the tensions — was so angry over her apparent refusal “to use sufficiently strong language” against the Serbs, that he broke the pencil at some point and threw the pieces at her. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

October 26, 2008

Yesterday we wrote on 4international:

[tart quote here]

There is OBVIOUSLY a great crisis in Judaism. There are Jews like Belman and others in Israpundit supporting avidly US Imperialism who from the start along with the British were totally opposed to Israel.

And there is a huge crisis inside Israel. Note the DEBKAfile report, there is not one mention of how to deal with the Iran Bomb threat to the lives of millions of Jews.

Only 4international will fight in the election on a correct policy.

This following article will deal mainly with the policy and programme of one Jewish American Canadian site, Israpundit, and its editor Ted Belman. We on 4international are more and more convinced and concerned that a giant betrayal of the Jewish people is being carried out by Israpundit, by Belman, by his bunch of pro US Imperialist writers some of whom seem to emerge out of US Intelligence community, but meanwhile and of great moment the joint founder of Israpundit Joseph Alexander Norland has said not a word to date about this betrayal of the Jewish people. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

October 25, 2008

The enormous crisis that is in Israel is mirrored in the failure of Livni to form a Government. There are many issues which are coming together. The world economic crisis of capitalism is going to ravage the Israeli economy, an economy which is dependent on exports. But far more than economics or jobs essentially it is a crisis of existence as the antisemitism of the Arabs boils over, and Israel faces Holocaust as a result of the Fascist Mullahs of Iran gaining the Nuclear Bomb.

The whole Israeli ruling political class is at sixes and sevens as to what to do. No really clear leadership emerges.

Meanwhile in the US the likes of leaders like Belman and Israpundit are immersed totally in the US election and are campaigning totally for the election of McCain and Palin. It a betrayal by Belman of historical proportions because as Gil White has said it matters not in essentials whether Obama or McCain get in. Continue reading


Israpundit, led by Ted Belman who took over the site from Joseph Norland and 3 others, is now an absolute liability and a danger to the whole of the Jewish people.

Belman has atracted around him on Israpundit, writing features and comments, a range of people who are doing Israel and the Jews great harm.

I term ALL of these people as being US Imperialists, part of the US ruling elite, connected with the US ruling elite, covering for the crimes of the US ruling elite, All of them without exception.

In order to advance it is necessary for Jews to escape from Israpundit and even more important take up a day in day out struggle against this excrescence on the historical Jewish movement.

Belman has conducted a campaign, from his perch in Toronto Canada, in support of McCain and Palin in the US election. Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

October 23, 2008

This is very relevant to everything in politics. Way back in September wrote this

[start quote here]

Sarah Palin Is A Hockey Mom In Valentino


“I was just your average hockey mom, and signed up for the PTA because I wanted to make my kids’ public education better.”

Who knew an average hockey mom wore Valentino? Hockey mom Sarah Palin does! At the Republican National conference, the very stylish Sarah was sporting a $2500 dollar Valentino jacket but apparently she doesn’t want you to know about it yet.

They do not want the American public to know that Palin is using stylists or that she is paying for expensive clothes this early on in the campaign,” a source told Page Six. Why? Oh, it might be because she’s playing the “I’m just an average hockey mom” bit with the American public.

We don’t really care what she’s wearing as long as she is not using our money to buy her expensive Valentino jackets! Don’t you agree?

And so on and so on go these American blogs.

But more has emerged about this Palin phenomenon. The Spanish papers today have zeroed in on the way that Palin has been riding the gravy train since McCain chose her to be his running mate.

The best report is in a paper called La Verdad (the truth). The article is centred around a full length of the page picture of Palin, in the airport of Maine. Boots up to her kneecaps, large hips swivelling along, one arm raised in greeting, that pecuiliar mad looking angry yet peculiarly smiling stare, a “woman in red” except for the black boots.

La Verdad then gets down to the nitty gritty and points to her bill of 150,000 dollars, or 116,ooo euros and asks how many lipsticks that would buy. They point out that Palin has never appeared twice in the same outfit and in some days several outfits.

They say it is “jackets by Velentino, purses by Louis Vuitton”!!!. They point then to a picture of Palin in a supermatrket in Alaska some months ago and point to the transformation, now “vestida como la chica del millon dollars…”

So the Republican Party has spent this 150,000 on clothes for Palin, that is some spend!

La Verdad as good Spanish conservatives is on the ball when it refers to the economic crisis in the US “where 10,000 families each day are losing their homes because they cannot pay the mortgage” and to the Republican spend on Palin as “obscene”. And they are indeed right. It also refers to the Edwards haircut of 520 dollars or 404 euros, and to the Ferragamo shoes of McCain at 3000 dollars or 2335 euros.

La Verdad also refers to the spend in a hunting shop called Atelier by Palin of almost 5000 dolars or 3893 euros, which specializes in male clothes apparently for her husband.

And then the children are outfitted out too, in shops like Pacifier, or Steiniauf & Stroller.

The way McCain and the Republicans sold Palin was as the woman who was going to put order into the finances of the country. For example she sacked the chauffeur and sold the official airplane on E-Bay. But the Verdad draws on US news stories that the selling of the airplane in the end cost the Alaskan State money, because obviously Palin has replaced that with journeys here there and everywhere with whole family in tow, imagine the cost of that.

This it appears was always a bit dicey for Alaskan tax payers. It seems Palin may actyually have had a strategy re kids. Sometimes she asserted that for her to appear somewhere then the kids had to not only attend but also be paid for, and sometimes she just turned up with them anyway…and they still paid for Palin.

Cause and effect.

These bastardised republicans thought they would introduce glamour and this did seem to work at first amoung idiot types like “Michael Sunstar” of Israpundit notoriety, but the great majority of ordinary Americans are seriously sensible people and they began to think “here we are sinking into poverty while Palin rides the gravy train”

So in a survey conducted (by far from radical NBC and Wall Street Journal) put 55 per cent thinking that Palin is not “capable” of being vice president. And 49 per cent are approaching hate, or what La verdad showing their great Spanish reserve terms “having a disfavourable opinion of her”.

In short, though La Verdad being a little “catholic”, does not say so or perhaps even think so. But this growing hatred for Palin, and for McCain not knowing how many houses he owns, among the ordinary American people, is a sign perhaps maybe sigh of the growing revolutionary consciousness of those same American people. Revolutionary in implication, revolutionary without a conscious revolutionary socialist expression.

So it is a strange thing but actually the Palin gravy train has got great implications, and even implications for the whole world and perhaps most of all for the Jews of Israel.

We will return to this and see how this is being covered over by Jewish American leaders, who are traitors actually to the Jewish cause and to the Jewish cause of Israel.



by Felix Quigley

October 23, 2008

This was an entry yesterday in Israpundit by Belman.

It is the most stunningly amazing contribution for a Jewish man as Israel faces a nuclear bomb attack very very soon.

Belman has lost his mind in his inept belief that John McCain, Joseph Lieberman (BUTCHERS OF THE SERBS)and Sarah Palin will become friends of the Jews. Ony we on 4international say clearly that Jews must support neither Obama or McCain.

[start Belman entry here]

Sarah is way hotter

In response to the above all I can manage is:

What a total idiot and traitor to the Jews is Belman.

He was met with a response from one “Laura” which itself tells a tale as I do not omit to show below. And then you can see how Belman responded to “Laura” (all below):

[begin quote here]



    Ted, stop acting like you’re 14. This election is far too serious and by showing Sarah in such a superficial manner, you play into the hands of those who claim she is without substance or intelligence and thus not ready to be VP.




  3. replied Belman

This shows the total degeneration of Israpundit!

There is not a lot more needs to be said about this. It shows the complete degeneration and bankruptcy of these Jewish American leaders who claim to stand in support of Israel. Note that “Laura” in criticising Belman refers to Palin as “Sarah” which shows how far down the path of rotting degeneration that the whole of Israpundit is on. I would cast this stupidity aside as not relevant to anything, except that unfortunately it is very relevant. That is the tragedy of the situation for the Jews of Israel as they face terrible threat from the antisemitism of Islamofascism and we predict from US and EU leaders. Israpundit and American cum Canadian Jewish leaders are a huge problem for Israel and for Jews in general. They are slavish supporters of the US ruling elite.

Shame on you Belman and Israpundit writers!


by Felix Quigley

October 22, 2008

4international has always been on the side of the defence of Israel from antisemitism. Antisemitism takes many forms but I pick out these:

1. The hatred of Islam for Jews. This hatred is written right into the centre of their foundational programmatic literature including the Koran. Inseparable from this is the hatred of Arabs for Israel and inseparable from this again is the historical connections between the Arab League and German Nazism in the Holocaust and planned extension of the Holocaust to Palestine.

2. The hatred of the most essential sections of the US capitalist class for Jews. This is deliberately hidden but it may be the most decisive and dangerous fact or of all! Most ordinary Americans are totally unaware of the hatred which their rulers have for Jews. And this strangely includes American Jews who are in the leadership of the American state, they are American Imperialists much more than they are Jews.

3. The hatred of the reactionary anti national conspiracy called the EU for Jews and for Israel. The spirit of German Nazism remains very much intact in Europe. The Nazis were overthrown but the Nazi machine was not destroyed, rather it was adapted and adopted.

(A reflection of this was the intense hatred generated against the Serbs over the past couple of decades. A “reflection” we say, because the Serbs and the Jews fought together against Nazism in the Balkans, and unfortunately many millions of Serbs and Jews died together in the most unspeakable fashion, a stain on humanity that can never be got rid of)

4. And there is another source for antisemitism which emerged out of the defeats which the Russian Revolution of 1917 experienced, because the capitalist countries invaded this poor and backward country with 14 Imperialist armies. In those conditions of defeat Lenin and Trotsky were cast aside and the curse of Stalinism emerged. Stalinism proved to be a great fomenter of antisemitism.

(A typical example of this type of creature is George Galloway, the Scottish politician who is a supporter of Islamofascism, of Iranian Fascist Mullahs and of the unspeakably reactionary Taliban)

Having said all of that, and considering these major foundations for antisemitism in the world, there is one other factor which is highly relevant.

We have to consider the traditional Jewish leaders. Continue reading