by Felix Quigley

October 25, 2008

The enormous crisis that is in Israel is mirrored in the failure of Livni to form a Government. There are many issues which are coming together. The world economic crisis of capitalism is going to ravage the Israeli economy, an economy which is dependent on exports. But far more than economics or jobs essentially it is a crisis of existence as the antisemitism of the Arabs boils over, and Israel faces Holocaust as a result of the Fascist Mullahs of Iran gaining the Nuclear Bomb.

The whole Israeli ruling political class is at sixes and sevens as to what to do. No really clear leadership emerges.

Meanwhile in the US the likes of leaders like Belman and Israpundit are immersed totally in the US election and are campaigning totally for the election of McCain and Palin. It a betrayal by Belman of historical proportions because as Gil White has said it matters not in essentials whether Obama or McCain get in.

The betrayal by Belman, which will never be forgiven or forgotten, is that he has led readers of Israpundit up the garden path of the US election. The idea that McCain is going to support Israel and oppose Iran is a non runner because McCain showed in the war against the Serbs that he is a supporter of Islam, and will use Islam to prop up the capitalist system in the US and world wide. Islam is the ally of capitalism. Islam, McCain, Palin, Obama and Biden are all on the same side of reaction, counter revolution and keeping the rotten and sordid system of capitalism in existence. In this regard they are allies of Iran and the Saudis. 

That is where Belman stands.

The crisis in Israel has to be addressed. The wonderful DEBKAfile expresses this crisis so clearly this morning:

[Begin quote here]

The ultra-religious Shas party’s rabbinical council finally put paid Friday, Oct. 24, to foreign minister Tzipi Livni’s prospects of forming a government. The veto imposed on Shas joining her government came in response to the announcement she made to her Kadima party Thursday that she would call on President Shimon Peres Sunday, Oct. 26 for a final decision between continuing negotiations for a coalition government or calling an early general election. Her options boiled down Friday to the latter.

Her negotiations with Labor and other potential partners, including Shas and the Pensioners, failed to meet their demands for substantial extra allocations for large families, senior citizens and healthcare, before signing on. Shas also demanded that Jerusalem be removed from peace negotiations with the Palestinians. Finance minister Ronnie Bar-On, Livni’s mainstay in their Kadima party, stood firm against reopening the 2009 State Budget to accommodate her.

DEBKAfile’s political sources disclose that Bar-On decided to obstruct Livni after learning she intended to sack him as finance minister in her government.

The foreign minister was unable to reconcile the extremes, because when it came down to it, none of her prospective partners respect her ability to fill the exacting function of prime minister of Israel. While solidly supported by the media, Livni never rose to the role of national leader. She ignored the general public, omitting to put forward a platform on security, foreign and social affairs or education She never once took a stand on the global financial crisis already hitting Israel’s job market.

And so on it goes. These Israeli politicians scramble for a bit of power in their petty little fiefdoms while the crisis of capitalism will devour them and the hungry wolves of antisemitism are at the door.

The Shas Party of religioious phoniesin particular represent the deep bankruptcy of Jewish Israeli religious leaders when it comes to politics. We need to create a country where Jews are free to practice their ancient rites but these types of religious leaders in our all too material and very dangerous world lead to disaster.

There is no time to lose. As we reported the Iranian Fascists will have the Nuclear bomb by the end of January, in a few months.

The election must be called at once, within a week or two.

We on 4international call on Netanyahu to be elected with a large majority. Yet we maintain our independence from any Netanyahu or other camp. We are proud Trotskyists with a proud history of our own.

We campaign on a programme which first and foremost has Israeli standing on its own feet with absolutely no interference from especially the US, but also Britain, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain and others.

For that there is needed a new leadership to be built based on the principles of Trotskyism. We will stand united here on 4international with all forces who will fight for the independence of Israel.

1. Total opposition to the treacherous website Israpundit and all the other US American Jewish organizations which seek to tie Israel in with the US capitalist class. This means a clear position that both Obama and McCain must be opposed by Jews. Obama because he is linked with the arch Imperialist Brzesinski and because he has connections with antisemites in the ISM et al. John McCain and Palin because they ARE US Imperialists and McCain and Lieberman we know and will never forget are truly the BUTCHERS OF THE SERBS.

2. Not one Jew in Israel to vote for Livni, Olmert, Barak or the Shas. The Pensioners are a spent force. And a reactionary force at that.

3. Oppose especially the charlatans of Shas who think they can reduce the great Jewish cause of 5000 years standing to a handful of shekels. Destroy that party and drive it out of Israeli politics.

4. That Israel become as Trotsky supported and advocated, a place of refuge for the Jewish people where they can conduct their ancient rites in peace.

5. And that means specifically that antisemitism in Israel must be driven out and destroyed.

Antisemites must be asked to find a new abode, and quickly. This applies to those Israeli Arabs who are showing hostility to Jews and hostility to Israel (BOTH)

And there are Jewish traitors too. Yes there are Jewish antisemites living today in Israel. They too should be asked to find a new abode. People like Pappe can surely find a welcoming spot in Iran or with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

There is OBVIOUSLY a great crisis in Judaism. There are Jews like Belman and others in Israpundit supporting avidly US Imperialism who from the start along with the British were totally opposed to Israel.

And there is a huge crisis inside Israel. Note the DEBKAfile report, there is not one mention of how to deal with the Iran Bomb threat to the lives of millions of Jews.

Only 4international will fight in the election on a correct policy.

* Kadima must be removed and Netanyahu take power

* The IDF must be given full rights and obligation to at all costs destroy the Iranian Nuclear Bomb.

* In precisely this regard full independence from the US Imperialists and Antisemites must be achieved and full secrecy maintained. It is the right of the Jews of Israel to defend themselves at all costs against another Holocaust.

* An appeal must be made to the youth of Israel who make up the IDF. Not one person wants war, or a war with Iran. But it just simply cannot be avoided. And since that is the REALITY decisiveness is vital. What is especially important is that the cynical pessimism and fatalism of the likes of Belman’s Yamit82 be rejected and fought against.

We are in a period of great moment for Israel. I believe that victory will come to those who will act.

In the year of 1933 Leon Trotsky in opposition to the criminal Stalin proposed the moving of the Red Army down to the gates of the Nazis in Germany and physically destroying the Nazi army and party. Something like that exists in the situation facing Israel today in relation to Iran. I mean Iran has threatened in the clearest manner to destroy Israel. it is the Mein Kamph warning and threat. What more do people need!

4international must fight in support of Israel and Israeli rightful defencive actions in whatever country our members reside. We cannot all be in the IDF but we can fight to support the wonderful Jewish people of Israel.



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